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E-journals for letter N
NAAJ (North American actuarial journal)
TOC Nabokov studies
NACE journal
Nachrichten der Internationalen Arthur Schnitzler Forschungsgesellschaft (Journal of the International Arthur Schnitzler Research Association)
Nachrichten für wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken
Nachrichten von der Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen. Mathematisch-Physikalische Klasse
Nachrichten von der Königl. Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften und der Georg-Augusts-Universität zu Göttingen
NACLA newsletter
NACLA Report on the Americas (1977)
NACLA report on the Americas (1993-)
    ProQuest: 1 Sep 1997 -
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1 May 1993 -
NACLA's Latin America and empire report
NACTA journal
TOC NAD (North American dialogue)
    AnthroSource: 1 Nov 1991 - 31 Dec 2017
    Wiley: 1 Nov 1991 -
NAEA news
NAER (Journal of new approaches in educational research)
[+] Nagoya mathematical journal
    Cambridge University Press: 2006-
    Project Euclid: 1950-2015
TOC NAINR (Newborn and infant nursing reviews)
NANE bulletin (Bulletin of the National Association for Nursery Education)
Nankai business review international
TOC Nan nü
Nanobiotechnology (IEE proceedings.)
Nanobiotechnology (IET nanobiotechnology)
TOC Nanobiotechnology
[+] NanoBiotechnology Protocols
TOC Nano communication networks
Nano energy
TOC Nanoengineering and nanosystems (Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.)
TOC Nanoethics
Nano futures
Nano letters
Nanomanufacturing and Metrology
TOC Nano research
Nano reviews
Nano reviews & experiments
TOC Nanoscale
Nanoscale horizons
TOC Nanoscale research letters
Nanoscale systems
Nanoscience and nanotechnology (Advances in natural sciences.)
Nanoscience methods
Nanostructured materials
Nano-structures & nano-objects
TOC Nanotechnologies in Russia
TOC Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology and microelectronics (Journal of vacuum science & technology.)
Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering
Nanotechnology express (IEEE nanotechnology express)
Nanotechnology for environmental engineering
TOC Nanotechnology, IEEE transactions on (IEEE transactions on nanotechnology)
[+] Nanotechnology law & business
TOC Nanotechnology magazine (IEEE nanotechnology magazine)
TOC Nanotoday (Materials today)
Nano today
NAPA bulletin
    AnthroSource: 1985-2010
    Wiley: 1985-2010
NaPoC (Nephrology @ point of care)
Napoleonica. La revue
Narcotics enforcement & prevention digest
Narodnostopanski arhiv International edition.
TOC NAR online (Nucleic acids research)
    Oxford Open Access: 1974-
    PubMed Central: 1974-
TOC Narrative
    Jstor: 1993-2015
    Project Muse: 2002-
Narrative culture
    Jstor: 2014-2017
    Literature Online: 1 Mar 2015 -
    Project Muse: 1 Mar 2018 -
Narrative inquiry in bioethics
    Project Muse: 2011-
    ProQuest: (excluding last year)
NASA bulletin (Bulletin of the National Association of Student Anthropologists)
Naše gospodarstvo
TOC Nashim
    Jstor: 1998-2017
    Project Muse: 2000-
Nashra (Columbus, Ohio : Online)
Nashrat Qanāt al-Suways (Monthly report)
Nash's Pall Mall magazine
NASIG newsletter
NASN school nurse
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 1999 - 1 Jul 2002
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-2009
NASPA journal about women in higher education (Journal about women in higher education)
    ProQuest: 2013- (excluding last 180 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2008-
NASSP bulletin
    ProQuest: 1 Oct 1995 -
    Sage: 1940-
NAT (Nordisk alkohol- & narkotikatidskrift)
    ProQuest: 2011-2016
    Sage Open Access: 1984-
Nathaniel Hawthorne Review
National Academy notes including the complete catalogue of the spring exhibition, National Academy of Design
National Academy science letters
National Art Education Association news (NAEA news)
National Association for the Practice of Anthropology bulletin (NAPA bulletin)
    AnthroSource: 1985-2010
    Wiley: 1985-2010
National Association of Colleges and Employers journal (NACE journal)
National Association of Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture journal. (NACTA journal)
National Association of School Nurses school nurse (NASN school nurse)
National Association of Secondary School Principals bulletin (NASSP bulletin)
    ProQuest: 1 Oct 1995 -
    Sage: 1940-
National Association of Secondary-School Principals yearbook (Yearbook of the National Association of Secondary School Principals)
National Association of Student Personnel Administrators journal (NASPA)
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 1999 - 1 Jul 2002
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-2009
National Black law journal
National Bureau of Economic Research International Seminar on Macroeconomics (NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics)
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 2009 - 30 Jun 2013
    Jstor: 2004-2012
National Bureau of Economic Research macroeconomics annual (NBER macroeconomics annual)
    EBSCO: 1 Oct 1997 -
    Jstor: 1986-2015
National Bureau of Economic Research reporter (NBER reporter)
National Catholic reporter
TOC National civic review
National Gallery technical bulletin
TOC National identities
The National income tax magazine
TOC National Institute economic review
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Feb 2017 -
    Jstor: 1959-2017
    Sage: 1959-2019
The national interest
    Jstor: 1 Jul 1985 - 31 Dec 2017
    ProQuest: 1 Jul 1995 -
Nationalism & ethnic politics
Nationalities papers
    Cambridge University Press: 2014-
    ProQuest: 1 Mar 1998 - 1 Sep 2000
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1972-2018
National journal of education
The national journal, or, The country gazette
National law review
National Law School of India review
National Lawyers Guild practitioner (The Guild practitioner)
National Library of Wales journal (Cylchgrawn Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru)
The national magazine
The national magazine, and general review
National magazine (London, England)
The national marketing review
National mathematics magazine
National news letter of Phi Delta Kappa
National Observer
National productivity review
    EBSCO: 1 Sep 1994 - 1 Sep 2000
