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E-journals for letter S
SA (Sociological analysis)
    ATLA Serials: 1973-1992
    ATLA Serials: 1 Mar 1968 - 31 Dec 1972
    Jstor: 1964-1992
    Oxford University Press: 1964-1992
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1964-1992
[+] The SAA archaeological record
[+] SAB, South Atlantic bulletin (South Atlantic bulletin)
SACC notes (Teaching anthropology)
TOC SACJ (South African journal of criminal justice)
The sackbut
TOC SAcLJ (Singapore Academy of Law journal)
Sacred music
TOC Sacris erudiri
TOC Sādhanā
    Free E-Resources: 1 Jul 1978 -
    SpringerLINK: 1984-
SAE bulletin
SAF (Studies in American fiction)
    Literature Online: 1 Mar 1997 - (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 1 Mar 2010 -
TOC Safety science
Saga-book of the Viking Club
Saga book of the Viking Society for Northern Research
[+] SAGE open
    ProQuest: 2018-
    Sage Open Access: 2011-
SAGE open medical case reports
SAGE open medicine.
SAGE open nursing
Il saggiatore musicale
Saggi e memorie di storia dell'arte
SAH (Studies in arts and humanities)
Saint George
Saint James's magazine (The St. James's magazine)
Saint James's magazine (St. James's magazine (London, England : 1861))
Saint John's law review (St. John's law review)
    EBSCO: 2002-
    HeinOnline: 1926-
Saint Louis law review (St. Louis law review)
Saint Louis University journal of health law & policy
Saint Louis University law journal
Saint Louis University public law forum (Public law forum)
Saint Louis University public law review
Saint Louis-Warsaw transatlantic law journal
The Saint Luke's journal of theology
Saint Mary's law journal (St. Mary's law journal)
Saint Pauls
Saint Thomas law forum. (St. Thomas law forum)
Saint Thomas law review (St. Thomas law review)
Saint Vladimir's Seminary quarterly (St. Vladimir's Seminary quarterly)
Saint Vladimir's theological quarterly (St. Vladimir's theological quarterly)
SAIR (Scottish archaeological internet reports)
TOC SAIS review
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1 Sep 1956 - 31 Dec 1995
    Project Muse: 1981-
SAJBMC (South Asian journal of business and management cases)
SAJGBR (South Asian journal of global business research)
SAJHRM (South Asian journal of human resources management)
TOC SAJL (Studies in American Jewish literature)
    Jstor: 1981-2017
    Project Muse: 2008-
SAJMS (South Asian journal of management sciences)
TOC SA Journal of Human Resource Management
SA journal of linguistics
Sakarya Üniversitesi Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü Dergisi
TOC SAL annual review (Singapore Academy of Law annual review of Singapore cases)
SALi (Studie z aplikované lingvistiky)
TOC Saline systems
    Jstor: 1965-2013
    Literature Online: 1 Dec 1994 -
[+] Salmagundy for swine (Hog's wash, or, A salmagundy for swine)
    Adam Matthew Digital: 1 Sep 1793 - 31 Dec 1793
    Adam Matthew Digital: 30 Jan 1794 - 30 Apr 1794
    Adam Matthew Digital: 1 May 1794 - 30 Jan 1795
[+] Salt-box (The Eaton chronicle, or, The salt-box)
TOC Salt lake research (International journal of salt lake research)
Salud pública de México
S.A.M. advanced management journal (1969)
S.A.M. advanced management journal (1984)
TOC SA mercantile law journal
Sammelbände der Internationalen Musikgesellschaft
Die Sammlung
Sammlung von Vergiftungsfällen
TOC Samuel Beckett today/aujourd'hui
    Brill: 2005-
    Jstor: 1992-2017
    Literature Online: 2008-2016
San Carlos publications (Philippine quarterly of culture and society)
San Diego international law journal
San Diego justice journal
The San Diego law review
The San Francisco Jung Institute Library journal
    Jstor: 1979-2006
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-2006
San Francisco law review
San Joaquin agricultural law review
Sankhyā (1933-1960)
TOC Sankhyā (2003-2007)
Sankhyā Series A
[+] Sankhyā. Series A (2008-)
    Jstor: 2008-2015
    SpringerLINK: 2010-
Sankhyā Series B
Sankhyā. Series B (2008-)
    Jstor: 2008-2015
    SpringerLINK: 2011-
Santa Clara computer and high-technology law journal
Santa Clara journal of international law
Santa Clara law review
Santa Clara lawyer
Santé mentale au Québec
TOC SAQ (The South Atlantic quarterly)
    Duke University Press: 1 Dec 2000 -
    Project Muse: 1999-2004
TOC SAR (South Asia research)
Sarajevo business and economics review
SARS (South African review of sociology)
Sartre studies international
    Jstor: 1995-2017
    Literature Online: 1 Mar 2011 - (excluding last year)
TOC SAS (South African journal of criminal justice)
Saskatchewan bar review
Saskatchewan law review
SASR (South African sociological review)
Satellite communications (International journal of satellite communications)
The satirist, or, Censor of the times
The satirist, or Monthly meteor
The Saturday magazine
The Saturday review of politics, literature, science, and art (London, England : 1855)
TOC SA tydskrif vir handelsreg (SA mercantile law journal)
TOC SA tydskrif vir menslike hulpbronbestuur (SA Journal of Human Resource Management)
SA tydskrif vir taalkunde (SA journal of linguistics)
Saudi Arabia (Country report.)
TOC Saudi journal of anaesthesia
Saudi journal of gastroenterology
Saudi journal of obesity
SAÜFBED (Sakarya Üniversitesi Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü Dergisi)
Saunterer (The Concord saunterer)
Sauvegarde de l'enfance
Savings and development
    Free E-Resources: 2007-2016
    Jstor: 1977-2016
The savoy
TOC SB (Samuel Beckett today/aujourd'hui)
    Brill: 2005-
    Jstor: 1992-2017
    Literature Online: 2008-2016
TOC Sbornik. Mathematics
Sbr (Schmalenbach business review)
S. Cal. Interdisc. L.J. (Southern California interdisciplinary law journal)
TOC Lo Scalpello - OTODI educational
S. Cal. Rev. L. & Soc. Just. (Southern California review of law and social justice)
TOC SCAN (Social cognitive and affective neuroscience)
    Oxford Open Access: 1 Jun 2006 -
    Oxford University Press: 1 Jun 2006 - 31 Dec 2016
TOC Scandinavian actuarial journal
    EBSCO: 1 Jun 1999 - (excluding last 548 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1974-
TOC The Scandinavian economic history review
Scandinavian housing and planning research
Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law yearbook (Marius)
Scandinavian international business review
Scandinavian Jewish studies (Nordisk judaistik)
Scandinavian journal of behaviour therapy
TOC Scandinavian journal of caring sciences
TOC The Scandinavian journal of economics
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1976 - (excluding last year)
    Jstor: 1976-2015
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1997 -
TOC Scandinavian journal of educational research
TOC Scandinavian journal of education research (Pedagogisk forskning)
Scandinavian journal of history
Scandinavian journal of hospitality and tourism
TOC Scandinavian journal of immunology
TOC Scandinavian journal of management
Scandinavian journal of management studies
TOC Scandinavian journal of medicine & science in sports
Scandinavian journal of metallurgy
Scandinavian journal of pain
TOC Scandinavian journal of primary health care
TOC Scandinavian journal of psychology
Scandinavian journal of public health
Scandinavian journal of social medicine
Scandinavian journal of social theory (Distinktion)
TOC Scandinavian journal of statistics
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1998 - (excluding last year)
    Jstor: 1974-2015
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1997 -
Scandinavian journal of surgery
TOC Scandinavian journal of the Old Testament
TOC Scandinavian journal of theology (Studia theologica)
    Ebscohost: 1 May 1998 - (excluding last 548 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1947-
TOC Scandinavian journal of trauma, resuscitation and emergency medicine
Scandinavian journal of work, environment & health
TOC Scandinavian political studies
The Scandinavian psychoanalytic review
Scandinavian review
Scandinavian studies
    Jstor: 1941-2017
    Literature Online: 1 Dec 1996 - (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 1 Mar 2011 -
Scandinavian studies
    Jstor: 1941-2017
    Literature Online: 1 Dec 1996 - (excluding last year)
Scandinavian studies and notes
Scandinavian studies in law
TOC Scand. j. mgmt. (Scandinavian journal of management)
TOC [+] Scanning
    Free E-Resources: 9 Jan 2017 -
    Wiley: 1997-2016
Scan. psychoanal. rev (The Scandinavian psychoanalytic review)
Scars, burns & healing
SCB (Studia commercialia Bratislavensia)
SCEAR (Studies in central and east Asian religions)
    Brill: 2001-2001
    Ebscohost: 1999-2001
S.C. Envtl. L. J. (South Carolina environmental law journal)
TOC Schizophrenia bulletin
    Oxford University Press: 1969-
    PsycARTICLES: 1975-2004
TOC [+] Schizophrenia research
Schmalenbach business review
Schmalenbachs zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche forschung
TOC Der Schmerz
The scholar
Scholarly journal (South)
    Jstor: 1 Sep 2015 - 31 Dec 2018
    Literature Online: 1 Sep 2015 - 31 Dec 2018
    Project Muse: 1 Sep 2015 - 31 Dec 2018
TOC Scholarly publishing (Journal of scholarly publishing)
Scholarship of teaching and learning (Pedagogy in health promotion)
Scholarship of teaching and learning in psychology
Scholastic coach and athletic director (Coach and athletic director)
Scholedge international journal of business policy & governance
Scholedge international journal of management & development
School and college
School applications of learning theory
The school counselor
TOC School effectiveness and school improvement
TOC [+] School leadership & management
School leadership today
School library media quarterly online
TOC School mental health
The school music review
The School of Law review
The School of Public Policy publications
School organisation
School Psychology
TOC School psychology international
School psychology quarterly
The school review
TOC Schools
TOC School science and mathematics
The School science review
Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Hydrologie
TOC Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft (Swiss political science review)
TOC Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Psychologie (Swiss journal of psychology)
[+] Science
    American Association for the Advancement of Science: 3 Jul 1880 -
    Jstor: 3 Jul 1880 - 31 Dec 2015
Science (Journal of Zhejiang University.)
    PubMed Central: 1 Oct 2004 - 31 Dec 2004
    SpringerLINK: 2000-2004
Science activities
Science Activities (Critical discourse studies)
Science advances
Science and children
TOC Science and engineering ethics
Science and its culture. (International social science journal)
Science and medicine in football
Science and public policy
[+] Science and technology law review (The Columbia science and technology law review)
TOC Science and technology of advanced materials
    Institute of Physics: 2000-
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2013-
Science and technology of archaeological research
    Free E-Resources: 2015-
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2015-
TOC Science as culture
TOC Science. B (Journal of Zhejiang University.)
    PubMed Central: 2005-
    SpringerLINK: 1 Aug 2005 -
TOC Science bulletin (Chinese science bulletin)
Science China. Chemistry
Science China. Earth sciences
Science China. Information sciences
Science China. Life sciences
Science China. Mathematics
Science China. Physics, mechanics & astronomy
Science China. Technological sciences
Science & Christian belief
TOC Science communication
TOC Science & education
TOC Science education
Science et esprit
TOC Science fiction film and television
Science-fiction studies
Science foundation in China (Chung-kuo kʻo hsüeh chi chin.)
TOC Science & global security
TOC Science in China. Physics, astronomy (Science in China.)
TOC Science in China. Ser. G, Physics, mechanics & astronomy (Science in China.)
