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E-journals for letter R
RAA (Research in astronomy and astrophysics)
Rabels Zeitschrift für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht
[+] Rabochai︠a︡ pravda (Pravda (Moscow, Russia : Online))
Race and ethnic ancestry law journal
Race and justice
Race and poverty law journal (Hastings race and poverty law journal)
Race and social problems
Race and society
Race & class
Race equality teaching
Race & ethnic ancestry law digest
Race, gender & class
Race, poverty & the environment
Race, sex & class
Race & the law review (Rutgers race & the law review)
R.A.C.F. (Revue archéologique du centre de la France)
Racing illustrated
The racing times
Radar and signal processing (IEE proceedings.)
Radar, sonar, and navigation (IEE proceedings.)
Radar, sonar and navigation (IET radar, sonar & navigation)
[+] Radharc
Radiation and environmental physics
Radiation botany
Radiation measurements
Radiation medicine
Radiation oncology
Radiation oncology (Seminars in radiation oncology)
Radiation oncology investigations (International journal of cancer)
Radiation physics and chemistry
Radiation protection dosimetry
Radiation research
Radiation research. Supplement
Radical history review
Radical pedagogy
Radical philosophy
Radical teacher
Radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry (Journal of radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry)
Radio and communication engineering (The journal of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.)
Radio and communication engineering (Proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.)
Radio and electronic engineer
Radio and electronic engineering (The proceedings of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.)
Radiocommunication (Journal of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.)
Radioelectronics and communications systems
Radio engineers, proceedings of the British Institution of (Proceedings of the British Institution of Radio Engineers)
Radio engineers, proceedings of the Indian Division of the British Institution of (Proceedings of the Indian Division of the British Institution of Radio Engineers)
Radiolocation (Journal of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.)
Der Radiologe
La radiologia medica
Radiological physics and technology
Radiological Society of North America index to imaging literature (RSNA index to imaging literature)
[+] Radiologie (EMC.)
Radiology nursing (Journal of radiology nursing)
Radiophysics and quantum electronics
Radio science
Radio Telemetry and Remote Control, Transactions of the IRE Professional Group on (Transactions of the IRE Professional Group on Radio Telemetry and Remote Control)
Radiotherapy and oncology
Radnorshire Society transactions
RAE (Revista de administração de empresas)
The Ragged School Union quarterly record
Railroad history
Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Bulletin
RAJ (Race and justice)
RAM (Revista de administração Mackenzie)
RAM (Recherche et applications en marketing)
RAM (Recherche et applications en marketing (English edition))
The Ramanujan journal
The rambler
R and AC (Religion and American culture)
The Rand journal of economics
Random structures & algorithms
Rangeland ecology & management
Rangeman's journal
Rapid communications in mass spectrometry
Rapid prototyping journal
Rapid research letters (Physica status solidi.)
Rapid rural appraisal notes (RRA notes)
RAPS (Review of asset pricing studies)
Rare metal materials and engineering
Rare metals
Rasayan Journal of Chemistry
Rasch measurement transactions
RASE (Remedial & special education)
Rassegna di studi etiopici
La Rassegna mensile di Israel
Ratio juris
Rationality and society
Raumforschung und raumordnung
RaVoN (Romanticism and Victorianism on the net)
La Raza law journal
RB and E (Reproductive biology and endocrinology)
RBEnt (Revista brasileira de entomologia)
RBGN (Revista brasileira de gestão de negócios)
RBM online (Reproductive biomedicine online)
RCBM (Research in competence-based management)
RCCJP (Canadian journal of criminology and criminal justice)
[+] RCFS (The Review of Corporate Finance Studies)
RCLL (Revista de crítica literaria latinoamericana)
RCM (Rapid communications in mass spectrometry)
RCS bulletin (Bulletin of the Royal College of Surgeons of England)
RCSP (Canadian journal of political science)
RDE (Recherches sur Diderot et sur l'Encyclopédie)
R & D management
Reaction chemistry & engineering
Reaction kinetics and catalysis letters
Reactions weekly
Reactive & functional polymers
Reactive polymers
The reader
Reading and writing
Reading and writing quarterly
Reading in a foreign language
The reading matrix
Reading psychology
Reading research and instruction
Reading research quarterly
The reading teacher
Reading world
Reading, writing, and learning disabilities (Journal of reading, writing, and learning disabilities, international)
R.E.A.L. (Race and ethnic ancestry law journal)
Real analysis exchange
R.E.A.L. digest (Race & ethnic ancestry law digest)
Real estate economics
Real estate economics (Journal of the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association)
Real estate finance (London, England)
Real estate issues
Real estate portfolio management (The journal of real estate portfolio management)
Real property, probate, and trust journal
Real Property, Probate, and Trust Law annual meeting (American Bar Association. Section of Real Property, Probate and Trust Law. Proceedings)
Real property, trust, and estate law journal
Real-time imaging
Real-time systems
Real world applications (Nonlinear analysis.)
Réanimation urgences
REBRAPE (Brazilian journal of probability and statistics)
The Receivables report
Recent acquisitions
Recent economic developments
Recent Geographical Literature, Maps and Photographs
Recent law review (New Zealand recent law review)
Recent progress in hormone research
[+] Receptor Binding Techniques
Recherche comptable contemporaine (Contemporary accounting research)
Recherche et applications en marketing
Recherche et applications en marketing (English edition)
Recherche européenne en télémédecine (European research in telemedicine)
Recherches de science religieuse
Recherches économiques de Louvain
Recherches en Anthropologie au Portugal
Recherches phénoménologiques (Phänomenologische Forschungen)
Recherches sur Diderot et sur l'Encyclopédie
RECIEL (Review of European Community & international environmental law)
RECIEL (Review of European, comparative & international environmental law.)