    Wiley: 1 Mar 2000 - 30 Nov 2000
National rehabilitation news
National review (London, England : 1855)
National review (London, England : 1883)
National Science Teachers Association express. (NSTA express)
National security law & policy (Journal of national security law & policy)
    HeinOnline: 2005-
    ProQuest: 1 Jul 2010 -
National Taiwan University law review
National tax journal
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1965 -
    Jstor: 1948-2017
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1948-1995
The National tax magazine
National Trust forum journal (Forum journal)
National University of Juridical Sciences law review (NUJS law review)
National Women's Studies Association journal (NWSA journal)
    Jstor: 1988-2009
    Literature Online: 1 Sep 2001 - 31 Oct 2009
    Project Muse: 1999-2009
TOC Nations and nationalism
Native American and Indigenous Studies
    Jstor: 2014-2017
    Project Muse: 2015-
TOC Native plants journal
TOC Native south
    Project Muse: 2008-
    ProQuest: 2012-
Nat'l L. Sch. India rev (National Law School of India review)
TOC Natural computing
Natural gas
TOC Natural gas & electricity
    EBSCO: 1 Jul 2003 - (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1 Oct 2003 -
TOC Natural hazards
TOC Natural hazards and earth system sciences
TOC Natural language engineering
TOC Natural language & linguistic theory
    Jstor: 1983-2017
    ProQuest: 1 Feb 1997 - (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1983-
TOC Natural language semantics
    Jstor: 1992-2017
    SpringerLINK: 1992-
Natural law forum
TOC Natural medicines (Journal of natural medicines)
Natural product communications
Natural product R & D (Tian ran chan wu yan jiu yu kai fa)
TOC Natural product reports
[+] Natural Products Isolation
TOC Natural resource modeling
Natural resources & environment
    HeinOnline: 1985-2014
    Jstor: 1985-2017
TOC Natural resources forum
Natural resources journal
Natural resources law newsletter
Natural resources lawyer
    HeinOnline: 1968-1985
    Jstor: 1 Jan 1968 - 30 Apr 1985
Natural resources research
Natural sciences
Natural sciences education
    ProQuest: 2013-2015
    Wiley: 1 Dec 2013 -
TOC Nature
TOC Nature and culture
Nature and space (Environment and planning.)
TOC Nature biotechnology
TOC Nature cell biology
TOC Nature chemical biology
Nature chemistry
Nature climate change
Nature communications
Nature, culture and literature
Nature ecology & evolution
[+] Nature electronics
TOC Nature genetics
TOC Nature geoscience
Nature human behaviour
TOC Nature immunology
Nature in Wales
TOC Nature materials
TOC Nature medicine
TOC Nature methods
TOC Nature nanotechnology
TOC Nature neuroscience
[+] Nature Partner Journals 2D materials and applications (npj 2D materials and applications)
Nature Partner Journals clean water (npj clean water)
[+] Nature Partner Journals climate and atmospheric science (npj climate and atmospheric science)
Nature Partner Journals flexible electronics (Npj flexible electronics)
Nature Partner Journals precision oncology (NPJ precision oncology)
Nature Partner Journals quantum materials (npj quantum materials)
Nature partner journals science of food (NPJ science of food)
Nature photonics
TOC Nature physics
Nature plants
TOC [+] Nature protocols
TOC Nature reports. Climate change
Nature reviews. Chemistry
Nature reviews. Genetics
TOC Nature reviews. Neuroscience
TOC Nature structural & molecular biology
TOC Natur und Recht
TOC Die Naturwissenschaften
    Digizeitschriften: 1913-1992
    SpringerLINK: 1913-
TOC Naturwissenschaften, Technik und Medizin (NTM)
Naturwissenschaftliche Rundschau
TOC Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's archives of pharmacology
[+] Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Archiv für experimentelle Pathologie und Pharmakologie
Naunyn-Schmiedebergs archiv für pharmakologie
Naval law review
TOC Naval research logistics
    EBSCO: 1 Aug 2012 - (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1996-
Naval War College international law situations (International law situations)
Ñawpa pacha
    Jstor: 1963-2013
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2006-
NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 2009 - 30 Jun 2013
    Jstor: 2004-2012
NBER macroeconomics annual
    EBSCO: 1 Oct 1997 -
    Jstor: 1986-2015
NBER papers in asset pricing
NBER papers in corporate finance
NBER papers in international capital flows
NBER papers in international finance and macroeconomics
NBER papers in international trade and investment
NBER papers in monetary economics
NBER reporter
NBER tax policy and the economy
    EBSCO: 1997-
    Jstor: 1987-2015
NBP (Nonlinear biomedical physics)
N.C. Cent. L. J. (North Carolina Central law journal)
NCJAE (North Central journal of agricultural economics)
N.C. j. int'l l. & comm. reg. (North Carolina journal of international law and commercial regulation)
    EBSCO: 1 Sep 2006 -
    HeinOnline: 1976-2016
N.C. J.L. & Tech. (North Carolina journal of law & technology)
TOC NCL-E (Nineteenth-century literature)
    Caliber: 2001-2020
    Jstor: 1 Apr 1986 - 31 Dec 2017
    Literature Online: 1 Mar 2002 - 31 Dec 2012
N.C. L. Rev. (North Carolina law review)
NCLR Online (North Carolina literary review online)
NCP (Nutrition in clinical practice)
NCRÉ (Nouveaux cahiers de la recherche en éducation)
NCT (Nineteenth century theatre)
TOC ND (Neural development)
NDEJ (Notre Dame English journal)
N.D. journal of legislation
N.D. L. Rev. (North Dakota law review)
NDR (New disease reports)
TOC NDT & E international
NDT international
NDT plus
Near Eastern archaeology
    ATLA Serials: 1998- (excluding last year)
    Ebscohost: 2001-
    Jstor: 1998-2017
    University of Chicago Press: 1998-
Near infrared spectroscopy news (NIR news)
Near surface geophysics
NEA today
Nebraska journal of economics and business
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1962 - 30 Jun 1983
    Jstor: 1 Jan 1962 - 30 Sep 1983
Nebraska law bulletin
Nebraska law journal
TOC Nebraska law review
Nederlandsch archief voor kerkgeschiedenis
    ATLA Serials: 1993-2005
    Brill: 1908-2005
    Ebscohost: 1999-2005
    Jstor: 1900-2005
Nederlands kunsthistorisch jaarboek
    Brill: 1999-
    Jstor: 1947-2017
Nederlands tijdschrift voor internationaal recht
Neftekhimiya (Petroleum chemistry: U.S.S.R.)
