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E-journals for letter M
M47 (Meridiano 47)
Maastricht journal of European and comparative law
    PubMed Central: 2009- (excluding last year)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2009- (excluding last year)
Macedonian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
TOC Machine learning
Machine tool design & resign research (International journal of machine tool design & research)
TOC Machine translation
    Jstor: 1989-2017
    SpringerLINK: 1989-
TOC Machine vision and applications
Macintosh world (Macworld)
Macmillan's magazine
Macquarie journal of business law
Macquarie journal of international and comparative environmental law
TOC Macquarie law journal
Macquarie Law Symposium
TOC Macroeconomic dynamics
Macroeconomics (The American economic journal.)
    American Economic Association: 2009-
    Jstor: 2009-2018
Macroeconomics and finance in emerging market economies
Macroeconomics annual (NBER macroeconomics annual)
    EBSCO: 1 Oct 1997 -
    Jstor: 1986-2015
TOC Macromarketing (Journal of macromarketing)
TOC Macromolecular bioscience
TOC Macromolecular chemistry and physics
TOC Macromolecular materials and engineering
TOC Macromolecular rapid communications
TOC Macromolecular research
TOC Macromolecular symposia
TOC Macromolecular theory and simulations
Madaʻe ha-Yahadut (Jewish studies)
Magazine for people in politics (Campaigns & elections)
The magazine of art
Magazine of concrete research
TOC Magazine of European medical oncology (Memo)
Magazine of history
    Jstor: 1985-2013
    Oxford University Press: 1 May 1985 - 31 Dec 2013
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 1998 - 31 Jan 2012
The magazine of magazines
The magazine of music
Magazine of the fine arts, and journal of literature and science. (Arnold's magazine of the fine arts)
Magazine of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
The magazine of useful knowledge and co-operative miscellany
TOC Magic, ritual, and witchcraft
    ScienceDirect: 1 Aug 1998 - 30 Nov 2002
    SpringerLINK: 1993-
Magnetic resonance (Concepts in magnetic resonance)
TOC Magnetic resonance engineering (Concepts in magnetic resonance.)
TOC Magnetic resonance imaging
TOC Magnetic resonance in chemistry
TOC Magnetic resonance in medicine
Magnetic resonance insights
Magnetic resonance. Part A, Bridging education and research (Concepts in magnetic resonance.)
TOC Magnetism and magnetic materials
The mailbox teacher
TOC Main economic indicators
The Maine journal of education
Maine law review
Maine naturalist
The Maine normal
Le Maître phonétique
TOC Majallah al-ʻArabīyah al-jihāz al-haḍm (Arab journal of gastroenterology)
Majallah-i tahqīqāt-i bāzāryābi-i nuvīn (New Marketing Research Journal)
Majallat al-dirāsāt al-ʻArabīyah (Arab studies journal)
    Jstor: 1993-2017
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 2007 -
Majallat al-dirāsāt al-Mamlūkīyah (Mamlūk studies review)
TOC Majallat al-dirāsāt al-Qurʹānīyah (Journal of Qur'anic studies)
    ATLA Serials: 1999-
    Edinburgh University Press: 1 Jan 2010 - 28 Feb 2018
    Jstor: 1999-2015
Majallat al-handasah al-wirāthīyah wa-al-biyūtiknūlūjīyah (Journal of genetic engineering & biotechnology)
Majallat al-Jamʻīyah al-Ṣiḥḥīyah al-Miṣrīyah (Journal of the Egyptian Public Health Association)
Majallat al-nuqūsh wa-al-rusūm al-ṣakhrīyah. (Journal of epigraphy and rock drawings)
Majallat dirāsāt al-lughah al-ʻArabīyah (Zeitschrift für arabische Linguistik)
    Digizeitschriften: 1978-2016
    Jstor: 1978-2015
Majallat Jāmiʻat al-Malik ʻAbd al-ʻAzīz. al-Iqtiṣād al-Islāmī
Majallat Jāmiʻat al-Malik ʻAbd al-ʻAzīz. al-Iqtiṣād wa-al-idārah
MAJB (Mid-American journal of business)
Makara. Seri sains
Make'ting gwahag yeon'gu (Journal of global academy of marketing science)
Making the rounds in health, faith, & ethics
Maladies infectieuses (EMC.)
TOC Malaria journal
Malaya law review
    HeinOnline: 1 Jul 1962 - 31 Dec 1990
    Jstor: 1 Jul 1962 - 31 Dec 1990
Malaysian accounting review
Malaysian journal of economic studies
Malaysian journal of ELT research
Mali Cozum Dergisi
Maliye Finans Yazilari
The Malta government gazette
Mamlūk studies review
Mammalian biology
TOC Mammalian genome
TOC Mammalian species
    Jstor: 1969-2017
    Oxford University Press: 2010-
TOC Mammal review
Management (Management (Koper, Slovenia))
Management (Management (Paris, France : 1998))
    EBSCO: 1 Feb 2010 -
    Free E-Resources: 1998-
[+] Management
Management (1429-9321)
Management accounting frontiers
TOC Management accounting research
Management & accounting review
Management agricol (Lucrǎri științifice.)
Management and engineering manufacture (Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.)
Management and labour studies
TOC Management and organization review
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Mar 2005 -
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 2005 - 30 Nov 2014
    Wiley: 2005-2014
TOC Management communication quarterly
TOC Management decision
Management development review
TOC Management education (Journal of management education)
    ProQuest: 1 Feb 1996 - 1 Dec 2007
    Sage: 1975-
Management education and development
TOC Management in education
Management information systems quarterly (MIS quarterly)
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1977 -
    Jstor: 1977-2015
Management Intercultural
Management international
Management international / International management / Gestión internacional
Management international review
Management (Koper, Slovenia)
TOC [+] Management learning
TOC Management of environmental quality
    Emerald: 2003-
    ProQuest: 1992-
Management of personnel quarterly
Management & organizational history
Management (Paris, France : 1998)
    EBSCO: 1 Feb 2010 -
    Free E-Resources: 1998-
TOC Management, procurement and law (Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers.)
Management & public policy. (Journal of management & public policy)
TOC Management report for nonunion organizations
Management research
TOC Management research news
TOC Management research review
Management review
TOC Management review. (IIMB management review)
TOC Management review (European management review)
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 2010 - (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1 Mar 2004 -
Management revue
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 2004 - 1 Mar 2019
    Jstor: 1990-2017
TOC Management science
    EBSCO: 1 Oct 1954 - (excluding last 5 years)
    INFORMS: 1998-
    Jstor: 1954-2015
Management Science and Financial Engineering
Management teaching review
Management technology
Management theory and studies for rural business and infrastructure development
TOC Managerial and decision economics
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1980 - (excluding last year)
    Jstor: 1980-2015
    Wiley: 1996-
TOC Managerial auditing journal
Managerial challenges of the contemporary society
TOC Managerial finance
TOC Managerial finance (International journal of managerial finance)
Managerial law
Managerial sciences (Journal of managerial sciences)
Manager update (Henley manager update)
Managing intellectual property
    EBSCO: 1 Jul 1998 - (excluding last 30 days)
    HeinOnline: 1 Nov 1991 - 31 Dec 2015
TOC Managing leisure
    EBSCO: 1 Jul 1998 - 31 Dec 2014
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1 Dec 1995 - 31 Dec 2014
Managing schools today
TOC Managing service quality
Managing sport and leisure
    EBSCO: 2015- (excluding last 548 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2015-
Man and the economy
Man and world
Manchester journal of international economic law
Manchester law students' chronicle
The Manchester law students' journal
TOC The Manchester school
    EBSCO: 1998- (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1997-
Mande studies
Mangroves and salt marshes
Manitoba law journal (1884)
Manitoba law journal (1966)
Manitoba Law School journal
The mankind quarterly
Man-machine systems (IEEE transactions on man-machine systems)
TOC Mānoa
    Jstor: 1989-2017
    Literature Online: 2011- (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 1999-
Manpower and unemployment research
Manpower and unemployment research in Africa
Manpower journal
Manual therapy
TOC Manuelle Medizin
The manufacturer & builder
Manufacturing letters
TOC Manufacturing & service operations management
Manufacturing technology, IEEE transactions on (IEEE transactions on manufacturing technology)
TOC Manufacturing technology management (Journal of manufacturing technology management)
TOC Manuscripta mathematica
    Digizeitschriften: 1969-1998
    SpringerLINK: 1 Mar 1969 -
The Maori law review
MA@PoC (Medicine access @ point of care)
Maravillas & cuentos (Merveilles & contes)
TOC Mar. biothchnol. (Marine biotechnology)
Marburger Jahrbuch für Kunstwissenschaft
    Digizeitschriften: 1924-2016
    Jstor: 1924-2017
Marcel Duchamp studies online journal (Tout-fait)
Marcel Proust aujourd'hui
TOC Marché financier et gestion de portefeuilles (Financial markets and portfolio management)
Margaret Atwood studies
Marine and coastal fisheries
Marine and coastal law (The international journal of marine and coastal law)
    Brill: 1993-
    HeinOnline: 1993-2013
TOC Marine and freshwater ecosystems (Aquatic conservation)
TOC Marine and petroleum geology
TOC Marine biodiversity
Marine biodiversity records
TOC Marine biology
TOC Marine biotechnology
TOC Marine chemistry
TOC Marine ecology
Marine ecology progress series
TOC Marine environmental research
Marine fisheries review
Marine genomics
TOC [+] Marine geology
TOC Marine geophysical researches
TOC Marine mammal science
TOC Marine micropaleontology
TOC Marine policy
TOC Marine pollution bulletin
TOC Marine research (Helgoland marine research)
The mariner's mirror
TOC Marine structures
Marine turtle newsletter
Maritime affairs
Maritime economics & logistics
TOC Maritime engineering (Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers.)
