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E-journals for letter O
OAH magazine of history (Magazine of history)
OAP (Official architecture and planning)
TOC Obere extremität
TOC Obésité
Obesity (International journal of obesity)
Obesity research
Obesity research & clinical practice
TOC Obesity reviews
TOC Obesity surgery
Obituary notices of fellows of the Royal Society
TOC Objectif croissance (Réformes économiques)
L'Observateur de l'OCDE
Observateur économique canadien (Canadian economic observer)
Observateur : revue mensuelle de legislation et de jurisprudence (Examiner (Montréal, Québec : 1861))
Observations et diagnostics économiques. Revue de l'OFCE
The observator
Observator (London, England : 1682)
The Observatory
Observer (The OECD observer)
The observer
Obsidian (2006-)
Obsidian II
Obsidian III
Obstetrical & gynecological survey
TOC The obstetrician & gynaecologist
Obstetrics and gynecology
TOC Obstetrics and gynecology international
Obstetrics, gynaecology & reproductive medicine
Occasional bulletin
Occasional bulletin of missionary research
Occasional paper (Garden History Society)
Occasional papers (European economy.)
Occasional papers (Council for British Archaeology) (CBA occasional papers)
Occasional papers (Norges bank : Oslo, Norway : Online)
Occasional papers on Korea
Occasional papers/reprints series in contemporary Asian studies
TOC Occupational and environmental health (International archives of occupational and environmental health)
Occupational and environmental medicine
Occupational hazards
Occupational health
TOC Occupational medicine
Occupational pensions
Occupational psychology
Occupational therapy
TOC Occupational therapy international
Occupational therapy journal of research (OTJR)
Ocean and coastal law journal
TOC Ocean & coastal management
TOC Ocean development and international law
TOC Ocean dynamics
TOC Ocean engineering
TOC Oceania
TOC Oceanic and coastal sea research (Journal of Ocean University of China.)
TOC Oceanic linguistics
Oceanic linguistics special publication
Ocean management
TOC Ocean modelling
Oceanographic abstracts (Deep-sea research and oceanographic abstracts)
TOC Oceanographic research papers (Deep sea research.)
Oceanographic research papers (Deep-sea research.)
Oceanologica acta
Oceanological and hydrobiological studies
TOC Oceanology
Oceans (JGR.)
TOC Ocean science
TOC Ocean science discussions
Ocean science journal
Ocean & shoreline management
Ocean yearbook
The Ochsner journal
TOC OCLC systems and services
The ocular surface
Odontologie (EMC.)
TOC Odontology
ODP initial reports (Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program.)
[+] ODP proceedings. Scientific results (Proceedings of the Ocean Drilling Program.)
OD practitioner
TOC OECD DAC journal on development (OECD journal on development)
OECD economic outlook
OECD economic studies
[+] OECD economic surveys
OECD economic surveys. Australia
OECD economic surveys. Austria
OECD economic surveys. Baltic States
OECD economic surveys. Belgium
OECD economic surveys. Belgium-Luxembourg
OECD economic surveys. Brazil
OECD economic surveys. Bulgaria
OECD economic surveys. Canada
OECD economic surveys. Chile
OECD economic surveys. China
OECD economic surveys. Colombia
OECD economic surveys. Czech Republic
OECD economic surveys. Denmark
OECD economic surveys. Estonia
OECD economic surveys. Euro area
OECD economic surveys. European Union
OECD Economic Surveys. Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
OECD economic surveys. Finland
OECD economic surveys. France
OECD economic surveys. Germany
OECD economic surveys. Greece
OECD economic surveys. Hungary
OECD economic surveys. Iceland
[+] OECD Economic Surveys. India
OECD economic surveys. Indonesia
OECD economic surveys. Ireland
OECD economic surveys. Israel
OECD economic surveys. Italy
OECD economic surveys. Japan
OECD economic surveys. Korea
OECD economic surveys. Luxembourg
OECD economic surveys. Mexico
OECD economic surveys. Netherlands
OECD economic surveys. New Zealand
OECD economic surveys. Norway
OECD economic surveys. Poland
OECD economic surveys. Portugal
OECD economic surveys. Romania
OECD economic surveys. Russian Federation
OECD economic surveys. Slovak Republic
[+] OECD Economic Surveys. Slovenia
OECD economic surveys. South Africa
OECD economic surveys. Spain
OECD economic surveys. Sweden
OECD economic surveys. Switzerland
OECD economic surveys. Turkey
OECD economic surveys. Ukraine
OECD economic surveys. United Kingdom
OECD economic surveys. United States
