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20th Century Music 3 | the 1990s

Sunday 11th February 2018
1:00pm Department of Music
Music School, Palace Green, Durham

Ives Ensemble

Laurence Crane - 20th Century Music
Tom Johnson - Simultaneous Progressions
Kaija Saariaho - Oi Kuu
Katharine Norman - In The Stream
Carola Bauckholt - In gewohnter Umgebung III

Starting with the last piece written in the 20th century (on 31 December 1999), this lunchtime concert dips
its toes into the rich stream of musical languages that
had developed by the last decade of the last millennium. Johnson’s strict mathematically methods result in an engaging and invigorating set of temporal patterns, while Saariaho’s pensively dramatic approach award us with a beautifully fleeting set of harmonic fields and contours. The textural finesse of Norman’s sonic landscapes, written at Princeton University in the early days of their computer music studio, are a great example of the musical ingenuity that was spurred forth by this event horizon of technological innovation, while Bauckholt’s trio for cello, piano, and video shows that contemporary music can have a great sense of humour too.

Tickets: £7, Students £2.50, Under 18s Free

Ives Ensemble Quartet