Maritime law journal (Loyola maritime law journal)
Maritime law journal (University of San Francisco maritime law journal)
The Maritime lawyer
Maritime policy & management
[+] Maritime research (Journal for maritime research)
Maritime studies and management
Market (Trziste)
    Jstor: 1979-2017
    ProQuest: 2000-2011
Marketing (0354-3471)
Marketing bulletin
TOC Marketing channels (Journal of marketing channels)
    EBSCO: 2000- (excluding last 548 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1991-
Marketing education review
    EBSCO: 1 Nov 1990 -
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
[+] Marketing from information to decision (The proceedings of the international conference "Marketing - from Information to Decision")
Marketing health services
Marketing insights
TOC Marketing intelligence & planning
Marketing intelligence review (GfK marketing intelligence review)
TOC Marketing letters
    EBSCO: 1 Dec 1989 - (excluding last year)
    Jstor: 1 Dec 1989 - 31 Dec 2017
    SpringerLINK: 1997-
Marketing management
Marketing management journal
TOC Marketing Review St. Gallen
Marketing review / Xing xiao ping lun
TOC Marketing science
    EBSCO: 1982- (excluding last 6 years)
    INFORMS: 1998-
    Jstor: 1982-2015
TOC Marketing theory
Market & social research
TOC Der Markt
TOC The Mark Twain annual
    Jstor: 2003-2017
    Project Muse: 2013-
    Wiley: 2003-2012
Mark Twain journal
    Jstor: 1954-2018
    Literature Online: 2004- (excluding last 2 years)
Mark Twain quarterly
Marlowe Studies
Marmara University Journal of Economic & Administrative Sciences
Marmara University Journal of the Faculty of Economic & Administrative Sciences
Marquette intellectual property law review
TOC [+] Marquette law review
Marquette sports law journal
Marquette sports law review
Marriage and family living
Marriage & family review
MARS (Mid-American review of sociology)
Marvel (Halfpenny marvel library)
TOC [+] Marvels & tales
    Jstor: 1997-2017
    Literature Online: 2004-
    Project Muse: 2001-
Marvels & tales (Merveilles & contes)
Marx Károly Közgazdaságtudományi Egyetem folyóirata (Egyetemi szemle)
Maryland International Law Society occassional papers series (Occasional papers/reprints series in contemporary Asian studies)
Maryland journal of contemporary legal issues
Maryland journal of international law and trade
Maryland law forum
Maryland law forum (The University of Maryland law forum)
Maryland law review (1901)
Maryland Law Review (1936)
Maryland quarterly
Maryland series in contemporary Asian studies
Maryland's interdisciplinary publication on race, religion, gender, and class (Margins)
Maryland tidewater news
Masaryk University journal of law and technology
The Massachusetts historical review
The Massachusetts review
    Jstor: 1959-2015
    Literature Online: 1994-
    Project Muse: 2015-
Massachusetts teacher (1858 : Online)
Massachusetts teacher (1873)
The Massachusetts teacher and journal of home and school education
Massachusetts teacher (Online)
Mass communication and society
TOC Mass spectrometry reviews
[+] Mast Cells
Master drawings
The Master's Seminary journal
    Brill: 2000-
    Literature Online: 2003-2015
TOC Matematicheskoe modelirovanie. (Mathematical models and computer simulations)
Matematički vesnik
TOC Matematika (Vestnik, St. Petersburg University.)
Matematisk tidsskrift. A.
Matematisk tidsskrift. B.
Material culture
Material design & processing communications
Material handling product news
Materiali e discussioni per l'analisi dei testi classici
    Casalini Digital Library: 2003-
    Jstor: 1978-2015
TOC Material religion
TOC Materials and corrosion
TOC Materials and manufacturing processes
TOC Materials and structures
TOC Materials characterization
TOC Materials chemistry and physics
Materials chemistry frontiers
[+] Materials degradation (npj materials degradation)
Materials & design
Materials discovery
Materials horizons
TOC Materials in electronics (Journal of materials science.)
TOC Materials in medicine (Journal of materials science.)
TOC Materials letters
Materials, mechanisms, circuits and storage (Energy harvesting and systems)
Materials research (Annual review of materials research)
    Annual Reviews: 2001-
    EBSCO: 2001-2005
TOC Materials research bulletin
Materials research express
Materials research letters
Materials Research Society bulletin (MRS bulletin)
Materials Research Society communications. (MRS communications)
Materials Research Society energy & sustainability. (MRS energy & sustainability)
TOC Materials science
Materials science and engineering (IOP conference series.)
TOC Materials science and engineering technology (Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik)
TOC Materials science and processing (Applied physics.)
TOC Materials science & engineering. A, Structural materials
TOC Materials science & engineering. B, Solid-state materials for advanced technology
TOC Materials science & engineering. C, Biomimetic materials, sensors and systems
TOC Materials science & engineering. R, Reports
TOC Materials science in semiconductor processing
Materials science--Poland
Materials Structure
TOC Materials today
[+] Materials Today
Materials today Chemistry.
Materials today communications
Materials today energy
Materials today nano
[+] Materials today physics
Materials today sustainability
TOC Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik
Materiaux et construction
Matériaux pour l'histoire de notre temps
    CAIRN: 2006-
    Persee: 1985-2002
TOC Maternal and child health journal
TOC Maternal & child nutrition
Mathematica (Acta Facultatis Rerum Naturalium Universitatis Comenianae.)
Mathematica bohemica
TOC Mathematical and computer modelling
Mathematical and physical sciences (Philosophical transactions of the Royal Society of London.)
    Jstor: 1 Nov 1934 - 30 Jun 1990
    Royal Society: 1 Jan 1934 - 30 Jun 1990
Mathematical and physical sciences (Proceedings.)
    Jstor: 1 Jul 1990 - 31 Dec 1995
    Royal Society: 1 Jul 1990 - 31 Dec 1995
Mathematical and physical sciences (Proceedings of the Royal Society of London.)
    Jstor: 1 Nov 1934 - 30 Jun 1990
    Royal Society: 1 Nov 1934 - 30 Jun 1990
Mathematical and physical sciences (Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society)
Mathematical and physical sciences (Proceedings of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.)
Mathematical and theoretical (Journal of physics.)
Mathematical, astronomical, and physical science (Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy.)
TOC Mathematical biosciences
Mathematical engineering in industry
TOC Mathematical finance
    EBSCO: 1997- (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1991-
The mathematical gazette
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Mar 2010 -
    Jstor: 1894-2015
Mathematical geology
TOC Mathematical geosciences
TOC The mathematical intelligencer
TOC [+] Mathematical logic quarterly
TOC Mathematical medicine and biology
TOC [+] Mathematical methods in the applied sciences
TOC Mathematical methods of operations research
    EBSCO: 1 Feb 1998 - (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1956-
TOC Mathematical methods of statistics
Mathematical modelling
TOC Mathematical models and computer simulations
Mathematical notes (Edinburgh, Scotland)
TOC Mathematical notes (London, England)
TOC Mathematical, physical, and engineering sciences (Philosophical transactions.)
Mathematical, physical and engineering sciences (Proceedings of the Royal Society.)
    Jstor: 1996-2017
    Royal Society: 1996-
TOC Mathematical physics (Russian journal of mathematical physics)
TOC Mathematical physics, analysis, and geometry
Mathematical physics electronic journal (MPEJ)
Mathematical population studies
TOC Mathematical problems in engineering
TOC Mathematical proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society
TOC Mathematical proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy
TOC Mathematical programming
    EBSCO: 1999- (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1 Oct 1971 -
TOC Mathematical programming computation
Mathematical research letters
TOC Mathematical sciences (Proceedings.)
    Free E-Resources: 1978-
    SpringerLINK: 1 Feb 1978 -
Mathematical sciences (Indagationes Mathematicae (proceedings))
TOC Mathematical social sciences
Mathematical Society of Japan memoirs
[+] Mathematical statistics and probability (Sankhyā. Series A (2008-))
    Jstor: 2008-2015
    SpringerLINK: 2010-
TOC Mathematical structures in computer science
Mathematical systems theory
    EBSCO: 1996-1996
    SpringerLINK: 1967-1996
Mathematical tables and other aids to computation
TOC Mathematical thinking & learning
Mathematica pannonica
Mathematica scandinavica
    Digizeitschriften: 1953-1998
    Jstor: 1953-2015
TOC Mathematica Slovaca
    De Gruyter: 1 Feb 2007 -
    SpringerLINK: 1 Feb 2007 -
TOC Mathematics (Mediterranean journal of mathematics)
TOC Mathematics (Doklady.)
TOC Mathematics (Science in China.)
TOC Mathematics (Vestnik, St. Petersburg University.)
TOC Mathematics (Sbornik.)
Mathematics (Science China.)
Mathematics abstracts (Zentralblatt für Mathematik und Ihre Grenzgebiete)
Mathematics and computer education
TOC Mathematics and computers in simulation
TOC Mathematics and financial economics
TOC Mathematics and mechanics of solids
TOC Mathematics bulletin (Moscow University mathematics bulletin)
Mathematics education research journal
    ProQuest: 1 May 1997 - (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1997-
The Mathematics educator
The mathematics enthusiast
TOC Mathematics in computer science
Mathematics-in-industry case studies
Mathematics in school
Mathematics journal (Indiana University mathematics journal)
    Indiana University: 1952-2016
    Jstor: 1970-2017
TOC Mathematics magazine
Mathematics news letter
Mathematics of computation
    American Mathematical Society: 1943-
    Jstor: 1960-2015
TOC Mathematics of control, signals, and systems
TOC Mathematics of operations research
    EBSCO: 1 Feb 1976 - (excluding last 5 years)
    Jstor: 1976-2015
Mathematics of the USSR. Izvestija
Mathematics of the USSR. Sbornik
TOC Mathematics, physics, astronomy (Science in China.)
