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Microsystems Technology Group

Research Facilities

120 m2 of modern class 1000 cleanroom space.
The cleanroom accommodates a wide variety of projects and is shared between several academics. The main areas of research are micromachining/MEMS, organic/plastic electronics (OLEDs and organic transistors) and nanotechnology (mainly carbon nanotubes).

i) Photolithography

  • Double sided EVG 620 contact mask aligner
  • Laurell Technology Spin Processors
  • Vacuum hotplates
  • In-house photomask production
  • Positive/negative photoresist processing (e.g. SPR350, S1813, AZ4562, AZ9260, PMMA, SU8)

ii) Deposition

  • Telemark six crucible e-beam evaporator (usually Cr/Ti/Au/Al/Cu/Ni)
  • Moorfield Minilab 3 target sputter system (1 RF and 2 DC)
  • Edwards 306 thermal evaporator
  • Edwards 306 organics evaporator
  • Gold, nickel and copper electroplating

iii) High temperature processing

  • Two high temperature furnaces (1200°C) for oxidation and diffusion
  • Annealling furnace (500°C)

iv) Etch

  • Full wet etching facilities with fume cupboards for acid (inc. HF) handling
  • Oxford PlasmaLab 80+ RIE (equipped with SF6, CF4, CHF3, O2, Ar, N2)
  • Xactix Xenon Difluoride silicon etcher

v) Electrical test

  • Cascade RF/DC manual 6" probe station (4 DC (triaxial) and 2 RF (GSG) probes).
  • HP8753C Vector Network Analyser (up to 6 GHz)
  • HP4145B Semiconductor Parameter Analyser
  • A plethora of other electrical test gear
  • F-K Delvotec wedge wirebonder (gold)

vi) Inspection

  • Hitachi S2400 scanning electron microscope
  • Veeco Nanoman VS Atomic Force Microscope (contact, tapping, thermal and nanoscratch/oxidation)
  • Nikon optical microscope
  • Vickers optical microscope with field splitter for linewidth measurement
  • FLIR thermal imaging camera/microscope
  • STIL optical profilometer
  • Talystep stylus profilometer
  • Rudolf instruments Auto-EL ellipsometers

vii) Other

  • Tousimis 6" critical point dryer

For more information, please contact:

Professor David Wood, BSc PhD
Chair of Engineering in the  School of Engineering and Computing Sciences
Telephone: +44 (0) 191 33 42464
Room number: E496 (Christopherson)

(email at