TOC Science in China. Series A, Mathematics
TOC Science in China. Series A, Mathematics, physics, astronomy
TOC Science in China. Series B, Chemistry
TOC Science in China. Series C, Life sciences
TOC Science in China. Series D, Earth sciences
TOC Science in China. Series E, Technological sciences
TOC Science in China. Series E, Technological sciences (2006)
TOC Science in China. Series F, Information sciences
TOC Science in China. Series G, Physics, astronomy
TOC Science in China. Series G, Physics, mechanics & astronomy
Science in context
TOC Science & justice
Science, measurement and technology (IEE proceedings.)
TOC Science news
Science news-letter
TOC Science of computer programming
Science of food (NPJ science of food)
Science of sintering
TOC The science of the total environment
Science progress in the twentieth century (London, England : 1906)
Science progress in the twentieth century (London, England : 1919)
Science progress (London, England : 1894)
Science progress (London, England : 1916)
Science progress (London, England : 1933)
    Jstor: 1 Jul 1933 - 31 Dec 2017
    Sage Open Access: 1 Feb 1999 -
Science reports of Niigata University. Series A, Mathematics
The Science reports of the Kanazawa University
Science reports of the Tôhoku University. Sixth series. (The Tôhoku mathematical journal)
Science reports of the Tokyo Bunrika Daigaku. Section A
Science reports of the Tokyo Kyoiku Daigaku. Section A.
Science scope
Sciences de la terre et des planètes (Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences - Series IIA - Earth and Planetary Science)
Sciences du design
Sciences mathématiques (Bulletin, Classe des sciences mathématiques et naturelles.)
Science & society
TOC Science & sports
Sciences religieuses (Studies in religion)
TOC Sciences sociales et missions (Social sciences and missions)
    ATLA Serials: 2007- (excluding last 5 years)
    Brill: 2007-
Science studies
    Jstor: 1971-1974
    Sage: 1971-1974
Science studies
The science teacher
    Jstor: 1940-2019
    ProQuest: 1 May 1989 -
Science teacher education
Science, technology, & human values
    Jstor: 1 Oct 1978 - 31 Dec 2017
    Sage: 1 Oct 1978 -
Science technology industry (STI review)
Science & technology libraries
TOC Science technology news (Sci-tech news)
TOC Science & technology of mining and metallurgy (Journal of Central South University of Technology)
TOC Science, technology & society
Science & technology studies
Science & technology studies
Scientia Canadensis
TOC Scientia horticulturae
Scientia poetica
TOC Scientia Sinica. Series A (Science in China.)
TOC Scientia sinica. Series C (Science in China.)
TOC Scientia sinica. Series E (Science in China.)
TOC Scientia sinica. Series F (Science in China.)
TOC Scientia Sinica. Series G (Science in China.)
TOC Scientia Sinica. Series G (Science in China.)
Scientific American
    Jstor: 28 Aug 1845 - 31 Dec 2016
    Making of America: 26 Sep 1846 - 25 Dec 1869
Scientific American. Special edition
TOC Scientific and technical information processing
Scientific Chronicles / Epistīmonika Chronika
Scientific instruments (Journal of physics.)
Scientific journal of the Spanish Society of Neurological Nursing (Revista Científica de la Sociedad de Enfermería Neurológica)
Scientific lubrication
The scientific monthly
Scientific proceedings of Riga Technical university. Series 3, Economics and business (Rīgas Tehniskās universitātes zinātniskie raksti.)
TOC [+] Scientific reports
Scientific reports (British Antarctic Survey)
Scientific studies of reading
ScientificWorld journal (TheScientificWorld)
TOC [+] Scientometrics
TOC Scienze fisiche e naturali (Rendiconti Lincei.)
TOC Sci-tech news
SCJ (Stone-Campbell journal)
TOC SCL (Systems & control letters)
SCMS journal of Indian management
SCN (Seventeenth century news)
TOC Scoliosis
SCONUL focus
SCONUL newsletter
[+] Scope
TOC Scope note (Washington, D.C.) (Kennedy Institute of Ethics journal)
    Project Muse: 1991-
    ProQuest: 1 Dec 2002 - (excluding last year)
Scotch and Divorce Appeals (The law reports.)
Scot. geog. j. (Scottish geographical journal)
The Scots law times
Scots magazine (Edinburgh, Scotland : 1739)
The Scots spy, or, Critical observer
The Scottish antiquary, or, Northern notes & queries
Scottish archaeological internet reports
TOC Scottish archaeological journal
    Edinburgh University Press: 2000-
    Jstor: 2000-2014
Scottish church history
Scottish criminal law
Scottish cultural review of language and literature
Scottish economic & social history
Scottish geographical journal
Scottish geographical magazine
TOC The Scottish historical review
    Ebscohost: 1 Apr 1998 - (excluding last year)
    Edinburgh University Press: 1 Apr 2000 -
    Jstor: 1 May 1903 - 31 Dec 2015
    Project Muse: 2006-2008
Scottish human rights journal
TOC Scottish journal of geology
TOC Scottish journal of political economy
    EBSCO: 1 Feb 1990 - (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1 Feb 1997 -
TOC Scottish journal of theology
Scottish Law Commission reports. (Reports of the Scottish Law Commission)
Scottish literary review
Scottish planning and environmental law
Scottish planning law & practice
Scottish private client law review
The Scottish review
Scottish review (Glasgow, Scotland : 1853)
The Scourge, or, Literary, theatrical, and miscellaneous magazine
SCP (Spirituality in clinical practice)
TOC Screen
The Scribes journal of legal writing
The Scriblerian and the Kit-Cats
    Literature Online: 1 Mar 1991 - (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 1 Sep 2011 -
Scribner's magazine
    Free E-Resources: 1910-1922
    Making of America: 1 Jan 1887 - 30 Jun 1896
Scribners monthly
Scripta islandica
TOC Scripta materialia
Scripta metallurgica et materialia
Scripta theologica
Scritture Migranti
Scrutiny 2
TOC SCS (Sustainable cities and society)
TOC SCS simulation (Simulation)
Sculpture review
[+] S & D (Search and discovery)
SdD (Storia delle donne)
SDILJ (San Diego international law journal)
S.D. L. Rev. (South Dakota law review)
SDMIMD journal of management
SDÜ İİBF dergisi (İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi dergisi)
SEA (Studies in economic analysis)
Sea Grant law and policy journal
Sea Grant law journal
SEAJ (Social and environmental accountability journal)
TOC [+] Sealing technology
SEAM (South East Asian journal of management)
Seanchas ardmhacha
SEAP (Indonesia)
    Jstor: 1966-2015
    Project Muse: 1 Apr 2012 -
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 1998 - 1 Apr 2006
[+] Search and discovery
SEAS (Southeast Asian studies)
Seattle journal for social justice
Seattle University law review
SEC docket
TOC Second language research
    Jstor: 1985-2017
    Sage: 1 Jun 1985 -
[+] Second opinion
TOC Section A (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India.)
Section B (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, India.)
Section of Antitrust Law
Section of Individual Rights and Responsibilities newsletter
Section of International and Comparative Law bulletin
    HeinOnline: 1957-1966
    Jstor: 1 May 1957 - 31 Jul 1966
Section of Natural Resources, Energy, and Environmental Law news (SONREEL news)
Secular studies
TOC Securitas vialis
Securities and Exchange Commission docket (SEC docket)
Security and communication networks
    Free E-Resources:
    Wiley: 2008-2016
TOC Security and human rights
Security and peace (Sicherheit und Frieden)
[+] Security and policy studies (Mideast security and policy studies)
TOC Security and privacy (IEEE security & privacy)
Security and privacy
Security challenges
TOC Security dialogue
Security journal
TOC Security studies
TOC Sedimentary geology
TOC Sedimentology
TOC SEE (Studies in educational evaluation)
SEEC (Studies in Eastern European cinema)
Seed science research
TOC Seeing and perceiving
SEEIR (Slavic & East European information resources)
S.E.E.J. (Slavic and East European journal)
TOC SEE journal (South East European journal of economics and business)
Se. Envtl. L. J. (Southeastern environmental law journal)
SEER (Journal for labour and social affairs in Eastern Europe)
TOC SEHR (The Scandinavian economic history review)
TOC Seismic instruments
Seizième siècle
TOC SEJ (Strategic entrepreneurship journal)
SEJ (Social enterprise journal)
Sekai no Nihon kenkyū.
TOC [+] SEL (Studies in English literature, 1500-1900)
    Jstor: 1961-2015
    Literature Online: 1 Dec 1994 - (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 1999-
TOC Selecta mathematica
Select conversations (The female mentor, or, Select conversations)
Select conversations. Volume the third (The female mentor, or, Select conversations)
    Adam Matthew Digital: 1 Apr 1793 - 30 Jul 1793
    Adam Matthew Digital: 1 Aug 1793 - 31 Dec 1793
Selected addresses delivered at the Conference on English Education
Selected annual reviews of the analytical sciences
TOC Selected areas in communications (IEEE journal on selected areas in communications)
[+] Selected engineering papers
Selected papers from the annual meeting (American Society of Christian Ethics)
Selected papers from the annual meeting (Society of Christian Ethics)
TOC Selected topics in applied earth observations and remote sensing, IEEE journal of (IEEE journal of selected topics in applied earth observations and remote sensing)
TOC Selected topics in quantum electronics (IEEE journal of selected topics in quantum electronics)
TOC Selection and assessment (International journal of selection and assessment)
Self and identity
    ATLA Serials: 1974-2002
    Ebscohost: 1 Jan 1999 - 1 Mar 2002
Semi-annual (Agassiz Association. Dept. of the Wilson Chapter : Online)
TOC Semiconductor manufacturing (IEEE transactions on semiconductor manufacturing)
TOC Semiconductors
TOC Semiconductor science and technology
TOC Semigroup forum
    Digizeitschriften: 1970-1997
    SpringerLINK: 1970-
Séminaire de théorie des nombres de Bordeaux
    Digizeitschriften: 1972-1972
    Jstor: 1976-1992
Séminaire lotharingien de combinatoire
TOC Seminar
TOC Seminars and original investigations (Urologic oncology)
Seminars in anesthesia, perioperative medicine, and pain
Seminars in arthritis and rheumatism
TOC Seminars in arthroplasty
Seminars in avian and exotic pet medicine
TOC Seminars in cancer biology
TOC Seminars in cardiothoracic and vascular anesthesia
Seminars in cell biology
Seminars in cell & developmental biology
Seminars in cerebrovascular diseases and stroke
Seminars in developmental biology
TOC Seminars in dialysis
TOC Seminars in fetal & neonatal medicine
Seminars in hematology
TOC Seminars in immunology
Seminars in immunopathology
Seminars in integrative medicine
TOC Seminars in interventional radiology
Seminars in medical genetics (American journal of medical genetics.)
Seminars in neonatology
Seminars in neuroscience
TOC Seminars in nuclear medicine
TOC Seminars in oncology nursing
TOC Seminars in orthodontics
Seminars in pain medicine
Seminars in pediatric infectious diseases
TOC Seminars in pediatric neurology
TOC Seminars in pediatric surgery
TOC Seminars in perinatology
TOC Seminars in plastic surgery
TOC Seminars in radiation oncology
TOC Seminars in roentgenology
TOC Seminars in spine surgery
Seminars in the neurosciences (Seminars in neuroscience)
Seminars in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery
TOC Seminars in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery. Pediatric cardiac surgery annual
TOC Seminars in ultrasound, CT, and MRi
Seminars in vascular surgery
Seminars in virology
Sémiotique appliquée (Applied semiotics)
S.E.M. newsletter
Seniors housing & care journal
[+] Senses of cinema
TOC The senses & society
TOC Sensing and imaging
TOC Sensing and instrumentation for food quality and safety
TOC Sensor review
TOC Sensors, actuators, systems integration (Microsystem technologies)
TOC Sensors and actuators. A, Physical
TOC Sensors and actuators. B, Chemical
Sensors journal, IEEE (IEEE sensors journal)
Sensors letters (IEEE sensors letters)
TOC Sensory, neural, and behavioral physiology (Journal of comparative physiology.)