Mathematics, statistics and operational research connections (MSOR connections)
The mathematics teacher
    Jstor: 1 Sep 1908 - 31 Dec 2015
    ProQuest: 1 Jan 1992 - 31 Oct 2003
Mathematics teacher educator
Mathematics teaching
    ATM: 1997-
    ProQuest: 1 Dec 2004 -
Mathematics teaching in the middle school
    Jstor: 1994-2015
    ProQuest: 1 May 1998 - 31 Oct 2003
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Jun 1954 - 31 Dec 2009
    Wiley: 1 Jun 1954 -
TOC Mathematische Annalen
    Digizeitschriften: 1869-1996
    SpringerLINK: 1869-
TOC Mathematische Nachrichten
Mathematische Semesterberichte
TOC Mathematische Zeitschrift
    Digizeitschriften: 1918-1996
    SpringerLINK: 1918-
Mathematisk Tidsskrift
Math enthusiast (The mathematics enthusiast)
Math horizons
TOC Mathl. comput. modelling (Mathematical and computer modelling)
TOC Math meth oper res (Mathematical methods of operations research)
    EBSCO: 1 Feb 1998 - (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1956-
Math. systems theory (Mathematical systems theory)
    EBSCO: 1996-1996
    SpringerLINK: 1967-1996
TOC Matrix biology
Ma tsui hsüeh tsa chi (Acta anaesthesiologica Taiwanica)
Matter and radiation at extremes
TOC Maturitas
TOC Mauerwerk
Mawlana rumi review
Max - Planck - Institut für gesellschaftsforschung
Max-Planck-Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung
Max Planck yearbook of United Nations law
    Brill: 1997-
    HeinOnline: 1997- (excluding last 2 years)
The Maynooth review
TOC Mayo Clinic Proceedings
Ma zui xue za zhi (Acta anaesthesiologica Taiwanica)
MBC online (Molecular biology of the cell)
    American Society for Cell Biology: 1 Jan 1989 -
    PubMed Central: 1992- (excluding last 90 days)
TOC MBE (Molecular biology and evolution)
TOC mBio
MBR (Multinational business review)
MBR welded steel tube & pipe monthly (Welded steel tube & pipe monthly)
[+] MBS Online (Monthly Bulletin of Statistics (United Nations. Statistical Division))
TOC MBT (Marine biotechnology)
M bulletin
TOC MCB (Molecular and cellular biology)
MCBRC (Molecular cell biology research communications)
TOC MCE (Molecular and cellular endocrinology)
McGeorge law review
McGill health law publication
The McGill international journal of sustainable development law and policy
    HeinOnline: 2005-
    ProQuest: 2013-
McGill journal of education
    Erudit: 2008-
    Free E-Resources: 1966-
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 1999 - 1 Oct 2006
McGill journal of law and health
The McGill law journal
    EBSCO: 1 Dec 2003 -
    HeinOnline: 1952-
McGill sociological review
The McKinsey quarterly
McKnight's long-term care news
MCLC (Modern Chinese literature and culture)
TOC MCN (Molecular and cellular neuroscience)
MCOM (Mathematics of computation)
    American Mathematical Society: 1943-
    Jstor: 1960-2015
TOC MCQ (Management communication quarterly)
MCR (Medical care review)
TOC MCSS (Mathematics of control, signals, and systems)
MD (Materiali e discussioni per l'analisi dei testi classici)
    Casalini Digital Library: 2003-
    Jstor: 1978-2015
TOC MDE (Managerial and decision economics)
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1980 - (excluding last year)
    Jstor: 1980-2015
    Wiley: 1996-
MDJ (Materials discovery)
Md. J. Contemp. Legal Issues (Maryland journal of contemporary legal issues)
Md. journal of international law & trade (Maryland journal of international law and trade)
Md. L. Rev. (Maryland Law Review (1936))
TOC MDM (Medical decision making)
MDM policy & practice
MDMV (Mitteilungen der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung)
MDR (Monatsschrift für deutsches Recht)
TOC MEAJO (Middle East African journal of ophthalmology)
Meanjin quarterly
Me'asef Tsiyon
TOC Measurement
Measurement and control
Measurement and evaluation in counseling and development
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 1997 - 31 Jan 2009
    Sage: 1 Apr 2009 - 31 Dec 2016
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1 Oct 2003 -
Measurement in physical education and exercise science
Measurement kit. (Training & development)
Measurement science & technology
TOC Measurement techniques
TOC Measuring business excellence
TOC Meat science
Mécanique (Comptes rendus de lAcademie des sciences - Series IIB - Mechanics)
TOC Mécanique (Comptes rendus.)
TOC Mécanique & industries
Mécanique, physique, astronomie (Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences.)
Mécanique, physique, chimie, astronomie (Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences - Series IIB - Mechanics-Physics-Chemistry-Astronomy)
TOC Meccanica
TOC Mechademia
    Jstor: 2006-2017
    Project Muse: 2006-
Mechanical engineering
Mechanical engineering science (Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.)
TOC Mechanical systems and signal processing
TOC Mechanica solida (Acta mechanica solida Sinica)
    ScienceDirect: 1 Mar 2006 - 31 Dec 2017
    SpringerLINK: 1 Mar 2006 -
Mechanics (Comptes rendus de lAcademie des sciences - Series IIB - Mechanics)
TOC Mechanics bulletin (Moscow University mechanics bulletin)
TOC Mechanics of composite materials
TOC Mechanics of materials
TOC Mechanics of solids
TOC Mechanics of time-dependent materials
Mechanics, physics, astronomy (Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences.)
TOC Mechanics research communications
TOC Mechanism and machine theory
TOC Mechanisms of ageing and development
TOC Mechanisms of development
TOC Mechatronics
TOC Mechatronics (IEEE/ASME transactions on mechatronics)
Med clin (Barc) (Medicina clínica)
Médecine de catastrophe, urgences collectives
TOC Médecine & droit
TOC Médecine et chirurgie du pied
TOC Médecine et maladies infectieuses
TOC Médecine nucléaire
Médecine sociale et préventive (Sozial- und Präventivmedizin)
Mededelingen van het Nederlands Instituut te Rome
Mededelingen van het Rijksbureau voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie (Kunsthistorische mededelingen)
Media and methods
Media Asia
TOC Media, culture & society
Media ethics (Journal of media ethics)
Media history
Media information Australia
Media international Australia
Media practice and education
Media probe
Media psychology
Mediation quarterly
Media, war & conflict
Medical and pediatric oncology
TOC Medical and veterinary entomology
TOC Medical anthropology
Medical anthropology (Social science & medicine.)
Medical anthropology newsletter
    AnthroSource: 1 Nov 1972 - 30 Nov 1982
    Jstor: 1 Oct 1968 - 31 Dec 1982
    Wiley: 1 Nov 1972 - 31 Dec 1982
TOC Medical anthropology quarterly
    AnthroSource: 1 Feb 1983 -
    Jstor: 1983-2013
    ProQuest: 1 Mar 2001 - 31 Dec 2007
    Wiley: 1983-
Medical & biological engineering
TOC Medical & biological engineering & computing
    EBSCO: 2003- (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1977-
[+] Medical Biomethods Handbook
[+] Medical care
TOC Medical care research and review
Medical care review
TOC Medical decision making
Medical decision making policy & practice (MDM policy & practice)
Medical devices & sensors
TOC Medical dosimetry
Medical economics (Social science & medicine.)
TOC Medical education (BMC medical education)
TOC Medical education
Medical education online
    ProQuest: 2013-
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1996-
Medical electronics & biological engineering
Medical electronics, transactions of the IRE Professional Group on (Transactions of the IRE Professional Group on Medical Electronics)
Medical electron microscopy
TOC Medical engineering & physics
Medical entomology (Journal of medical entomology)
Medical equipment insights
TOC Medical ethics (BMC medical ethics)
Medical gas research
TOC Medical genetics (BMC medical genetics)
TOC Medical genomics (BMC medical genomics)
Medical geography. (Social science & medicine.)
Medical history
    Cambridge University Press: 1957-
    PubMed Central: 1957-
TOC Medical humanities
Medical hypotheses
TOC Medical image analysis
TOC Medical imaging (BMC medical imaging)
TOC Medical imaging (IEEE transactions on medical imaging)
Medical immunology
TOC Medical informatics and decision making (BMC medical informatics and decision making)
Medical Internet research (Journal of medical Internet research)
Medical journal, Armed Forces India
Medical journal of Australia
TOC Medical laser application
TOC Medical law international
Medical law reports
TOC Medical law review
    HeinOnline: 1993-1997
    Oxford University Press: 1993-
TOC Medical microbiology (Journal of medical microbiology)
TOC Medical microbiology and immunology
TOC Medical molecular morphology
Medical mycology
TOC [+] Medical mycology case reports
TOC Medical oncology
[+] Medical oncology (Therapeutic advances in medical oncology)
Medical oncology and tumor pharmacotherapy
Medical photonics
TOC Medical physics (BMC medical physics)
Medical physics
Medical psychology (Social science & medicine.)
Medical reference services quarterly
TOC Medical research methodology (BMC medical research methodology)
Medical & social ethics (Social science & medicine.)
Medical sociology (Social science & medicine.)