Record of the Art Museum, Princeton University
Record of the Museum of Historic Art, Princeton University
Record of world events (Keesing's record of world events)
Records management journal
Records management quarterly
[+] Records of early English drama
The records of love, or, Weekly amusements for the fair sex
Records of the Academy
Records of the Columbia Historical Society, Washington, D.C
Recruiting & retaining adult learners
Recueil annuel de Windsor d'accès à la justice (The Windsor yearbook of access to justice)
Recueil des avis consultatifs. (Publications of the Permanent Court of International Justice.)
Recueil des décisions des tribunaux arbitraux mixtes, institúes par les traités de paix
[+] Recueil des sentences arbitrales (Reports of international arbitral awards)
Recueil des travaux de l'Institut de géographie alpine
Recueils des arrêts. (Publications of the Permanent Court of International Justice.)
[+] Recusant history
RED (Review of economic design)
Red cedar review
Red journal (American journal of respiratory cell and molecular biology)
[+] REED newsletter (Records of early English drama)
Referee's journal (The American bankruptcy law journal)
[+] Reference reviews
Reference services review
Reference & user services quarterly
Reflecting education
The reflector
[+] Reflexión
Reflexions historiques (Historical reflections)
Reformation & Renaissance review
The Reformed journal
Réforme, humanisme, Renaissance
Réformes économiques
Refractories and industrial ceramics
Refugee abstracts
Refugee studies (Journal of refugee studies)
Refugee survey quarterly
Regards sur l'éducation (Education at a glance)
Regenerative biomaterials
Regenerative engineering and translational medicine
[+] Regenerative medicine research
Regent journal of international law
Regent University law review
Regional and urban economics
Regional conference series in probability and statistics
The Regional economist
Regional English Language Centre journal (RELC journal)
Regional environmental change
Regional & federal studies
Regional outlook
Regional politics & policy
Regional Research of Russia
Regional science (Papers in regional science)
Regional science and urban economics
Regional studies
Regional studies of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia (Region)
Register of Kentucky State Historical Society
The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society
Regstydskrif (Stellenbosch law review)
Regular & chaotic dynamics
Regular papers & short notes (Japanese journal of applied physics.)
Regulated rivers
Regulation & governance
Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology (American journal of physiology.)
Regulatory peptides
Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology
Rehabilitation and assistive technologies engineering (Journal of rehabilitation and assistive technologies engineering)
Rehabilitation counseling bulletin
Rehabilitation psychology
Reimaging place ecotone (Ecotone)
Reinforced plastics
Reiviú Mhá Nuad (The Maynooth review)
Relations industrielles (Industrial relations)
RELC journal
Reliability (IEEE transactions on reliability)
Reliability and quality control (IRE transactions on reliability and quality control)
Reliability engineering
Reliability engineering and system safety
Reliability, quality, and safety engineering (International journal of reliability, quality, and safety engineering)
Religion and American culture
Religion and gender
Religion and health (Journal of religion and health)
Religion and human rights
Religion and society
Religion and the arts
Religion east & west
Religion en Afrique (Journal of religion in Africa)
Religion in communist lands
Religion in education
Religion in Southern Africa
Religion in the news
Religion & literature
Religions of South Asia
Religion, state & society
Religion & theology
Religion today
Religious education
Religious studies
Religious studies and theology
Religious studies bulletin
[+] Religious studies review
The reliquary and illustrated archaeologist
REM (Revista de economia Mackenzie)
Remedial & special education
REMI (Revue européenne des migrations internationales)
Remote sensing (International journal of remote sensing)
Remote sensing letters
Remote sensing of environment
Renacimiento (Seville, Spain : Online)
Renaissance and modern studies
Renaissance and Reformation
Renaissance drama
Renaissance forum
Renaissance news
Renaissance noire (Black renaissance)
Renaissance quarterly
Renaissance studies
Renal physiology (American journal of physiology.)
Rencontres sur l'éducation (Encounters on education)
Rendiconti del Circolo matematico di Palermo
Rendiconti Lincei. Scienze fisiche e naturali
Renewable energy
Renewable energy focus
Renewable power generation (IET renewable power generation)
Renewable & sustainable energy reviews
Ren min ri bao (Online)
Rental & staging
Repertorium für Kunstwissenschaft
REPL (European journal of language policy)
Report and studies in the history of art
The Reporter
Report of proceedings of the ... annual meeting of the American Branch of the International Law Association
[+] Report of proceedings of the Section of Commercial law
[+] Report of proceedings of the Section of Corporation, Banking and Mercantile Law
Report of the ... annual meeting of the American Bar Association
Report of the ... conference
Report of the annual meeting of the South African Association for the Advancement of Science (South African journal of science)
Report of the proceedings of the quarterly meeting of the Geological and Polytechnic Society of the West Riding of Yorkshire (Proceedings of the Geological and Polytechnic Society of the West Riding of Yorkshire)
Report on the Americas (NACLA report on the Americas)
Reports (Materials science & engineering.)
