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Durham University

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Document Delivery Service Charges

DDS prices will increase this summer.
The charge for non-standard requests (international loans, international copies and EThOS thesis scans) increased on 1st August 2019 from £12.50 to £13.00. International requests arranged before 1st August will be supplied at the old price, regardless of when they eventually arrive.

Prices for standard Document Delivery Service requests and renewals will remain at £5.00.

Prices will be reviewed annually.

A small fee is charged for each request. The majority of departments pay some or all of the charge for DDS requests for staff and/or postgraduates. Click here to see if your department pays for your requests. If you are not included in the scheme, the fee is added to your library record when the item is supplied and can be paid for with online payment or cash.

Items listed in Durham University Catalogue as 'missing' will be obtained free of charge - please make a note in the 'Notes' field of the request form to say 'Missing from library'.

Type of request


Standard UK request:

  • loan of a book* or thesis*,
  • a retention copy of an article or chapter (paper or electronic copy)


Non-standard request:

  • subsidised EThOS scan,
  • international search for a loan of a book* or thesis*,
  • international search for a retention copy of an article or chapter


British Library renewal*


* per volume

Renewal Charges

Many books can be renewed free of charge. However, renewals for books borrowed from the British Library cost £5.00 per volume. We can renew books as long as they are not required by other users or are very overdue. If you are uncertain whether a book is renewable, or whether there will be a charge for renewal, please contact DDS staff for advice.

Please Note

Information on this page relates to the 2018-19 academic year