TOC Medical & surgical dermatology
TOC Medical teacher
    ProQuest: 1 Sep 1997 - 30 Nov 2000
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2004-2016
Medical update for psychiatrists
Medicare & medicaid research review
Medicina clínica
Medicina intensiva
Medicinal chemistry communications (MedChemComm)
TOC Medicinal chemistry letters (ACS medicinal chemistry letters)
TOC Medicinal chemistry research
TOC Medicinal research reviews
TOC Medicine (BMC medicine)
TOC Medicine
TOC Medicine (Nature medicine)
Medicine access @ point of care
Medicine and global survival
Medicine and war
TOC Medicine, conflict, and survival
TOC Medicine, health care, and philosophy
TOC Medicine, science, and the law
Medicine & science in sports & exercise
TOC Medicine studies
Medico-chirurgical transactions
The medico-legal journal
Medico-legal journal of Ireland
TOC Medieval archaeology
    Archaeology Data Service: 1957-2006
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
Medieval Britain and Ireland
    Archaeology Data Service: 2006-
    Archaeology Data Service: 1956-2005
TOC Medieval encounters
    CAIRN: 2003-
    Jstor: 1982-2018
    Persee: 1 Oct 1982 - 31 Dec 2002
Medieval forum
TOC The medieval history journal
Medieval mystical theology
Medieval & Renaissance drama in England
    Jstor: 1984-2019
    Literature Online: 2003-
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1984-1999
Medieval sermon studies
Medieval settlement research
Medinah ṿe-ḥevrah (State & society.)
Meditari accountancy research
Mediterranean archaeology
TOC Mediterranean historical review
TOC Mediterranean journal of mathematics
TOC Mediterranean journal of nutrition and metabolism
Mediterranean language review
TOC Mediterranean politics
TOC Mediterranean quarterly
Mediterranean studies
    Jstor: 1989-2017
    Project Muse: 2012-
TOC Méditerranée
Medium aevum
    Jstor: 1 May 1932 - 31 Dec 2018
    Literature Online: 1995-
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1 May 1932 - 31 Dec 1995
Medizinhistorisches journal
    Jstor: 1966-2019
    Steiner Verlag: 2016-
TOC Medizinische Genetik
TOC Medizinische Klinik
TOC Medizinische physik (Zeitschrift für medizinische Physik)
TOC Medizinrecht
MEDJ (Middle East development journal)
TOC MedJM (Mediterranean journal of mathematics)
The medley
Mednarodna revija za javno upravo
Medscape general medicine (MedGenMed)
TOC MEEGID (Infection, genetics, and evolution)
MEES (Middle East economic survey)
TOC MEFSJ (Middle East Fertility Society journal)
    ScienceDirect: 2010-
    SpringerLINK: 2020-
Megatrend review
Meḥḳere Yerushalayim be-folḳlor Yehudi (Jerusalem studies in Jewish folklore)
Meḥḳere Yerushalayim be-maḥashevet Yiśraʼel (Jerusalem studies in Jewish thought)
MEI journal (Medical equipment insights)
The meister
TOC MEL (Middle Eastern literatures)
    Ebscohost: 2002- (excluding last 548 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2002-
Mélanges d'archéologie et d'histoire
Mélanges de la Casa de Velázquez
    CAIRN: 2003-
    Persee: 1965-1996
Melanges de l'Ecole Francaise de Rome
Mélanges de l'Institut Français de Damas. Section des Arabisants
Mélanges d'histoire sociale
    Jstor: 1942-1944
    Persee: 1942-1944
MELA notes
TOC Melbourne journal of international law
Melbourne review
Melbourne studies in education
Melbourne University law review
    HeinOnline: 1957-
    ProQuest: 2012-
    WorldLII Databases: 1957-2005
    Jstor: 1974-2017
    Literature Online: 1 Jan 1994 - 30 Nov 2015
    Oxford University Press: 1996-
    Project Muse: 1 Mar 2009 -
Members' newsletter
TOC Membrane and cell biology (Biochemistry (Moscow).)
TOC Membrane technology
TOC Memetic computing
TOC Memo
Memoir (Memoir (Society of Vertebrate Paleontology : Online))
Mémoires de l'Académie royale des sciences, des lettres et des beaux-arts de Belgique
Mémoires de la Societe Mathematique de France
    Free E-Resources: 1979- (excluding last 6 years)
    SMF: 2014-
Mémoires du livre
Memoir (Paleontological Society : Online)
TOC Memoirs
Memoirs and proceedings of the Chemical Society of London
Memoirs for the curious (The monthly miscellany: or, Memoirs for the curious)
Memoirs for the curious, or, An account of what occurs that's rare, secret, extraordinary, prodigious or miraculous, through the world; whether in nature, art, learning, policy or religion
Memoirs for the ingenious
Memoirs for the ingenious, or, The universal mercury
Memoir (Society of Vertebrate Paleontology : Online)
Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome
Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome. Supplementary volume
Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Memoirs of the Chemical Society of London
Memoirs of the College of Science, University of Kyoto. Series A, Mathematics
Memoirs of the Entomological Society of Canada
Memoirs of the Faculty of Science, Kyushu University. Series D, Earth and planetary sciences
TOC Memoirs of the Geological Society of London (Memoirs)
Memoirs of the Society for American Archaeology
Memoirs of the Torrey Botanical Club
Memoirs of the Torrey Botanical Society
Memoria y civilización
    Free E-Resources: 2008-
    ProQuest: 2010-
TOC Memory
TOC Memory & cognition
    EBSCO: 2011-
    ProQuest: 2011-
    SpringerLINK: 1997-
TOC Memory studies
The Memphis law journal
Memphis State University law review
TOC Men and masculinities
MENC connection (TMEC MENC connection)
Mendeleev communications
The Mennonite quarterly review
El Mensajero
Mensch und Arbeit
Mens en maatschappij
TOC Mens sana monographs
Mental and physical disability law reporter
    HeinOnline: 1984-2011
    Jstor: 1984-2011
    ProQuest: 1 Sep 2007 - 31 Dec 2011
Mental disability law reporter
    HeinOnline: 1976-1983
    Jstor: 1976-1983
Mental health and physical activity
Mental health and social inclusion
Mental health law (Journal of mental health law)
Mental health & prevention
TOC Mental health, religion & culture
    Ebscohost: 1998- (excluding last 548 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1998-
Mental health services research
Mental Health Special Interest Section quarterly
TOC Mental health training, education and practice (The journal of mental health training, education and practice)
    Emerald: 2011-2012
    ProQuest: 2006- (excluding last year)
TOC Mental health weekly
TOC Mental retardation and developmental disabilities research reviews
TOC Mentoring & tutoring
TOC Men, women, and gender in early and Imperial China (Nan nü)
MEO (Medical education online)
    ProQuest: 2013-
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1996-
MEPS (Marine ecology progress series)
MER (Middle East report)
MER (Multicultural education review)
Meraviglie e racconti (Merveilles & contes)
Mercator, or, Commerce retrieved
Mercer Beasley law review
Mercer law review
Mercurius musicus, or, The monthly collection of new teaching songs composed for the theatres and other occasions
MERIA (Middle East review of international affairs)
    Free E-Resources: 2009-2017
    ProQuest: 1 Mar 2009 -
Meridiano 47
TOC Meridians
    Duke University Press: 2000-
    Jstor: 2000-2015
    Project Muse: 2001-
    ProQuest: 2003-
MERIP (Middle East report)
MERIP Middle East report
MERIP reports
TOC Merrill-Palmer quarterly
    Jstor: 1 Jan 1954 - 31 Aug 1958
    Project Muse: 2001-
    ProQuest: 1997-
Merrill-Palmer quarterly
[+] Merrill-Palmer quarterly
    Jstor: 1982-2017
    Project Muse: 2001-
    ProQuest: 1997-
Merrill-Palmer quarterly of behavior and development
Merry and wise
Merry England
Mershon international studies review
The Merton annual
Merveilles & contes
MESE (Modeling earth systems and environment)
Mesolithic miscellany
Messages from MARS
TOC Metabolic brain disease
TOC Metabolic engineering
Metabolism, clinical and experimental
TOC Metabolomics
TOC Metacognition and learning
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 2006 -
    SpringerLINK: 2006-
Metacritic journal for comparative studies and theory
Meta gene
TOC Metal finishing
    Oxford University Press: 2009-
    Royal Society of Chemistry: 2009-2020
TOC Metallurgical and materials transactions. A, Physical metallurgy and materials science
TOC Metallurgical and materials transactions. B, Process metallurgy and materials processing science
Metallurgical Society of CIM annual volume (Canadian metallurgical quarterly)
Metallurgical transactions
TOC Metallurgist
Metal physics (Journal of physics.)
TOC Metal powder report
Metals and materials international
TOC Metal science and heat treatment
Metal science and heat treatment of metals
TOC Metaphilosophy
    Jstor: 1970-2015
    Wiley: 1997-
TOC Metaphor and symbol
TOC Metaphysica
TOC Metascience
TOC Meteoritics & planetary science
    Astrophysics Data Service: 1953-2005
    Wiley: 1997-
TOC Meteorological applications
TOC Meteorology and atmospheric physics
    Brill: 2002-
    Jstor: 1991-2017
TOC Methodological (Transportation research.)
Methodological innovations
TOC Methodology
TOC Methodology and computing in applied probability
    EBSCO: 1 Jul 1999 - (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1 Jul 1999 -
TOC Methods
Methods and applications of analysis
    International Press: 1 Mar 1994 -
    Project Euclid: 1 Sep 2002 - 31 Dec 2010
Methods in cell science
Methods in ecology and evolution
[+] Methods in oceanography
TOC Methods in psychiatric research (International journal of methods in psychiatric research)
TOC Method & theory in the study of religion
    ATLA Serials: 1989- (excluding last 5 years)
    Brill: 1989-
    Ebscohost: 1 Mar 1999 - (excluding last 5 years)
    Jstor: 1989-2017
TOC Metrika
TOC Metrika
    Digizeitschriften: 1958-1998
    SpringerLINK: 1958-
TOC Metroeconomica
    EBSCO: 1 Feb 1997 - (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1 Feb 1997 -
TOC Metrologia
The metropolitan magazine
TOC Metropolitan Museum journal
Metropolitan Museum of Art (Annual report of the Trustees of the Metropolitan Museum of Art)
[+] Metropolitan Museum of Art bulletin (The bulletin of the Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Metropolitan Museum studies
Metropolitan Police College journal
Metropolitan universities
Mexican law review
TOC Mexican studies
    Jstor: 1985-2017
    Project Muse: 2018-
    ProQuest: 1 Jan 2002 - 1 Sep 2012
Mexico (Country report.)
