Durham University

Marketing and Communications

Meet the team

Operations: Mr Adam Brown Director of Marketing and Communications 46802 adam.brown@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Rebecca Richardson Operations Support Officer 46316 rebecca.richardson@durham.ac.uk
Miss Marcia Sproat Marketing Operations Assistant 44883 marcia.sproat@durham.ac.uk
Web and Digital: Mrs Claire Hall Web and Digital Manager 46288 claire.hall@durham.ac.uk
Mr Steve Davison Web Project Manager 46816 steve.davison@durham.ac.uk
Miss Stephanie Dawson Web and Digital Co-ordinator 46079 stephanie.dawson2@durham.ac.uk
Miss Sophie Johnson Web and Digital Co-ordinator 46413 sophie.m.johnson@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Christina Milner Web and Digital Co-ordinator 46133 christina.j.milner@durham.ac.uk
Student Recruitment and Student Experience: Mr Elias Koenig Marketing Officer (Student Recruitment) 46303 elias.koenig@durham.ac.uk
Ms Karen Frost Marketing Officer (Student Experience) 46071 k.l.frost@durham.ac.uk
Miss Jessica Clubbs Marketing Coordinator 46810 jessica.clubbs@durham.ac.uk
Ms Emma Shearer Marketing Coordinator 46290 emma.e.shearer@durham.ac.uk
Corporate and Internal Communications: Claire Whitelaw Deputy Director of Marketing and Communications 46803 c.m.whitelaw@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Rebecca Grundy Communications Manager (University Strategy) 46070 r.s.l.grundy@durham.ac.uk
Ms Jayne Pavitt Communications and Engagement Manager 46782 jayne.pavitt@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Louise Hughes Communications and Engagement Officer 46872 l.m.hughes@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Isobel Rooke Communications Officer (Corporate) 43841 isobel.c.rooke@durham.ac.uk
Mr Mark Tallentire Communications Officer (Corporate) 46446 mark.a.tallentire@durham.ac.uk
Mr Paul McQuaid Communications Coordinator (Corporate) 46387 paul.mcquaid@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Ulrike Klaerig-jackson Communications Coordinator 46302 ulrike.klaerig-jackson@durham.ac.uk
Research Communications: Mr Michael Warwicker Research Communications Manager 46391 m.j.warwicker@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Angela Gemmill Communications Officer (Research) 46301 angela.gemmill@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Dionne Hamil Communications Officer (Research) 46078 dionne.hamil@durham.ac.uk
Mr Leighton Kitson Communications Officer (Research) 46074 leighton.kitson@durham.ac.uk
Ms Nicky Sawicki Communications Coordinator 46300 nicky.sawicki@durham.ac.uk
Mrs Sophie World Communications Officer (Partnerships & Engagement) Monday / Tuesday 46361 sophie.j.world@durham.ac.uk