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E-journals for letter H
Habitat international
[+] Habitats and food chains
Hadashot arkheologiyot
Ḥadashot arkheologiyot
Hadrons and nuclei (Zeitschrift für Physik.)
Hadrons and nuclei (The European physical journal.)
Haematology (European journal of haematology)
The Hague journal of diplomacy
Hague journal on the rule of law
Hague Permanent Court of International Justice publications. Series A/B, Judgments, orders and advisory opinions (Publications of the Permanent Court of International Justice.)
Hague Permanent Court of International Justice publications. Series A, Judgments. (Publications of the Permanent Court of International Justice.)
Hague Permanent Court of International Justice publications. Series B, Advisory opinions. (Publications of the Permanent Court of International Justice.)
Hague Permanent Court of International Justice publications. Series C, Pleadings, oral statements and documents (Publications of the Permanent Court of International Justice.)
Hague Permanent Court of International Justice publications. Series D, Acts and documents concerning the organization of the Court (Publications of the Permanent Court of International Justice.)
Hague Permanent Court of International Justice publications. Series E, Annual report of the Permanent Court of International Justice (Publications of the Permanent Court of International Justice.)
Hague Permanent Court of International Justice publications. Series F, General index of the publications ot the Court (Series A, B and C) (Publications of the Permanent Court of International Justice.)
Hagut ba-ḥinukh ha-Yehudi
HAHR (The Hispanic American historical review)
[+] Hair and beauty diploma (Lesson starters.)
[+] Hair and beauty diploma (Lesson starters.)
[+] Hair and beauty diploma (Lesson starters.)
[+] Hair and beauty diploma (Lesson starters.)
[+] Hair and beauty diploma functional skills
Halfpenny marvel library
[+] Halima Hussain
[+] Halima Hussain
[+] Halsbury's is it in force?
Hals- Nasen- Ohrenheilkunde (HNO)
[+] Halving doubling1 (Learning to lead mathematics professional development.)
[+] Halving doubling2 (Learning to lead mathematics professional development.)
[+] Halving doubling whole (Learning to lead mathematics professional development.)
[+] Halving doubling wholeE (Learning to lead mathematics professional development.)
Hamline journal of public law
Hamline journal of public law and policy
Hamline law review
[+] Hana Abassi
[+] Hana Abassi science lesson
Handbook of business strategy
[+] Handbook of ELISPOT
Handbooks in operations research and management science
[+] Hand gestures (Proven to work.)
[+] Handling stress
[+] Hands on
[+] Hands-on art
Hand therapy (Journal of hand therapy)
Hanes cerddoriaeth cymru
[+] Hannah and Cherry
[+] Hanse law review
The Hansen report on automotive electronics
[+] Happiest days?
[+] Happy reading!
[+] The hardest to reach
[+] Hard to teach
[+] Hard to teach
[+] Hard to teach (Video requests (original: Jan to March).)
[+] Hard to teach. 2, Using the internet with Year 10
[+] Hard to teach. 3, Developing self assessment skills with Year 9
[+] Hard to teach. Secondary English. Volume 1
[+] Hard to teach. Secondary geography. Volume 2
[+] Hard to teach. Secondary history. Volume 1
[+] Hard to teach. Secondary maths. Volume 1
[+] Hard to teach. Secondary music. Volume 1
[+] Hard to teach. Secondary science. Volume 2
Harmful algae
Harm reduction journal
The harp
Harper's magazine
Harper's new monthly magazine
HARPS (Health research policy and systems)
[+] Harrison and Andrew (KS2)
The Hartford quarterly
Harvard Africa policy journal (Africa policy journal)
Harvard Art Museum annual report
The Harvard blackletter journal
Harvard blackletter law journal
Harvard book review
Harvard business review
Harvard Celtic Colloquium (Proceedings of the Harvard Celtic Colloquium)
Harvard civil rights-civil liberties law review
Harvard educational review
The Harvard environmental law review
Harvard human rights journal
Harvard human rights yearbook
Harvard international journal of press/politics
The Harvard International Law Club bulletin
The Harvard International Law Club journal
Harvard international law journal
Harvard international law journal (Bulletin of the Harvard International Law Club)
Harvard international review
Harvard journal of Asiatic studies
Harvard journal of law & gender
Harvard journal of law & public policy
Harvard journal of law & technology
Harvard journal of the legal left (Unbound)
Harvard journal on legislation
Harvard Latino law review
Harvard law & policy review
Harvard law review