TOC Neftekhimiya (Petroleum chemistry)
    EBSCO: 2010- (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 2006-
TOC Negotiation journal
    ProQuest: 1999- (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1997-2011
Negro American literature forum
The Negro educational review
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1950-2000
    ProQuest: 2004-2016
Negro history bulletin
    Jstor: 1 Oct 1937 - 31 Dec 2001
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1 Oct 1937 - 31 Dec 1987
Nekhen news
TOC Nematology
NEMLA newsletter
Nemzetbiztonsagi Szemle = National Security Review
Nemzet és Biztonság
TOC Neohelicon
Neo-Latin news. (Seventeenth century news)
TOC Neophilologus
    Literature Online: 1997- (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1916-
TOC Neorganicheskie materialy. (Inorganic materials)
    ATLA Serials: 1997- (excluding last 2 years)
    Jstor: 1967-2017
    Project Muse: 2015-
Neotropical biodiversity
TOC Neotropical entomology
TOC Der Nephrologe
[+] Néphrologie (EMC.)
TOC Néphrologie & thérapeutique
TOC Nephrology (BMC nephrology)
TOC Nephrology
TOC Nephrology, dialysis, transplantation
Nephrology dialysis transplantation plus (NDT plus)
Nephrology @ point of care
Neprikosnovennyĭ zapas
NER/BLQ (New England review and bread loaf quarterly)
TOC Nervenarzt
Netherlands (Country report.)
TOC Netherlands international law review
Netherlands international law review (Nederlands tijdschrift voor internationaal recht)
Netherlands journal of agricultural science
Netherlands journal of aquatic ecology
Netherlands journal of geosciences (Geologie en mijnbouw)
Netherlands journal of housing and environmental research
    Jstor: 1986-1990
    SpringerLINK: 1986-1990
Netherlands journal of housing and the built environment
    Jstor: 1991-1999
    SpringerLINK: 1991-1999
Netherlands journal of medicine
    Free E-Resources: 1 Mar 2002 -
    ScienceDirect: 1995-2001
Netherlands journal of plant pathology
Netherlands journal of sea research
Netherlands journal of zoology
Netherlands quarterly of human rights
Netherlands yearbook for history of art (Nederlands kunsthistorisch jaarboek)
    Brill: 1999-
    Jstor: 1947-2017
TOC Netherlands yearbook of international law
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Dec 1970 - 31 Dec 2003
    ProQuest: 1 Dec 2006 - 31 Dec 2014
TOC Netnomics
TOC NETS (Networks and spatial economics)
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 2004 - (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 2001-
TOC Network
TOC Network (IEEE network)
Network and service management (IEEE transactions on network and service management)
Network biology
[+] Networking science
Network neuroscience
Network news
TOC Networks
TOC Networks and spatial economics
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 2004 - (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 2001-
Network science
Network science and engineering (IEEE transactions on network science and engineering)
TOC Network security
NetworkWorld Asia
Neue Kriminalpolitik
Neue politische Literatur
Neuer Anzeiger für Bibliographie und Bibliothekwissenschaft
Neues Archiv der Gesellschaft für ältere deutsche Geschichtskunde zur Beförderung einer Gesammtausgabe der Quellenschriften deutscher Geschichten des Mittelalters
Neue Zeitschrift für Musik (1991)
Neue Zeitschrift für systematische Theologie
TOC Neue Zeitschrift für systematische Theologie und Religionsphilosophie
    ATLA Serials: 1963- (excluding last 2 years)
    De Gruyter: 1995-
[+] Neuphilologische Mitteilungen
TOC Neural computing & applications
TOC Neural development
TOC Neural engineering (Journal of neural engineering)
TOC Neural networks
TOC Neural networks (IEEE transactions on neural networks)
TOC Neural processing letters
TOC Neural systems and rehabilitation engineering (IEEE transactions on neural systems and rehabilitation engineering)
Neural systems & circuits
TOC Neurobiology of aging
TOC Neurobiology of disease
TOC Neurobiology of learning and memory
TOC Neurocase
TOC Neurochemical journal
Neurochemical pathology
TOC Neurochemical research
TOC Neurochemistry international
Neurocirugía (English Edition)
TOC Neurocomputing
TOC Neurocritical care
TOC Neuroethics
TOC Neurogastroenterology and motility
TOC Neurogenetics
The neurohospitalist
TOC NeuroImage
TOC [+] Neuroimaging (Psychiatry research.)
TOC Neuroinflammation (Journal of neuroinflammation)
TOC Neuroinformatics
Neurologia i neurochirurgia polska
TOC Neurological sciences
Neurological sciences (The Italian journal of neurological sciences)
[+] Neurologie (EMC.)
TOC Neurology (BMC neurology)
TOC Neurology (Lancet.)
TOC Neurology (Current treatment options in neurology)
Neurology and clinical neuroscience
TOC Neurology, India
TOC Neurology international
Neurology, psychiatry, and brain research
TOC Neurology research international
TOC Neurol sci (Neurological sciences)
TOC Neuromodulation
TOC Neuromolecular medicine
TOC Neuromuscular disorders
TOC Neuron
Neuronal signaling
Neuro-oncology practice
TOC Neuropathology
TOC Neuropathology and applied neurobiology
TOC Neuropharmacology
[+] Neurophotonics
TOC Neurophysiologie clinique
TOC Das Neurophysiologie-Labor
TOC Neurophysiology
Neuropsychiatric genetics (American journal of medical genetics.)
TOC Neuropsychiatrie de l'enfance et de l'adolescence
TOC Neuropsychologia
TOC Neuropsychological rehabilitation
TOC Neuropsychology
TOC Neuropsychology (Journal of neuropsychology)
Neuropsychology, development, and cognition. Section B, Aging, neuropsychology and cognition (Aging, neuropsychology and cognition)
TOC Neuropsychology review
    Nature Publishing Group: 1993-
    PubMed Central: 2010- (excluding last year)
    ScienceDirect: 1995-2002
Neuropsychopharmacology reports
TOC Neuroradiology
Neuroradiology journal
Neurorehabilitation and neural repair
TOC NeuroRx
TOC Neuroscience (BMC neuroscience)
TOC Neuroscience
TOC Neuroscience (Nature neuroscience)
TOC Neuroscience (Nature reviews.)