MF (Multinational finance journal)
MF (Medieval forum)
MFA bulletin
MFGLET (Manufacturing letters)
MFR (Michigan family review)
TOC MFS (Modern fiction studies)
    Jstor: 1 Feb 1955 - 31 Dec 2015
    Literature Online: 1 Mar 1996 - (excluding last year)
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1 Feb 1955 - 31 Dec 1995
    Project Muse: 1985-
TOC MGG (Molecular genetics and genomics)
MGG (Molecular and general genetics)
M & GS (Medicine and global survival)
MGZ (Militärgeschichtliche Zeitschrift)
MHLP (McGill health law publication)
TOC Mh. math. (Monatshefte für Mathematik)
    Digizeitschriften: 1948-1998
    SpringerLINK: 1948-
Miami law quarterly
TOC MIB (Molecular imaging and biology)
    ScienceDirect: 2002-2004
    SpringerLINK: 2005-
Michigan family review
The Michigan historical review
Michigan journal of business
Michigan journal of gender & law
    HeinOnline: 1993-
    ProQuest: 2001-
Michigan journal of international law
    HeinOnline: 1989-
    ProQuest: 1 Oct 2005 -
Michigan journal of political science
Michigan journal of race & law
    HeinOnline: 1996-
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 2008 -
Michigan law journal
Michigan law & policy review
Michigan law review
    EBSCO: 1 Jun 1996 -
    HeinOnline: 1902-
    Jstor: 1902-2017
The Michigan lawyer
The Michigan mathematical journal
Michigan quarterly review
Michigan sociological review
    Jstor: 1 Sep 1978 -
    ProQuest: 1 Sep 2008 - (excluding last year)
Michigan State DCL law review (The law review of Michigan State University Detroit College of Law)
Michigan state journal of gender law
Michigan State law review
Michigan State University-DCL journal of international law
Michigan State University journal of international law
Michigan State University journal of medicine and law (Journal of medicine and law)
Michigan telecommunications and technology law review
Michigan yearbook of international legal studies
Mich. J. Gender & L. (Michigan journal of gender & law)
    HeinOnline: 1993-
    ProQuest: 2001-
Mich. J. Race & L. (Michigan journal of race & law)
    HeinOnline: 1996-
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 2008 -
TOC Micro (IEEE micro)
TOC Micro and nano letters (Micro & nano letters)
[+] Microarrays in Clinical Diagnostics
TOC Microbes and infection
Microbial biotechnology
TOC Microbial cell factories
TOC Microbial ecology
    Jstor: 1974-2017
    SpringerLINK: 1974-
Microbial ecology in health and disease
[+] Microbial Enzymes and Biotransformations
TOC Microbial pathogenesis
[+] Microbial Processes and Products
Microbial risk analysis
TOC Microbiological research
Microbiological Resources Centres journal of applied microbiology and biotechnology (MIRCEN journal of applied microbiology and biotechnology)
Microbiological reviews
TOC Microbiology (BMC microbiology)
TOC Microbiology
TOC Microbiology and immunology
TOC Microbiology and molecular biology reviews
TOC Microbiology ecology (FEMS microbiology ecology)
    Oxford University Press: 1996-
    ScienceDirect: 1 May 1993 - 27 Dec 2004
    Wiley: 1997-2014
Microbiology insights
TOC Microbiology letters (FEMS microbiology letters)
    Oxford University Press: 1977-
    ScienceDirect: 1 Jan 1995 - 15 Dec 2005
    Wiley: 1997-2014
TOC Microbiology reviews (FEMS microbiology reviews)
    Oxford University Press: 1996-
    ScienceDirect: 1 Jan 1995 - 30 Nov 2005
    Wiley: 1997-2014
TOC Microchemical journal
TOC Microchimica acta (Mikrochimica acta)
TOC Microcirculation
The microcosm
[+] Microeconomics (Brookings papers on economic activity.)
Microeconomics (The American economic journal.)
    American Economic Association: 1 Feb 2009 -
    Jstor: 2009-2018
TOC Microelectromechanical systems (Journal of microelectromechanical systems)
TOC Microelectronic engineering
Microelectronics and nanometer structures (Journal of vacuum science & technology.)
TOC Microelectronics international
TOC Microelectronics journal
TOC Microelectronics reliability
Microfluidics and nanofluidics (Online)
Micrographics & optical technology (International journal of micrographics & optical technology)
TOC Microgravity science and technology
TOC Micron
TOC Micro & nano letters
The micropaleontologist
TOC Micropaleontology
    Jstor: 1955-2017
    Micropaleontology Press: 1955-
TOC Microporous and mesoporous materials
Microporous materials
Microprocessing and microprogramming
TOC Microprocessors and microsystems
Microscopy and microanalysis
TOC Microscopy research and technique
Microscopy today
TOC Microsurgery
TOC Microsystem technologies
TOC Micro TAS (Sensors and actuators.)
TOC Microvascular research
Microwave and guided wave letters (IEEE microwave and guided wave letters)
Microwave and millimeter-wave computer-aided engineering (International journal of microwave and millimeter-wave computer-aided engineering)
TOC Microwave and optical technology letters
TOC Microwave and wireless components letters (IEEE microwave and wireless components letters)
Microwaves, antennas, and propagation (IEE proceedings.)
TOC Microwave theory and techniques (IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques)
Microwave theory and techniques (IRE transactions on microwave theory and techniques)
Mid-America journal of theology
Mid-American journal of business
Mid-American review of sociology
Midcontinental journal of archaeology
    Jstor: 1976-2017
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2004-2020
Midcontinent American studies journal
TOC Middle East African journal of ophthalmology
Middle East and Africa (Journal of the Middle East and Africa)
TOC Middle East book review (Bustan)
    Brill: 1 Jun 2010 -
    Jstor: 2010-2017
[+] Middle East briefing. (Crisis watch database)
TOC Middle East critique
Middle East current psychiatry
Middle East development journal
Middle East economic survey
TOC Middle Eastern literatures
    Ebscohost: 2002- (excluding last 548 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2002-
TOC Middle Eastern studies
    Jstor: 1964-2013
    ProQuest: 1 Jan 1995 - 1 Jan 2002
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1 Oct 1964 -
TOC Middle East Fertility Society journal
    ScienceDirect: 2010-
    SpringerLINK: 2020-
TOC The Middle East journal
    Jstor: 1947-2017
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1947-1995
    Project Muse: 2009-
    ProQuest: 1998-
Middle East journal of business
TOC Middle East journal of culture and communication
TOC Middle East law and governance
Middle East Librarians' Association notes. (MELA notes)
TOC Middle East policy
    ProQuest: 1 May 1997 - 1 Oct 2012
    Wiley: 1997-
Middle East Quarterly
    Free E-Resources: 1 Mar 1994 -
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 2009 -
Middle East report (MERIP Middle East report)
Middle East report
Middle East Research and Information Project reports (MERIP reports)
Middle East review of international affairs
    Free E-Resources: 2009-2017
    ProQuest: 1 Mar 2009 -
Middle East Studies Association bulletin
Middle grades research journal
Middle school journal
    Jstor: 1970-2017
    ProQuest: 1 Nov 2008 -
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
Middle school research. Selected studies
[+] Mideast security and policy studies
MIDEO (Mélanges)
Midland history
The midland naturalist
Midwest Black Law Students Association law journal
The Midwestern archivist
Midwest folklore
Midwest journal of political science
The Midwest quarterly
Midwest review of public administration
Mid-west sociologist
TOC Midwest studies in philosophy
The midwife, or, The old woman's magazine
Mientras tanto
TOC Migraciones internacionales (International migration)
Migration and development
Migration and society
Migration, health and social care (International journal of migration, health and social care)
Migration studies
Migration world magazine
MIH (Modern intellectual history)
TOC Mikrobiologiya. (Microbiology)
TOC Mikrochimica acta
TOC Mikroelektronika. (Russian microelectronics)
TOC Milan journal of mathematics
The Milbank Memorial Fund quarterly
The Milbank Memorial Fund quarterly bulletin
The Milbank Memorial Fund quarterly. Health and society
TOC The Milbank quarterly
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1997 - (excluding last year)
    Jstor: 1986-2019
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1997 -
Militärgeschichtliche Zeitschrift
Military affairs
TOC The military balance
Military electronics (IRE transactions on military electronics)
Military electronics (IEEE transactions on military electronics)
Military law review
Military medicine
Military psychology
Military review
Millennial Asia
    ATLA Serials: 2004- (excluding last 2 years)
    De Gruyter: 1 Dec 2004 -
Mil neuf cent
    CAIRN: 2001-
    Persee: 1989-2000
Milton and Melville Review
Milton and the romantics
Milton newsletter
TOC Milton quarterly
    Jstor: 1970-2015
    Project Muse: 1997-2000
    Wiley: 1970-
Milton studies
    Literature Online: 2004-
    Project Muse: 2012-
TOC Mind
    Jstor: 1876-2015
    Oxford University Press: 1876-
TOC Mind, culture, and activity
TOC Mindfulness
TOC Mind & language
TOC Minds and machines
TOC Mind & society
    ProQuest: 1 Mar 2000 - (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 2000-
TOC Mineralium deposita
TOC Mineralogical magazine
Mineralogische und petrographische Mittheilungen
TOC Mineralogy and petrology
TOC Minerals engineering
Minerals & metallurgical processing
    EBSCO: 1 Aug 2011 - 1 Nov 2018