[+] Sens public
Sentencing news
TOC Senten ijō (Congenital anomalies)
Sentimental magazine, or, General assemblage of science, taste, and entertainment
Sentinel (London, England : 1879)
Seoul journal of business
Seoul journal of Korean studies
TOC Separation and purification technology
Separation science plus
Separations technology
TOC SER (Socio-economic review)
SER (Sport & entertainment review)
Serbian journal of management
TOC Serbian studies
SERI (SERI quarterly)
The serials librarian
TOC Serials review
    ScienceDirect: 1975-2004
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
Série ensaios e monografias. (Ensaios e monografias)
Serie Litere și Ştiinţe Sociale (Analele Universitǎţii "Constantin Brâncuşi" din Târgu Jiu.)
Serii︠a︡ literatury i i︠az︡yka (Izvestii︠a︡ Akademii nauk.)
Serija matematika (Zbornik radova Filozofskog fakulteta u Nišu.)
Serija Matematika i fizika (Publikacije Elektrotehničkog fakulteta.)
SERI quarterly
Serodiagnosis & immunotherapy in infectious disease
TOC Service business
TOC The Service industries journal
    EBSCO: 1 Feb 1981 - (excluding last 548 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1983-
Service industries review
TOC Service industry management (International journal of service industry management)
TOC Service oriented computing and applications
TOC Services marketing quarterly
    EBSCO: 2001- (excluding last 548 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2001-
Session cases
Sessions' papers (The proceedings of the Old Bailey)
Seton Hall circuit review
Seton Hall constitutional law journal
Seton Hall journal of diplomacy and international relations
Seton Hall journal of sport law
Seton Hall journal of sports and entertainment law
Seton Hall law journal
Seton Hall law review
Seton Hall legislative journal
Settler colonial studies
TOC Set-valued analysis
TOC Set-valued and variational analysis
The Seven arts
TOC The seventeenth century
    Literature Online: 1 Apr 1999 - 31 Dec 2016
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1986-
TOC Seventeenth-century French studies
Seventeenth century news
Sewage and industrial wastes
Sewage works journal
TOC The Sewanee review
    Ebscohost: 1990-
    Jstor: 1892-2015
    Literature Online: 1 Sep 2003 - (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 2007-
Sewanee theological review
TOC Sex education
TOC Sexologies
TOC Sex plant reprod (Sexual plant reproduction)
TOC Sex roles
Sexual abuse
Sexual addiction & compulsivity
Sexual and marital therapy
Sexual and relationship therapy
Sexual and reproductive health matters
TOC Sexualities
TOC Sexuality and disability
TOC Sexuality & culture
Sexuality, gender & policy
Sexuality, reproduction & menopause
TOC Sexuality research & social policy
Sexualization, media, & society
Sexually transmitted infections
TOC Sexual plant reproduction
Sexual & relationship therapy (Sexual and relationship therapy)
TOC Sexual & reproductive healthcare
TOC SF (Sociological forum)
    Jstor: 1986-2017
    Wiley: 1 Mar 2007 -
S + F (Sicherheit und Frieden)
TOC SFC (Studies in French cinema)
SFJ (Journal of spiritual formation and soul care)
    ATLA Serials: 2008- (excluding last year)
    Sage: 1 May 2008 -
SG&P (Sexuality, gender & policy)
TOC Shakespeare
The Shakespeare Association bulletin
TOC Shakespeare bulletin
    Jstor: 1 Nov 1983 - 31 Dec 2015
    Literature Online: 2010- (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 2006-
Shakespeare in southern Africa
Shakespeare Jahrbuch
Shakespeare on film newsletter
TOC Shakespeare quarterly
    Jstor: 1950-2015
    Literature Online: 1988- (excluding last year)
    Oxford University Press: 1950-
    Project Muse: 2001-
Shakespeare studies
Shane quarterly
TOC Shanghai da xue xue bao (Ying wen ban) (Journal of Shanghai University)
TOC Shanghai jiaotong daxue xuebao (Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University)
Shape memory and superelasticity
Sharpe's London magazine of entertainment and instruction for general reading
TOC Shaw
    Jstor: 1981-2017
    Project Muse: 2000-
Shaw bulletin (Bulletin)
The Shaw review
Shenaton ha-mishpaṭ ha-ʻIvri shel ha-Makhon le-ḥeḳer ha-mishpaṭ ha-ʻIvri, ha-Universiṭah ha-ʻIvrit bi-Yerushalayim.
Shenaton le-Mikra ule-ḥeker ha-mizraḥ ha-kadum (Shnaton)
[+] Shen bao (Online)
TOC Shenjing kexue tongbao (Neuroscience bulletin)
Shenzhou zhan wang (China perspectives)
    Free E-Resources: 2003- (excluding last 3 years)
    Jstor: 1 Sep 1995 - 31 Dec 2019
    ProQuest: 2007-
The shield
Shii studies review
TOC Shijie erke zazhi (World journal of pediatrics)
[+] Shiken: JALT Testing & Evaluation Special Interest Group newsletter
SHLL (Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone linguistics)
SHM (Structural health monitoring)
TOC Shock waves
TOC Shofar
    Ebscohost: 2000-
    Jstor: 1982-2017
    Project Muse: 1 Oct 1990 -
Shoulder & elbow
TOC Shōyakugaku zasshi (Journal of natural medicines)
SHPR (Scandinavian housing and planning research)
TOC Shu hsüeh nien kʻan. Ser. B (Chinese annals of mathematics.)
[+] Shun pao (Shen bao (Online))
TOC SIA (Surface and interface analysis)
SIAM/ASA journal on uncertainty quantification
SIAM journal on applied algebra and geometry
TOC SIAM journal on applied dynamical systems
    EBSCO: 1 Jun 2002 - 1 Jul 2011
    SIAM: 2002-
SIAM journal on applied mathematics
    Jstor: 1966-2015
    SIAM: 1997-
SIAM journal on computing
    EBSCO: 1 Feb 1997 - 1 Jun 2011
    SIAM: 1997-
SIAM journal on control and optimization
    EBSCO: 1 Jan 1997 - 1 Jul 2011
    SIAM: 1997-
SIAM journal on discrete mathematics
SIAM journal on financial mathematics
SIAM journal on imaging sciences
SIAM journal on mathematical analysis
SIAM journal on mathematics of data science
[+] SIAM journal on matrix analysis and applications
    EBSCO: 1 Jan 1997 - 1 Jul 2011
    SIAM: 1997-
[+] SIAM journal on numerical analysis
    Jstor: 1966-2015
    SIAM: 1997-
[+] SIAM journal on optimization
    EBSCO: 1 Aug 2002 - 1 Jul 2011
    SIAM: 1997-
[+] SIAM journal on scientific computing
SIAM review
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1997 - 1 Jun 2011
    Jstor: 1959-2015
    SIAM: 1997-
TOC Siberian advances in mathematics
TOC Siberian mathematical journal
TOC Sibirica
    Berghahn Books: 2020-
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1 Apr 2003 - 31 Dec 2004
TOC Sibirskii Ekologicheskii Zhurnal. (Contemporary problems of ecology)
TOC Sibirskii zhurnal vychislitelnoi matematiki. (Numerical analysis and applications)
Sicherheit und Frieden
SIC, science in context (Science in context)
Sidney journal
SIES journal of management
[+] Si︠e︡vernai︠a︡ pravda (Pravda (Moscow, Russia : Online))
SIG3C (3C on-line)
SIGAda letters (ACM SIGAda Ada letters)
SIGARCH computer architecture news (ACM SIGARCH computer architecture news)
SIGBED review (ACM SIGBED review)
SIGBioinformatics record (ACM SIGBioinformatics record)
SIGBIO newsletter (ACM SIGBIO newsletter)
SIGCAS newsletter (ACM SIGCAS Computers & society)
SIGCHI bulletin (ACM SIGCHI bulletin)
SIGCUE outlook (ACM SIGCUE outlook)
SIGDA newsletter. (ACM SIGDA newsletter)
SIGecom exchanges (ACM SIGecom exchanges)
SIGEVOlution (ACM SIGEVOlution)
SIGGROUP bulletin (ACM SIGGROUP bulletin)
Sight and sound
SIGIR forum (ACM SIGIR forum)
SIGITE newsletter (ACM SIGITE newsletter)
SIGKDD explorations newsletter
SIGLASH newsletter (ACM SIGLASH newsletter)
SIGMAP bulletin (ACM SIGMAP bulletin)
Sigma Xi quarterly
SIG MICRO newsletter (ACM SIGMICRO newsletter)
SIGMM records (ACM SIGMultimedia records)
SIGMOBILE (ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile computing and communications review)
Signal and information processing over networks, IEEE transactions on (IEEE transactions on signal and information processing over networks)
TOC Signal, image and video processing
TOC Signal processing
TOC Signal processing (IEEE transactions on signal processing)
TOC Signal processing. Image communication
TOC Signal processing letters (IEEE signal processing letters)
TOC Signal processing magazine (IEEE signal processing magazine)
Signal processing systems (Journal of VLSI signal processing systems for signal, image, and video technology)
Signal (Stroud, Gloucestershire, England)
Signal transduction insights
TOC Significance
TOC Sign language studies
    Jstor: 1972-2019
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1972-2000
    Project Muse: 2000-
TOC Signs
    Jstor: 1975-2015
    University of Chicago Press: 2002-
Signs and Media
Signs and society
[+] SIGOIS bulletin (ACM SIGOIS bulletin)
SIGPC notes (ACM SIGPC notes)
SIGSAC review (ACM SIGSAC review)
SIGSAM communications in computer algebra (ACM communications in computer algebra)
SIGSMALL newsletter (ACM SIGSMALL newsletter)
SIGSOC bulletin (ACM SIGSOC bulletin)
SIGUCCS newsletter (ACM SIGUCCS newsletter)
SIGUCCS plugged in (ACM SIGUCCS plugged in)
SIIMS (SIAM journal on imaging sciences)
Sikh formations
TOC Silence
    BioMed Central: 12 Jan 2010 - 31 Dec 2013
    PubMed Central: 12 Jan 2010 -
TOC Silicon
Silikáty (Ceramics (Prague, Czech Republic))
SIMODS (SIAM journal on mathematics of data science)
Simone de Beauvoir studies
Simon's tax briefing
TOC Simulation
TOC Simulation and computation (Communications in statistics.)
Simulation & games
TOC Simulation & gaming
TOC Simulation modelling practice and theory
Simulation practice and theory
Singapore (Country report.)