TOC Neuroscience and behavioral physiology
TOC Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews
TOC Neuroscience bulletin
Neuroscience insights
TOC Neuroscience letters
[+] Neuroscience of consciousness
    Oxford Open Access: 2015-
    Oxford University Press: 2015-
TOC Neuroscience research
Neuroscience research. Supplement
Neurosciences (Seminars in neuroscience)
TOC The neuroscientist
TOC Neurosurgical review
TOC Neurotherapeutics
TOC Neurotoxicity research
TOC Neurotoxicology
TOC Neurotoxicology and teratology
TOC Neurourology and urodynamics
Nevada law journal
The new age
The new annual register, or General repository of history, politics, and literature
New approaches in educational research. (Journal of new approaches in educational research)
TOC New astronomy
TOC New astronomy reviews
The new Atlantis
The New bioethics
TOC New biotechnology
TOC New Blackfriars
    Jstor: 1 Oct 1964 - 31 Dec 2015
    Wiley: 1997-
TOC Newborn and infant nursing reviews
The new British lady's magazine
TOC New carbon materials
The Newcastle general magazine
The Newcastle law review
The Newcastle magazine
TOC New centennial review (CR)
    Jstor: 2001-2017
    Literature Online: 1 Jan 2004 - 31 May 2011
    Project Muse: 2001-
The new century review
New coin
New community
[+] The new compass
New concilium (Concilium)
TOC New criminal law review
    Jstor: 2007-2017
    ProQuest: 1 Jan 2007 - 1 Oct 2012
The new criterion
TOC New directions for adult and continuing education
TOC New directions for child and adolescent development
TOC New directions for community colleges
TOC New directions for evaluation
TOC New directions for higher education
TOC New directions for institutional research
New directions for philanthropic fundraising
TOC New directions for student services
TOC New directions for teaching and learning
TOC New directions for youth development
New disease reports
New dramatic censor (The mirror of the stage, or, New dramatic censor)
The new ecologist
New economy
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1998 - 31 Dec 2004
    Wiley: 1997-2004
The New educator
New England economic review
The New Englander
New Englander and Yale review
New England journal of education (The Journal of education)
    Jstor: 1892-2017
    Sage: 1980-
New England journal of education
New England journal of public policy
New England journal on criminal and civil confinement
New England journal on prison law
New England law review
The New-England magazine
The New England magazine
TOC The New England quarterly
    Jstor: 1928-2017
    Literature Online: 1 Sep 1997 - 31 Dec 2004
New England review
New England review and bread loaf quarterly
New England review (Middlebury, Vt.)
    Jstor: 1 Sep 1990 - 31 Dec 2016
    Literature Online: 1 Sep 1997 -
    Project Muse: 2011-
New Europe law review
TOC New forests
New formations
    Literature Online: 2007-
    Project Muse: 2013-
The New freewoman
New frontiers in spatial concepts. (Journal of new frontiers in spatial concepts)
TOC New generation computing
TOC New genetics and society
New Geographical Literature and Maps
TOC New German critique
    Duke University Press: 1 Dec 2006 -
    Jstor: 1973-2015
New global development
New global studies
TOC New hibernia review
    Jstor: 1997-2016
    Project Muse: 2001-
New horizon
TOC New ideas in psychology
New internationalist
The New Irish jurist and local government review
    HeinOnline: 15 Nov 1900 - 4 Nov 1904
    Jstor: 15 Nov 1900 - 4 Nov 1904
The New Jersey journal of communication
New Jersey law review (1915 : Online)
New Jersey law review (1935 : Online)
New Jersey Project journal (Transformations)
    Jstor: 1990-2017
    Project Muse: 2014-
TOC New journal of chemistry
New journal of European criminal law
TOC New journal of physics
TOC New labor forum
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 2003 - 1 Apr 2016
    Jstor: 1997-2017
    Project Muse: 2010-2012
    Sage: 1 Feb 2010 -
The New law journal
New Left review
TOC New library world
    Emerald: 1898-2004, 1 Mar 2007 - 31 Dec 2016
    ProQuest: 1993-
TOC New literary history
    Jstor: 1969-2015
    Literature Online: 1996- (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 1995-
The new London magazine, or, Every man's complete monthly repository of knowledge, instruction, and entertainment
Newman studies journal
New Marketing Research Journal
New media & society
New medieval literatures
New Mexico anthropologist
New monthly (London, England)
The New path
New perspectives
    Jstor: 2015-2017
    Sage Open Access: 1 Mar 2015 -
New perspectives on Turkey
TOC New perspectives quarterly
TOC The new phytologist
    Jstor: 1902-2017
    Wiley: 1902-
TOC New political economy
    ProQuest: 1 Nov 1997 - 30 Nov 2000
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1 Mar 1996 -
New political science
New Princeton review (The Princeton review)
New quarterly magazine
The new quarterly musical review
The new quarterly review, and digest of current literature, British, American, French, and German, for the year ...
The new quarterly review, or, Home, foreign and colonial journal
New readings
The new republic
New review (London, England : 1889)
New review of academic librarianship
New review of children's literature and librarianship
New review of film and television studies
New review of information networking
The new review, or, Monthly analysis of general literature
News and studies on Mesoamerica (Mexicon)
New satirist (The satirist, or, Censor of the times)
News bulletin (Institute of Pacific Relations)
The news bulletin of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association
New scientist
News for the general practitioner
News in physiological sciences
The newsletter
Newsletter (IPL newsletter)
Newsletter (IEEE acoustics, speech, and signal processing newsletter)
Newsletter (Newsletter of the Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada)
Newsletter (Newsletter (Museum Ethnographers' Group))
Newsletter (The Joseph Conrad Society (U.K.) newsletter)
Newsletter (Newsletter (Turkish Studies Association))
Newsletter (Newsletter (Turkish Studies Group (U.S.)))