Reports and transactions (Cardiff Naturalists' Society)
Reports of American Bar Association (Annual report of the American Bar Association)
Reports of cases before the Court of Justice and the Court of First Instance
[+] Reports of international arbitral awards
Reports of patent, design and trade mark cases
Reports of practical oncology
Reports of practical oncology and radiotherapy
Reports of the 1st conference ..., 1873, and of the 2nd conference, ... 1874 (Report of the ... conference)
Reports of the House of Commons, Lords, and Westminster Hall sittings (Hansard)
Reports of the joint stock banks of the United Kingdom (Economist (London : Online).)
Reports of the Scottish Law Commission
Reports on mathematical physics
Reports on progress in physics
Reports to be presented at the annual meeting (American Bar Association Section of Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Law.)
Report (World Congress of Jewish Studies)
Representation (McDougall Trust : Online)
Representation theory
Reprints series in contemporary Asian studies (Occasional papers/reprints series in contemporary Asian studies)
Reproduction in domestic animals
Reproduction, nutrition, development
Reproduction, nutrition, développement
Reproductive biology
Reproductive biology and endocrinology
Reproductive biomedicine online
Reproductive health matters
Reproductive health (Online).
Reproductive medicine and biology
Reproductive medicine review
Reproductive sciences
Reproductive toxicology
The republican
Republican China
Requirements engineering
Research and clinics in hepatology and gastroenterology (Clinics and research in hepatology and gastroenterology)
Research and politics (Research & politics)
Research and practice for persons with severe disabilities
Research articles (Government publications review.)
Research chronicle
Researches on population ecology
Research ethics
Research evaluation
Research in accounting in emerging economies
Research in accounting regulation
Research in African literatures
Research in astronomy and astrophysics
Research in autism spectrum disorders
Research in comparative and international education
Research in competence-based management
Research in developmental disabilities
Research in drama education
Research in economic anthropology
Research in economics
Research in education
Research in engineering design
Research in experimental economics
Research in experimental medicine
Research in experimental medicine. (Zeitschrift für die gesamte experimentelle Medizin)
Research in healthcare financial management
Research in higher education
Research in human capital and development
Research in immunology
Research in international business and finance
Research in labor economics
Research in learning technology
Research in microbiology
Research in nondestructive evaluation
Research in nursing & health
Research in occupational stress and well being
Research in organizational behavior
Research in organizational change and development
Research in personality (Journal of research in personality)
Research in pharmaceutical sciences
Research in political economy
Research in post-compulsory education
Research in science education
Research in science & technological education
Research in social & administrative pharmacy
Research in social stratification
Research intelligence
Research intelligence
Research in the teaching of English
Research in transportation business & management
Research in transportation economics
Research in veterinary science
Research in virology
Research journal of pharmaceutical, biological and chemical sciences
Research journal of the Water Pollution Control Federation
Research & methods (Ask)
Research observer (The World Bank research observer)
Research on aging
Research on chemical intermediates
Research on economic inequality
Research on emotion in organizations
Research on language and computation
Research on language and social interaction
Research on managing groups and teams
Research on social work practice
Research papers in education
Research policy
Research, policy and planning
Research & politics
Research & practice in human resource management
Research quarterly for exercise and sport
Research strategies
[+] Research studies in music education
Research & teaching in developmental education
Research technology management
Reseñas iberoamericanas, literatura, sociedad, historia (Notas (Frankfurt am Main, Germany))
Res ipsa loquitur
Res judicatae
Resource and energy economics
Resource geology
Resource recovery and conservation
Resources and conservation
Resources and energy
Resources, conservation and recycling
Resources for American literary study
Resources for feminist research
Resources policy
Respiration physiology
Respiratory investigation
Respiratory medicine
Respiratory medicine case reports
Respiratory medicine CME
Respiratory medicine. COPD update
Respiratory medicine extra
Respiratory physiology & neurobiology
Respiratory research
Res publica
Restoration and 18th century theatre research
Restoration ecology
Restoration quarterly
Restorative justice
Results in mathematics
Resumo de segurança de África: uma publicação do Centro de Estudos Estratégicos de África (Africa security brief)
Resurgence & ecologist
RET (Journal of rational-emotive and cognitive-behavior therapy)
Retail & leisure property (Journal of retail & leisure property)
Rethinking history
Retinal and eye research (Progress in retinal and eye research)
Retirement planning (Journal of retirement planning)
Retirement strategy
The Return of Party Government in the US House of Representatives
Reumatología clinica (English edition)
Rev. can. d.p. (Canadian criminal law review)
Revenue and pricing management (Journal of revenue and pricing management)
Revieú Mhá Nuad (The Maynooth review)
Review (Health care financing review)
Review (Modern & contemporary France)
Review (Statute law review)
Review (The Poznań University of Economics review)
Review and expositor
Review - Asian Studies Association of Australia
Review - Fernand Braudel Center for the Study of Economies, Historical Systems, and Civilizations
Review interamericana (Revista interamericana)
Review journal of chemistry
Review of accounting & finance
Review of accounting studies
Review of African political economy
Review of agricultural economics
Review of asset pricing studies
The review of Austrian economics
Review of banking and financial law
Review of biblical literature
The Review of Black political economy
Review of business
Review of Central and East European law
Review of constitutional studies
Review of contemporary fiction
[+] The Review of Corporate Finance Studies
Review of derivatives research
Review of development economics
Review of economic design
Review of economic dynamics
Review of economics (Jahrbuch für Wirtschaftswissenschaften)
The review of economics and statistics
Review of economics of the household
The review of economic statistics
The review of economic studies
Review of economic studies & research Virgil Madgearu
The review of education
Review of education
Review of educational research
The review of education, pedagogy, & cultural studies
The review of English studies
Review of environmental economics and policy
Review of European Community & international environmental law
Review of European, comparative & international environmental law.