TOC Singapore Academy of Law annual review of Singapore cases
TOC Singapore Academy of Law journal
The Singapore economic review
Singapore journal of education
Singapore journal of international & comparative law
TOC Singapore journal of legal studies
    HeinOnline: 1991-
    Jstor: 1 Jul 1991 - 31 Dec 2018
TOC Singapore journal of tropical geography
Singapore management review
The Singapore year book of international law
Singidunum Journal of Applied Sciences
[+] Singidunum scientific review
TOC Singmul Hakhoe chi (Journal of plant biology)
TOC An sionnach
SIP (Studies in Indian politics)
SIP (APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing)
TOC SIPR (Social issues and policy review)
TOC Sirena
Sir W.J. Hooker's report on Kew Gardens
The sixpenny magazine
Sixteenth century essays and studies
The sixteenth century journal
    Jstor: 1972-2015
    Kathryn Brammall: 2015-
The sixties
SJALP (Stanford journal of animal law and policy)
SJBE (Southern journal of business and ethics)
SJCJ (Southern journal of criminal justice)
SJCRCL (Stanford journal of civil rights & civil liberties)
SJICL (Singapore journal of international & comparative law)
TOC S.J.L.S. (Singapore journal of legal studies)
    HeinOnline: 1991-
    Jstor: 1 Jul 1991 - 31 Dec 2018
TOC SJOT (Scandinavian journal of the Old Testament)
SJS (Scandinavian journal of surgery)
TOC SJTREM (Scandinavian journal of trauma, resuscitation and emergency medicine)
[+] Skandinavisk aktuarietidskrift
Skandinavistik (European journal of Scandinavian studies)
    De Gruyter: 6 Dec 2010 -
    ProQuest: 2013- (excluding last 180 days)
TOC Skeletal muscle
TOC Skeletal radiology
TOC Skin research and technology
TOC Skull base
Sky and telescope
Skyline business journal
TOC SLAPC (Studies in Latin American popular culture)
SLAS discovery
SLAS technology
TOC Slavery & abolition
Slavia Meridionalis. Studia linguistica Slavica et Balcanica
Slavic and East European journal
Slavic and East-European studies (Etudes slaves et est-européennes)
Slavic & East European information resources
Slavic review
    Cambridge University Press: 2012-
    Jstor: 1 May 1961 - 31 Dec 2017
Slavic word (Word (New York, N.Y. : 1945 : Online))
The Slavonic and East European review
The Slavonic and East European review. American series
The Slavonic review
The Slavonic year-book. American series
TOC Sleep and biological rhythms
    SpringerLINK: 1 Feb 2003 -
    Wiley: 2003-2015
[+] Sleep and vigilance
TOC Sleep & breathing
[+] Sleep health
TOC Sleep medicine
Sleep medicine reviews
Sleep science and practice
SLH (Studia litteraria et historica)
SLI (Studies in the literary imagination)
    Literature Online: 1 Mar 1996 - 30 Nov 2016
    Project Muse: 1 Mar 2011 -
Slides & photographs newsletter. (CAA slides & photographs newsletter)
SLMQ (School library media quarterly online)
Sloan management review
    EBSCO: 1 Sep 1996 - 31 Dec 2000
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1 Jul 1970 - 30 Jun 1995
Slovakia (Country report.)
Slovenia (Country report.)
Slovenia. Autumn report
Slovenian law review
The slow learning child
SLT (The Scots law times)
TOC [+] Small
TOC Small axe
    Duke University Press: 1 Sep 2001 -
    Literature Online: 1 Jan 2001 - 30 Nov 2009
    Project Muse: 2001-
TOC Small business economics
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1989 - (excluding last year)
    Jstor: 1989-2017
    SpringerLINK: 1997-
Small business international review
Small enterprise research
    EBSCO: 1 Jun 2006 - (excluding last 548 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
Small group behavior
TOC Small group research
TOC Small ruminant research
TOC Small-scale forest economics, management and policy
TOC Small-scale forestry
Small structures
Small wars & insurgencies
Small wars journal
Smart infrastructure and construction (Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers.)
Smart materials bulletin
TOC Smart materials & structures
TOC SMARTT (Sports medicine, arthroscopy, rehabilitation, therapy and technology)
    BioMed Central: 19 Jan 2009 -
    PubMed Central: 19 Jan 2009 -
Smart Water
SMH (Society and mental health)
Smith College studies in social work
Smithsonian studies in American art
SMP (South Asian journal of macroeconomics and public finance)
SMQ (Sport marketing quarterly)
TOC SMQ (Social marketing quarterly)
SMR (MIT Sloan management review)
    EBSCO: 1 Jan 2001 - 2 Sep 2004
    MIT SMR: 1 Sep 2010 -
SMR (Journal of service management research)
TOC SMS (Smart materials & structures)
SM+S (Social media + society)
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 2015 -
    Sage Open Access: 1 Apr 2015 -
SMT (Svensk missionstidskrift)
SMU law review
SNDE (Studies in nonlinear dynamics and econometrics)
Soccer and society
TOC Soc choice welfare (Social choice and welfare)
    EBSCO: 1997- (excluding last year)
    Jstor: 1984-2017
    SpringerLINK: 1 Apr 1997 -
TOC Sociaal kompas (Social compass)
TOC Social analysis
    Berghahn Books: 2002-
    Jstor: 1979-2017
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1979-2000
Social and economic studies
Social and environmental accountability journal
Social and environmental accounting (Issues in social and environmental accounting)
Social and preventive medicine (Sozial- und Präventivmedizin)
TOC Social anthropology
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Feb 1999 - 31 Oct 2006
    Wiley: 1997-
Social biology
Social biology and human affairs. (Society, biology and human affairs)
Social business
Social change
TOC Social choice and welfare
    EBSCO: 1997- (excluding last year)
    Jstor: 1984-2017
    SpringerLINK: 1 Apr 1997 -
Social cognition
TOC Social cognitive and affective neuroscience
    Oxford Open Access: 1 Jun 2006 -
    Oxford University Press: 1 Jun 2006 - 31 Dec 2016
TOC Social compass
TOC Social & cultural geography
Social currents
TOC Social development
TOC Social distress and the homeless (Journal of social distress and the homeless)
Social dynamics
Social Economy (Ekonomia Spoleczna)
Social enterprise journal
Social epistemology
TOC Social forces
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1974 - (excluding last year)
    Ebscohost: 9 Jan 1974 - (excluding last year)
    HeinOnline: 1 Jun 1925 - 31 Dec 2010
    Jstor: 1 Sep 1925 - 31 Dec 2017
    Oxford University Press: 1996-
    Project Muse: 2000-
TOC Social history
    Jstor: 1976-2013
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1976-
TOC Social history of medicine
TOC Social identities
TOC Social indicators research
    Jstor: 1974-2015
    SpringerLINK: 1974-
Social influence
TOC Social insects (Insectes sociaux)
Socialism and democracy
TOC Social issues and policy review
Social issues in Israel
Socialist lawyer
Socialist register (London, England)
Social justice
    Jstor: 1988-2018
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1974-2000
TOC Social justice research
TOC Social & legal studies
TOC Social marketing quarterly
Social media + society
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 2015 -
    Sage Open Access: 1 Apr 2015 -
TOC Social movement studies
Social network analysis and mining
TOC Social networks
Social neuroscience
TOC Social philosophy & policy
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Sep 1983 -
    ProQuest: 2002- (excluding last year)
TOC Social policy & administration
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1998 - (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1967-
Social policy and society
TOC Social politics
    Oxford University Press: 1 Feb 1994 -
    Project Muse: 2003-
TOC Social problems
    HeinOnline: 1953-2007
    Jstor: 1953-2017
    Oxford University Press: 1996-
Social progress
Social psychiatry
TOC Social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology
Social psychological and personality science
TOC Social psychology
Social psychology
TOC Social psychology of education
TOC Social psychology quarterly
    Jstor: 1979-2018
    Sage: 1 Mar 2004 -
Social research
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1990 - (excluding last year)
    Jstor: 1934-2015
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1 Feb 1934 - 31 Dec 1995
    Project Muse: 2002-
TOC Social research methodology (International journal of social research methodology)
    EBSCO: 1999- (excluding last 548 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1998-
Social research & policy. (Journal of social research & policy)
Social responsibility journal
Social science
The Social science bulletin
TOC Social science computer review
TOC Social science history
    Cambridge University Press: 2013-
    Jstor: 1976-2017
    Project Muse: 1999-
TOC Social science information
Social science information studies
TOC Social science Japan journal
    Jstor: 1998-2015
    Oxford University Press: 1 Apr 1998 -
TOC The social science journal
    EBSCO: 1 Jan 1990 - 1 Oct 2001
    ScienceDirect: 1986-2019
Social science & medicine (1967)
TOC Social science & medicine (1982)
Social science & medicine. Part A, Medical psychology & medical sociology
Social science & medicine. Part B, Medical anthropology
Social science & medicine. Part C, Medical economics
Social science & medicine. Part D, Medical geography
Social science & medicine. Part E, Medical psychology
Social science & medicine. Part F, Medical & social ethics
Social science news bulletin
TOC [+] Social science quarterly
    EBSCO: 1 Jun 1976 - (excluding last year)
    Ebscohost: 1 Jun 1976 - 31 Dec 2000
    Jstor: 1 Jun 1968 - 31 Dec 2015
    Wiley: 2001-
TOC Social science research
Social science research on race (Du Bois review)
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Mar 2004 -
    ProQuest: 1 Mar 2004 - (excluding last year)
TOC Social science research review (Eastern Africa social science research review)
    Project Muse: 2002-
    ProQuest: 2012-
TOC Social sciences and missions
    ATLA Serials: 2007- (excluding last 5 years)
    Brill: 2007-
Social sciences in China
Social scientist
Social security
Social security bulletin
    EBSCO: 1990-
    HeinOnline: 1938-
Social security bulletin. Annual statistical supplement
Social security bulletin annual statistical supplement (Annual statistical supplement ... to the Social security bulletin)
Social semiotics
TOC Social service review
    Jstor: 1927-2015
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1927-1995
Social studies (1934 : Online)
TOC Social studies (1953 : Online)
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1 Oct 1953 - 31 Dec 1995
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
Social studies for teachers and administrators
Social studies of science
    Jstor: 1975-2017
    Sage: 1975-
TOC Social text
    Duke University Press: 1 Mar 2000 -
    Jstor: 1979-1999
    Project Muse: 1999-2004
Social theory and practice
    Ebscohost: 1990-
    Jstor: 1970-2019
Social theory & health
Social thought
Social thought & research
Social transformations in Chinese societies
Social work
    Jstor: 1956-2015
    Oxford University Press: 1996-
TOC Social work and policy (Asian social work and policy review)
TOC Social work education
Social work in health care
Social work in mental health
Social work in public health
Social work journal
Social work research
    Jstor: 1994-2015
    Oxford University Press: 1996-
Social work & social sciences review
Social work with groups
Société, droit & religion
Sociétés & représentations
Societies without borders
TOC Society
    Ebscohost: 1992- (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1972-
TOC Society and business review
Society and culture in South Asia
Society and economy
Society and economy (Aula)
Society and economy in Central and Eastern Europe (Társadalom és gazdaság Közep- és Kelet-Európában)
Society and leisure. (Loisir et société)
Society and mental health
TOC Society and natural resources
TOC Society & animals
Society, biology and human affairs
Society for Advancement of Management advanced management journal (S.A.M. advanced management journal (1969))
[+] Society for American Archaeology archaeological record (The SAA archaeological record)
Society for Ethnomusicology newsletter (S.E.M. newsletter)
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics journal on applied algebra and geometry (SIAM journal on applied algebra and geometry)
Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening discovery (SLAS discovery)
Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening technology (SLAS technology)
Society for the Anthropology of Europe bulletin (SAE bulletin)
Society for the Anthropology of Visual Communication newsletter
Society for the Study of Chinese Religions bulletin (Bulletin)
Society for Visual Anthropology newsletter (SVA newsletter)
Society for Visual Anthropology review (SVA review)
Society for Visual Anthropology review
Society, health & vulnerability
    ProQuest: 2013-
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2015-
Society in transition
Society of Antiquaries of Scotland monograph series (Monograph series)
Society of College, National and University Libraries focus (SCONUL focus)
Society of College, National and University Libraries newsletter (SCONUL newsletter)
Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics/American Statistical Association journal on uncertainty quantification. (SIAM/ASA journal on uncertainty quantification)
TOC Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics journal on applied dynamical systems (SIAM journal on applied dynamical systems)
    EBSCO: 1 Jun 2002 - 1 Jul 2011
    SIAM: 2002-
Society of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists newsletter
The Society of Malawi journal
Society of Technical Writers and Editors review (STWE review)
Society of Technical Writers and Publishers review (STWP review)
TOC Society & space (Environment and planning.)