Newsletter (African Music Society)
Newsletter (Association for Israel Studies)
Newsletter (Association of American Library Schools)
Newsletter (Commission on Nomadic Peoples)
Newsletter, European labor and working class history
    Cambridge University Press: 1 May 1972 - 31 Dec 1975
    Jstor: 1972-1975
Newsletter, fourteenth-century English mystics (Newsletter on the fourteenth-century English mystics)
Newsletter (Henry Sweet Society for the History of Linguistic Ideas)
Newsletter (IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society newsletter) (IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society newsletter)
Newsletter - Institute of Radio Engineers, Professional Group on Audio (Newsletter of the IRE Professional Group on Audio)
Newsletter (Museum Ethnographers' Group)
Newsletter (National Conference on Literature and Religion)
Newsletter of lithic technology
Newsletter of micropalaeontology
The newsletter of PEGS
Newsletter of the American Anthropological Association
Newsletter of the Association for Political and Legal Anthropology
    AnthroSource: 1 Sep 1973 - 30 Nov 1986
    HeinOnline: 1 Feb 1977 - 30 Nov 1986
    Jstor: 1 Feb 1977 - 30 Nov 1986
Newsletter of the Association for Preservation Technology
Newsletter of the Association for Study of American Indian Literatures
News letter of the College English Association
Newsletter of the Conference on Christianity and Literature
    ATLA Serials: 1966-1972
    Jstor: 1 Mar 1962 - 31 Dec 1972
    Sage: 1950-1972
Newsletter of the Environmental Law Section (State Bar section report.)
Newsletter of the federal courts (The third branch)
Newsletter of the Forum Committee on Franchising
    HeinOnline: 1 Jan 1980 - 30 Sep 1981
    Jstor: 1 Jan 1980 - 30 Sep 1981
Newsletter of the IRE Professional Group on Audio
Newsletter of the Law Library Association of Greater New York (The Legist)
Newsletter of the Program on Public Conceptions of Science
Newsletter of the Section of Real Property, Probate and Trust Law
Newsletter of the Study Group in Greek Political Thought (Polis)
Newsletter of the Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada
Newsletter on arms control and disarmament (ACA newsletter)
Newsletter on science, technology & human values
    Jstor: 1 Oct 1976 - 30 Sep 1978
    Sage: 1 Oct 1976 - 30 Sep 1978
Newsletter on the fourteenth-century English mystics
Newsletter Rhetoric Society of America (Rhetoric Society of America newsletter)
Newsletter (Turkish Studies Association)
Newsletter (Turkish Studies Group (U.S.))
Newsletter (World Union of Jewish Studies)
New society
New solutions
New South Wales law journal (The University of New South Wales law journal)
Newspaper research journal
    ProQuest: 1994-
    Sage: 1 Nov 1979 -
The new spectator
The new sporting magazine
New surveys in the classics (Greece & Rome.)
TOC New technology, work, and employment
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1997 - (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1997 -
TOC New Testament studies
TOC New theatre quarterly
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Feb 1985 -
    Literature Online: 2002- (excluding last year)
The new universal magazine, or, Miscellany of historical, philosophical, political and polite literature
[+] New visions of AI in practice (Intelligence (New York, N.Y. : 1999 : Online))
New water policy & practice
New West-Indian guide (Nieuwe West-Indische gids)
New West Indian Guide / Nieuwe West-Indische Gids
    Brill Open Access: 1919-
    Jstor: 1992-2017
The New wonderful magazine and marvellous chronicle
New writing
New York City law review
New York economic review
New Yorker (New York, N.Y. : 1925)
New York general law magazine (The city-hall reporter, and, New-York general law magazine)
New York history
    Jstor: 1932-2018
    Project Muse: 1 Dec 2013 -
New York journal of mathematics
The New York Latin leaflet
New York law forum
New York law review (Ithaca, N.Y.)
New-York law review (New York, N.Y. : 1923)
New York law review (New York, N.Y. : 1940)
New York Law School human rights annual
New York Law School journal of human rights
New York Law School journal of international and comparative law
New York Law School law review
New York Law School review
New York Law School student law review (Student law review)
New York sea grant law and policy journal
New York Sea Grant law & policy journal (Sea Grant law and policy journal)
New York Shakespeare Society bulletin, (Bulletin of the New York Shakespear Society)
[+] The New York times
    Infotrac Custom Newspapers: 1985- (excluding last 0 years)
    New York Times: 2013-
[+] New York Times (TimesMachine)
The New York times current history of the European war
New York University annual survey of American law
New York University environmental law journal
New York University journal of international law & politics
New York University journal of law and business (NYU journal of law & business)
New York University journal of law & liberty (NYU journal of law & liberty)
New York University journal of legislation and public policy
New York University law quarterly review
New York University law review. (Annual survey of American law)
New York University law review (1925)
New York University law review (1950)
New York University review of law & social change
New Zealand (Country report.)
New Zealand apparel
New Zealand armed forces law review
New Zealand economic papers
TOC New Zealand geographer
New Zealand journal of applied business research
TOC New Zealand journal of environmental law
New Zealand journal of forestry science
    Free E-Resources: 1 Jan 1971 -
    SpringerLINK: 1 Feb 2013 - 31 Dec 2018
New Zealand Journal of French Studies
New Zealand journal of geology and geophysics
New Zealand journal of poetry and poetics (Ka mate ka ora)
New Zealand journal of public and international law
New Zealand journal of social sciences online (Kōtuitui)
New Zealand law review
New Zealand official yearbook
New Zealand recent law review
New Zealand Slavonic journal
TOC The New Zealand yearbook of international law
Nexus (Anaheim, Calif. : Online)
TOC Nexus network journal
NFD (Information Wissenschaft & Praxis)
NG (Naše gospodarstvo)
TOC NGC (New German critique)
    Duke University Press: 1 Dec 2006 -
    Jstor: 1973-2015
NI (New internationalist)
TOC NiB (NMR in biomedicine)
Nichi-Bei josei jānaru (U.S.-Japan women's journal)
    Jstor: 2003-2017
    Project Muse: 2012-
Nichibunken (Japan review)
Nicotine & tobacco research
TOC Niesr National Institute economic review (National Institute economic review)
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Feb 2017 -
    Jstor: 1959-2017
    Sage: 1959-2019
Nieuwe West-Indische gids (New West Indian Guide / Nieuwe West-Indische Gids)
    Brill Open Access: 1919-
    Jstor: 1992-2017
Nieuwe West-Indische gids
Nigeria (Country report.)
