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E-journals for letter W
TOC W 86th (West 86th)
WA (The Brown journal of world affairs)
    EBSCO: 1 May 2002 -
    HeinOnline: 1993-
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 2007 -
WaA (Water alternatives)
Die Waffen nieder!
Waffen- und Kostümkunde
TOC Wageningen journal of life sciences. (NJAS)
TOC Waikato law review
Wake Forest Intellectual Property Law journal
Wake Forest intramural law review
Wake Forest law review
    EBSCO: 1 Sep 2010 -
    HeinOnline: 1 Jul 1970 -
Walker's Hibernian magazine, or, Compendium of entertaining knowledge
The Wallace Stevens journal
    Literature Online: 2008- (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 1 Mar 2011 -
The wallet
Wallraf-Richartz Jahrbuch (1924)
Wallraf-Richartz Jahrbuch (1952)
Walter's theatrical and sporting directory and book of reference
Walt Whitman quarterly review
TOC War & culture studies (Journal of war & culture studies)
TOC War in history
TOC Wärme- und Stoffübertragung (Heat and mass transfer)
TOC War & society
Washburn law journal
Washington and Lee journal of civil rights and social justice
Washington and Lee law review
Washington and Lee race and ethnic ancestry law journal
Washington Crime News Services' corrections digest (Corrections digest)
Washington Crime News Services' crime control digest (Crime control digest)
The Washington historical quarterly
Washington history
Washington law review and state bar journal
Washington law review (Seattle, Wash. : 1919 : Online)
Washington law review (Seattle, Wash. : 1925 : Online)
Washington law review (Seattle, Wash. : 1962 : Online)
TOC The Washington quarterly
    Project Muse: 2000-2008
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1978-
The Washington report on Middle East affairs
    Free E-Resources:
    Gale: 2001-
Washington University global studies law review
Washington University journal of law and policy
Washington University journal of urban and contemporary law
Washington University law quarterly
Washington University law review
Wash. & Lee J. Civ. Rts. & Soc. Just. (Washington and Lee journal of civil rights and social justice)
Wash. & Lee Race & Ethnic Anc. L.J. (Washington and Lee race and ethnic ancestry law journal)
TOC Waste and biomass valorization
TOC Waste and resource management (Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers.)
TOC Waste management
TOC Waste management & research
    Sage: 1983-
    ScienceDirect: 1983-1997
    Wiley: 1 Feb 2000 - 31 Dec 2000
Waste news
Waste & recycling news
Waste treatment and recovery
The watchman
Water (WIREs.)
TOC Water, air, and soil pollution
TOC Water, air, & soil pollution. Focus
Water alternatives
Water and environment journal
Water and maritime engineering (Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers.)
TOC Waterbirds
Water conservation science and engineering
Water environment research
    Jstor: 1992-2015
    Wiley: 1997-
TOC Water history
Water international
Water law review (University of Denver water law review)
TOC Water management (Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers.)
Water, maritime and energy (Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers.)
Water policy
Water policy report (Inside EPA's water policy report)
TOC Water quality, exposure and health
Water regulation alert ('s water regulation alert)
TOC Water research
Water research & technology (Environmental science.)