Harvard negotiation law review
Harvard political review
Harvard review
Harvard studies in classical philology
The Harvard theological review
Harvard Ukrainian studies
Harvard University Art Museums bulletin
Harvard women's law journal
Harv. C. R.-C. L. L. Rev. (Harvard civil rights-civil liberties law review)
Harv. Envtl. L. Rev. (The Harvard environmental law review)
Harv. J. on Legis. (Harvard journal on legislation)
Harv. Latino L. Rev. (Harvard Latino law review)
Harv. L. & Pol'y Rev. (Harvard law & policy review)
Hastings business law journal
The Hastings Center report
The Hastings Center studies
Hastings communications and entertainment law journal
Hastings constitutional law quarterly
Hastings international and comparative law review
The Hastings journal
The Hastings law journal
Hastings race and poverty law journal
Hastings science & technology law journal
Hastings West-Northwest journal of environmental law and policy
Hastings women's law journal
Hautarzt,Zeitschrift für Dermatologie, Venerologie und verwandte Gebiete
Hawaiian journal of law and politics
[+] Hawaii medical journal
Hazard risk resilience
HBPD INT (Hepatobiliary & pancreatic diseases international)
HBRC journal
HCA (Health care analysis)
HCS (Arizona journal of Hispanic cultural studies)
Head & face medicine
[+] Head for the future
Head & neck
Head & neck oncology
Head & neck pathology
[+] Heads and governors
[+] The head's story
[+] Head start
[+] Head to head
Health affairs
[+] Health and beauty
Health and history
Health and human rights
Health and quality of life outcomes
Health and safety at work newsletter (Health & safety at work newsletter.)
[+] Health and social care
Health and social work (Health & social work)
Health and society (The Milbank Memorial Fund quarterly.)
Health and technology
Health and well-being (Applied psychology.)
Health care analysis
Health care financing review
Healthcare informatics research
Healthcare management forum
Health care management science
Healthcare policy
Health care quality assurance (International journal of health care quality assurance)
Health economics
Health economics in prevention and care
Health economics, policy and law
Health education
Health education (American journal of health education)
Health education & behavior
Health education journal
[+] Health education monographs
Health education quarterly
Health education research
Health expectations
[+] Healthier living. 1, John Hanson Community School
[+] Healthier living. 2, St Francis Xavier Primary School
[+] Healthier living. 3, Alderman Knight School
[+] Healthier living. 4, Skerton Community High School
Health informatics
Health informatics journal
Health information and libraries journal
Health law journal
The Health lawyer
Health libraries review
Health manpower management
Health marketing quarterly
Health matrix
Health outcomes research in medicine
Health & place
Health planning and management (The international journal of health planning and management)
Health policy
Health policy and planning
Health policy and technology
Health promotion international
Health promotion practice
Health psychology
Health psychology open
Health research policy and systems
Health, risk & society
Health & safety at work
Health & safety at work newsletter.
Health Services and Mental Health Administration health reports (HSMHA health reports)
Health services management research
Health services & outcomes research methodology
Health services reports
Health services research (BMC health services research)
Health services research
Health services research and managerial epidemiology
Health & social care in the community
Health & social work
Health statistics quarterly
Health systems
Health systems and reform
Health technology assessment (GMS health technology assessment)
Health technology assessment
Health transition review
[+] Healthy eating games, road safety, SRE teaching pack
[+] Healthy eating, let's start a café, portraits
[+] Healthy living
[+] Healthy living throughout the curriculum
[+] Healthy primary school
[+] Healthy school food
[+] Healthy secondary school
[+] A healthy start
[+] Hearing impairment in mainstream
[+] Hearing impairment in mainstream
Hearing research
Heart and circulatory physiology (American journal of physiology.)
Heart and vessels
Heart failure reviews
Hearth and home
Heart & lung
Heart, lung & circulation
Heart views
[+] Heat (Lesson starters.)
Heat and fluid flow (The International journal of heat and fluid flow)
Heat and mass transfer
Heat & fluid flow (International journal of numerical methods for heat & fluid flow)
[+] Heather Primary School (TAs talk.)