TOC Nihon chikusan Gakkaihō (Animal science journal)
Nihonkai mathematical journal
Nihon Tenmon Gakkai Ōbun kenkyū hōkoku (Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan)
    Astrophysics Data Service: 1949-2000
    Oxford University Press: 1996-
TOC NILR (Netherlands international law review)
The Nineteenth Century
The Nineteenth century and after
Nineteenth-century art worldwide
Nineteenth-century contexts
Nineteenth-century fiction
TOC Nineteenth-century French studies
    Jstor: 1972-2017
    Project Muse: 2001-
TOC Nineteenth-century literature
    Caliber: 2001-2020
    Jstor: 1 Apr 1986 - 31 Dec 2017
    Literature Online: 1 Mar 2002 - 31 Dec 2012
TOC Nineteenth century music (19th century music)
    Caliber: 2001-2020
    Jstor: 1977-2017
Nineteenth-century music review
Nineteenth century theatre
Nineteenth century theatre and film
    Literature Online: 1 Jun 2002 - 31 Dec 2013
    Sage: 1999-
Nineteenth century theatre research
NIPS (News in physiological sciences)
NIR news
TOC Nitric oxide
NJB (Nordic journal of business)
TOC NJC (New journal of chemistry)
NJEB (Nebraska journal of economics and business)
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1962 - 30 Jun 1983
    Jstor: 1 Jan 1962 - 30 Sep 1983
NJECL (New journal of European criminal law)
NJG (Geologie en mijnbouw)
NJLSP (Northwestern journal of law and social policy)
    HeinOnline: 2006-
    ProQuest: 1 Oct 2013 -
TOC NJP (New journal of physics)
NJTIP (Northwestern journal of technology and intellectual property)
    Duke University Press: 1 Sep 1994 -
    Project Muse: 1994-
TOC NLH (New literary history)
    Jstor: 1969-2015
    Literature Online: 1996- (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 1995-
NLSIR (National Law School of India review)
TOC NM (Nutrition & metabolism)
TOC NMB (Nuclear medicine and biology)
TOC NMCD (Nutrition, metabolism, and cardiovascular diseases)
TOC NML (Nonprofit management & leadership)
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1998 - (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1998 -
TOC NMM (Neuromolecular medicine)
TOC NMR in biomedicine
TOC NO (Nitric oxide)
TOC NoDEA (Nonlinear differential equations and applications)
Noin chŏngsin ŭihak
Noise control
Noise & vibration worldwide
Nomadic peoples
    Jstor: 1980-2017
    ProQuest: 2008- (excluding last 3 years)
Non-destructive testing
TOC Non-destructive testing and evaluation international (NDT & E international)
Non-destructive testing international (NDT international)
TOC [+] Nonlinear analysis
TOC Nonlinear analysis (Annales de l'Institut Henri Poincaré.)
Nonlinear analysis. Hybrid systems
TOC Nonlinear analysis. Real world applications
Nonlinear biomedical physics
TOC Nonlinear differential equations and applications
TOC Nonlinear dynamics
Nonlinear dynamics and econometrics (Studies in nonlinear dynamics and econometrics)
TOC Nonlinearity
TOC Nonlinear oscillations
TOC [+] Nonlinear phenomena (Physica.)
TOC Nonlinear processes in geophysics
Nonprofit and social economy research (Canadian journal of nonprofit and social economy research)
TOC Nonprofit and voluntary sector marketing (International journal of nonprofit and voluntary sector marketing)
    EBSCO: 1 Feb 2001 - (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1 Feb 1999 -
TOC Nonprofit and voluntary sector quarterly
TOC Nonprofit business advisor
The Nonprofit counsel
TOC Nonprofit management & leadership
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1998 - (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1998 -
TOC The Nonproliferation review
Non-state actors and international law
    Brill: 2001-2005
    HeinOnline: 2001-2005
Nordic Irish studies
Nordic journal of business
Nordic journal of childLit aesthetics
Nordic journal of circumpolar societies (Acta borealia)
Nordic journal of human rights
TOC Nordic journal of international law
    Brill: 1947-
    EBSCO: 1 Feb 1996 - (excluding last 3 years)
    HeinOnline: 1986-2014
TOC Nordic journal of linguistics
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Jun 1978 -
    Literature Online: 2003- (excluding last year)
    ProQuest: 1 Jun 2003 - (excluding last year)
Nordic journal of music therapy
Nordic journal of music therapy (Nordisk tidsskrift for musikkterapi)
Nordic journal of nursing research
Nordic journal of nursing research and clinical studies (Vård i Norden)
Nordic journal of philosophical logic
Nordic journal of philosophy (Sats)
Nordic journal of studies in educational policy
TOC Nordic journal of women's studies (NORA)
TOC Nordic journal of youth research (Young)
Nordicom review
Nordic psychology
    PsycARTICLES: 2006-2011
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2006-
Nordic pulp & paper research journal
Nordic social work research
Nordisk alkohol- & narkotikatidskrift
    ProQuest: 2011-2016
    Sage Open Access: 1984-
Nordisk judaistik
Nordisk matematisk tidskrift
Nordisk psykologi
[+] Nordisk tidsskrift for international ret
    Brill: 1931-1945
    HeinOnline: 1930-1985
Nordisk tidsskrift for musikkterapi
Norges Bank: Doctoral Dissertations in Economics
Norma, international journal for masculinity studies
Normal (The Maine normal)
TOC Norsk geografisk tidsskrift
TOC North African studies (The journal of North African studies)
North African studies (Studi magrebini)
North American actuarial journal
North American archaeologist
North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture journal. (NACTA journal)
North American Congress on Latin America Latin America and empire report (NACLA's Latin America and empire report)
North American Congress on Latin America newsletter (NACLA newsletter)
North American Congress on Latin America report on the Americas (NACLA report on the Americas (1993-))
    ProQuest: 1 Sep 1997 -
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1 May 1993 -
North American Congress on Latin America Report on the Americas (NACLA Report on the Americas (1977))
North American Congress on Latin America Report on the Americas (Report on the Americas)
TOC North American dialogue
    AnthroSource: 1 Nov 1991 - 31 Dec 2017
    Wiley: 1 Nov 1991 -
TOC North American journal of aquaculture
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2011-2014
    Wiley: 1999-
TOC North American journal of economics and finance
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1996 - 1 Mar 2001
    ScienceDirect: 1992-
North American journal of finance and banking research
TOC North American journal of fisheries management
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2011-2014
    Wiley: 1 Feb 1996 -
The North American review
    Jstor: 1 Jul 1821 - 31 Dec 2017
    Making of America: 1 May 1815 - 31 Dec 1900
The North-American review and miscellaneous journal
North American review of economics and finance
North American Serials Interest Group newsletter (NASIG newsletter)
The Northampton miscellany, or, monthly amusements, &c.