The review of finance and banking
Review of financial economics
[+] The review of financial studies
Review of general management
Review of general psychology
The review of higher education
The Review of income and wealth
Review of industrial organization
The review of insurance studies
Review of intellectual property law (John Marshall review of intellectual property law)
Review of international business and trade law (Asper review of international business and trade law)
Review of international comparative management (Revista de management comparat international)
Review of international economics
Review of international law and politics
The Review of International Organizations
Review of international political economy
Review of international studies
[+] Review of Japanese culture and society
Review of Keynesian economics
Review of labour economics and industrial relations (Labour)
Review of law and social change. (New York University review of law & social change)
Review of law and social justice (Southern California review of law and social justice)
Review of law and women's studies (Southern California review of law and women's studies)
Review of law & economics
The Review of litigation
Review of management
Review of management & economic engineering
Review of management innovation & creativity
Review of managerial science
Review of marketing science
Review of market integration
The review of metaphysics
Review of Middle East economics and finance
Review of Middle East studies
The review of modern logic
Review of network economics
Review of Pacific basin financial markets and policies
Review of palaeobotany and palynology
Review of philosophy and psychology
Review of physics in technology
The review of policy research
Review of political economy
[+] The Review of politics
Review of public data use
Review of public personnel administration
Review of quantitative finance and accounting
The review of rabbinic Judaism
The review of radical political economics
Review of religion and Chinese society
Review of religious research
Review of research in education
Review of research in visual and environmental education
Review of research in visual arts education
The review of reviews
Review of scientific instruments
Review of social economy
Review of socialist law
The review of socionetwork strategies
Review of the International Statistical Institute. (Revue de l'Institut international de statistique)
Review of the Red Cross (International review of the Red Cross (2005))
Review of urban & regional development studies
Review of world economics
Review of world economics (Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv)
Reviews in American history
Reviews in anthropology
Reviews in biomedical engineering (IEEE reviews in biomedical engineering)
[+] Reviews in clinical and experimental hematology
Reviews in clinical gerontology
Reviews in endocrine & metabolic disorders
Re/Views in environmental science and bio/technology
Reviews in fish biology and fisheries
Reviews in genetic toxicology. (Mutation research.)
Reviews in genetic toxicology (Mutation research.)
Reviews in gynaecological and perinatal practice
Reviews in gynaecological practice
Reviews in history
Reviews in inorganic chemistry
Reviews in medical virology
Reviews in molecular biotechnology
[+] Reviews in mutation research (Mutation research.)
Reviews in religion and theology
Reviews in vascular medicine
Reviews of chemical intermediates
Reviews of geophysics
Reviews of infectious diseases
Reviews of modern physics
Reviews of reproduction
Reviews on biomembranes (Biochimica et biophysica acta.)
Reviews on cancer (Biochimica et biophysica acta.)
Revija Centra za študij edukacijskih strategij (CEPS journal)
Revija management (Management (Koper, Slovenia))
[+] Revisa de evaluare. (Valuation journal)
Revista academia (Academia)
Revista adicciones (Adicciones)
Revista aquichan (Aquichan)
Revista bilingüe (The Bilingual review)
Revista brasileira de entomologia
Revista brasileira de gestão de negócios
Revista brasileira do Caribe
Revista canadiense de estudios hispánicos
Revista catalana de teologia
Revista chilena de derecho
Revista chilena de literatura
Revista Chungará (Chungará)
Revista CIDOB d'afers internacionals
Revista CIDOB d'afers internacionals (Afers internacionals)
Revista Ciencia política (Ciencia política)
Revista Colombiana de Anestesiología (Colombian journal of anesthesiology)
Revista colombiana de matemáticas
Revista "Comunicar" (Comunicar)
Revista contabilidade & finanças
Revista CS (CS)
Revista de administração de empresas
Revista de administração Mackenzie
Revista de altas capacidades (Faísca)
Revista de análise econômica do direito (Economic analysis of law review)
Revista de antropologia
Revista de arqueología americana (Online)
Revista de arqueología histórica argentina y latinoamericana
Revista de Ciencias Empresariales y Economia
Revista de crítica literaria latinoamericana
Revista de cultura hispánica (Inti)
Revista de derecho internacional y comparado de Arizona (Arizona journal of international and comparative law)
Revista de derecho penal y criminología (Derecho penal y criminología)
Revista de derecho puertorriqueño
Revista de economia del Rosario
Revista de economia Mackenzie
Revista de economía mundial
Revista de empresa
Revista de enseñanza e investigación educativa (Aula)
Revista de estudios hispánicos
Revista de estudios sobre despoblación y desarrollo rural (Ager)
Revista de filología española
Revista de fundamentación juridíca (Díkaion)
Revista de geografía económica y social (Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie)
Revista de Globalización, Competitividad y Gobernabilidad
[+] Revista de historia de América
Revista de historia económica
Revista de investigacíon y difusión científica agropecuaria (Avances en investigacíon agropecuaria)
Revista de la División de Ciencias Administrativas de la Universidad del Norte (Pensamiento & gestión)
Revista de la maestría en derecho económico
Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales. Serie A, Matemáticas
Revista de las Escuelas del Profesorado de Educación General Básica (Aula)
Revista de la Sociedad Química del Perú
Revista de la Sociedad Química de México
Revista de letras
Revista de libros
Revista de libros de la Fundación Caja Madrid
Revista del IEEE América Latina (IEEE Latin America transactions)
Revista de literatura hispánica (Inti)
Revista de management comparat international
Revista de música latinoamericana (Latin American music review)
Revista de musicología
Revista de psiquiatria y salud mental
Revista educación y educadores (Educación y educadores)