Socioaffective neuroscience & psychology
TOC Socio-economic planning sciences
TOC Socio-economic review
TOC Socio-economics (The Journal of socio-economics)
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1991 - 1 Dec 2001
    ScienceDirect: 1 Jan 1991 - 28 Feb 2014
Socio-economic series (Bulletin of geography.)
TOC Sociologia ruralis
Sociological analysis
    ATLA Serials: 1973-1992
    ATLA Serials: 1 Mar 1968 - 31 Dec 1972
    Jstor: 1964-1992
    Oxford University Press: 1964-1992
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1964-1992
Sociological bulletin
    Jstor: 1952-2017
    Sage: 1999-
Sociological focus
    Jstor: 1967-2013
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1967-2000
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1967-
TOC Sociological forum
    Jstor: 1986-2017
    Wiley: 1 Mar 2007 -
TOC Sociological inquiry
TOC Sociological methodology
    Jstor: 1969-2018
    Sage: 1 Aug 2006 -
    Wiley: 1997-2011
TOC Sociological methods and research
TOC Sociological perspectives
    Jstor: 1983-2017
    Sage: 1983-
Sociological practice
    Jstor: 1999-2006
    Sage: 2003-2006
TOC Sociological quarterly
    Jstor: 1960-2013
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
    Wiley: 1997-2016
TOC Sociological research
    EBSCO: 2001-
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
Sociological research online
TOC The Sociological review
    Sage: 1999-
    Wiley: 1 Feb 1997 - 31 Dec 2016
The sociological review monograph
TOC Sociological spectrum
TOC Sociological theory
    Jstor: 1983-2018
    Sage: 1 Mar 2006 -
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1997 - 31 Dec 2011
Sociologický časopis
TOC Sociologie contemporaine (Current sociology)
Sociologie de l'art
TOC Sociologie du travail
    Jstor: 1981-2014
    ScienceDirect: 1999-2005
Sociologie économique (Annales sociologiques.)
Sociologie générale (Annales sociologiques.)
Sociologie juridique et morale (Annales sociologiques.)
Sociologie religieuse (Annales sociologiques.)
Sociologisk forskning
TOC Sociology
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Aug 1998 - 30 Nov 2001
    Jstor: 1967-2017
    Sage: 1967-
Sociology compass
TOC Sociology of education
    Jstor: 1 Sep 1963 - 31 Dec 2018
    Sage: 2004-
TOC Sociology of health & illness
Sociology of Islam
Sociology of race & ethnicity
TOC Sociology of religion
    ATLA Serials: 1993- (excluding last year)
    Ebscohost: 1 Apr 1993 - (excluding last year)
    Jstor: 1993-2015
    Oxford University Press: 1993-
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1993-1995
Sociology of sport journal
    ProQuest: 2018-
    Sage Open Access: 2015-
TOC Soc psychiatry psychiatr epidemiol (Social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology)
TOC Soc. sci. med. (Social science & medicine (1982))
TOC [+] Soft computing
TOC Soft matter (The European physical journal.)
TOC Soft matter
Soft matter and biological physics. (Physical review.)
Software (IEE proceedings.)
TOC Software
TOC Software (IEEE software)
TOC Software and systems modeling
Software concepts & tools
TOC Software engineering (IEEE transactions on software engineering)
Software engineering journal
Software engineering notes
Software maintenance (Journal of software maintenance)
TOC Software process improvement and practice
TOC Software quality journal
TOC Software testing, verification & reliability
TOC Software tools for technology transfer (International journal on software tools for technology transfer)
The Soil
TOC Soil biology and biochemistry
TOC Soil dynamics and earthquake engineering
TOC Soil mechanics and foundation engineering
Soils and foundations
TOC Soil science bulletin (Moscow University soil science bulletin)
Soil Science Society of America journal
Soil technology
TOC Soil & tillage research
TOC Soil use and management
TOC Sojourn
    EBSCO: 1 Apr 1999 -
    Jstor: 1986-
    Project Muse: 2003-
Solar cells
TOC Solar energy
Solar energy materials
TOC Solar energy materials and solar cells
Solar law reporter
TOC Solar physics
    Astrophysics Data Service: 1967-1996
    SpringerLINK: 1967-
TOC Solar system research
Solar-terrestrial and planetary science (Physics and chemistry of the earth.)
Solar & wind technology
TOC Soldering & surface mount technology
SOLGAN (Society of Lesbian and Gay Anthropologists newsletter)
Solid earth (JGR.)
Solid earth and geodesy (Physics and chemistry of the earth.)
Solid fuel chemistry
TOC Solids (European journal of mechanics.)
Solids and surfaces (Applied physics.)
Solid/solid interfaces. (Faraday Special Discussions of the Chemical Society)
Solid state (Physical review.)
TOC Solid state and materials science (Current opinion in solid state & materials science)
TOC Solid state communications
TOC Solid-state electronics
TOC Solid state ionics
TOC Solid-state materials for advanced technology (Materials science & engineering.)
Solid state nuclear magnetic resonance
Solid state physics (Journal of physics C.)
TOC Solid state sciences
So. L. Q. (Southern law quarterly)
Solutions (IIE solutions)
Somatic cell and molecular genetics
Somatic cell genetics
TOC Somnologie
    SpringerLINK: 1 Feb 1997 -
    Wiley: 2000-2006
Song and popular culture (Lied und populäre Kultur)
TOC Song Liao Jin Yuan (Journal of Sung-Yuan studies)
    Jstor: 1990-2017
    Project Muse: 2008-
Song Liao Jin Yuan (The bulletin of Sung and Yüan studies)
Songster's magazine (Musical companion; or, songster's magazine)
Sonics and ultrasonics (IEEE transactions on sonics and ultrasonics)
TOC Soobshchenii︠a︡ po kinetike i katalizu (Reaction kinetics and catalysis letters)
TOC Sophia
Sophia: Ricerche su i Fondamenti e la Correlazione dei Saperi
TOC SORMS (Surveys in operations research and management science)
TOC SoSyM (Software and systems modeling)
TOC Soundings
    IngentaConnect: 1 Mar 2003 - 31 Dec 2017
    Project Muse: 2013-
TOC Soundings
    Jstor: 1968-2017
    Project Muse: 2012-
Source code for biology and medicine
Sources of the history of Oregon
    Jstor: 1 Sep 2015 - 31 Dec 2018
    Literature Online: 1 Sep 2015 - 31 Dec 2018
    Project Muse: 1 Sep 2015 - 31 Dec 2018
South Africa (Country report.)
South Africa journal of linguistics (SA journal of linguistics)
TOC South Africa mercantile law journal (SA mercantile law journal)
The South African archaeological bulletin
South African family practice
[+] The South African geographical journal
South African historical journal (Suid-Afrikaanse historiese joernaal)
South African human rights and labour law yearbook
South African human rights yearbook
The South African journal of accounting research
South African journal of African languages
TOC South African journal of botany
TOC South African journal of business management
The South African journal of clinical nutrition
TOC South African journal of criminal justice
The South African journal of economic history
TOC The South African journal of economics
TOC South African journal of human resource management (SA Journal of Human Resource Management)
The South African journal of international affairs
South African journal of linguistics (SA journal of linguistics)
South African journal of philosophy
    Ebscohost: 1996- (excluding last 2 years)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1 Jul 1998 -
South African journal of psychology
South African journal of science
South African journal of sociology (Die Suid-afrikaanse tydskrif vir sosiologie.)
TOC South African journal on human rights
    HeinOnline: 1985-2013
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
TOC South African law journal
The South African law times
South African review of sociology
South African sociological review
South African theatre journal
South African yearbook of international law
South Asia economic journal
South Asian development (Journal of South Asian development)
South Asian diaspora
South Asia (Nedlands, W.A. : Online)
South Asian history and culture
South Asian journal of business and management cases
South Asian journal of global business research
South Asian journal of human resources management
South Asian journal of macroeconomics and public finance
South Asian journal of management
South Asian journal of management sciences
TOC South Asian popular culture
South Asian review
South Asian screen studies (Bioscope)
South Asian studies
TOC South Asian survey
TOC South Asia research
[+] South Atlantic bulletin
TOC The South Atlantic quarterly
    Duke University Press: 1 Dec 2000 -
    Project Muse: 1999-2004
South Atlantic review
South Carolina environmental law journal
The South Carolina historical and genealogical magazine
South Carolina historical magazine
South Carolina journal of international law and business
South Carolina law quarterly
South Carolina law review
The South Central bulletin
TOC South Central review
    Jstor: 1984-2015
    Literature Online: 2008- (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 2004-
South China morning post
    Lexis: 28 Jul 1992 -
    ProQuest: 6 Nov 1903 - 31 Dec 2000
South Dakota law review
TOC Southeast Asian affairs
    Jstor: 1974-
    Project Muse: 2003-
Southeast Asian journal of English language studies (3L, language, linguistics, literature)
South East Asian journal of management
Southeast Asian journal of social science
    Brill: 1973-2000
    Jstor: 1973-2000
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1973-1995
Southeast Asian perspectives
    Jstor: 1 Mar 1971 - 30 Jun 1974
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1 Mar 1971 - 30 Jun 1974
Southeast Asian studies
South East Asia research
    Jstor: 1993-2014
    Sage: 1999-2018
Southeastern archaeology
    Jstor: 1982-2013
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2010-
Southeastern environmental law journal
TOC Southeastern Europe
South Eastern Gazette
TOC Southeastern geographer
    Jstor: 1961-2019
    Project Muse: 1961-
TOC Southeastern naturalist
Southeastern political review
TOC South East European journal of economics and business
South-East Europe review (Journal for labour and social affairs in Eastern Europe)
Southern African journal of anaesthesia and analgesia
Southern African journal of applied language studies
Southern African journal of child and adolescent mental health
Southern African journal of demography
The Southern African journal of epidemiology & infection
Southern African journal of gynaecological oncology
Southern African journal of infectious diseases
Southern African linguistics and applied language studies
The Southern business & economic journal
Southern business review
Southern California interdisciplinary law journal
Southern California law review
TOC Southern California quarterly
Southern California review of law and social justice
Southern California review of law and women's studies
The Southern communication journal
TOC Southern cultures
    Jstor: 1993-2019
    Literature Online: 1 Sep 2004 - (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 1993-
Southern economic journal
    EBSCO: 1 Jul 1964 -
    Jstor: 1933-2017
    Wiley: 2009-
Southern Illinois University law journal
Southern journal of business and ethics
Southern journal of criminal justice
TOC The Southern journal of philosophy
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1964-2000
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1997 -
Southern law quarterly
Southern law review and chart of the Southern law and collection union
Southern law review (Atlanta, Ga. : Online)
Southern law review (Saint Louis, Mo. : Online)
Southern lawyer
Southern legal history (The Georgia journal of Southern legal history)
Southern legal history (The journal of Southern legal history)
TOC The Southern literary journal
    Jstor: 1 Jan 1968 - 31 Mar 2015
    Literature Online: 1 Sep 1997 - 31 Mar 2015
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1968-2000
    Project Muse: 1 Jan 2000 - 31 Mar 2015
Southern literary messenger
Southern med review
Southern Methodist University law review (SMU law review)
Southern New England roundtable symposium law journal
The Southern quarterly
    Literature Online: 1 Sep 2002 -
    Project Muse: 2015-
The Southern quarterly review
Southern review (Baton Rouge, La.)
    Literature Online: 1 Dec 1994 - 31 May 2013
    Project Muse: 2013-
Southern review of public administration
    EBSCO: 1 Jun 1977 - 31 Mar 1983
    Jstor: 1 Jun 1977 - 31 Mar 1983
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1 Jun 1977 - 31 Mar 1983
Southern University law review
South European society & politics
South Korea (Country report.)