OECD Economic Surveys. Yugoslavia
OECD indicators (Education at a glance)
OECD journal of competition law and policy
OECD journal on budgeting
TOC OECD journal on development
The OECD observer
TOC [+] OECD papers
TOC Oecologia
Offender rehabilitation
Official architecture and planning
Official bulletin of Tax Executives Institute, inc (The Tax executive)
Official journal (League of Nations) (League of Nations official journal)
TOC Official journal of the Anatomische Gesellschaft (Annals of anatomy)
[+] Official journal of the European Union
Official Journal of the European Union supplement (TED)
Official journal of the Society for Pediatric Pathology and the Paediatric Pathology Society (Pediatric and developmental pathology)
Official organ of the Law Students' Debating Society (Chancery Lane)
Off our backs
Off the record
Ogbomoso journal of theology
OH (Occupational hazards)
TOC Ohio history
Ohio mycological bulletin
Ohio Northern University intramural law review
Ohio Northern University law review
The Ohio sociologist
Ohio State journal of criminal law
Ohio State journal on dispute resolution
Ohio State law journal
The Ohio State University law journal
Ohio Valley history
The Ohio Valley sociologist
TOC Oikos
Oil and soap
Oil & chemical pollution
Oil & energy trends
Oil & fat industries
Oil & petrochemical pollution
Oil shale (Gori︠u︡chie slant︠s︡y)
OJCS (Open journal of cardiovascular surgery)
OJLR (The Oxford journal of law and religion)
[+] OJ online (Official journal of the European Union)
OJOT (Ogbomoso journal of theology)
Oklahoma City University law review
Oklahoma law journal
Oklahoma law review
[+] OKR (The World Bank open knowledge repository)
Old Bailey proceedings (The proceedings of the Old Bailey)
Old England's journal
Old English newsletter
Old guard (Cornell, Wisconsin : Online).
Old Guard (Michigan, North Dakota : Online).
The Old & New Testament student
[+] Old risks-new solutions, or is it the other way around?
The Old Testament student
The old Whig
Old woman's magazine (The midwife, or, The old woman's magazine)
[+] Oligonucleotide Synthesis
Le follet
[+] OLZ (Orientalistische Literaturzeitung)
Oman (Country report.)
TOC Oman journal of ophthalmology
TOC Omega
Omicron Chi Epsilon journal (Journal of Omicron Chi Epsilon)
Once a week (London, England)
TOC Oncogene
TOC Oncologie
TOC The oncologist
TOC Oncology (The lancet oncology)
TOC Oncology (Current treatment options in oncology)
Oncology (Clinical Medicine Insights.)
Oncology (Reports of practical oncology)
TOC Oncology and radiotherapy (Reports of practical oncology and radiotherapy)
Oncology nursing (European journal of oncology nursing)
TOC Oncology pharmacy practice (Journal of oncology pharmacy practice)
TOC Oncology reviews
One museum (Annual report.)
TOC Der Onkologe
TOC Onkopipeline
Online & CDROM review
TOC Online information review
Online-Journal (
[+] The Online journal of current clinical trials
Online journal of the RCSEd (The surgeon)
Online libraries and microcomputers (Information intelligence, online libraries, and microcomputers)
On-line review
On paper
TOC On the horizon
OOPS messenger (ACM SIGPLAN OOPS messenger)
OPD restauro
TOC OPEC energy review
OPEC review
The open applied physics journal
The open biomedical engineering journal
The open catalysis journal
The open chemical and biomedical methods journal
The open chemical physics journal
The open condensed matter physics journal
The open dentistry journal
TOC Open economies review
[+] Open glycoscience
Open journal of cardiovascular surgery
[+] Open knowledge repository (The World Bank open knowledge repository)
TOC Open learning
The open macromolecules journal
The open medical informatics journal
The open medicinal chemistry journal
Open medicine
The open microbiology journal
The open natural products journal
The open nursing journal
The open ophthalmology journal
The open orthopaedics journal
The open physical chemistry journal
The open plasma physics journal
Open proteomics. (EuPA open proteomics)
The open respiratory medicine journal
Open respiratory research. (BMJ open respiratory research)
The open rheumatology journal
The open surface science journal
The open virology journal
TOC The Opera quarterly
[+] Operating and planning electricity grids with variable renewable generation
Operating systems review (ACM SIGOPS Operating systems review)
[+] An operational framework for managing fiscal commitments from public-private partnerships
TOC Operational Research
Operational research quarterly (1950).