    SpringerLINK: 1 Feb 1997 - 31 Dec 2018
TOC Minerva
    Jstor: 1 Sep 1962 - 31 Dec 2017
    SpringerLINK: 1 Sep 1962 -
TOC Mine water and the environment
Ming Qing yanjiu
TOC Ming studies
The minim
Mining, metallurgy & exploration
TOC Mining science and technology (China)
Mining science & technology
Mining world
Minnesota history
Minnesota history bulletin
Minnesota intellectual property review
[+] Minnesota journal of business law and entrepreneurship
Minnesota journal of global trade
Minnesota journal of international law
Minnesota journal of law, science & technology
The Minnesota law journal
Minnesota law review
The Minnesota review
    Duke University Press: 1 Jul 2005 -
    Literature Online: 10 Jan 2004 - 30 Nov 2010
    Project Muse: 1 Sep 1973 -
Minorités linguistiques et société
Min su xue zhi (Folklore studies)
Minutes of evidence (The proceedings of the Old Bailey)
Minutes of proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers
Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the National Tax Association (Proceedings. Annual Conference on Taxation and minutes of the Annual Meeting of the National Tax Association)
MIPR (Minnesota intellectual property review)
MIR (Management international review)
MIRCEN journal of applied microbiology and biotechnology
TOC MIR: management international review
    EBSCO: 1 Feb 2010 - (excluding last 15 days)
    Jstor: 1990-2017
    SpringerLINK: 1 Feb 2006 -
The mirror monthly magazine
The mirror of the stage, or, New dramatic censor
The mirrour
Miscellanee medico-chirurgico-farmaceutiche (Il Cimento)
Miscellaneous letters, giving an account of the works of the learned, both at home and abroad
Miscellanies over claret, or, The friends to the tavern the best friends to poetry
Miscellany of historical, philosophical, political and polite literature (The new universal magazine, or, Miscellany of historical, philosophical, political and polite literature)
[+] Misellaneous [sic] works consisting of essays political and moral
MIS quarterly
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1977 -
    Jstor: 1977-2015
MIS quarterly executive
Missio apostolica
    ATLA Serials: 1973- (excluding last year)
    Sage: 1973-
TOC Mission studies
    ATLA Serials: 1984- (excluding last 5 years)
    Brill: 1984-
[+] Mississippi College law review
Mississippi law journal
Mississippi law review
The Mississippi quarterly
    Jstor: 1 Oct 1953 - 31 Dec 2016
    Literature Online: 1 Dec 1996 - 31 Dec 2018
    Project Muse: 2016-
Mississippi review
The Mississippi Valley historical review
    Jstor: 1 Jan 1914 - 31 May 1964
    Oxford University Press: 1 Jun 1914 -
Missouri Botanical Garden ... annual report (Annual report)
Missouri journal of dispute resolution
Missouri journal of mathematical sciences
TOC The Missouri review
Mitekufat haeven
TOC Mitigation and adaptation strategies for global change
Mitochondrial DNA. Part B, Resources
TOC Mitochondrion
MIT Sloan management review
    EBSCO: 1 Jan 2001 - 2 Sep 2004
    MIT SMR: 1 Sep 2010 -
Mitteilungen aus dem botanischen Garten und Museum
TOC Mitteilungen aus dem Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. Deutsche entomologische Zeitschrift (Deutsche entomologische Zeitschrift)
TOC Mitteilungen aus dem Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin. Zoologische Reihe
Mitteilungen der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung
TOC Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik
Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft für Jüdische Volkskunde
Mitteilungen der Internationalen Gesellschaft für Musikwissenschaft
Mitteilungen des Deutschen Archaeologischen Instituts, Roemische Abteilung
Mitteilungen des Gesamtarchivs der Deutschen Juden
Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Florenz
TOC Mitteilungen DIBt (DIBt Mitteilungen)
Mitteilungen zur jüdischen Volkskunde
Das Mittelalter
MJA (Medical journal of Australia)
MJCCE (Macedonian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering)
MJCR (Monographs of the Journal of consumer research)
MJE (McGill journal of education)
    Erudit: 2008-
    Free E-Resources: 1966-
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 1999 - 1 Oct 2006
MJIEL (Manchester journal of international economic law)
MJLH (McGill journal of law and health)
TOC MJM (Milan journal of mathematics)
MJMS (Missouri journal of mathematical sciences)
MJR&L (Michigan journal of race & law)
    HeinOnline: 1996-
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 2008 -
MKG (Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie)
TOC Der MKG-Chirurg
TOC MLJ (The modern language journal)
    Jstor: 1916-2017
    Wiley: 1999-
    Jstor: 1962-2015
    Literature Online: 2003- (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 1993-1993, 1995-
TOC MLQ (Modern language quarterly)
    Duke University Press: 1 Mar 1940 -
    Project Muse: 1999-2004
TOC [+] MLQ (Mathematical logic quarterly)
MLS (Management and labour studies)
TOC MM (Journal of marketing management (Helensburgh, Scotland))
    EBSCO: 1 Jun 1985 - (excluding last 548 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1985-
TOC MMBR (Microbiology and molecular biology reviews)
MMLA (The Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association)
    Jstor: 1984-
    Project Muse: 2011-
TOC MMM (Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials)
MMRR (Medicare & medicaid research review)
TOC MMS (Mathematics and mechanics of solids)
MMS (Multiscale modeling & simulation)
MMWR (Morbidity and mortality weekly report)
    Jstor: 19 Mar 1976 - 30 Dec 2017
    ProQuest: 1998-
MMWR. CDC surveillance summaries (Morbidity and mortality weekly report.)
MMWR. Supplement (Morbidity and mortality weekly report.)
TOC Mnemosyne
    Brill: 1948-
    Jstor: 1852-2017
M@n@gement (Management (Paris, France : 1998))
    EBSCO: 1 Feb 2010 -
    Free E-Resources: 1998-
TOC Mobile computing (IEEE transactions on mobile computing)
Mobile computing and communications review (ACM SIGMOBILE Mobile computing and communications review)
TOC Mobile DNA
    BioMed Central: 25 Jan 2010 -
    PubMed Central: 25 Jan 2010 -
Mobile media & communication
TOC Mobile networks and applications
    ACM: 1 Aug 1996 -
    SpringerLINK: 1996-
TOC Mobilities
TOC Mobilization
MOCT (Most)
TOC MOD (Mechanisms of development)
Modeling earth systems and environment
TOC Modelling and simulation in materials science and engineering
TOC Modelling in management (Journal of modelling in management)
Modern age
The modern American
Modern American history
Modern art
TOC Modern Asian studies
    Cambridge University Press: 1967-
    Jstor: 1967-2015
    ProQuest: 1 Feb 2001 - (excluding last year)
Modern Austrian literature
Modern believing
    ATLA Serials: 1994-
    Liverpool University Press: 1994-2018
TOC Modern China
    Jstor: 1975-2017
    Sage: 1975-
Modern Chinese literature
Modern Chinese literature and culture
Modern Chinese literature newsletter
The modern churchman
TOC Modern & contemporary France
TOC Modern drama
TOC Modern fiction studies
    Jstor: 1 Feb 1955 - 31 Dec 2015
    Literature Online: 1 Mar 1996 - (excluding last year)
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1 Feb 1955 - 31 Dec 1995
    Project Muse: 1985-
Modern intellectual history
TOC Modernism and modernity
    Literature Online: 1 Nov 2002 - (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 1994-
Modernist cultures
Modern Italy
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Feb 2011 -
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1995-1996
TOC Modernization of traditional Chinese medicine and materia medica (World science and technology)
TOC Modern Judaism
    Jstor: 1981-2015
    Oxford University Press: 1981-
    Project Muse: 1996-
Modern Language Association of America Proceedings (Proceedings)
TOC The modern language journal
    Jstor: 1916-2017
    Wiley: 1999-
TOC Modern language notes (MLN)
    Jstor: 1962-2015
    Literature Online: 2003- (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 1993-1993, 1995-
Modern language notes
TOC Modern language quarterly
    Duke University Press: 1 Mar 1940 -
    Project Muse: 1999-2004
Modern language quarterly (1897)
Modern language quarterly (1900)
TOC The Modern language review
Modern language studies
TOC Modern language studies, Year's work in (The Year's work in modern language studies)
    Brill: 1931-
    Jstor: 1930-2017
TOC The modern law review
    HeinOnline: 1937-2012
    Jstor: 1937-2015
    Wiley: 1997-
Modern logic
Modern materials handling
Modern pathology
TOC Modern philology
    Jstor: 1 Jun 1903 - 31 Dec 2015
    University of Chicago Press: 1 Feb 2003 -
Modern poetry in translation
The modern quarterly of language and literature
The modern review
TOC Modern rheumatology
TOC Modern theology
    ATLA Serials: 1 Oct 1984 - (excluding last 5 years)
    Wiley: 1997-
Le Mois d'ethnographie française
TOC [+] Molbank
TOC Molecular and biochemical parasitology
TOC Molecular and biomolecular spectroscopy (Spectrochimica acta.)
TOC Molecular and cell biology of lipids (Biochimica et biophysica acta.)
TOC Molecular and cellular biochemistry
TOC Molecular and cellular biology
TOC Molecular and cellular endocrinology
TOC Molecular and cellular neuroscience
TOC Molecular and cellular probes
Molecular and chemical neuropathology
Molecular and chemical physics (Journal of the Chemical Society.)
Molecular and developmental evolution (Journal of experimental zoology.)
