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Off-campus viaDurham bookmark button

Off campus access bookmarklet

This is our off campus access bookmarklet, viaDurham. You can use this to simplify accessing any journal article or other e-resource you find online (as long as it is covered by one of our subscriptions) without having to navigate back to find it through our Library web pages. Follow the instructions below for whichever web browser you are using:


For further information about when and why you might need to use this, read the section at the bottom of this page.


  • Click and Drag the viaDurham link above to your bookmarks toolbar
  • If your bookmarks toolbar doesn't display, go to View > Toolbars and make sure that Bookmarks Toolbar is ticked.

Google Chrome

  • Click and Drag the viaDurham link above to your bookmarks toolbar
  • If your bookmarks toolbar doesn't display, click the menu icon in the top right of the browser, then under bookmarks make sure that show bookmarks bar is ticked.

Internet Explorer

  • Right click on the viaDurham link above and select add to favorites
  • If you see a security alert to the effect of "this favorite may not be safe", click Yes to continue (it is safe)
  • Add the link to your Favorites Bar folder within your Favorites (by selecting Favorites Bar from the list of folders that display when saving to your favorites)
  • Ensure that your Favorites Bar is visible on your browser by going to View > Toolbars and ensuring thet Favorites Bar is ticked.


  • Click and Drag the viaDurham link above to your bookmarks toolbar
  • If your Bookmarks Toolbar doesn't display, go to View > Show Bookmarks Bar.

Off campus access to e-journals

Most academic e-resources are not free to access; you would usually require a subscription or a one-off payment to view content. Durham University Library pays over £3 million annually to publishers in order to provide you with access to much of the databases, e-journals and e-books you access for your research and studies.

When accessing a resource which the University has a paid for you to use, you will usually be required to identify yourself as a member of Durham University before you can access that subscription content.

Usually the best way to access content we subscribe to (and be prompted to log in where required) is by accessing directly from the Library catalogue or Discover service. However, we recognise many people access our e-collections in other ways (via a search result from Google, linking to an article from an email, tweet or RSS feed, or directly from a publisher's site. In many of these cases, you won't be recognised as member of Durham University or prompted to identify yourself via a Durham login.

However, you can use the viaDurham bookmarklet on this page to reload any web page via our EZproxy server, which should prompt you to log in and then, if we have a valid subscription, provide you access to the article you are after without having to renavigate through the University Library web pages.

Try it out and give us your feedback.