Heat recovery systems & CHP
Heat transfer - Asian research
Hebrew abstracts
Hebrew Bible and Ancient Israel
The Hebrew student
Hebrew studies
Hebrew Union College annual
HEC forum
HEDP (High energy density physics)
Hegel and legal theory (Cardozo law review)
HEI (History of economic ideas)
Heidelberg journal of international law (Zeitschrift für ausländisches öffentliches Recht und Völkerrecht)
Die Heilberufe
Heilpädagogische Blätter
HEJ (Health education journal)
[+] Helena Kennedy
[+] Helen Cooper
[+] Helen wants an assistant headship
Helgoländer Meeresuntersuchungen
Helgoländer wissenschaftliche Meeresuntersuchungen
Helgoland marine research
Hellenic Institute of international and foreign law (Revue hellénique de droit international)
Hellenic journal of surgery
[+] Helping children stay healthy and fit
[+] Helping hands
H.E.L.R. (The Harvard environmental law review)
Helsinki monitor
Helvetica chimica acta
Hematological oncology
[+] Hématologie (EMC.)
Hematology and cell therapy
Hematology/oncology and stem cell therapy
Hemijska industrija
The Hemingway review
Hemodialysis international
Hemophilia (Haemophilia)
The Henry James review
HEPAC (Health economics in prevention and care)
Hepatitis research and treatment
Hepatobiliary & pancreatic diseases international
[+] Hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery (Journal of hepato-biliary-pancreatic surgery)
Hépato-gastroenterologie (EMC.)
[+] Hépatologie (EMC.)
Hepatology and gastroenterology (Clinics and research in hepatology and gastroenterology)
Hepatology international
Hepatology research
Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary (HPB)
[+] HEP libraries webzine
Heraclitus Ridens
Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Hereditary cancer in clinical practice
[+] Here we go again
Heritage & society
Hermeneutics and social concern (The ... annual of hermeneutics & social concern)
Herpetological monographs
Herzschrittmachertherapie & Elektrophysiologie
Herz-, thorax- und gefässchirurgie (Zeitschrift für herz-, thorax- und gefässchirurgie)
HESB (The History of Economics Society bulletin)
Hesperia. Supplement
HESS (Hydrology and earth system sciences)
Heteroatom chemistry
[+] Heterogeneous & homogeneous & bio-catalysis (ChemCatChem)
Heuristics (Journal of heuristics)
Heythrop journal
[+] Heywood Community High School
HFSP journal
H + G Zeitschrift für Hautkrankheiten
The Hibernia magazine, and Dublin monthly panorama
[+] Hidden house history
High Court quarterly review
High energy chemistry
High energy density physics
[+] High energy physics libraries webzine (HEP libraries webzine)
Higher (The Times higher education supplement)
[+] Higher and higher
Higher education
Higher education abstracts
Higher Education for the Future
Higher education in Europe
Higher education policy
Higher education quarterly
Higher education report (ASHE higher education report)
Higher education report (ASHE-ERIC higher education report)
Higher education research & development
Higher education review
Higher-order and symbolic computation
Highly successful strategies to guide young children's behavior
High performance computing applications (The international journal of high performance computing applications)
High performance polymers
The High school journal
[+] High/Scope for children with special needs
[+] High/Scope preschool key experiences. Creative representation
[+] [HighScope webclips]. Disc 1
[+] [HighScope webclips]. Disc 1
[+] [HighScope webclips]. Disc 2
[+] [HighScope webclips]. Disc 2
[+] [HighScope webclips]. Disc 2
[+] [HighScope webclips]. Disc 3
[+] [HighScope webclips]. Disc 3
[+] [HighScope webclips]. Disc 3
[+] [HighScope webclips]. Disc 3
High speed networks (Journal of high speed networks)
High technology law journal
High temperature
[+] Himalayas
Himija rastitel'nogo syr'ja
[+] Hinchley Wood School
Ḥinukh meyuḥad ṿe-shiḳum (Special education and rehabilitation.)
HIR (Healthcare informatics research)
[+] Hiring a business manager (Careers interviews.)