TOC Water resources
Water resources and industry
TOC Water resources development (International journal of water resources development)
TOC Water resources management
Water resources research
Water science and technology
Water & sewage international
Watson's art journal
Watson's art journal (The American art journal)
TOC Wave motion
Waves in random media
[+] Waves, wavelets and fractals
The way
Wayne law review
TOC WBER (The World Bank economic review)
    Jstor: 1986-2015
    Oxford University Press: 1986-
TOC WBRO (The World Bank research observer)
    Jstor: 1986-2015
    Oxford University Press: 1986-
WCDM (World class design to manufacture)
TOC WCMC (Wireless communications & mobile computing)
    Free E-Resources: 2017-
    Wiley: 2001-2016
WCR (Western criminology review)
TOC WCW review (William Carlos Williams review)
    Literature Online: 2007-2017
    Project Muse: 2006-
TOC WE (World Englishes)
TOC Wear
TOC [+] Weather
TOC Weather and forecasting
Weather, climate, and society
[+] Weave
[+] Web journal of current legal issues
Web librarianship (Journal of web librarianship)
Web semantics
TOC Weed biology and management
TOC Weed research
TOC Weed science
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Mar 2012 -
    Jstor: 1968-2017
TOC Weed technology
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Mar 2012 -
    Jstor: 1987-2017
Weekly abstract of sanitary reports
The weekly amusement ..., or, An useful and agreeable miscellany of literary entertainment
Weekly amusements for the fair sex (The records of love, or, Weekly amusements for the fair sex)
Weekly chronicle of criticism, belles lettres, and fine arts (The Dublin literary gazette)
Weekly comedy (London, England : 1699)
The weekly comedy, or, The humours of a coffee-house
Weekly discoveries of the witty intrigues, comical passages and remarkable transactions in town and country, with reflections on the vices and vanities of the times (The English Lucian, or, Weekly discoveries of the witty intrigues, comical passages and remarkable transactions in town and country, with reflections on the vices and vanities of the times)
The weekly entertainer and west of England miscellany
Weekly examiner (The anti-jacobin; or, Weekly examiner)
Weekly health index
The weekly history, or, An account of the most remarkable particulars relating to the present progress of the Gospel
Weekly information bulletin - House of Commons
Weekly memorials for the ingenious: or, An account of books lately set forth in several languages
Weekly mortality index
Weekly register of criticism and belles lettres (The Edinburgh literary journal; or, Weekly register of criticism and belles lettres)
The weekly register, or, Universal journal
The weekly review and dramatic critic
Weekly theatrical report. (Dramatic censor)
Wei mian yu gan ran za zhi (Journal of microbiology, immunology and infection)
Welded steel tube & pipe monthly
[+] Welsh book studies (Y Llyfr yng Nghymru)
TOC [+] The Welsh history review
    IngentaConnect: 1 Jun 2002 -
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1960-2001
    Welsh Journals Online: 1960-2000
Welsh music history (Hanes cerddoriaeth cymru)
Welsh outlook (Cardiff, Wales)
[+] Welt der Musik (The world of music)
TOC Die Welt des Islams
    ATLA Serials: 2008- (excluding last 5 years)
    Brill: 1951-
    Jstor: 1913-2017
[+] Die Welt des Orients
TOC Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv (Review of world economics)
    Digizeitschriften: 2003-2017
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 2004 - (excluding last year)
    Jstor: 2003-2017
    SpringerLINK: 2003-
Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv
    Digizeitschriften: 1913-2002
    Jstor: 1913-2002
    SpringerLINK: 1970-2002
TOC WEP (West European politics)
WER (Water environment research)
    Jstor: 1992-2015
    Wiley: 1997-
TOC Werkstoffe und Korrosion (Materials and corrosion)
[+] Wesley and Methodist studies
The Wesleyan-Methodist magazine
Wesleyan theological journal
    ATLA Serials: 1966- (excluding last year)
    Free E-Resources: 1966-2010
TOC West 86th
Westdeutsches Jahrbuch für Kunstgeschichte
TOC Western American literature
    Jstor: 1966-2017
    Project Muse: 1 Mar 2009 -
Western Australian law review (The University of Western Australia law review)
Western criminology review
Western economic journal
Western European stages
Western folklore
    Jstor: 1947-2019
    Literature Online: 1992-
The western historical quarterly
    Jstor: 1970-2015
    Oxford University Press: 1970-
The Western humanities review
Western journal of agricultural economics
The Western journal of black studies
    Literature Online: 1998-
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1977-2000
Western journal of communication
TOC The western journal of emergency medicine
The Western journal of medicine
TOC Western journal of nursing research
The western jurist
Western law journal
Western law review
Western New England law review
Western Ontario law review
The Western political quarterly
    Jstor: 1948-1992
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1 Mar 1948 - 31 Dec 1992
    Sage: 1 Mar 1957 - 31 Dec 1992
The Western Reserve law journal
Western Reserve law notes
