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Durham University

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School of Engineering and Computing Sciences

School of Engineering and Computer Sciences

Engineering - History and Vision

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Engineering - 1 and 2 year Engineering

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Engineering - Course Structure

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Nature inspires first manufactured non-cuttable material

Views: 78604

They got the idea for the new lightweight material from the tough cellular skin of the grapefruit and the fracture resistant shells of the abalone sea creature. The material – called Proteus after the shape-changing mythical god – could be used in the security and health and safety industries. Find out more:

Alisa Hussain

Views: 220

Alisa Hussain's submission video for the Anne-Marie Imafidon scholarship for Women in Technology.

Panagiota Konstantinou

Views: 161

Panagiota Konstantinou's submission video for the Anne-Marie Imafidon scholarship for Women in Technology.

Lucy Wood

Views: 156

Lucy Wood's submission video for the Anne-Marie Imafidon scholarship for Women in Technology.

"Evolving electronics" could lead to new electrical devices

Views: 2301

Scientists at Durham University, UK, have “taught” materials to form electrical pathways in order to solve a simple problem, which could eventually lead to new electronic devices. Taking their inspiration from nature, where living organisms evolve to perform complex tasks, the researchers trained tiny carbon nanotubes, suspended in a liquid crystal solution, to form new electrical pathways to sort data into two categories. When varying electrical voltages were applied to the material using a computer programme, the carbon nanotubes changed position within the solution creating new electrical circuits and increasing its ability to solve the task over time (the error reduced – shown by the graph in this video). Credit: M.K. Massey and E. Vissol-Gaudin/Durham University

Rebecca Madden - Rising Stars Research Symposium 2016

Views: 284

Hear Rebecca describe her research project which awarded her the BIll Bryson Prize for Communication in Science, as well as the audience choice for the best presentation at The Rising Stars Research Symposium 2016.

Gender equality programme for engineering students

Views: 729

Sheryl Sandberg’s global best-seller, Lean In, is inspiring a new generation of undergraduates studying on ’traditionally male‘ degree subjects at Durham University.

World Soil's Day Event - A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself

Views: 369

A panel discussion organised by Durham University in conjunction with POST (Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology) Chaired by Huw Irranca-Davies MP.

Postgraduate New and Renewable Energy at Durham University

Views: 992

Postgraduate student Daniel Ukasoanya discusses why he chose to study MSc New and Renewable Energy in the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences at Durham University and how he has found his experience here.

Computational Thinking Module

Views: 938

International Students at the Department of Engineering.

Views: 3504

Find out what it is like to be an international student at the Department of Engineering.

Studying Engineering at Durham University

Views: 13857

Find out what it is like to study Engineering at Durham University.

Studying Computer Science at Durham University

Views: 14568

Find out what it is like to study Computer Science at Durham University. Information correct as of July 2012 when recorded.

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