Hiroshima mathematical journal
[+] His own best subject
The Hispanic American historical review
Hispanic cinemas (Studies in Hispanic cinemas)
Hispanic cultural studies (Arizona journal of Hispanic cultural studies)
Hispanic journal of behavioral sciences
Hispanic journal of law & policy (Texas Hispanic journal of law & policy)
Hispanic law journal
Hispanic research journal
Hispanic review
The Histochemical journal
Histochemistry and cell biology
Histoire de l'éducation
Histoire, économie et société
Histoire & mesure
Histoire sociale
Histoire & sociétés rurales
Historia antropología y fuentes orales
Historia litteraria
Historia mathematica
Historia mexicana
The historian
Historians Film Committee Newsletter
Historia social (Aula-historia social)
Historia social
Historia y fuente oral
Historical account and impartial judgment of books newly printed, both foreign and domestick (The works of the learned; or, An historical account and impartial judgment of books newly printed, both foreign and domestick)
Historical archaeology (International journal of historical archaeology)
Historical archaeology
The historical journal
Historical journal of film, radio and television
Historical linguistics (Historische Sprachforschung)
Historically speaking
[+] Historical magazine of the Protestant Episcopal Church
Historical materialism
Historical methods
Historical methods newsletter
Historical outlook
Historical reflections
Historical register
Historical research
[+] Historical social research
Historical social research. Supplement = Supplement : the official journal of QUANTUM and INTERQUANT.
Historical Society of Southern California, Los Angeles
Historical Society of Southern California, Los Angeles
The Historical Society of Southern California quarterly
Historical sociology (Journal of historical sociology)
Historical studies, Australia and New Zealand
Historical studies in industrial relations
Historical studies in the natural sciences
Historical studies in the physical and biological sciences
Historical studies in the physical sciences
Historical studies (Melbourne, Vic. : Online)
The historic environment
Historie russe (Russian history)
Histories of anthropology annual
Historiography east & west
Historische Anthropologie
Historische Bibliographie
[+] Historisches Jahrbuch
[+] Historische Sozialforschung (Historical social research)
Historische Sozialforschung. Supplement (Historical social research.)
Historische Sprachforschung
Historische zeitschrift
Historische Zeitschrift. Beihefte
[+] History
[+] History
[+] History
[+] History
[+] History (Lesson starters.)
[+] History (Lesson starters.)
Hisṭoryah Yehudit (Jewish history)
History and anthropology
History and philosophy of logic
History and philosophy of the life sciences
History and social science teacher (Canadian social studies)
History and sociology of South Asia
History and technology
History and theory
[+] The history class
History compass
History in Africa
History in focus
History Ireland
[+] The history man
History & memory
History news
History of astronomy (Journal for the history of astronomy)
History of childhood quarterly
History of economic ideas
The History of Economics Society bulletin
History of education
History of education journal
History of education quarterly
History of European ideas
The history of learning
The history of learning, or, An abstract of several books lately published, as well abroad, as at home
[+] History of literature, domestic and foreign, on an enlarged plan (The analytical review)
[+] History of maths
History of Philosophy of Science (HOPOS)
History of philosophy quarterly
History of photography
History of political economy
History of political thought
History of psychiatry
History of psychology
History of religions
[+] History of science
History of the behavioral sciences. (Journal of the history of the behavioral sciences)
The history of the family
History of the human sciences
History of the present
The history of the reign of Queen Anne, digested into annals
The history of the works of the learned
History of the works of the learned (The Literary magazine: or, The History of the works of the learned)
The history of the works of the learned: or, An impartial account of books lately printed in all parts of Europe
The history teacher
History teacher's magazine
History today
History workshop
History workshop journal
[+] Histos
[+] Hi tech transition
Hitotsubashi journal of commerce & management
Hitotsubashi journal of economics
Hitotsubashi journal of social studies
HIV/AIDS reports (Current HIV/AIDS reports)
HIV & AIDS review
HIV medicine
HJLP (Hawaiian journal of law and politics)
HKJOT (Hong Kong journal of occupational therapy)
HKLJ (Hong Kong law journal)
HLPR (Harvard law & policy review)
[+] HLTA at work
[+] HLTA standards
HMG (Human molecular genetics)
HOAA (Histories of anthropology annual)
Hobbes studies
The hobby horse
Hofstra environmental law digest
Hofstra labor & employment law journal
Hofstra labor law forum
Hofstra labor law journal
The Hofstra law & policy symposium
Hofstra law review
Hofstra property law journal
Hokkaido mathematical journal
Holarctic ecology
Holdsworth law review
[+] Holidays in term time
Hollywood quarterly
[+] Holocaust
[+] Holocaust (Lesson starters.)
[+] Holocaust (Lesson starters.)