Western Reserve law review
Western State law review
Western State University College of Law law review
Western State University law review
TOC West European politics
De West-Indische gids
    Brill Open Access: 1919-1959
    Jstor: 1919-1959
TOC Westjem (The western journal of emergency medicine)
The Westminster and foreign quarterly review
The Westminster Hall chronicle and legal examiner
The Westminster magazine: or, the pantheon of taste
Westminster papers in communication and culture
Westminster review (London, England : 1824-1914)
Westminster studies in education
The Westminster theological journal
West-Northwest journal of environmental law, policy, thought
West of England miscellany (The weekly entertainer and west of England miscellany)
The West Virginia bar
West Virginia bar (The bar)
TOC West Virginia history
    Jstor: 2007-2015
    Project Muse: 2007-
West Virginia law quarterly and the bar
West Virginia law review
TOC Wetlands
TOC Wetlands ecology and management
WHC (World history connected)
TOC WHI (Women's health issues)
TOC Whitehall papers
The Whitehead journal of diplomacy and international relations
Whittier journal of child and family advocacy
Whittier law review
WHR (The Western humanities review)
TOC Wicazo sa review
    Jstor: 1985-2017
    Project Muse: 2000-
Wide angle
Widener journal of public law
Widener law journal
Widener law review
Widener law symposium journal
Widening participation and lifelong learning
WIE magazine (IEEE women in engineering magazine)
Wiener Klinisches Magazin
TOC Wiener klinische wochenschrift. Education
TOC Wiener medizinische Wochenschrift
Wiener slavistisches Jahrbuch
Wiener Studien
Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde des Morgenlandes
Wiener Zeitschrift für die Kunde Südasiens
The wife
WIF studies (Women in French studies)
Wilderness & environmental medicine
TOC Wildlife monographs
    Jstor: 1958-2018
    Wiley: 2004-
TOC Wildlife research (European journal of wildlife research)
TOC Wildlife Society bulletin
    Jstor: 1973-2006
    Wiley: 1 Mar 2004 - 31 Dec 2006
Wildlife Society bulletin (2011)
    Jstor: 1 Mar 2011 - 31 Dec 2017
    Wiley: 1 Mar 2011 -
Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Cognitive science
Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Computational molecular science
Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Computational statistics
Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Data mining and knowledge discovery
Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Developmental biology
Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Energy and environment
Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. forensic science
Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Nanomedicine and nanobiotechnology
Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. RNA
Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Systems biology and medicine
Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Water (WIREs.)
Wilhelm Roux' Archiv für Entwicklungsmechanik der Organismen
Wilhelm Roux's archives of developmental biology
Wilkes and liberty, or, The universal prayer
Willamette bulletin of international law and policy
Willamette journal of international law and dispute resolution
Willamette law journal
Willamette law review
Willdenowia. Beiheft
William and Mary Bill of Rights journal
William and Mary environmental law and policy review
William and Mary journal of environmental law
William and Mary journal of environmental law and environmental practice news (Environmental practice news)
The William and Mary quarterly
    Jstor: 1892-2015
    Project Muse: 2015-
William and Mary review of Virginia law (Williamsburg, Va. : 1948 : Online)
William and Mary review of Virginia law (Williamsburg, Va. : 1949 : Online)
TOC William Carlos Williams review
    Literature Online: 2007-2017
    Project Muse: 2006-
William & Mary journal of women and the law
William & Mary law review
William Mitchell environmental law journal
William Mitchell law review
The Wilson bulletin
TOC The Wilson journal of ornithology
The Wilson quarterly (1892)
The Wilson quarterly (1976)
Wind engineering
[+] The Windsor magazine
Windsor review of legal and social issues
The Windsor yearbook of access to justice
    Erudit: 2017-
    Free E-Resources: 1 Jul 2007 -
    HeinOnline: 1981-
TOC Wine business research (International journal of wine business research)
Wings (British women's temperance journal)
TOC Winterthur portfolio
The WIPO journal
Wireless communications (IEEE transactions on wireless communications)
TOC Wireless communications & mobile computing
    Free E-Resources: 2017-
    Wiley: 2001-2016
TOC Wireless networks
    ACM: 1 Feb 1995 - 30 Nov 2004
    SpringerLINK: 1995-
TOC Wireless personal communications
Wireless power transfer
Wireless Section, Institution of Electrical Engineers, Proceedings of the (Proceedings of the Wireless Section of the Institution of Electrical Engineers)
WIREs computational molecular science (Wiley interdisciplinary reviews.)
WIREs dev biol (Wiley interdisciplinary reviews.)
WIREs energy and environment (Wiley interdisciplinary reviews.)
WIREs RNA (Wiley interdisciplinary reviews.)