Revista eletrônica de musicologia (Electronic musicological review)
Revista española de cardiología
Revista española de cirugía ortopédica y traumatología
Revista española de documentación científica
Revista española de economia (Spanish economic review)
Revista española de financiación y contabilidad
Revista española de la opinión pública
Revista Española de medicina nuclear
Revista Española de medicina nuclear e imagen molecular (English ed. : Online)
Revista española de pedagogía
Revista Estudios de administración (Estudios de administración)
Revista estudios gerenciales (Estudios gerenciales)
Revista estudos feministas (Estudos feministas)
Revista Europea de tráfico, transporte y seguridad vial (Securitas vialis)
Revista geográfica
Revista hispánica moderna
Revista ibero-latinoamericana de seguros
Revista IEEE América Latina (IEEE Latin America transactions)
Revista informatica economica (Informatica economica)
Revista interamericana
Revista internacional de la Cruz Roja
Revista internacional de la infancia pre-escolar (International journal of early childhood)
Revista internacional de lingüística iberoamericana
Revista internacional del trabajo
Revista internacional de seguridad social
Revista jurídica de la Universidad de Puerto Rico
Revista jurídica interamericana (Inter-American law review)
Revista matemática complutense
Revista matemática iberoamericana
Revista mexicana de astronomía y astrofísica
Revista mexicana de ciencias geológicas
Revista mexicana de sociología
Revista portuguesa de cardiologia
Revista portuguesa de filosofia
Revista portuguesa de pneumologia
Revista romana de drept privat
Revista Salud pública (Salud pública de México)
Revista tinerilor economişti
Revista virtual de química
Revolutionary Russia
Revue administrative. (La revue administrative)
Revue aéronautique internationale
Revue africaine de développement (African development review)
Revue africaine de droit international et comparé (African journal of international and comparative law)
Revue africaine de sociologie (African sociological review)
Revue archéologique
Revue archeologique de l'Oise
Revue archéologique de Picardie
Revue archéologique du centre de la France
Revue archeologique du nord-est de l'Oise
Revue ATEE journal
Revue belge de musicologie
Revue canadienne-americaine d'études slaves (Canadian-American Slavic studies)
Revue canadienne de chemie (Canadian journal of chemistry)
[+] Revue canadienne d'économie rurale (Canadian journal of agricultural economics)
Revue canadienne d'économique (The Canadian journal of economics)
[+] Revue canadienne d'économique et de science politique (The Canadian journal of economics and political science)
Revue canadienne de criminologie et de justice pénale (Canadian journal of criminology and criminal justice)
Revue canadienne de droit et société (Canadian journal of law and society)
Revue canadienne de droit familial (Canadian journal of family law)
Revue canadienne de droit pénal (Canadian criminal law review)
Revue canadienne d'éducation en service social (Canadian journal of social work education)
Revue canadienne de génie électrique et informatique (Canadian journal of electrical and computer engineering)
Revue canadienne de l'éducation (Canadian journal of education)
Revue canadienne de l'enseignement superieur (Canadian journal of higher education̂)
Revue canadienne de linguistique (Canadian journal of linguistics)
Revue canadienne de linguistique appliquée (The Canadian journal of applied linguistics)
Revue canadienne de littérature comparée (Canadian review of comparative literature)
Revue canadienne de philosophie (Dialogue)
Revue canadienne de politique sociale (Canadian review of social policy)
Revue canadienne de psychologie expérimentale (Canadian journal of experimental psychology)
Revue canadienne de recherche sur les OSBL et l'économie sociale (Canadian journal of nonprofit and social economy research)
Revue canadienne de recherche vétérinaire (Canadian journal of veterinary research)
Revue canadienne d'ergothérapie (Canadian journal of occupational therapy)
Revue canadienne de science politique (Canadian journal of political science)
Revue canadienne de service social (Canadian social work review)
Revue canadienne des études africaines (Canadian journal of African studies)
Revue canadienne des études supérieures en sociologie et criminologie (Canadian graduate journal of sociology and criminology)
Revue canadienne des langues vivantes (The Canadian modern language review)
Revue canadienne de sociologie (The Canadian review of sociology)
Revue canadienne de sociologie et d'anthropologie (The Canadian review of sociology and anthropology)
Revue canadienne des sciences de l'administration (Canadian journal of administrative sciences)
Revue canadienne des sciences de l'information et de bibliothećonomie (The Canadian journal of information and library science)
Revue canadienne des sciences du comportement (Canadian journal of behavioural science)
Revue canadienne des slavistes (Canadian Slavonic papers)
Revue canadienne de statistique (The Canadian journal of statistics)
Revue canadienne d'études américaines (Canadian review of American studies)
Revue canadienne d'études cinématographiques
Revue canadienne d'études du développement
Revue canadienne d'évaluation de programme (The Canadian journal of program evaluation)
Revue canadienne de zoologie (Canadian journal of zoology)
Revue canadienne du droit de commerce (The Canadian business law journal)
Revue canadienne du vieillissement (Canadian journal on aging)
Revue canadienne pour l'étude de l'éducation des adultes (The Canadian journal for the study of adult education)
Revue critique trimestrielle de jurisprudence et de législation (KritV, CritQ, RCrit)
Revue d'Allemagne
Revue d'archéologie américaine (Revista de arqueología americana (Online))
Revue d'art canadienne (RACAR)
Revue d'assyriologie et d'archeologie orientale
Revue d'économie financière
Revue d'économie industrielle
Revue de droit de l'Université du Nouveau-Brunswick. (University of New Brunswick law journal)
[+] Revue de droit des affaires internationales
Revue de droit d'Ottawa (Ottawa law review)
Revue de droit uniforme
Revue de géographie alpine
Revue de géographie de Lyon
Revue de géographie économique et humaine (Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie)
Revue de géographie jointe au Bulletin de la Société de géographie de Lyon et de la région lyonnaise
Revue de la Bibliothèque nationale de France
Revue de la common law en français
Revue de l'Action Populaire. nouv. sér. (Projet)
Revue de la pensée éducative (The Journal of educational thought.)