Holocaust and genocide studies
[+] Holocaust and the kindertransport
[+] The Holocaust exhibition
The Holocene
Holy Cross journal of law and public policy
Holy Land studies
Holz als Roh- und Werkstoff
Home and foreign review
Home care provider
Home economics research journal
Home, foreign and colonial journal (The new quarterly review, or, Home, foreign and colonial journal)
The home friend
Home health care management & practice
Homeland Security Review
[+] Homework and marking
[+] Homework high
Homicide studies
Homily service
Homology, homotopy, and applications
Homo oeconomicus
[+] Homophobia
[+] Homophobic abuse
[+] Honesty, lateral thinking and other topics
Hong Kong journal of nephrology
Hong Kong journal of occupational therapy
Hong Kong law journal
Hong Kong physiotherapy journal
Hood's magazine
[+] Hooked on learning
Hoosier folklore
Hoosier folklore bulletin
The Hopkins review
Horizons in biblical theology
Horizons in geography
Hormones and behavior
Hormones & cancer
Horse and hound
Hortus artium medievalium
Hospital ethics committee forum (HEC forum)
Hospital topics
[+] Hotel
Hotel Amerika
[+] Hothousing gifted pupils
[+] Hot metal
[+] Hot research
[+] Hot research
[+] Hot research. Tackling bullying
[+] Hot tips from consultant and middle leaders
[+] Hot water
Household words
The House of Commons modernisation committee
House of Commons weekly information bulletin (Weekly information bulletin - House of Commons)
Housing & Building National Research Center journal (HBRC journal)
Housing, care and support
Housing economics (Journal of housing economics)
Housing finance international
Housing studies
Housing, theory, and society
Houston business and tax law journal
Houston journal of health law & policy
Houston journal of international law
Houston law review
[+] Howard Gardner
The Howard journal of criminal justice
Howard law journal
Howard scroll
[+] How are you?
[+] How are you smart?
[+] How children learn
[+] How do they do it in Bosnia?
[+] How do they do it in Chicago?
[+] How do they do it in China?
[+] How do they do it in Cuba?
[+] How do they do it in France?
[+] How do they do it in Germany?
[+] How do they do it in Germany?
[+] How do they do it in Holland?
[+] How do they do it in Hungary?
[+] How do they do it in India?
[+] How do they do it in Japan?
[+] How do they do it in Norway?
[+] How do they do it in Rome?
[+] How do they do it in Russia?
[+] How do they do it in Scotland?
[+] How do they do it in South Africa?
[+] How do they do it in Sweden?
[+] How do they do it in the USA?
[+] How do they do it in Vietnam?
[+] How electricity is used
[+] How federations work
[+] How good was that?
How labour lost
[+] How light travels
[+] How safe is your classroom?
[+] How science works
[+] How science works. 2, Journey to Etna
[+] How science works. 3, Asthma on the run
[+] How science works. 4, Using Asthma on the run
[+] How science works. 5, Asthma on the run
[+] How science works. 6, Asthma on the run
[+] How science works. 7, Asthma on the run
[+] How science works. 8, Asthma on the run
[+] How stuff changes
How teachers and administrators can collect, sort, and distribute online data using collaborative Google forms
How teachers can promote effective classroom management and student accountability using online grade books
How teachers can use blogs and RSS to collaborate and share best practices with colleagues
[+] How to add audio to an animation
[+] How to analyze school, class, and student data using Excel pivot tables (Managing school data and systems.)
[+] How to analyze school, class, and student data using Excel pivot tables (Managing school data and systems.)
[+] How to annotate and share research using online social bookmarking
[+] How to assess authentic learning
[+] How to bring student Powerpoint presentations alive by incorporating embedded video
[+] How to capture an image using a visualiser
[+] How to change text and objects in presentations (Better learning with ICT - how to's.)
[+] How to create animations in order to better support and demonstrate students' understanding of chemistry and physical science
[+] How to create a smooth stop-frame animation
[+] How to create a wiki (Better learning with ICT - how to's.)
[+] How to easily set-up email, online documents, and school calendars (Managing school data and systems.)
[+] How to easily set-up email, online documents, and school calendars (Managing school data and systems.)
[+] How to find podcasts
[+] How to insert a video clip into a presentation (Better learning with ICT - how to's.)
How to maximize conferencing and collaboration in English classrooms using Google docs
[+] How to muffle sound
[+] How to operate a video camera
[+] How to promote literacy using interactive multimedia with students in the elementary grades
[+] How to promote literacy with "read-alongs" using smart board and smart notebook
[+] How to record a sound file and share it online (Better learning with ICT - how to's.)
[+] How to record video using a visualiser
[+] How to share videos online
[+] How to speak
How to support students in demonstrating historical and literary knowledge using Google docs
[+] How to transform your school
[+] How to turn an audio file into a podcast
[+] How to understand computer game ratings (Better learning with ICT - how to's.)
