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Electronic journals offer online access to full text of journal articles. Use the links below to browse electronic journals in the Library collection.

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E-journals for letter Y
Yale architectural journal (Perspecta)
Yale Art Gallery bulletin
Yale French studies
Yale human rights & development law journal
Yale journal of criticism
Yale journal of health policy, law, and ethics
The Yale journal of international law
Yale journal of law and feminism
The Yale journal of law and liberation
Yale journal of law & technology
Yale journal of law & the humanities
The Yale journal of world public order
Yale journal on regulation
The Yale law journal
Yale law & policy review
Yale papers on architecture (Perspecta)
The Yale review
Yale review of law and social action
Yale studies in world public order
Yale University Art Gallery bulletin
Yale University Art Gallery bulletin (Yale Art Gallery bulletin)
The Yale University library gazette
Ya Zhou kuai ji ping lun (Asian review of accounting)
YC young children
Yearbook (Anuario)
[+] Yearbook
TOC Yearbook - Association of Pacific Coast Geographers (Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers)
Yearbook (Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers)
Yearbook for inter-American musical research (Anuario interamericano de investigación musical)
Yearbook for the history of literature, humanities and sciences (Scientia poetica)
Yearbook for traditional music
TOC Yearbook / Leo Baeck Institute (Leo Baeck Institute year book)
Yearbook of anthropology
Yearbook of comparative and general literature
Yearbook of comparative literature
Yearbook of Conrad Studies
TOC The Yearbook of English studies
TOC Yearbook of European law
Yearbook of international environmental law
Yearbook of international financial and economic law
TOC Yearbook of international humanitarian law
Year book of international law (The Australian year book of international law)
TOC Yearbook of international law (The New Zealand yearbook of international law)
Yearbook of Islamic and Middle Eastern law
Yearbook of labour statistics
TOC The Yearbook of Langland studies
Yearbook of New Zealand jurisprudence
[+] Yearbook of physical anthropology
The yearbook of polar law online
Yearbook of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
TOC Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers
Yearbook of the International Commission of Jurists
Yearbook of the International Folk Music Council
Yearbook of the International Law Commission
Yearbook of the International Rorschach Society (Rorschachiana)
Yearbook of the National Association of Secondary School Principals
Yearbook of the National Council on Measurement in Education
Yearbook of the National Council on Measurements Used in Education
[+] Yearbook of the United Nations
Yearbook of United Nations law (Max Planck yearbook of United Nations law)
Yearbook on human rights
Yearbook on human rights development (Human rights in development yearbook)
Yearbook on the culture and history of the first millennium C.E. (Millennium)
[+] Yearbook series (Yearbook of physical anthropology)
Yearly report
TOC Yearly review of management (Journal of management)
TOC The year's work in critical and cultural theory
TOC The Year's work in English studies
TOC The Year's work in modern language studies
TOC Yeast
TOC Yeast research (FEMS yeast research)
Yeats Eliot review
Yediot bahaqirat Eretz-Israel weatiqoteha
Yediot ha-evrah la-airat Erets-Yiraʼel e-atioteha (Bulletin of the Israel Exploration Society.)
Yediʻot ha-Ḥevrah ha-ʻIvrit la-ḥaḳirat Erets-Yiśraʼel ṿe-ʻatiḳoteha (Bulletin of the Jewish Palestine Exploration Society)
Yellow book (London, England)
Yemen (Country report.)
Yesterday (Ayer)
TOC Yi chuan xue bao (Journal of genetics and genomics)
TOC YIHL (Yearbook of international humanitarian law)
TOC Ying yong shu xue he li xue (Applied mathematics and mechanics)
Ying yong shu xue xue bao (Acta mathematicæ applicatæ Sinica)
TOC Yi yong chao yin bo za zhi (Journal of medical ultrasound)
YJC (Yale journal of criticism)
YJoLT (Yale journal of law & technology)
TOC YLS (The Yearbook of Langland studies)
Yönetim araştırmalari dergisi
Yönetim bilimleri dergisi (Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi yönetim bilimleri dergisi)
Yönetim ve ekonomi
York Archaeological Trust fascicules
TOC The Yorkshire archaeological journal
Yorkshire bulletin of economic and social research
The Yorkshire freeholder
TOC Young
Young children
Young consumers
Young Economists Journal (Revista tinerilor economişti)
Young England (Kind words for boys and girls)
Young exceptional children
Young folks (Our young folk's weekly budget)
Young gentleman's magazine (Every boy's magazine)
The young lawyer
The young lawyer
Young writers (Qing nian zuo jia (Online))
Your church
TOC Youth justice
TOC Youth & society
Youth theatre journal
Youth violence and juvenile justice
Yuan tong yuan xi (Extrême-Orient, Extrême-Occident)
Yu yan ji yu yan xue (Language and linguistics)
TOC YWCCT (The year's work in critical and cultural theory)
TOC YW English studies (The Year's work in English studies)

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