WIREs. Water
TOC Wirtschaftsdienst
TOC Wirtschaftsinformatik
Wirtschaftspolitische Chronik
Wirtschafts- und Insolvenzrecht (Deutsche Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Insolvenzrecht)
TOC Wirtschafts- und Sozialstatistisches archiv (AStA Wirtschafts- und Sozialstatistisches archiv)
Wisconsin environmental law journal
Wisconsin international law journal
Wisconsin law review
Wisconsin magazine of history
Wisconsin multi-cultural law journal
Wisconsin studies in contemporary literature
Wisconsin women's law journal
WJCO (World journal of clinical oncology)
WJD (World journal of diabetes)
TOC WJES (World journal of emergency surgery)
WJGP (World journal of gastrointestinal pathophysiology)
WJGPT (World journal of gastrointestinal pharmacology and therapeutics)
WJM (The Western journal of medicine)
TOC WJP (World journal of pediatrics)
WJPCHS (World journal for pediatric & congenital heart surgery)
WJSC (World journal of stem cells)
TOC WJSO (World journal of surgical oncology)
WJSTSD (World journal of science, technology and sustainable development)
WLT (World literature today)
    Jstor: 1977-2018
    Literature Online: 1994-
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1977-1995
WLWE (World literature written in English)
Wm. & Mary journal of environmental law (William and Mary journal of environmental law)
Wm. & Mary J. Women & L. (William & Mary journal of women and the law)
TOC WMU journal of maritime affairs
TOC WMW (Wiener medizinische Wochenschrift)
TOC WN (Wireless networks)
    ACM: 1 Feb 1995 - 30 Nov 2004
    SpringerLINK: 1995-
W. New Eng. L. Rev. (Western New England law review)
TOC Wohnrechtliche blätter
[+] The woman at home
Woman's advocate
Woman's art journal
Woman's herald (Women's penny paper)
TOC Women
TOC Women and birth
Women and therapy (Women & therapy)
Women and work
TOC Women & criminal justice
Women, gender, and families of color
    Jstor: 2013-2017
    Project Muse: 2013-
Women, gender, history (Clio.)
Women in engineering magazine (IEEE women in engineering magazine)
Women in French studies
TOC Women in German yearbook
    Jstor: 1985-2017
    Project Muse: 1985-2017
Women in Judaism
Women in management review
Women lawyers' journal
TOC Women & music
Women of color magazine
Women & performance
Women & politics
Women's advocate (Woman's advocate)
TOC Women's health (BMC women's health)
Women's health (Clinical medicine insights.)
Women's health
TOC Women's health issues
Women's health medicine
Women's history review
Women's law journal (Cardozo women's law journal)
Women's legal forum & gender review (Michigan state journal of gender law)
Women's penny paper
The women's review of books
Women's rights law reporter
Women's studies
Women's studies in communication
Women's studies international
TOC Women's studies international forum
Women's studies international quarterly
Women's studies journal
Women's studies newsletter
    Jstor: 1972-1980
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1972-1980
TOC Women's studies quarterly
    Jstor: 1981-2019
    Literature Online: 1 Mar 2001 - (excluding last 6 months)
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1981-2000
    Project Muse: 2008-
The Women's union journal
TOC Women's writing
Women & therapy
Woodfall landlord and tenant bulletin
TOC Wood science and technology
Woolf Studies Annual
Word (Al-Kalimah)
Word & image
Word (New York, N.Y. : 1945 : Online)
Word of mouth
The Wordsworth circle
    Jstor: 1970-2015
    Literature Online: 2005-
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1970-1995
    University of Chicago Press: 2009-
Word & world.
TOC Work
Work, aging and retirement
TOC Work and occupations
TOC Work and stress
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1999 - (excluding last 548 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
TOC Work, employment & society
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Sep 1998 - 31 Dec 2001
    Jstor: 1 Mar 1987 - 31 Dec 2017
    Sage: 1 Mar 1987 -
[+] Work, environment, health
Workers' compensation law review
Workforce solutions review
Working papers
TOC Working USA
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 2001 - 31 Dec 2016
    Wiley: 1 Nov 1999 - 31 Dec 2016
Workmen's compensation law review
Work, organisation, labour & globalisation
Workplace health & safety
TOC Workplace learning (The journal of workplace learning)
    Emerald: 1989-
    ProQuest: 1992- (excluding last year)
    British Periodicals: 1868-1872
    Jstor: 1868-1881
The works of the learned; or, An historical account and impartial judgment of books newly printed, both foreign and domestick
Work study
The world (World (London, England : 1753))
The world
    Adam Matthew Digital: 4 Jan 1753 - 27 Dec 1753
    Adam Matthew Digital: 3 Jan 1754 - 26 Dec 1754
    Adam Matthew Digital: 2 Jan 1755 - 25 Dec 1755
    Adam Matthew Digital: 1 Jan 1756 - 30 Dec 1756
World affairs (The Brown journal of world affairs)
    EBSCO: 1 May 2002 -