Revue de l'art
Revue de l'enseignement supérieur en Afrique (Journal of higher education in Africa)
Revue de l'histoire des religions
Revue de l'Institut international de statistique
Revue de l'intégration et de la migration internationale (Journal of international migration and integration)
Revue de littérature comparée
Revue de l'Occident musulman et de la Méditerranée
Revue de l'OCDE sur le droit et la politique de la concurrence
Revue de l'OFCE (Observations et diagnostics économiques.)
La Revue de médecine interne
Revue de médecine périnatale
Revue de métaphysique et de morale
Revue de micropaléontologie
Revue de musicologie
Revue de philologie, de littérature et d'histoire anciennes
Revue de philosophie ancienne
Revue de philosophie économique
Revue des affaires juridiques et sociales - Windsor (Windsor review of legal and social issues)
Revue des arts asiatiques
[+] Revue des études arméniennes
Revue des études slaves
Revue des pharmaciens du Canada (Canadian pharmacists journal)
La Revue des sciences de gestion
Revue des sciences et des lettres (Le muséon)
Revue des sciences philosophiques et théologiques
La revue des vivants
Revue de synthèse
Revue d'éthique et de théologie morale
Revue de tourisme (Tourism review)
Revue d'études anglophones (E-rea)
Revue d'études canadiennes (Journal of Canadian studies)
Revue d'études constitutionnelles (Review of constitutional studies)
Revue d'études sur le conte populaire (Fabula)
Revue d'histoire de la deuxième guerre mondiale
Revue d'histoire de la deuxième guerre mondiale et des conflits contemporains
Revue d'histoire de l'Église de France
Revue d'histoire des sciences
Revue d'histoire des sciences et de leurs applications
Revue d'histoire des sciences humaines
[+] Revue d'histoire du droit (Tijdschrift voor rechtsgeschiedenis)
Revue d'histoire du droit international (Journal of the history of international law)
[+] Revue d'histoire ecclésiastique
Revue d'histoire économique et sociale
Revue d'histoire littéraire de la France
Revue d'histoire moderne
Revue d'histoire moderne et contemporaine (1954-)
Revue d'histoire moderne et contemporaine (Paris, France : 1899)
Revue d'histoire politique. (Parlements (Paris, France : 2003))
Revue d'histoire urbaine (Urban history review)
Revue d'hydrologie
Revue d'intégration européenne
Revue du Barreau canadien. (The Canadian bar review)
Revue du monde musulman et de la Méditerranée
Revue du rhumatisme
Revue du rhumatisme monographies
Revue économique
Revue économique de l'OCDE
Revue electronique de littérature française (Relief)
Revue européenne de biotechnologie médicale (RBM)
Revue européenne de géographie (Cybergeo)
Revue Europeenne de la pomme de terre (European potato journal)
Revue européenne de politique linguistique (European journal of language policy)
Revue européenne de psychologie appliquée
Revue européenne des études hébraïques
Revue européenne de sexologie (Sexologies)
Revue européenne des migrations internationales
Revue européenne des sciences sociales
Revue européenne des sciences sociales (Cahiers Vilfredo Pareto)
Revue européenne de technologie biomédicale (RBM)
Revue europeenne d'histoire (European review of history)
Revue finance, contrôle, stratégie
Revue française d'allergologie (2009)
Revue française d'allergologie et d'immunologie clinique
Revue française d'économie
Revue française de linguistique appliquée
Revue francaise de pedagogie
Revue française de science politique
Revue française des laboratoires
Revue française de sociologie
Revue française d'études américaines
Revue française du marketing
Revue francophone de psycho-oncologie
Revue francophone des laboratoires
Revue francophone d'orthoptie
Revue générale de droit
Revue générale des chemins de fer
Revue générale de thermique
Revue hellénique de droit international
Revue historique
Revue historique de la Révolution française
Revue historique en ligne publiee par la Fondation Napoleon (Napoleonica. La revue)
Revue internationale de droit comparé
Revue internationale de droit et politique du développement durable de McGill (The McGill international journal of sustainable development law and policy)
Revue internationale de la Croix-Rouge
Revue internationale de la Croix-Rouge (1955)
Revue internationale de la Croix-Rouge (1999)
Revue internationale de l'enfance préscolaire (International journal of early childhood)
Revue internationale de linguistique appliquée enseignement des langues (IRAL, International review of applied linguistics in language teaching)
Revue internationale de linguistique française. (Travaux de linguistique)