Molecular and general genetics
TOC [+] Molecular aspects of medicine
Molecular astrophysics
TOC Molecular autism
    BioMed Central: 22 Feb 2010 -
    PubMed Central: 2010-
TOC Molecular basis of disease (Biochimica et biophysica acta.)
TOC Molecular biology (BMC molecular biology)
TOC Molecular biology
TOC Molecular biology and evolution
Molecular biology of the cell
    American Society for Cell Biology: 1 Jan 1989 -
    PubMed Central: 1992- (excluding last 90 days)
TOC Molecular biology reports
TOC Molecular bioSystems
TOC Molecular biotechnology
TOC Molecular brain
Molecular brain research
TOC Molecular breeding
TOC Molecular cancer
TOC Molecular cancer therapeutics
TOC Molecular carcinogenesis
[+] Molecular Cardiology
Molecular catalysis
TOC Molecular cell
Molecular cell biology research communications
TOC Molecular cell research (Biochimica et biophysica acta.)
TOC Molecular & cellular proteomics
    Free E-Resources: 2002-
    PubMed Central: 1 Apr 2009 - (excluding last year)
TOC [+] Molecular cytogenetics
Molecular diagnosis
Molecular diagnosis & therapy
TOC Molecular diversity
TOC Molecular ecology
Molecular ecology notes
TOC Molecular endocrinology
Molecular engineering
TOC Molecular genetics and genomics
TOC Molecular genetics and metabolism
Molecular genetics & genomic medicine
TOC Molecular genetics, microbiology and virology
TOC Molecular human reproduction
Molecular imaging
TOC Molecular imaging and biology
    ScienceDirect: 2002-2004
    SpringerLINK: 2005-
TOC Molecular immunology
Molecular informatics
Molecular & integrative physiology (Comparative biochemistry and physiology.)
Molecular interventions
Molecular medicine
    BioMed Central: 1995-
    SpringerLINK: 1 Nov 1994 -
Molecular medicine today
Molecular membrane biology
[+] Molecular metabolism
TOC Molecular microbiology
TOC Molecular neurobiology
Molecular neurodegeneration
TOC Molecular nutrition & food research
TOC Molecular oncology
    ScienceDirect: 1 Jun 2007 -
    Wiley: 2007-
Molecular oral microbiology
Molecular pain
Molecular pathology
    Ovid SP: 1 Oct 2001 - 31 Dec 2003
    PubMed Central: 1997-2003
Molecular pharmaceutics
Molecular pharmacology (European journal of pharmacology.)
TOC Molecular phylogenetics and evolution
TOC Molecular physics
Molecular plant.
TOC Molecular plant pathology
TOC Molecular psychiatry
TOC Molecular recognition (Journal of molecular recognition)
TOC Molecular reproduction and development
TOC Molecular sciences (International journal of molecular sciences)
Molecular spectroscopy (Spectrochimica acta.)
TOC Molecular systems biology
    PubMed Central: 2005-
    Wiley: 2005-
Molecular systems design & engineering
TOC Molecular therapy
[+] Molecular Toxicology Protocols
Molecular vision
TOC Molecules
TOC Molecules and cells
Molecules, spectroscopy, kinetics, environment, & general theory (The journal of physical chemistry.)
TOC Molekulyarnaya genetika, mikrobiologiya i virusologiya (Molecular genetics, microbiology and virology)
Mol gen genet (Molecular and general genetics)
TOC Mol gen genomics (Molecular genetics and genomics)
Molluscan research
Momus ridens, or, Comical remarks on the publick reports
Monash University law review
Monatsberichte über die Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft für Erdkunde zu Berlin
TOC Monatshefte
    Jstor: 1946-2015
    Project Muse: 2007-
    University of Wisconsin Press: 2003-
Monatshefte der kunstwissenschaftlichen Literatur
    Digizeitschriften: 1905-1907
    Jstor: 1905-1907
TOC Monatshefte für Chemie
Monatshefte für Chemie und verwandte Teile anderer Wissenschaften
Monatshefte für deutschen Unterricht
Monatshefte für deutsche Sprache und Pädagogik
Monatshefte für Kunstwissenschaft
    Digizeitschriften: 1908-1922
    Jstor: 1908-1922
TOC Monatshefte für Mathematik
    Digizeitschriften: 1948-1998
    SpringerLINK: 1948-
Monatshefte für Mathematik und Physik
Monatsschrift für deutsches Recht
Monatsschrift für die Deutsche Evangelische Kirche (Deutsche Theologie)
Monatsschrift für Geschichte und Wissenschaft des Judenthums
Monatsschrift für Kriminologie und Strafrechtsreform
TOC Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde
[+] Le Monde
[+] Monde de la musique (The world of music)
TOC Monde de l'Islam (Die Welt des Islams)
    ATLA Serials: 2008- (excluding last 5 years)
    Brill: 1951-
    Jstor: 1913-2017
Monde diplomatique (English ed. : Online)
TOC MONET (Mobile networks and applications)
    ACM: 1 Aug 1996 -
    SpringerLINK: 1996-
Monetary Policy Report [of the] Central Bank of Cyprus
Monetary studies (Pinigų studijos)
Money adviser (Consumer reports money adviser)
Money affairs
Mongolian studies
The Mongolia Society bulletin
The Mongolia Society newsletter
[+] The monist
    Ebscohost: 1990-
    Jstor: 1890-2017
    Oxford University Press: 1890-
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1890-2000
Monitor (Multinational monitor)
Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)
    PubMed Central: 2009- (excluding last year)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2009- (excluding last year)
Monograph series
Monographs of the Journal of consumer research
TOC Monographs of the Society for Research in Child Development
    Jstor: 1936-2015
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1999 -
Monograph supplement (Psychological medicine.)
Montana law review
The Montana magazine of history
Monte Carlo methods and applications
Montenegrin journal of economics
Montessori life
The Montgomeryshire collections
The monthly amusement
Monthly analysis of general literature (The new review, or, Monthly analysis of general literature)
Monthly and European magazine (The monthly magazine, and British register)
[+] Monthly Bulletin of Statistics (United Nations. Statistical Division)
The monthly catalogue
The monthly chronicle
Monthly chronicle of north-country lore and legend
Monthly collection of new teaching songs composed for the theatres and other occasions (Mercurius musicus, or, The monthly collection of new teaching songs composed for the theatres and other occasions)
Monthly epitome and literary magazine (Literary magazine; or, Monthly epitome of British literature)
The Monthly illustrator
TOC Monthly journal of the Association of Physicians (QJM)
Monthly labor review
    EBSCO: 1965-
    HeinOnline: 1 Jul 1915 -
    Jstor: 1 Jul 1918 -
    ProQuest: 1987-
Monthly law magazine (Livingston's monthly law magazine)
The Monthly law reporter
Monthly law review (Law review of the Law Department of the University of Detroit)
Monthly law review of the Law Department of the University of Detroit
The monthly ledger, or, Literary repository
Monthly magazine (Monthly report)
The monthly magazine, and British register
Monthly meteor (The satirist, or Monthly meteor)
Monthly miscellany (The gentleman's journal, or, The monthly miscellany)
Monthly miscellany (The muses mercury, or The monthly miscellany)
Monthly miscellany (London, England : 1774)
The monthly miscellany: or, Memoirs for the curious
Monthly Monetary Bulletin [of the] Qatar Central Bank
Monthly museum; or, Dublin literary repertory of arts, science, literature and miscellaneous information
The monthly musical record
TOC Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
    Astrophysics Data Service: 1 Jan 1827 - 31 Aug 2003
    Oxford University Press: 1827-
    Wiley: 1998-2012
TOC Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Letters
    Oxford University Press: 2005-
    Wiley: 2005-2012
The monthly packet of evening readings for younger members of the English church
The monthly panorama
Monthly political and literary censor (The Anti-Jacobin review and magazine)
The monthly register, and encyclopedian magazine
Monthly register of legal and constitutional knowledge (The Templar)
Monthly register of legal and constitutional knowledge (The Templar, or, Monthly register of legal and constitutional knowledge)
Monthly report
The monthly repository
Monthly repository for gentlemen and ladies (British magazine (London, England : 1760))
The monthly review
Monthly review (London, England : 1900)
Monthly review of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
TOC Monthly statistics of international trade
The monthly theatrical reporter; or, Literary mirror
Monthly trade supplement (Economist (London : Online).)
The monthly visitor, and new family magazine
TOC Monthly weather review
TOC Monumenta Nipponica
    Jstor: 1938-2015
    Project Muse: 1 Feb 2005 -
Monumenta serica
    Jstor: 1935-2013
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
The Moon
The moon and the planets
Moral reformer (Livesey's moral reformer)
Morbidity and mortality
Morbidity and mortality weekly report
    Jstor: 19 Mar 1976 - 30 Dec 2017
    ProQuest: 1998-
Morbidity and mortality weekly report. CDC surveillance summaries
Morbidity and mortality weekly report. Recommendations and reports
Morbidity and mortality weekly report. Supplement
Morning advertiser
Morocco (Country report.)
Morphologie sociale, langage, technologie, esthétique (Annales sociologiques.)