The South Pacific journal of natural and applied sciences
The South Pacific journal of natural science
South Pacific journal of psychology
The South Pacific journal of teacher education
South Pacific law (Journal of South Pacific law)
South Texas law journal
South Texas law review
Southwest business and economics journal
TOC Southwestern historical quarterly
    Jstor: 1 Jul 1912 - 31 Dec 2017
    Project Muse: 1 Jul 2006 -
Southwestern journal of anthropology
Southwestern journal of law and trade in the Americas
[+] The Southwestern journal of philosophy
    Jstor: 1970-1980
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1970-1980
Southwestern journal of theology
Southwestern law journal
Southwestern law review
The Southwestern naturalist
The Southwestern political and social science quarterly
The Southwestern political science quarterly
The Southwestern social science quarterly
Southwestern University law review
Southwest review
    Jstor: 1 Aug 1924 - 31 Dec 2015
    Literature Online: 1 Jun 1997 -
Soviet and Eastern European foreign trade
    EBSCO: 1 Jan 1967 - 1 Dec 1991
    Jstor: 1967-1991
TOC The Soviet and post-Soviet review
Soviet applied mechanics
Soviet astronomy letters
Soviet atomic energy
Soviet Jewish affairs
The Soviet journal of atomic energy
Soviet journal of friction and wear (Journal of friction and wear)
Soviet journal of quantum electronics
Soviet materials science
Soviet physics journal
Soviet physics. Uspekhi
Soviet powder metallurgy and metal ceramics
Soviet studies
    Jstor: 1949-1992
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1949-1992
TOC Soziale passagen
Sozialer Fortschritt
Sozialer Sinn
    De Gruyter: 1 May 2000 -
    Digizeitschriften: 2000-2016
Soziales Recht
Soziale systeme
Soziale Welt
TOC Sozial extra
Sozial- und Präventivmedizin
Soziologische revue
TOC Space and culture
The Space Between
Space electronics and telemetry (IRE transactions on space electronics and telemetry)
Space electronics and telemetry (IEEE transactions on space electronics and telemetry)
Space life sciences
Space physics (JGR.)
TOC Space policy
TOC Space & polity
Space research today
TOC Space science reviews
TOC Space weather
Spain (Country report.)
TOC Spanish cultural studies (Journal of Spanish cultural studies)
TOC Spanish economic review
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1999 - 31 Dec 2009
    SpringerLINK: 1 Mar 1999 - 31 Dec 2009
Spanish journal of finance and accounting (Revista española de financiación y contabilidad)
    Jstor: 1972-2013
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2001-
The Spanish journal of psychology
Spanish research articles (PharmacoEconomics.)
The Spanish review of financial economics
Spanish yearbook of international law
    Brill: 1991-
    HeinOnline: 1991- (excluding last 2 years)
Spare rib
TOC Spatial and spatio-temporal epidemiology
TOC Spatial economic analysis
    EBSCO: 1 Jun 2006 - (excluding last 548 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2006-
Spatial information research
TOC Spatial information science (Geo-spatial information science)
    SpringerLINK: 1 Dec 1999 -
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2016-
Spatial statistics
TOC Spatial vision
S.P.C.L.R. (Scottish private client law review)
The speaker
TOC Special care in dentistry
Special discussions of the Faraday Society
Special edition (Scientific American.)
[+] Special edition, UN fiftieth anniversary, 1945-1995 (Yearbook of the United Nations)
Special education and rehabilitation.
Special Interest Group for Information Technology Education newsletter (ACM SIGITE newsletter)
Special Interest Group on Bioinformatics record (ACM SIGBioinformatics record)
Special Interest Group on Computer & Human Interaction bulletin (ACM SIGCHI bulletin)
Special Interest Group on Computer Uses in Education outlook (ACM SIGCUE outlook)
Special Interest Group on Embedded Systems review (ACM SIGBED review)
Special Interest Group on Health Informatics record (ACM SIGHIT record)
Special Interest Group on Individual Computing Environments bulletin (ACM SIGICE bulletin)
Special Interest Group on Mathematical Programming bulletin (ACM SIGMAP bulletin)
Special Interest Group on Microprogramming newsletter (ACM SIGMICRO newsletter)
Special Interest Group on Multimedia records (ACM SIGMultimedia records)
[+] Special Interest Group on Office Information Systems bulletin (ACM SIGOIS bulletin)
Special Interest Group on Small and Personal Computing Systems and Applications notes (ACM SIGSMALL/PC notes)
Special Interest Group on Small Computing Systems and Applications newsletter (ACM SIGSMALL newsletter)
Special Interest Group on Spatial Information special (SIGSPATIAL Special)
Special Interest Group on the Social and Behavioral Science of Computing bulletin (ACM SIGSOC bulletin)
Special Interest Group on University and College Computing Services plugged in (ACM SIGUCCS plugged in)
Special Interest Section quarterly (Education Special Interest Section quarterly)
Specialized section on nucleic acids and related subjects (Biochimica et biophysica acta.)
TOC Special needs education (European journal of special needs education)
Special services in the schools
Specialty coffee retailer
The spectator
Spectator (London, England : 1711)
Spectator (London, England : 1715)
Spectator (London, England : 1753)
TOC Spectrochimica acta. Part A, Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy
Spectrochimica acta. Part A, Molecular spectroscopy
TOC Spectrochimica acta. Part B, Atomic spectroscopy
TOC Spectrum (OR Spectrum)
    EBSCO: 1 Feb 2003 - (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1997-
TOC Spectrum (Music theory spectrum)
    Jstor: 1979-2017
    Oxford University Press: 1979-
Spectrum (AALL spectrum)
TOC Spectrum (IEEE spectrum)
TOC Spectrum
    Jstor: 1 Sep 2012 - 31 Dec 2017
    Project Muse: 1 Sep 2012 -
The speculator
    Jstor: 1926-2017
    University of Chicago Press: 1926-
Speech and audio processing (IEEE transactions on speech and audio processing)
TOC Speech communication
TOC Spektrum der augenheilkunde
[+] Spenser studies
Lo Spettatore internazionale
The sphinx
SPIE reviews
Spill science & technology bulletin
TOC Spinal cord
Spinal cord series and cases
Spine deformity
    ScienceDirect: 2013-
    SpringerLINK: 2013-
TOC The spine journal
The spinster
Spiritual care
Spirituality in clinical practice
TOC Spiritus
SPM (Sozial- und Präventivmedizin)
SPM (Salud pública de México)
Społeczeństwo, badania, metody (Ask)
Sport and society (Sport und Gesellschaft)
Sport, business and management
TOC Sport, education and society
Sport & entertainment review
Sport, ethics and philosophy
Sport, exercise, and performance psychology
The sporting gazette
Sporting mirror and dramatic and music hall record (The licensed victuallers' mirror)
The sporting times
Sport in history
Sport in society
TOC Sport management review
Sport marketing quarterly
The sport psychologist
Sports biomechanics
TOC Sport sciences for health
Sports coaching review
TOC Sports engineering
    SpringerLINK: 1 Mar 2003 -
    Wiley: 1 Feb 1999 - 31 Nov 2002
Sports health
The sports historian
The sports lawyers journal
The sportsman's annual
Sports marketing and sponsorship (International journal of sports marketing & sponsorship)
Sports medicine
TOC Sports medicine, arthroscopy, rehabilitation, therapy and technology
    BioMed Central: 19 Jan 2009 -
    PubMed Central: 19 Jan 2009 -
Sports medicine, training, and rehabilitation
TOC Sports nutrition review journal (Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition)
Sports orthopaedics - traumatology (Sport-orthopädie-Sport-traumatologie)
Sport und Gesellschaft
TOC Sport- und präventmedizin
TOC Sportwissenschaft
SPQ (School psychology quarterly)
Sprache und literatur
Sprachtypologie und Universalienforschung
Springer seminars in immunopathology
The Springfielder
TOC SPS (Scandinavian political studies)
TOC SPSR (Swiss political science review)
The spy at Oxford and Cambridge
TOC SQ (Sociological quarterly)
    Jstor: 1960-2013
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
    Wiley: 1997-2016
SR (Studies in religion)
TOC SRA (Surgical and radiologic anatomy)
TOC SRHC (Sexual & reproductive healthcare)
Sri Lanka journal of international law
SRJ (String research journal)
SRM (Survey research methods)
TOC SSCORE (Social science computer review)
SSC plus (Separation science plus)
SSCR bulletin (Bulletin)
SSEJ (Journal of science in sport and exercise)
SSGL (Studies in Slavic and general linguistics)
SSIS (Social science information studies)
SSJ (Sociology of sport journal)
TOC SSJJ (Social science Japan journal)
    Jstor: 1998-2015
    Oxford University Press: 1 Apr 1998 -
SSLA (Studies in second language acquisition)
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Sep 1978 -
    Jstor: 1 Sep 1978 - 31 Dec 2015
SSR (The School science review)
SSR (Scientific studies of reading)
SSSAJ (Soil Science Society of America journal)
SSTA (Subsurface sensing technologies and applications)
Der Staat
Staff papers (International Monetary Fund)
    Free E-Resources: 1 Mar 1998 - 31 Dec 1998
    Jstor: 1950-1998
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1950-1995
TOC Der Stahlbau
TOC STAM (Science and technology of advanced materials)
    Institute of Physics: 2000-
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2013-
Standard of British loyalty, religion and liberty (The anti-Gallican; or, Standard of British loyalty, religion and liberty)
Standing Conference of National and University Libraries newsletter (SCONUL newsletter)
TOC Standort
Stanford environmental law annual
Stanford environmental law journal
Stanford intramural law review
    HeinOnline: 1 Apr 1948 - 30 Jun 1948
    Jstor: 1948-1948
Stanford journal of animal law and policy
Stanford journal of civil rights & civil liberties
Stanford journal of international law
Stanford journal of international relations
Stanford journal of international studies
Stanford journal of law, business & finance
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 2013 -
    HeinOnline: 1994-
Stanford law & policy review
Stanford law review
    HeinOnline: 1948-
    Jstor: 1948-2015
Stanford technology law review
St. Antony's college record
STAR (Social thought & research)
STAR (Science and technology of archaeological research)
    Free E-Resources: 2015-
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2015-
TOC Starch
[+] Stat (Stat (International Statistical Institute))
State and local history news
State and local taxation
State and local taxation
State and local taxation
The state and local tax lawyer
The state and local tax lawyer. Symposium edition
State and society (State & society.)
State Bank of Pakistan annual report (Annual report [of the] State Bank of Pakistan)
State Bank of Pakistan statistical bulletin (Statistical bulletin [of the] State Bank of Pakistan)
State Bar of Texas environmental law journal
State Bar section report. Environmental law
State counsellor
State crime
State, culture and society
State & local government review
    Jstor: 1976-2017
    Sage: 1 Apr 1997 -
The State of Pakistan's economy
The state of the world's children
State politics & policy quarterly
    Jstor: 2001-2017
    Sage: 1 Mar 2001 - 31 Dec 2020
The Statesman's year-book
State & society.
[+] Stat (International Statistical Institute)
Statistical abstract (Cyprus)
TOC Statistical and theoretical physics (Physica A)
Statistical applications in genetics and molecular biology
Statistical bulletin [of the] State Bank of Pakistan
Statistical communications in infectious diseases
TOC Statistical inference for stochastic processes
Statistical journal of the UN Economic Commission for Europe
TOC Statistical methodology (Journal of the Royal Statistical Society.)
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1998 - (excluding last year)
    Jstor: 1998-2016
    Wiley: 1997-
TOC Statistical methodology
TOC Statistical methods & applications
    EBSCO: 1 Apr 2002 - (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1992-
TOC Statistical methods in medical research
TOC Statistical modelling
    EBSCO: 1 Jan 2001 - 1 Apr 2016
    Sage: 1 Apr 2001 -
Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics (Physical review.)