    HeinOnline: 1993-
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 2007 -
TOC World affairs
    Jstor: 1932-2018
    Sage: 2016-
TOC World archaeology
    Ebscohost: 1 Oct 1993 - (excluding last 546 days)
    Jstor: 1969-2013
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
World art
TOC The World Bank economic review
    Jstor: 1986-2015
    Oxford University Press: 1986-
[+] World Bank Group impact evaluations
TOC World banking abstracts
[+] The World Bank open knowledge repository
TOC The World Bank research observer
    Jstor: 1986-2015
    Oxford University Press: 1986-
TOC World business (Journal of world business)
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1997 - 31 Dec 2001
    ScienceDirect: 1997-
World class design to manufacture
World Congress of Jewish Studies. (Report (World Congress of Jewish Studies))
World congress of Jewish studies (Proceedings of the world congress of Jewish studies)
World Court reports
World cultures eJournal
TOC World development
World economics
TOC The World economy
    EBSCO: 1 Jul 1993 - (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1 Oct 1977 -
TOC World Englishes
World food policy
World for the year ... (World (London, England : 1753))
World for the year .. (The world)
    Adam Matthew Digital: 4 Jan 1753 - 27 Dec 1753
    Adam Matthew Digital: 3 Jan 1754 - 26 Dec 1754
    Adam Matthew Digital: 2 Jan 1755 - 25 Dec 1755
    Adam Matthew Digital: 1 Jan 1756 - 30 Dec 1756
World forum for music therapy (Voices)
World future review
TOC World futures
The world health report
[+] World heritage review
World history connected
World journal for pediatric & congenital heart surgery
World journal of acupuncture-moxibustion
World journal of biological chemistry
World journal of clinical oncology
World journal of diabetes
TOC World journal of emergency surgery
World Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Sustainable Development
World journal of gastrointestinal pathophysiology
World journal of gastrointestinal pharmacology and therapeutics
TOC World journal of microbiology & biotechnology
TOC World journal of pediatrics
World journal of science, technology and sustainable development
World journal of stem cells
TOC World journal of surgery
TOC World journal of surgical oncology
TOC World journal of urology
World journal of VAT/GST law
World leisure journal
World leisure & recreation
World literature today
    Jstor: 1977-2018
    Literature Online: 1994-
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1977-1995
World literature written in English
World (London, England : 1753)
TOC World Maritime University journal of maritime affairs (WMU journal of maritime affairs)
World neurosurgery
The world of fashion and continental feuilletons
TOC World of Islam (Die Welt des Islams)
    ATLA Serials: 2008- (excluding last 5 years)
    Brill: 1951-
    Jstor: 1913-2017
[+] The world of music
TOC World patent information
World Peace Foundation pamphlets
TOC World policy journal
    Duke University Press: 2015-2018
    EBSCO: 1 Jun 1993 - 31 Dec 2010
    Jstor: 1983-2015
    Project Muse: 1 Mar 2010 - 31 Dec 2018
[+] World political science
TOC World politics
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Oct 1948 -
    Jstor: 1948-2015
    Project Muse: 1995-
TOC World pumps
World review of political economy
TOC World science and technology
TOC World's poultry science journal
The world today
    Jstor: 1 Jul 1945 - 31 Dec 2017
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1945-2000
TOC World trade review
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Mar 2002 -
    Westlaw: 2002-
TOC Worldviews on evidence-based nursing
World War studies (First World War Studies)
[+] World water policy
TOC World wide web
[+] The World Wide Web journal of biology
World wide wounds
Wound medicine
TOC Wound repair and regeneration
WPCC (Westminster papers in communication and culture)
[+] WPS (World political science)
WQ (The Wilson quarterly (1976))
The writ
The Writing center journal
Writing on the edge
Writing systems research
Writing Ulster
TOC Written communication
TOC WSQ (Women's studies quarterly)
    Jstor: 1981-2019
    Literature Online: 1 Mar 2001 - (excluding last 6 months)
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1981-2000
    Project Muse: 2008-
WSU San Diego justice journal (San Diego justice journal)
WTJ (The Westminster theological journal)
TOC WTR (World trade review)
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Mar 2002 -
    Westlaw: 2002-
Wu-han i hsüeh yuän hsüeh pao (Acta Academiae Medicinae Wuhan)
TOC Wuhan University journal of natural sciences
TOC Wu li zhi liao. (Hong Kong physiotherapy journal)
Wunder & Märchen (Merveilles & contes)
W. Va. L. Rev. (West Virginia law review)
[+] WWP (World water policy)
[+] WWW journal of biology (The World Wide Web journal of biology)
Wyndham Lewis annual
Wyoming law journal
Wyoming law review

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