The North British review
The North Briton
The North Briton
North Carolina banking institute
North Carolina Central law journal
North Carolina College law journal
The North Carolina high school bulletin
The North Carolina historical review
North Carolina journal of international law and commercial regulation
    EBSCO: 1 Sep 2006 -
    HeinOnline: 1976-2016
North Carolina journal of law
North Carolina journal of law & technology
North Carolina law journal
North Carolina law review
North Carolina literary review online
North Central journal of agricultural economics
[+] North China Herald
North Dakota bar briefs
North Dakota law review
TOC Northeast African studies
    Jstor: 1979-2017
    Project Muse: 1994-
Northeastern law review
TOC Northeastern naturalist
Northeastern University law journal
Northeast Modern Language Association newsletter (NEMLA newsletter)
Northern economic review
Northern European journal of philosophy (Sats)
TOC Northern history
Northern Illinois University law review
The Northern Ireland law reports
The Northern Ireland legal quarterly
    HeinOnline: 1936-2015
    Queen's University of Belfast: 2017-
Northern Kentucky law review
Northern Kentucky State law forum
Northern notes and queries (The Scottish antiquary, or, Northern notes & queries)
Northern notes and queries
North Irish roots
[+] North Korea (Country report.)
The north of England magazine and Bradshaw's journal of politics, literature, science and art
North-Western European language evolution (NOWELE)
Northwestern interdisciplinary law review
Northwestern journal of international law & business
    EBSCO: 1 Sep 1999 -
    HeinOnline: 1979-
Northwestern journal of law and social policy
    HeinOnline: 2006-
    ProQuest: 1 Oct 2013 -
Northwestern journal of technology and intellectual property
The Northwestern law review
TOC Northwestern naturalist
Northwestern University journal of international human rights
    HeinOnline: 2003-
    ProQuest: 2014-
Northwestern University law review
Northwest review
Norway (Country report.)
TOC Norwegian archaeological review
TOC Norwegian journal of geography (Norsk geografisk tidsskrift)
The Norwich theatrical observer and Ranelagh spectator
Norwich University journal of information assurance
Notable acquisitions
Notas (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)
[+] Notebooks on geology (Carnets de géologie)
TOC Notes
    Jstor: 1934-2017
    Project Muse: 2000-
TOC Notes and queries
Notes and queries on subjects connected with the counties of Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex and Norfolk (The East Anglian; or, Notes and queries on subjects connected with the counties of Suffolk, Cambridge, Essex and Norfolk)
TOC Notes and records of the Royal Society of London
    Jstor: 1938-2017
    Royal Society: 1938-
TOC Notfall & Rettungsmedizin
Notices of the American Mathematical Society
Notices of the International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians
Noticias y contribuciones sobre Mesoamérica" (Mexicon)
Notizblatt des Königl. botanischen Gartens und Museums zu Berlin
Notre Dame English journal
Notre Dame international and comparative law journal
Notre Dame international law journal
Notre Dame journal of formal logic
Notre Dame journal of law, ethics & public policy
Notre Dame journal of legislation (N.D. journal of legislation)
Notre Dame law reporter
The Notre Dame law review
The Notre Dame lawyer
Nottingham French studies
Nottingham law journal
Nottingham mediaeval studies
TOC Noûs
    Jstor: 1 Mar 1967 - 31 Dec 2015
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1997 -
Le nouveau magazine littéraire
Nouveaux cahiers de la recherche en éducation
Nouveaux mémoires de l'Académie royale des sciences et belles-lettres de Bruxelles
La Nouvelle revue des deux mondes
Nouvelle revue d'esthétique
Nouvelle revue des traditions populaires
Nouvelle revue d'optique
Nouvelle revue d'optique appliquée
Nouvelle revue du XVIe siècle
Nouvelle revue historique de droit français et étranger
Nouvelle revue théologique
TOC Nouvelles études francophones
    Jstor: 2004-2017
    Project Muse: 1 Mar 2010 -
Nouvelles questions féministes
Nova et vetera
Nova law journal
Nova law review
TOC Nova religio
    ATLA Serials: 1 Oct 1997 - 31 Dec 2002
    Jstor: 1997-2017
    Project Muse: 1 Aug 2018 -
    Duke University Press: 1999-
    Jstor: 1967-2015
    Literature Online: 1 Dec 1995 - 30 Mar 2010
The novel review
Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie
TOC Novum Testamentum
    ATLA Serials: 1956-2014
    Brill: 1957-2018
    Ebscohost: 1999- (excluding last 53 months)
    Jstor: 1956-2017
[+] Novyĭ mir
TOC NPG (Nonlinear processes in geophysics)
[+] npj 2D materials and applications
npj clean water
[+] npj climate and atmospheric science
[+] NPJ digital medicine
Npj flexible electronics
[+] npj materials degradation
NPJ precision oncology
npj quantum materials
NPJ science of food
NPL (Neue politische Literatur)
TOC NPQ (New perspectives quarterly)
TOC NPR (Natural product reports)
NQHR (Netherlands quarterly of human rights)
NRFH (Nueva revista de filología hispánica)
    Free E-Resources: 1947-
    Jstor: 1947-
TOC NRL (Nanoscale research letters)
NS (Canadian journal of Latin American and Caribbean studies)
NSF-CBMS regional conference series in probability and statistics
    Jstor: 1990-
    Project Euclid: 1989-
NSTA express
NSTA reports
NSWR (Nordic social work research)
NTEE (Nanotechnology for environmental engineering)
TOC NTQ (New theatre quarterly)
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Feb 1985 -
    Literature Online: 2002- (excluding last year)
NT research
NTU law review (National Taiwan University law review)
Nuclear and chemical waste management
TOC Nuclear and hadronic physics (Nuclear physics.)