Revue internationale de pédagogie (International review of education)
Revue internationale de philosophie
Revue internationale de recherche urbaine et régionale (International journal of urban and regional research)
Revue internationale de science politique (International political science review)
Revue internationale de sécurité sociale
Revue internationale de sémiotique juridique (International journal for the semiotics of law)
Revue internationale de Sinologie (Tʻung pao.Tʻoung pao)
Revue internationale de statistique (International statistical review)
Revue internationale d'études canadiennes (International journal of Canadian studies)
Revue internationale d'histoire de la pedagogie (Paedagogica historica)
Revue internationale d'histoire des deux Empires napoléoniens (Napoleonica. La revue)
Revue internationale du froid (International journal of refrigeration)
Revue internationale du travail
Revue italies (Italies)
Revue juridique La femme et le droit (Canadian journal of women and the law)
Revue juridique Thémis
Revue juridique Thémis de l'Université de Montréal
Revue les cahiers Irice (Les cahiers Irice)
Revue management & avenir
Revue mētis (Mētis)
Revue néo-scolastique
Revue Numismatique
Revue philosophique de la France et de l'étranger
Revue québécoise de droit international
Revue romane
Revue Sciences de gestion
Revue suisse de psychologie (Swiss journal of psychology)
Revue suisse de science politique (Swiss political science review)
Revue suisse d'hydrologie (Schweizerische Zeitschrift für Hydrologie)
Revue tiers-monde
Revue Tocqueville (The Tocqueville review)
Revue vétérinaire canadienne (The Canadian veterinary journal)
Reynold's miscellany of romance, general literature, science, and art
RF and microwave computer-aided engineering (International journal of RF and microwave computer-aided engineering)
RFE (Review of financial economics)
RFE (Revue française d'économie)
RFL (Revue française des laboratoires)
RFL (Revue francophone des laboratoires)
R.F.M. (Revue française du marketing)
RH (Reproductive health (Online).)
The rhapsodist
Rheinisches Museum für Philologie
Rheinisches Museum für Philologie, Geschichte und griechische Philosophie
Rheologica acta
Rhetoric & public affairs
Rhetoric review
Rhetoric Society of America newsletter
Rhetoric Society quarterly
Rheumatic diseases (Annals of the rheumatic diseases)
Rheumatologie (Zeitschrift für Rheumatologie)
Rheumatology (Baillière's clinical rheumatology)
Rheumatology international
RHLF (Revue d'histoire littéraire de la France)
RHSH (Revue d'histoire des sciences humaines)
La ricerca folklorica
Ricerche di matematica
Ricerche economiche
Ricerche filosofiche e materiali storico-testuali (Bruniana & campanelliana)
Rice science
Richmond journal of global law and business
[+] Richmond journal of law & technology
RICR (Revue internationale de la Croix-Rouge (1999))
RIC reviews
RIdIM-RCMI newsletter
Rīgas Tehniskās universitātes zinātniskie raksti. 3. Sērija, Ekonomika un uzņēmējdarbība = Series 3, Economics and business.
RI/IR (Industrial relations)
The Rijksmuseum bulletin
RILI (Revista internacional de lingüística iberoamericana)
RILP. (Review of international law and politics)
RIMI (Journal of international migration and integration)
RIPL. (John Marshall review of intellectual property law)
RIS (Review of international studies)
R.I.S.J. (International journal for the semiotics of law)
Risk analysis
Risk and insurance (The Journal of risk and insurance)
Risk and insurance theory (The Geneva papers on risk and insurance theory)
Risk and reliability (Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.)
Risk, decision and policy
Risk finance (The journal of risk finance)
Risk, issues in health & safety
Risk management
Risk management and insurance review
Risk management in financial institutions (Journal of risk management in financial institutions)
Risk & regulation
Risk research (Journal of risk research)
RISP (International political science review)
River research and applications
River teeth
Rives Méditerranéennes
Rives Nord méditerranéennes
Rivista degli studi orientali
La Rivista del Nuovo cimento
Rivista di cultura classica e medioevale
Rivista di filologia e di istruzione classica
Rivista di filosofia neo-scolastica
Rivista di neuroradiologia
Rivista di storia della chiesa in Italia
Rivista di studi fenici
Rivista di studi politici internazionali
Rivista internazionale di economia dei trasporti
Rivista internazionale di scienze sociali
Rivista internazionale di scienze sociali e discipline ausiliarie
Rivista italiana di musicologia
Rivʻon le-khalkalah
Rivʻon le-vanḳaʼut.