Morphologische Arbeiten
TOC Morphology
TOC Mortality
    Ebscohost: 1 Mar 1996 - (excluding last 548 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
    Jstor: 1967-2018
    Literature Online: 1994-
    Project Muse: 1 Mar 2011 -
[+] Moscow News Archives
TOC Moscow University biological sciences bulletin
TOC Moscow University chemistry bulletin
TOC Moscow University computational mathematics and cybernetics
TOC Moscow University geology bulletin
TOC Moscow University mathematics bulletin
TOC Moscow University mechanics bulletin
TOC Moscow University physics bulletin
TOC Moscow University soil science bulletin
Mother earth news
TOC Motivation and emotion
    ProQuest: 1 Mar 1997 - (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1977-
Motivation science
TOC Mountain research and development
    Free E-Resources: 1 Feb 2000 -
    Jstor: 1981-
TOC Mouseion
TOC Le mouvement social
    Jstor: 1 Oct 1960 - 31 Dec 2017
    Project Muse: 2009-
TOC Movement disorders
Movement disorders clinical practice
TOC The moving image
    Jstor: 2001-2016
    Project Muse: 2003-
Le Moyen âge
TOC Le moyen français
Moyens audio-visuels (Audio-visual media)
MP (Molecular pathology)
    Ovid SP: 1 Oct 2001 - 31 Dec 2003
    PubMed Central: 1997-2003
MPAEA journal of adult education (Journal of adult education)
MPDLR (Mental and physical disability law reporter)
    HeinOnline: 1984-2011
    Jstor: 1984-2011
    ProQuest: 1 Sep 2007 - 31 Dec 2011
MPIfG discussion paper (Max-Planck-Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung)
MPT (Modern poetry in translation)
MqJBL. (Macquarie journal of business law)
MQR (Michigan quarterly review)
MR (Management review)
TOC MRC (Magnetic resonance in chemistry)
TOC MRDD research reviews (Mental retardation and developmental disabilities research reviews)
TOC MRI (Imaging decisions MRI)
MRL (Mathematical research letters)
TOC MRN (Management research news)
MRS bulletin
MRS communications
MRS energy & sustainability
MRSQ (Music reference services quarterly)
TOC MSCS (Mathematical structures in computer science)
MSJ experimental, translational and clinical (Multiple sclerosis journal - experimental, translational and clinical)
MSJ memoirs (Mathematical Society of Japan memoirs)
TOC MSMI (Music, sound and the moving image)
TOC M&SOM (Manufacturing & service operations management)
MSOR connections
MSS (Medieval sermon studies)
MSSE (Medicine & science in sports & exercise)
TOC MSSP (Mechanical systems and signal processing)
MSU J.Int'l L. (Michigan State University journal of international law)
MSU journal of medicine and law (Journal of medicine and law)
MT (Mathematics teaching)
    ATM: 1997-
    ProQuest: 1 Dec 2004 -
TOC MT (Marketing theory)
MTJ (Mark Twain journal)
    Jstor: 1954-2018
    Literature Online: 2004- (excluding last 2 years)
MTN (Marine turtle newsletter)
MTNA Advisory Council bulletin (Advisory Council bulletin)
MTO (Music theory online)
MTTLR (Michigan telecommunications and technology law review)
Mucosal immunology
Muhasebe ve Vergi Uygulamalari Dergisi (MUVU)
MUJLT (Masaryk University journal of law and technology)
    HeinOnline: 1 Jan 1959 - 30 Jun 1966
    Jstor: 1 Sep 1959 - 31 Aug 1966
M.U.L.R. (Melbourne University law review)
    HeinOnline: 1957-
    ProQuest: 2012-
    WorldLII Databases: 1957-2005
TOC Multi-body dynamics (Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.)
TOC Multibody system dynamics
TOC Multi-criteria decision analysis (Journal of multi-criteria decision analysis)
    EBSCO: 1 Jul 1992 - (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1996 -
Multicultural education
Multicultural education review
[+] Multicultural learning and teaching
    De Gruyter: 1 Apr 2006 -
    ProQuest: 2013- (excluding last 180 days)
Multicultural perspectives
Multicultural Shakespeare
TOC Multidimensional systems and signal processing
TOC Multi-ethnic literature of the United States (MELUS)
    Jstor: 1974-2017
    Literature Online: 1 Jan 1994 - 30 Nov 2015
    Oxford University Press: 1996-
    Project Muse: 1 Mar 2009 -
Multilingual education
TOC Multimedia (IEEE multimedia)
TOC Multimedia systems
TOC Multimedia tools and applications
Multimodal communication
Multimodal journal for the language sciences (Linguistics vanguard)
TOC Multimodal user interfaces (Journal on multimodal user interfaces)
Multinational business review
Multinational finance journal
Multinational monitor
[+] Multiple Myeloma
TOC Multiple sclerosis
Multiple sclerosis and demyelinating disorders
Multiple sclerosis and related disorders
Multiple sclerosis journal - experimental, translational and clinical
[+] Multiscale and multidisciplinary modeling, experiments and design
Multiscale modeling & simulation
Multisensory research
Multitudes (Paris, France)
Multivariate behavioral research
Münchener theologische Zeitschrift
Münchner Jahrbuch der bildenden Kunst
Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie
TOC Municipal engineer (Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers.)
Municipal finance journal
Municipal law review (American municipal law review)
Municipal world
Muntaqa (AlMuntaqa)
    ATLA Serials: 1985- (excluding last 5 years)
    Brill: 2000-
    Jstor: 1983-2017
Murray's magazine
The murrelet
TOC Muscle & nerve
TOC Musculoskeletal care
Musculoskeletal disease (Therapeutic advances in musculoskeletal disease)
TOC Musculoskeletal disorders (BMC musculoskeletal disorders)
Musculoskeletal science and practice
TOC Musculoskeletal surgery
Museological review
TOC Le muséon
The muses mercury, or The monthly miscellany
The museum
TOC Museum anthropology
    AnthroSource: 1 Oct 1976 -
    Wiley: 1 Oct 1976 -
Museum bulletin (M bulletin)
Museum Ethnographers' Group newsletter (Newsletter (Museum Ethnographers' Group))
Museum für Philologie (Rheinisches Museum für Philologie)
    Jstor: 1 Jul 1832 - 31 Dec 2017
    Sauerlander: 2013-
Museum helveticum
    Free E-Resources: 1944- (excluding last 20 months)
    Jstor: 1944-2018
Museum history journal
TOC Museum international
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
    Wiley: 1997-2018
TOC Museum management and curatorship
    ScienceDirect: 1990-2001
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1990-
Museum management and curatorship (International journal of museum management and curatorship)
    ScienceDirect: 1 Mar 1982 - 31 Dec 1989
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1982-1989
The museum news
Museum notes
The museum of classical antiquities
Museum of Fine Arts bulletin
Museum of Fine Arts bulletin (MFA bulletin)
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Museum of Modern Art bulletin (The bulletin of the Museum of Modern Art)
Museums & social issues
Museum studies
Museum worlds
The museum year
Musica disciplina
TOC Musicae scientiae
Musica judaica
Musical and literary miscellany (The British minstrel, and musical and literary miscellany; a selection of standard music, songs, duets, glees, choruses, etc. and articles in musical and general literature)
The musical antiquary
Musical companion; or, songster's magazine
The musical examiner
The musical gazette
The musical herald
The musical journal
The musical mirror and fanfare
The musical monthly
Musical news
Musical opinion and music trade review
TOC The musical quarterly
    Jstor: 1915-2015
    Oxford University Press: 1915-
The musical remembrancer
The musical standard
The musical times
    British Periodicals: 1 May 1845 - 31 Dec 1930
    Exact Editions Service: 2012-
    Jstor: 1904-2017
The musical times and singing-class circular
The musical world and dramatic observer
TOC Music analysis
    Jstor: 1982-2015
    Wiley: 1999-
Music and science (Music & science)
Music and the moving image
    Jstor: 2008-2013
    Project Muse: 2015-
TOC Music education research
Music education technology
TOC Music educators journal
    Jstor: 1 Sep 1934 - 31 Dec 2017
    ProQuest: 1 Jul 1999 - 30 Jun 2010
    Sage: 1 Sep 1934 -
Music Educators National Conference connection (TMEC MENC connection)
Music in art
TOC Music & letters
    Jstor: 1920-2015
    Oxford University Press: 1920-
    Project Muse: 2004-
Music & man
Musicología (Revista de musicología)
Musicology Australia
TOC Music perception
    Caliber: 2001-
    Jstor: 1983-2017
Music reference services quarterly
Music & science
TOC Music, sound and the moving image
Music supervisors' bulletin
    Jstor: 1 Sep 1914 - 31 Aug 1915
    Sage: 1 Sep 1914 - 31 Mar 1915
Music supervisors' journal
    Jstor: 1 Sep 1915 - 31 Aug 1934
    Sage: 1 Sep 1915 - 31 May 1934
Music Teachers' National Association Advisory Council bulletin (Advisory Council bulletin)
Music Teachers' National Association bulletin (Bulletin of the Music Teachers National Association)
Music theory online
TOC Music theory spectrum
    Jstor: 1979-2017
    Oxford University Press: 1979-
Music therapy perspectives
Musik & Ästhetik
Die Musikforschung
    Digizeitschriften: 1948-2014
    Jstor: 1948-2017
TOC The Muslim world
    ATLA Serials: 1948-
    Wiley: 1911-
Muslim world journal of human rights
    CAIRN: 2008-
    Jstor: 1994-2010
TOC Mutagenesis
Mutation research. DNAging
Mutation research. DNA repair
Mutation research. DNA repair reports
Mutation research. Environmental mutagenesis and related subjects
TOC [+] Mutation research. Fundamental and molecular mechanisms of mutagenesis
Mutation research. Genetic toxicology
TOC [+] Mutation research. Genetic toxicology and environmental mutagenesis
Mutation research letters
[+] Mutation research. Mutation research genomics
Mutation research. Reviews in genetic toxicology
TOC [+] Mutation research. Reviews in mutation research
Muyŏk Hakhoe chi
Mūznāyim (Moznayim)
TOC MVR (Microvascular research)
Mycological bulletin
TOC Mycological progress
TOC [+] Mycological research
Mycologie (Cryptogamie.)
TOC Mycopathologia
Mycopathologia et mycologia applicata
TOC Mycorrhiza
TOC Mycoscience
TOC Mycoses
TOC Mycotoxin research
Myra's journal of dress and fashion
Mystics quarterly

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