Operational research quarterly (1970).
Operations management
TOC Operations management research
TOC Operations research (Mathematical methods of operations research)
TOC Operations research
Operations research for health care
TOC Operations research letters
Operations Research Society of America journal on computing (ORSA journal on computing)
Operative neurosurgery
TOC Operative Orthopädie und Traumatologie
Operative techniques in cardiac & thoracic surgery
Operative techniques in general surgery
Operative techniques in neurosurgery
TOC Operative techniques in orthopaedics
TOC Operative techniques in otolaryngology--head and neck surgery
Operative techniques in plastic and reconstructive surgery
TOC Operative techniques in sports medicine
TOC Operative techniques in thoracic and cardiovascular surgery
[+] Ophtalmologie (EMC.)
TOC Ophthalmic and physiological optics
TOC Ophthalmology (BMC ophthalmology)
Opificio delle pietre dure restauro (OPD restauro)
Opportunistic pathogens
TOC Opsearch
TOC Der Opthalmologe
TOC Optical and quantum electronics
TOC Optical engineering
TOC Optical fiber technology
TOC Optical materials
TOC Optical memory & neural networks
TOC Optical physics (Journal of the Optical Society of America.)
TOC Optical review
Optical switching and networking
TOC Optics (Optik)
TOC Optics and lasers in engineering
TOC Optics and spectroscopy
TOC Optics communications
TOC Optics express
TOC Optics, image science, and vision (Journal of the Optical Society of America.)
TOC Optics & laser technology
TOC Optics letters
Optics technology
TOC Optik
TOC Optimal control applications and methods
TOC Optimization and engineering
TOC Optimization letters
Optique appliquée (Nouvelle revue d'optique appliquée)
Optoelectronics (IEE proceedings.)
Optoelectronics (IET optoelectronics)
Optoelectronics (IEE proceedings.)
TOC Optoelectronics, instrumentation, and data processing
TOC Optoelectronics letters
TOC Opto-electronics review
TOC Optometry
TOC OQE (Optical and quantum electronics)
TOC OR (The journal of the Operational Research Society)
TOC Oral and maxillofacial surgery (British journal of oral and maxillofacial surgery)
TOC Oral and maxillofacial surgery
TOC Oral diseases
TOC Oral health (BMC oral health)
Oral history
TOC The oral history review
TOC Oral microbiology and immunology
TOC Oral oncology
Oral oncology (European journal of cancer.)
Oral oncology extra
TOC Oral oncology supplement
TOC Oral radiology
Oral science international
TOC Oral surgery
Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology and oral radiology
Oral surgery, oral medicine, oral pathology, oral radiology and endodontology
Orate fratres
TOC Orbis
TOC Orbis litterarum
Orbital: the electronic journal of chemistry
The orchestra musical review
TOC Order
TOC Ore geology reviews
Oregon historical quarterly
[+] Oregon law review
Oregon review of international law
TOC Organic agriculture
Organic and bio-organic chemistry (Journal of the Chemical Society.)
TOC Organic & biomolecular chemistry
TOC Organic chemistry (Annual reports on the progress of chemistry.)
Organic chemistry (Journal of the Chemical Society.)
[+] Organic chemistry frontiers
Organic chemistry insights
TOC Organic electronics
TOC Organic geochemistry
Organic letters
Organic process research & development
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Czech Republic (OECD economic surveys.)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development economic outlook (OECD economic outlook)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and development economic studies (OECD economic studies)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development economic surveys. Austria (OECD economic surveys.)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development economic surveys. Chile (OECD economic surveys.)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development economic surveys. Euro area (OECD economic surveys.)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development economic surveys. Italy (OECD economic surveys.)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development economic surveys. Luxembourg (OECD economic surveys.)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development economic surveys. Netherlands (OECD economic surveys.)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development economic surveys. Turkey (OECD economic surveys.)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development journal of competition law and policy (OECD journal of competition law and policy)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development observer (The OECD observer)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Slovak Republic (OECD economic surveys.)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development surveys. Mexico (OECD economic surveys.)