[+] How to use a data logger
[+] How to use a spreadsheet
[+] How to use games consoles
How to use social networking sites to engage students and extend classroom activities
[+] How we hear
[+] How we see light
Ka Hoʻoilina
HPO (Health psychology open)
HPQ (History of philosophy quarterly)
HQLO (Health and quality of life outcomes)
HR (Human resource planning)
HRD (Human resource development review)
HRDQ (Human resource development quarterly)
HRJ (Harm reduction journal)
HRR (Human rights review)
HSE (Hungarian studies in English)
HSM (Human systems management)
HSMHA health reports
HSMR (Health services management research)
HSNS (Historical studies in the natural sciences)
HSR (Health services research)
[+] HSR (Historical social research)
HSR (Health systems and reform)
HSR. Beiheft (Historical social research.)
HSS journal
HTA (Health technology assessment)
HTG (Zeitschrift für herz-, thorax- und gefässchirurgie)
HTR (The Harvard theological review)
Hua yi xue zhi (Monumenta serica)
The Hudson review
The HUGO journal
Human biology
Human brain mapping
Human Cell
Human cell
[+] Human Cell Culture Protocols
Human communication research
Human-computer interaction
Human development
Human dimensions of wildlife
Human ecology
Human & experimental toxicology
Human factors
Human factors and ergonomics in manufacturing
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society annual meeting proceedings (Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society ... Annual Meeting)
Human factors in electronics (IEEE transactions on human factors in electronics)
Human factors in manufacturing (The International journal of human factors in manufacturing)
Human Frontier Science Program journal (HFSP journal)
Human genetics
Human genomics and proteomics
Human immunology
Humanisme et renaissance
The Humanist
Humanistica Lovaniensia
Das humanistische Gymnasium
Humanity & society
Human Language Technology Conference
Human learning and memory (Journal of experimental psychology.)
Human molecular genetics
Human movement science
Human mutation
Human nature
Human organization
Human pathology
Human performance
Human physiology
Human psychopharmacology
Human relations
Human remains and violence
Human reproduction
Human reproduction update
Human resource development international
Human resource development quarterly
Human resource development review
Human resource management
Human resource management (Research & practice in human resource management)
Human resource management (SA Journal of Human Resource Management)
Human resource management international digest
Human resource management journal
Human resource management review
Human resource planning
Human resources development journal
Human resources for health
[+] Human Retrovirus Protocols
Human rights
[+] Human rights and wrongs
Human rights annual (New York Law School human rights annual)
Human rights case digest
[+] The human rights experience
Human rights & globalization law review
Human rights in development yearbook
Human rights law in Africa
Human rights law review
Human rights quarterly
Human rights review
Human rights survey. (European law review)
[+] Human scale schools. 5, Big vs small
Human studies
Human systems management
[+] Human tangle
Human vaccines
Human vaccines & immunotherapeutics
Humboldt journal of social relations
Hume papers on public policy
Hume studies
Humours of a coffee-house (The weekly comedy, or, The humours of a coffee-house)
H und G (H + G Zeitschrift für Hautkrankheiten)
The Hungarian historical review
Hungarian journal of English and American studies (HJEAS)
Hungarian studies in English
Hungarian studies in English (Angol filológiai tanulmányok)
Hungarica acta mathematica
[+] Hungary (Country report.)
Hunter gatherer research
The Huntington Library bulletin
Huntington Library quarterly
Hunt's London journal
[+] Hurricane house
HUS (Harvard Ukrainian studies)
Husserl studies
HWJ (History workshop journal)
Hybrid circuits
Hydraulic engineering (Journal of hydraulic engineering)
Hydrobiological bulletin
[+] Hydrogen (Demonstrating chemistry - spectacular experiments.)
[+] Hydrogen (Demonstrating chemistry - spectacular experiments.)
Hydrogeology journal
Hydrological processes
Hydrological sciences journal
Hydrologic engineering (Journal of hydrologic engineering)
Hydrology and earth system sciences
Hydrology and earth system sciences. Discussions
Hydrology, oceans and atmosphere (Physics and chemistry of the earth.)
Hydrotechnical construction
Hygiea internationalis
Hyperfine interactions
Hyperpsycoloquy (Psycoloquy)
Hypertension (Journal of human hypertension)
[+] Hypertension
Hypertension reports (Current hypertension reports)
Hypertext on the edge (Writing on the edge)

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