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Centre for Methodological Research in the Social Sciences

Centre Membership

  • Professor Clare Bambra (Geography)
  • Professor Sarah Banks (SASS)
  • Dr. Pierre-Olivier Bedard(SGIA)
  • Dr. Vikki Boliver (SASS) 
  • Dr. Sally Brown (Wolfson Research Institute)
  • Dr. Gidon Cohen (SGIA) 
  • Dr. Barry Cooper (Education)
  • Dr. Mattew David (SASS)
  • Dr. Karen Elliot (Management School)
  • Dr. Judith Glaesser (Education)
  • Professor Stephen Gorard (Education)
  • Dr. Kayleigh Garthwaite (Geography)
  • Dr Mariann Hardey (Management School)
  • Professor David Held (Conflict and Ethics Group at SGIA)
  • Dr Emily Jacqueline Henderson (Centre for Public Policy & Health)
  •  Dr., Sam Hillyard (SASS)
  • Professor David Hunter (Centre for Public Policy & Health)
  • Dr. Kimberly Jamie (SASS)
  • Dr. Patrick Kuhn (SGIA)
  • Dr. Amelia Lake (Centre for Public Policy & Health)
  • Dr. Sue Lewis (Geography)
  • Dr. Ian Lindsey (SASS)
  • Dr. Mark McCormack (SASS)
  • Professor Linda McKie (SASS)
  • Dr. Emily Oliver (SASS)
  • Professor Maggie O’Neill (SASS)
  • Dr. Stacey Pope (SASS)
  • Professor Roger Smith (SASS)
  • Dr. Jill Tidmarch (Stepheson College)
  • Dr. Keming Yang (SASS)
  • Dr. Nick Vivyan (SGIA)
  • Dr Duika Burges Watson (Centre for Public Policy & Health)
  • Professor David Wall (SASS)
  • Dr. Jon Warren (Geography)
  • Professor Nicole Westmarland (SASS)
  • Dr. Jonathan Wistow (SASS)