TOC Nuclear and particle physics (Journal of physics.)
TOC Nuclear data sheets
TOC Nuclear engineering and design
Nuclear engineering and design/fusion
TOC Nuclear fusion
Nuclear instruments & methods
Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research
TOC Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research. Section A, Accelerators, spectrometers, detectors and associated equipment
TOC Nuclear instruments & methods in physics research. Section B, Beam interactions with materials and atoms
TOC Nuclear medical and imaging sciences (NMIS) (IEEE transactions on nuclear science)
TOC Nuclear medicine (BMC nuclear medicine)
TOC Nuclear medicine (Seminars in nuclear medicine)
TOC Nuclear medicine and biology
TOC Nuclear medicine and molecular imaging
Nuclear physics
TOC Nuclear physics. A
TOC [+] Nuclear physics. B
TOC Nuclear physics. B, Proceedings, supplements
Nuclear receptor
Nuclear receptor signaling
    PubMed Central: 2003-
    Sage Open Access: 2003-
TOC Nuclear science (IEEE transactions on nuclear science)
Nuclear science (IRE transactions on nuclear science)
Nuclear science and techniques
Nuclear structural engineering
Nucleic acids and related subjects (Biochimica et biophysica acta.)
TOC Nucleic acids research
    Oxford Open Access: 1974-
    PubMed Central: 1974-
Nucleic acids symposium series
Nuclei, particles and field (Il Nuovo cimento della Società italiana di fisica.)
TOC The Nucleus
Nueva revista de filología hispánica
    Free E-Resources: 1947-
    Jstor: 1947-
TOC Nuevo texto crítico
NU forum
NUJIA. (Norwich University journal of information assurance)
NUJS law review
TOC Numen
    ATLA Serials: 1954- (excluding last 5 years)
    Brill: 1954-
    Ebscohost: 1 Apr 1999 - (excluding last 5 years)
    Jstor: 1954-2017
TOC Numerical algorithms
TOC Numerical analysis and applications
TOC Numerical linear algebra with applications
TOC Numerical mathematics (BIT.)
TOC Numerical methods for partial differential equations
TOC Numerical methods in engineering (International journal for numerical methods in engineering)
TOC Numerische Mathematik
    Digizeitschriften: 1959-1994
    SpringerLINK: 1959-
The numismatic chronicle
The Numismatic chronicle and journal of the Numismatic Society
[+] The Numismatic chronicle and journal of the Royal Numismatic Society
[+] Numismatic chronicle (London, England : 1966)
The numismatic journal
Numismatic notes & monographs
[+] Nuncius
Il Nuovo cimento della Società italiana di fisica. A
Nuovo cimento della Società italiana di fisica. C
Il nuovo cimento della Società italiana di fisica. D, Condensed matter, atomic, molecular and chemical physics, biophysics
NURSA e-journal (Nuclear receptor signaling)
    PubMed Central: 2003-
    Sage Open Access: 2003-
TOC Nurse education in practice
    ProQuest: 1 Mar 2003 - (excluding last 60 days)
    ScienceDirect: 1 Mar 2001 -
Nurse education today
TOC Nurse leader
TOC Nursing (BMC nursing)
TOC Nursing ethics
TOC Nursing forum
Nursing for women's health
TOC Nursing & health sciences
Nursing homes
TOC Nursing in critical care
TOC Nursing inquiry
Nursing management
Nursing open
TOC Nursing outlook
TOC Nursing philosophy
TOC Nursing science quarterly
TOC Nursing terminologies and classifications (International journal of nursing terminologies and classifications)
Nursing times research (NT research)
Nutraceuticals research (Current topics in nutraceuticals research)
TOC Nutrient cycling in agroecosystems
TOC Nutrition
Nutritional anthropology
Nutrition and health
Nutrition and metabolic insights
TOC [+] Nutrition bulletin
TOC Nutrition clinique et métabolisme
TOC Nutrition & dietetics
TOC Nutrition & food science
Nutrition in clinical care
Nutrition in clinical practice
TOC Nutrition journal
TOC Nutrition & metabolism
TOC Nutrition, metabolism, and cardiovascular diseases
TOC Nutrition research
Nutrition research and practice
TOC Nutrition research reviews
TOC Nutrition reviews
    Oxford University Press: 1996-
    Wiley: 1997-2014
NW (NetWorker)
NWPP (New water policy & practice)
NWS (Network science)
NWSA journal
    Jstor: 1988-2009
    Literature Online: 1 Sep 2001 - 31 Oct 2009
    Project Muse: 1999-2009
TOC NWU, Potchefstroom electronic law journal (Potchefstroom electronic law journal)
The Nyasaland journal
N.Y. City L. Rev. (New York City law review)
NYJM (New York journal of mathematics)
Nyt Tidsskrift for Mathematik
NYU annual survey of American law (New York University annual survey of American law)
NYU environmental law journal (New York University environmental law journal)
N.Y.U. J. Int'l L. & Pol. (New York University journal of international law & politics)
NYU journal of law & business
NYU journal of law & liberty
TOC NZJEL (New Zealand journal of environmental law)
NZJFS (New Zealand journal of forestry science)
    Free E-Resources: 1 Jan 1971 -
    SpringerLINK: 1 Feb 2013 - 31 Dec 2018
NZJPIL (New Zealand journal of public and international law)
NZJS (Kōtuitui)
NZ recent law review (New Zealand recent law review)
NZ Women's studies journal (Women's studies journal)

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