TOC Statistical papers
    EBSCO: 2000- (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1960-
TOC Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics (Physical review.)
TOC Statistical physics, plasmas, fluids, and related interdisciplinary topics (Physical review.)
TOC Statistical science
    Jstor: 1986-2017
    Project Euclid: 1 Feb 1986 -
Statistical supplement to the Federal Reserve bulletin
Statistical yearbook
Statistical yearbook ... for the Federal Republic of Germany (Statistisches Jahrbuch für das vereinte Deutschland)
Statistical yearbook for the Federal Republic of Germany (Statistisches Jahrbuch für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland)
TOC Statistica Neerlandica
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1997 - (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1997 -
Statistica Sinica
    Free E-Resources: 1991-2019
    Jstor: 1991-2019
Statistician (Journal of the Royal Statistical Society.)
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1998 - 1 Dec 2003
    Jstor: 1962-2003
    Wiley: 1997-2003
TOC Statistics and computing
Statistics and its interface
Statistics and public policy
TOC Statistics in biosciences
TOC Statistics in medicine
TOC Statistics in society (Journal of the Royal Statistical Society.)
    EBSCO: 1 Apr 1998 - (excluding last year)
    Jstor: 1988-2016
    Wiley: 1997-
Statistics, politics, and policy
TOC Statistics & probability letters
Statistics & risk modeling
[+] Statistics surveys
TOC Statistiques mensuelles du commerce international (Monthly statistics of international trade)
Statistiques trimestrielles de la population active (Quarterly labour force statistics)
TOC Statistische Hefte (Statistical papers)
    EBSCO: 2000- (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1960-
Statistisches Jahrbuch der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik
Statistisches Jahrbuch für das Deutsche Reich
Statistisches Jahrbuch für das vereinte Deutschland
Statistisches Jahrbuch für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Stato e mercato
TOC Statute law review
    HeinOnline: 1980-1997
    Oxford University Press: 1980-
The Statute of Westminster 1931
TOC Statutes & decisions
    HeinOnline: 1991-2012
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
Statutory instruments
STC technical communication (Technical communication)
TOC Steel construction
TOC Steel in translation
Steel research international
Steel structures. (International journal of steel structures)
The Steinbeck review
    Jstor: 2004-2017
    Project Muse: 2006-2007
    Wiley: 1 Mar 2004 - 31 Dec 2012
Steinbeck studies
TOC Stellenbosch law review
Stem cell reports
TOC Stem cell research
TOC Stem cell research & therapy
    BioMed Central: 15 Mar 2010 -
    PubMed Central: 15 Mar 2010 -
TOC Stem cell reviews
TOC Stem cell reviews and reports
TOC Stem cells
Stem cells translational medicine
TOC Steroid biochemistry and molecular biology (The journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology)
TOC Steroids
Stetson intramural law review
Stetson law review
STI (Signal transduction insights)
Stigma and health
Ştiinţe economice (Annals of the University of Oradea)
STI review
The St. James's magazine
St. James's magazine (London, England : 1861)
St. John's journal of legal commentary
St. John's law review
    EBSCO: 2002-
    HeinOnline: 1926-
St. Louis law review
St. Louis U. Pub. L. Rev. (Saint Louis University public law review)
STLR (Stanford technology law review)
St. Mary's law journal
St. Mary's law review on minority issues (The scholar)
St. Nicholas Scribner's illustrated magazine for girls and boys
TOC Stochastic environmental research and risk assessment
Stochastic hydrology and hydraulics
TOC Stochastic models
TOC Stochastic processes and their applications
Stochastics and quality control
Stochastic systems
Stomatologie (EMC - Stomatologie)
TOC Stomatologie
Stone-Campbell journal
Storia delle donne
The storm-bell
Storytelling, self, society
    Jstor: 2004-2017
    Literature Online: 1 Mar 2013 -
TOC StoryWorlds
    Jstor: 2009-2017
    Literature Online: 2013-2018
    Project Muse: 2009-
STP (Studies in theatre production)
TOC Strahlentherapie und Onkologie
TOC Strain
The Strand magazine (London, England : 1891)
STRATA: Bulletin of the Anglo-Israel Archaeological Society
Strategic analysis
TOC Strategic change
    EBSCO: 1996- (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1996-
Strategic comments
Strategic communication (International journal of strategic communication)
TOC Strategic direction
Strategic e-commerce (Journal of strategic e-commerce)
TOC Strategic entrepreneurship journal
Strategic HR review
TOC Strategic information systems (The journal of strategic information systems)
TOC Strategic management journal
    Jstor: 1980-2015
    Wiley: 1997-
Strategic organization
    Jstor: 2003-2017
    Sage: 1 Feb 2003 -
Strategic outsourcing (Journal of Global Operations and Strategic Sourcing)
Strategic studies quarterly
TOC Strategic survey
TOC Strategy and leadership
Strategy and management (Journal of strategy and management)
Stratigraphy and geological correlation
TOC Strength of materials
TOC Stress and health
Stress medicine
Stress, trauma, and crisis
String research journal
TOC Stroke
[+] Stroke Genomics
TOC Stroke research and treatment
TOC Structural and multidisciplinary optimization
TOC Structural biology (BMC structural biology)
TOC Structural biology (Current opinion in structural biology)
TOC Structural biology (Journal of structural biology)
Structural biology and crystallization communications (Acta crystallographica.)
TOC Structural change and economic dynamics
TOC Structural chemistry
TOC Structural concrete
TOC Structural control and health monitoring
TOC The structural design of tall and special buildings
Structural dynamics
The Structural engineer
Structural equation modeling
Structural health monitoring
TOC Structural materials (Materials science & engineering.)
Structural optimization
TOC Structural safety
Structural science (Acta crystallographica.)
TOC Structural survey
TOC Structure
Structure and dynamics
TOC Structure and properties of condensed matter (Philosophical magazine)
Structure reports online (Acta crystallographica.)
    DOAJ: 2001-
    Wiley: 2001-2007
TOC Structures and buildings (Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers.)
STS electronic communications (Issues in science and technology librarianship)
St. Thomas law forum
St. Thomas law review
TOC STTT (International journal on software tools for technology transfer)
TOC Student affairs today
Student bar review
Student law journal
Student law review
Student lawyer
Student, or, The Oxford and Cambridge monthly miscellany
TOC Stud. hist. phil. biol. & biomed. sci. (Studies in history and philosophy of science.)
TOC Stud. hist. phil. sci. (Studies in history and philosophy of science.)
Studia Anglica Posnaniensia
Studia BAS
Studia Biblica slovaca
Studia Celtica
Studia commercialia Bratislavensia
TOC Studia geophysica et geodaetica
Studia hibernica
Studia islamica
    Brill: 2011- (excluding last 203 days)
    Jstor: 1953-2017
Studia Leibnitiana
    Jstor: 1969-2018
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1969-2000
TOC Studia linguistica
Studia linguistica Slavica et Balcanica (Slavia Meridionalis.)
Studia litteraria et historica
Studia Litteraria Universitatis Iagellonicae Cracoviensis
Studia liturgica
TOC Studia logica
    Jstor: 1953-2017
    SpringerLINK: 1953-
Studia mathematica
Studia Musicologica
TOC Studia Musicologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae
Studia neophilologica
Studia patavina
Studia Rosenthaliana
TOC Studia theologica
    Ebscohost: 1 May 1998 - (excluding last 548 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1947-
Studia Universitatis Babes-Bolyai. Jurisprudentia
Studi classici e orientali
Studî della Scuola papirologica
Studi di sociologia
Studi ecumenici
Studien zur altägyptischen Kultur
    Digizeitschriften: 1974-2011
    Jstor: 1974-2015
Studien zur Musikwissenschaft
Studien zur Wissenschaftsgeschichte und -philosophie (Philosophia scientiae)
Studies in 20th & 21st century literature (Studies in twentieth and twenty-first century literature)
Studies in American fiction
    Literature Online: 1 Mar 1997 - (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 1 Mar 2010 -
Studies in American humor
    Jstor: 1974-2018
    Project Muse: 2015-
TOC Studies in American Indian literatures
    Jstor: 1980-2017
    Literature Online: 1 Sep 2004 -
    Project Muse: 2004-
TOC Studies in American Jewish literature
    Jstor: 1981-2017
    Project Muse: 2008-
Studies in American Jewish literature
TOC Studies in American naturalism
    Jstor: 2006-2017
    Literature Online: 2012-
    Project Muse: 1 Jun 2009 -
Studies in American political development
Studies in applied linguistics (Studie z aplikované lingvistiky)
TOC Studies in applied mathematics
    EBSCO: 1998- (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1997-
Studies in art education
    Jstor: 1959-2015
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
Studies in arts and humanities
Studies in Australasian cinema
Studies in avian biology
TOC Studies in bibliography
    Jstor: 1949-2007
    Project Muse: 2002-
Studies in bibliography and booklore
Studies in book culture. (Mémoires du livre)
Studies in Burke and his time
Studies in business and economics
Studies in central and east Asian religions
    Brill: 2001-2001
    Ebscohost: 1999-2001
TOC Studies in Christian ethics
    Ebscohost: 1 Apr 2003 - 30 Apr 2007
    Sage: 1988-
Studies in church history
Studies in comparative communism
TOC Studies in comparative international development
    EBSCO: 1965-
    SpringerLINK: 1 Mar 1997 -
Studies in conflict and terrorism
Studies in conservation
    Jstor: 1952-2013
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
TOC Studies in continuing education
Studies in culture, polity, and identity (Hagar)
Studies in cultures, organizations and societies
    EBSCO: 1 Feb 1997 - 1 Jan 2002
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1995-1996
Studies in documentary film
Studies in Eastern European cinema
TOC Studies in East European thought
    Jstor: 1993-2016
    SpringerLINK: 1993-
Studies in economic analysis
Studies in economics and finance
TOC Studies in education (Schools)
Studies in education (Francis W. Parker School studies in education)
Studies in education
TOC Studies in educational evaluation
Studies in educational policy and educational philosophy
TOC Studies in eighteenth century culture
Studies in English
TOC [+] Studies in English literature, 1500-1900
    Jstor: 1961-2015
    Literature Online: 1 Dec 1994 - (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 1999-
TOC Studies in ethnicity and nationalism
Studies in European cinema
TOC Studies in family planning
    Jstor: 1963-2018
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1999 -
TOC Studies in French cinema
Studies in gender and sexuality
TOC Studies in higher education
Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone linguistics
TOC Studies in Hispanic cinemas
Studies in history
Studies in history and philosophia sciences (Philosophia scientiae)
TOC Studies in history and philosophy of science. Part A
TOC Studies in history and philosophy of science. Part B, Studies in history and philosophy of modern physics
TOC Studies in history and philosophy of science. Part C, Studies in history and philosophy of biological and biomedical sciences
Studies in iconography
Studies in Indian politics
Studies in international financial, economic, and technology law
TOC Studies in interreligious dialogue
    ATLA Serials: 1995-
    Peeters-leuven: 1995-
TOC Studies in Latin American popular culture
Studies in law and economic development
Studies in microeconomics
Studies in nonlinear dynamics and econometrics
Studies in people's history
TOC Studies in philology
    Ebscohost: 1975- (excluding last year)
    Jstor: 1906-2019
    Literature Online: 1 Dec 1994 - (excluding last year)
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1906-1995
    Project Muse: 2003-
TOC Studies in philosophy and education
Studies in political economy
Studies in popular culture
[+] Studies in pre-Columbian art and archaeology
Studies in psychology (Estudios de psicología)
Studies in religion
Studies in romanticism
    Jstor: 1961-2015
    Literature Online: 1 Jun 1997 -
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1 Sep 1961 - 31 Dec 1995
    Project Muse: 1 Mar 2018 -
Studies in Russian & Soviet cinema
TOC Studies in science education
Studies in second language acquisition
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Sep 1978 -
    Jstor: 1 Sep 1978 - 31 Dec 2015
Studies in short fiction
    Literature Online: 1 Dec 1994 - 30 Nov 1999
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1 Sep 1963 - 31 Dec 1995
Studies in Slavic and general linguistics
Studies in Slavic literature and poetics
[+] Studies in social justice
Studies in Soviet thought
Studies in Spanish and Latin American cinemas
TOC Studies in the age of Chaucer
Studies in the American renaissance
Studies in the anthropology of visual communication
Studies in theatre and performance
Studies in theatre production
Studies in the decorative arts
TOC Studies in the education of adults
Studies in the fantastic
    Literature Online: 1 Jan 2008 - 31 May 2009
    Project Muse: 2015-
Studies in the history and archaeology of Jordan
Studies in the history of art
Studies in the history of gardens & designed landscapes
Studies in the humanities.