RJLR (Rutgers journal of law & religion)
RJLUP (Rutgers journal of law & urban policy)
RJPBCS (Research journal of pharmaceutical, biological and chemical sciences)
R & L (Religion & literature)
RLAWS (Southern California review of law and women's studies)
RLC (Revue de littérature comparée)
RLJ (Russian language journal)
RLSJ (Southern California review of law and social justice)
R.M.A. research chronicle
RMB (Reproductive medicine and biology)
RNA biology
RNAi and gene silencing (Journal of RNAi and gene silencing)
[+] RNA Silencing
Road to Emmaus
ROAPE (Review of African political economy)
Robotics (IEEE transactions on robotics)
Robotics and autonomous systems
Robotics and computer-integrated manufacturing
Robotics & automation (IEEE robotics & automation magazine)
Robotics research (The International journal of robotics research)
Rock mechanics
Rock mechanics and rock engineering
Rock music studies
The Rocky Mountain journal of mathematics
Rocky Mountain law review
Rocky Mountain review
Rocky Mountain review of language and literature
Roczniki filozoficzne
Rocznik medyczny (Polish annals of medicine)
Roentgenology (Seminars in roentgenology)
Roeper review
Roger Williams University law review
Romance notes
Romance philology
Romance quarterly
Romance studies
Roman fort og Gellygaer in the county of Glamorgan (Reports and transactions (Cardiff Naturalists' Society))
Romanian journal of environmental law
Romanian journal of marketing
Romanian review of private law (Revista romana de drept privat)
Romanic review
Romanische Forschungen
Romani studies
Roman legal tradition
Romanticism and Victorianism on the net
[+] Romanticism on the net
Romanticism past and present
Romantic textualities
R.O.M.M. (Revue de l'Occident musulman et de la Méditerranée)
ROMS (Review of marketing science)
RoSA (Religions of South Asia)
The rose, the shamrock, and the thistle
Rossiĭskai︠a︡ arkheologii︠a︡
Rossiĭskai︠a︡ istorii︠a︡
Rotman international journal of pension management
Round robin (Merry and wise)
Roundtable (The University of Chicago Law School roundtable)
The round table
Roundtable reports (The journal of museum education)
Roundtable reports
Roundtable symposium law journal (Southern New England roundtable symposium law journal)
Routledge's every boy's annual (Every boy's magazine)
Routledge's every girls annual
Roux's Archives of developmental biology
Royal Academy pictures
Royal Academy pictures. (The magazine of art)
Royal Anthropological Institute news (RAIN)
The royal female magazine
Royal Historical Society transactions (Transactions of the Royal Historical Society)
Royal Institute of Chemistry reviews (RIC reviews)
Royal Institute of Philosophy lectures
Royal Institute of Philosophy lecture series
Royal Institute of Philosophy supplement
The royal magazine; or, Gentleman's monthly companion
Royal Musical Association research chronicle (Research chronicle)
The Royal Sanitary Institute journal
Royal Society for the Promotion of Health journal
Royal Society of Arts journal (RSA journal)
Royal Society of Chemistry advances (RSC advances)
Royal Society of Health journal
Royal studies journal
RP (Research policy)
R&P (Research & politics)
R & PA (Rhetoric & public affairs)
RPC (Canadian pharmacists journal)
RPHRM (Research & practice in human resource management)
RPS (Research in pharmaceutical sciences)
RRA notes
RRDP (Revista romana de drept privat)
RRI (Reading research and instruction)
RRPE (The review of radical political economics)
RRQ (Reading research quarterly)
R&RR (Reformation & Renaissance review)
RRT (Reviews in religion and theology)
RS (Research strategies)
RSA journal
RSAP (Research in social & administrative pharmacy)
RSC advances
RSE (Rassegna di studi etiopici)
RSF (New York, N.Y. Online)
RSNA index to imaging literature
RSPD (Research and practice for persons with severe disabilities)
RSQ (Rhetoric Society quarterly)
RSR (Reference services review)
RSR (Recherches de science religieuse)
RS & T (Religious studies and theology)
RTBM (Research in transportation business & management)
RTE (Research in the teaching of English)
RTP (Regulatory toxicology and pharmacology)
RTS (Recherche--transports--sécurité)
Rue Descartes
Rural China
Rural history
Rural management (International journal of rural management)
Rural sociology
Rural Theology: international, ecumenical and interdisciplinary perspectives
RURDS (Review of urban & regional development studies)
The RUSI journal
RUSI Whitehall papers (Whitehall papers)
Russell Sage Foundation journal of the social sciences (RSF (New York, N.Y. Online))
Russia (Country report.)
Russian aeronautics (Iz VUZ)
Russian agricultural sciences
Russian chemical bulletin
Russian chemical reviews
Russian & East European finance and trade
Russian economic trends
Russian electrical engineering
Russian engineering research
Russian geology and geophysics (Geologii︠a︡ i geofizika.)
Russian history
Russian journal of applied chemistry
Russian journal of biological invasions
Russian journal of bioorganic chemistry
Russian journal of coordination chemistry
Russian journal of developmental biology
Russian journal of ecology
Russian journal of electrochemistry
Russian journal of general chemistry
Russian journal of genetics
Russian Journal of Genetics: Applied Research
Russian journal of inorganic chemistry
Russian journal of marine biology
Russian journal of mathematical physics
Russian journal of nondestructive testing
Russian journal of non-ferrous metals
Russian journal of organic chemistry
Russian journal of pacific geology
Russian journal of physical chemistry
Russian journal of physical chemistry. A
Russian journal of physical chemistry. B
Russian journal of plant physiology
Russian language journal
Russian linguistics
Russian literature
Russian mathematical surveys
Russian mathematics
Russian metallurgy (Metally)
Russian meteorology and hydrology
Russian microelectronics
Russian physics journal
The Russian review
Russian studies in philosophy
Russkai︠a︡ literatura
Russkiĭ i︠az︡yk (Russian language journal)
Rutgers bankruptcy law journal
Rutgers business law journal
Rutgers Camden law journal
Rutgers computer & technology law journal
Rutgers journal--computers, technology, and the law
Rutgers journal of computers and the law
Rutgers journal of law & public policy
Rutgers journal of law & religion
Rutgers journal of law & urban policy
Rutgers law journal
Rutgers law review
Rutgers race & the law review
Rutgers University law review
RVQ (Revista virtual de química)

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