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development surveys Sweden (OECD economic surveys.)
Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development economic surveys. Poland (OECD economic surveys.)
Organisationsberatung, supervision, clinical management
TOC Organisationsberatung, Supervision, Coaching
TOC Organised sound
TOC Organisms, diversity, & evolution
The Organist
Organizacijø vadyba
TOC Organization
Organizational analysis
TOC Organizational behavior and human decision processes
Organizational behavior and human performance
The Organizational behavior teaching review
TOC Organizational dynamics
Organizational psychology review
TOC Organizational research methods
Organization development journal
Organization development practitioner (OD practitioner)
TOC Organization & environment
Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development economic surveys. Greece (OECD economic surveys.)
TOC Organization management journal
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries review (OPEC review)
TOC Organization science
TOC Organization studies
Organization theory and behavior (International journal of organization theory and behavior)
TOC Organized sound (Organised sound)
Oriens extremus
The Oriental herald and journal of general literature
Orientalia Lovaniensia periodica
[+] Orientalistische Literaturzeitung
Oriente moderno
Orientierungen zur Wirtschafts- und Gesellschaftspolitik
Origins of life
TOC Origins of life and evolution of the biosphere
TOC ORIJ (Operational Research)
OR insight
Orion (Johannesburg, South Africa : Online)
Ornis Scandinavica
TOC Ornithological monographs
The ornithologists' and oologists' semi-annual
Orphanet journal of rare diseases
O.R. quarterly (Operational research quarterly (1970).)
ORSA journal on computing
TOC OR Spectrum
TOC Orthodontics & craniofacial research
Orthodontic waves
TOC Orthopäde
The orthopaedic journal of sports medicine
Orthopaedics (Journal of orthopaedics)
TOC Orthopaedics and Trauma
TOC Orthopaedics & traumatology, surgery & research
TOC Orthopaedic surgery and research (Journal of orthopaedic surgery and research)
Orthopedics and traumatology
Orthopédie traumatologie
TOC Oryx
TOC OS (Ocean science)
Osaka journal of mathematics
Osaka mathematical journal
OSC (Organisationsberatung, supervision, clinical management)
TOC OSD (Ocean science discussions)
Osgoode Hall law journal
TOC Osiris
OSN (Optical switching and networking)
Osong public health and research perspectives
TOC Osteoarchaeology (International journal of osteoarchaeology)
TOC Osteoarthritis and cartilage
Osteopathic medicine and primary care
TOC Osteopathische medizin
TOC Osteoporosis international
Österreichische botanische Zeitschrift
TOC Österreichische Wasser- und Abfallwirtschaft
TOC Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie (ÖZS, Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie)
Otago law review
[+] Others
Otolaryngology--head and neck surgery
OTO open
Oto-rhino-laryngologie (EMC.)
TOC OTSR (Orthopaedics & traumatology, surgery & research)
Ottawa law review
TOC OUCLJ (Oxford University commonwealth law journal)
TOC Oud Holland
Our corner
Our darlings (Father William's stories)
Our economy. (Naše gospodarstvo)
Our little dots
Our planet
Our young folk's weekly budget
Outlook environmental journal
Outlook environmental law journal
Outlook (London, England : 1898)
Outlook on agriculture
Outreach (Development outreach)
Overland monthly and Out West magazine
Overtures and preludes (The ... annual of hermeneutics & social concern)
The owl
The owl
The Owl of Minerva
Oxberry's dramatic biography, and histrionic anecdotes
Oxberry's dramatic biography, or, The green-room spy
The Oxford and Cambridge magazine
TOC Oxford art journal
Oxford Brookes University Business School - International journal of evidence based coaching and mentoring (International journal of evidence based coaching and mentoring)
TOC Oxford bulletin of economics and statistics
TOC Oxford development studies
TOC Oxford economic papers
TOC Oxford German studies
Oxford journal
TOC Oxford journal of archaeology
The Oxford journal of law and religion
TOC Oxford journal of legal studies
TOC The Oxford literary review
The Oxford magazine, or, Universal museum
TOC Oxford review of economic policy
TOC Oxford review of education
TOC Oxford University commonwealth law journal
TOC Oxidation of metals
Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity
Ōyō jiki honʼyaku jānaru (IEEE translation journal on magnetics in Japan)
TOC ÖZS, Österreichische Zeitschrift für Soziologie

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