    Literature Online: 2009-2016
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1 Mar 1969 - 31 Dec 2000
Studies in the literary imagination
    Literature Online: 1 Mar 1996 - 30 Nov 2016
    Project Muse: 1 Mar 2011 -
TOC Studies in the novel
    Jstor: 1969-2015
    Literature Online: 1 Jun 1994 -
    Project Muse: 2008-
Studies in the Renaissance
TOC Studies in translatology (Perspectives)
Studies in transnational legal policy
Studies in travel writing
Studies in twentieth and twenty-first century literature
TOC Studies in world Christianity
    ATLA Serials: 1995- (excluding last year)
    Ebscohost: 1 May 1998 - (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 2006-2008
Studies in World Cinema
Studies in Zionism
Studies of tribes and tribals
Studies on ethno-medicine
Studies on home and community science
TOC Studies on Russian economic development
Studies on the Shoah (Dapim)
Studie z aplikované lingvistiky
TOC Studii Biblici Franciscani liber annuus (Liber annuus)
Studi Kantiani
Studi magrebini
[+] Studi novecenteschi
Studi secenteschi
Studi storici
Stud. theatre prod (Studies in theatre production)
Studying teacher education
TOC Study of the Christian church (International journal for the study of the Christian church)
STUF (Sprachtypologie und Universalienforschung)
Stuff and nonsense. (The North American review)
    Jstor: 1 Jul 1821 - 31 Dec 2017
    Making of America: 1 May 1815 - 31 Dec 1900
St. Vladimir's Seminary quarterly
St. Vladimir's theological quarterly
STWE review
STWP review
    Jstor: 1967-2017
    Literature Online: 1994-2014
    Project Muse: 2016-
[+] SubStance
    Jstor: 1971-2015
    Literature Online: 1999- (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 1999-
Substance abuse
Substance abuse treatment, prevention and policy
Subsurface sensing technologies and applications
TOC The successful registrar
Sudanic Africa
Sudan notes and records
Süddeutsche Juristen-Zeitung
    Digizeitschriften: 1946-1950
    Jstor: 1946-1950
Süddeutsche Musik-Zeitung
Sudhoffs Archiv
Sudhoffs Archiv für Geschichte der Medizin
Sudhoffs Archiv für Geschichte der Medizin und der Naturwissenschaften
Suez Canal magazine (Monthly report)
Suffolk transnational law journal
Suffolk transnational law review
Suffolk University law review
TOC Sugar tech
Sugyot be-ḥinukh meyuḥad uve-shiluv (ISEI)
Sugyot ḥevratiyot be-Yiśraʼel (Social issues in Israel)
TOC Suicide and life-threatening behavior
[+] Suid-Afrikaanse aardrykskundige tydskrif (The South African geographical journal)
Suid-Afrikaanse argeologiese bulletin (The South African archaeological bulletin)
Suid-Afrikaanse historiese joernaal
Suid-Afrikaanse jaarboek vir volkereg. (South African yearbook of international law)
Suid-Afrikaanse joernaal van wetenskap (South African journal of science)
TOC Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir bedryfsleiding (South African journal of business management)
TOC Suid-afrikaanse tydskrif vir ekonomie (The South African journal of economics)
TOC Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir menslike hulpbronbestuur (SA Journal of Human Resource Management)
TOC Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir plantkunde (South African journal of botany)
Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir sielkunde (South African journal of psychology)
Die Suid-afrikaanse tydskrif vir sosiologie.
TOC Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir strafregspleging (South African journal of criminal justice)
Suid-Afrikaanse tydskrif vir Taalkunde (SA journal of linguistics)
Suidelike Afrikaanse tydskrif vir demografie (Southern African journal of demography)
Süleyman Demirel Üniversitesi İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi dergisi (İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi dergisi)
S. U. L. Rev. (Southern University law review)
Summary of proceedings
Summary of proceedings
The Sunday at home
Sunday mirror
Sunday school hive (The juvenile companion and Sunday school hive)
Sunday telegraph (London, England)
[+] Sunday telegraph (London, England) (The telegraph historical archive, 1855-2000)
Sunday Times (London, England : 1931)
S und F (Sicherheit und Frieden)
Sungkyun journal of East Asian studies
    Free E-Resources: 1 Aug 2001 -
    Project Muse: 2017-
Sung studies newsletter
Supercomputer applications (The international journal of supercomputer applications)
Supercomputer applications (The international journal of supercomputer applications and high performance computing)
TOC Superconductivity and its applications (Physica.)
TOC Superconductor science & technology
TOC Superlattices and microstructures
Supervisors quarterly
Supplemement to the Official Journal of the European Union. (TED)
Supplementary paper (British School at Athens : Online)
Supplementary papers of the American School of Classical Studies in Rome
Supplementary volume (British School at Athens : Online)
Supplement to the Geographical Journal: Recent Geographical Literature, Maps, and Photographs Added to the Society's Collections
Supplement to the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society
Supply chain forum
TOC Supply chain management
Supply chain management review
TOC Support for learning
Supportive cancer therapy
TOC Supportive care in cancer
Supramolecular science
Supreme Court economic review
    HeinOnline: 1982-2012
    Jstor: 1982-2015
The Supreme Court review
    HeinOnline: 1960-2012
    Jstor: 1960-2015
TOC Surface and interface analysis
TOC Surface & coatings technology
TOC Surface engineering and applied electrochemistry
TOC Surface science
Surface science (The open surface science journal)
TOC Surface science reports
Surface science spectra
Surface topography
TOC Surfactants (Focus on surfactants)
TOC Surfactants and detergents (Journal of surfactants and detergents)
    SpringerLINK: 1998-2017
    Wiley: 1998-
TOC The surgeon
TOC Surgery (BMC surgery)
TOC Surgery
Surgery (St. Louis, MO).
TOC Surgery today
Surgical and Experimental Pathology
TOC Surgical and radiologic anatomy
TOC Surgical endoscopy
Surgical innovation
TOC Surgical neurology
TOC Surgical neurology international
TOC Surgical oncology
TOC Surgical practice
TOC Surgical research (Journal of surgical research)
Surrey archaeological collections
Surrey Archaeological Society research volumes. (Research volume of the Surrey Archaeological Society)
Surrey quarterly review (International journal of tourism and hospitality research)
TOC Surveillance & society
Survey of British and foreign banking (Economist (London : Online).)
Survey of California law
Survey of current business
Survey of New York law. (New York University law quarterly review)
Survey of New York law. (New York University law review (1950))
TOC Survey of ophthalmology
Survey research methods
TOC Survey review
Surveys and reviews in gerontology
Surveys in differential geometry
TOC Surveys in geophysics
TOC Surveys in operations research and management science
Sussex archaeological collections
Sustainability accounting, management and policy journal
TOC Sustainability in higher education (International journal of sustainability in higher education)
    Emerald: 2000-2001, 1 Apr 2007 - 31 Mar 2017
    ProQuest: 2000- (excluding last year)
TOC Sustainability science
TOC Sustainable cities and society
Sustainable computing
TOC Sustainable development
TOC Sustainable development (Bradford, England)
    EBSCO: 1 Apr 1995 - (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1996 -
Sustainable development law & policy
Sustainable earth
Sustainable energy & fuels
Sustainable energy technologies and assessments
Sustainable environment research
TOC Sustainable tourism (Journal of sustainable tourism)
Sustainable water resources management
SVA newsletter
SVA review
Svensk exegetisk årsbok
Svensk missionstidskrift
Swarm and evolutionary computation
TOC Swarm intelligence
Sweden (Country report.)
The Swedish journal of economics
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1965 - 1 Dec 1975
    Jstor: 1965-1975
Sweet & Maxwell's international sports law review
Swiss journal of economics and statistics
TOC Swiss journal of geosciences
Swiss journal of hydrology (Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Hydrologie)
Swiss journal of palaeontology
TOC Swiss journal of psychology
Swiss National Bank economic studies
TOC Swiss political science review
Switzerland (Country report.)
SWJ magazine (Small wars journal)
Sw. L.J. (Southwestern law journal)
Sw. L. Rev. (Southwestern law review)
S.Y.B.I.L. (The Singapore year book of international law)
The Sydney law review
    HeinOnline: 1953-
    WorldLII Databases: 1953-
Syllecta classica
TOC Symbiosis
Symbolae arctoae
Symbolae Osloenses
TOC Symbolic interaction
    Jstor: 1 Sep 1977 - 31 Dec 2017
    Wiley: 1996-
TOC Symmetry
TOC Symplokē
    Jstor: 1993-2017
    Literature Online: 2003-
    Project Muse: 1997-
Symposia of the Faraday Society (Faraday symposia of the Chemical Society)
Symposia of the Faraday Society
TOC Symposium
    Literature Online: 1 Mar 1990 - 31 Dec 2010
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1 Nov 1946 - 31 Dec 1995
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1 Nov 1946 -
Symposium (International) on Combustion
Symposium issue of The professional lawyer
TOC Synapse
Synopses (Journal of chemical research.)
TOC Syntax
Syntaxe & sémantique
TOC Synthese
    Jstor: 1936-2017
    SpringerLINK: 1936-
Synthetic biology
TOC Synthetic metals
Syracuse journal of international law and commerce
    EBSCO: 2004-
    HeinOnline: 1972-
[+] Syracuse journal of legislation & policy
Syracuse law review
TOC System
TOC Systematic and applied microbiology
TOC Systematic biology
    Jstor: 1992-2017
    Oxford University Press: 1992-
TOC Systematic botany
Systematic botany monographs
TOC Systematic entomology
TOC Systematic parasitology
Systematics and geography of plants
Systematic zoology
    Jstor: 1952-1991
    Oxford University Press: 1952-1991
TOC System dynamics review
    EBSCO: 1991- (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1996 -
TOC Systemic practice and action research
    EBSCO: 4 Feb 2008 - (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1998-
TOC Systems and humans (IEEE transactions on systems, man, and cybernetics.)
TOC Systems and synthetic biology
TOC Systems biology (BMC systems biology)
Systems biology (IET systems biology)
Systems Biology (Current Opinion in Systems Biology)
Systems biology and medicine (Wiley interdisciplinary reviews.)
TOC Systems & control letters
TOC Systems engineering
Systems engineering theory & practice
TOC Systems journal (IEEE systems journal)
Systems, man and cybernetics magazine, IEEE (IEEE systems, man, and cybernetics magazine)
Systems practice
TOC Systems research and behavioral science
    EBSCO: 1997- (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1997-
Systems science and cybernetics (IEEE transactions on systems science and cybernetics)
Systems science & control engineering

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