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E-journals for letter D
DAC (Dynamics of asymmetric conflict)
The DAC journal
    Jstor: 1955-
    Literature Online: 1 Dec 1988 - 31 Nov 2011
    MIT Press Journals: 1 Sep 2003 -
The daily benefactor
Daily compilation of Presidential documents
The daily courant
The daily gazetteer
Daily mirror
[+] Daily telegraph and courier. (The telegraph historical archive, 1855-2000)
[+] Daily telegraph and morning post. (The telegraph historical archive, 1855-2000)
[+] Daily telegraph (London) (The telegraph historical archive, 1855-2000)
Daily telegraph (London, England)
[+] Daily telegraph (London, England : 1856) (The telegraph historical archive, 1855-2000)
[+] Daily telegraph (London, England : 1969) (The telegraph historical archive, 1855-2000)
The daily universal register
DAJV newsletter
Dakota law review
Dalhousie French studies
    Erudit: 2020-
    Jstor: 1 Oct 1979 - 31 Dec 2016
Dalhousie journal of legal studies
Dalhousie law journal
TOC Dalton transactions
Dalton transactions (Journal of the Chemical Society.)
TOC Damage mechanics (International journal of damage mechanics)
Dams & reservoirs
TOC Dance chronicle
    Jstor: 1977-2013
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1977-1996
TOC Dance research
    Jstor: 1983-2017
    Project Muse: 2006-2008
TOC Dance research journal
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Aug 1969 -
    Jstor: 1 Aug 1974 - 31 Dec 2015
    Project Muse: 2008-
Dang dai Zhongguo (Journal of contemporary China)
    ProQuest: 1 Nov 1997 - 1 Nov 2000
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1992-
Danish foreign policy yearbook
Danish journal of archaeology
Danish journal of geography (Geografisk tidskrift)
Danish yearbook of philosophy
Dansk sociologi
Dante studies, with the annual report of the Dante Society
    Jstor: 1966-2015
    Project Muse: 2015-
DAPA (The journal of decorative and propaganda arts)
    Brill: 1999-
    Literature Online: 2001-2016
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1972-2000
Daqi-he-haiyang-kexue-kuaibao (Atmospheric and oceanic science letters)
TOC Da qi ke xue jin zhan (Advances in atmospheric sciences)
The dark blue
The dart
Dartmouth College undergraduate journal of law
The Dartmouth law journal
DAS journal (The journal of the Decorative Arts Society 1850-the Present)
Data and information management
Database for advances in information systems (ACM SIGMIS database)
[+] Database marketing (The journal of database marketing)
TOC Database marketing & customer strategy management (Journal of database marketing & customer strategy management)
Data-Centric Engineering
Data-enabled discovery and applications
TOC Data & knowledge engineering
Data management review (DM review)
TOC Data mining and knowledge discovery
Data mining and knowledge discovery (Wiley interdisciplinary reviews.)
Data & Policy
Data Protection Ireland
Data science and engineering
TOC Datenbank-Spektrum
TOC Datenschutz und datensicherheit
Daughters of Sarah
[+] David wants a headship
[+] David Willetts
The dawn
Day care and early education
Db advances in information systems (ACM SIGMIS database)
TOC DC (Dance chronicle)
    Jstor: 1977-2013
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1977-1996
TOC DCI (Developmental and comparative immunology)
DCL Ent. & S.L. (Entertainment and sports lawyer)
D&CO magazine (Deputy and court officer)
[+] DCW (Developmental child welfare)
DDA yearbook (The United Nations disarmament yearbook)
    Free E-Resources: 1976-
    HeinOnline: 1976-2010
TOC DDT (Drug discovery today)
DDT. Biosilico (Drug discovery today.)
DDT. Targets (Drug discovery today.)
DE (Distance education)
    ProQuest: 1 Jan 1996 - 1 Nov 2012
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1980-
TOC Dead Sea discoveries
    ATLA Serials: 2000- (excluding last 5 years)
    Brill: 1994-
    Ebscohost: 1 Mar 1999 - (excluding last 5 years)
    Jstor: 1994-2017
Deafness & education international
Deakin law review
    HeinOnline: 1994-
    WorldLII Databases: 1994-2017
TOC Dean & provost
De arte
Death studies
    Ebscohost: 1 Jul 1993 - (excluding last 548 days)
    ProQuest: 1 Sep 1996 - 1 Dec 2000
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
Le débat
Debate feminista
Debates IESA
TOC Debatte
De Bow's commercial review of the South & West
De Bow's review
De Bow's review of the southern and western states
Debt cubed
Decennial anniversary brochure--United States Court for China (United States Court for China)
TOC Decision analysis
TOC Decision sciences
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 2003 - (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1 Feb 2003 -
TOC Decision sciences journal of innovative education
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 2003 - (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1 Feb 2003 -
TOC Decisions in economics and finance
    EBSCO: 1 May 2003 - (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1978-
Décisions marketing
    EBSCO: 1 Oct 2002 -
    Jstor: 1 May 1993 - 31 Dec 2017
TOC Decision support systems
Decorative arts (Studies in the decorative arts)
The decorator and furnisher
Deep-sea research (1953)
Deep-sea research (1977)
Deep-sea research and oceanographic abstracts
Deep-sea research. Part A, Oceanographic research papers
Deep-sea research. Part B, Oceanographic literature review
TOC Deep sea research. Part II, Topical studies in oceanography
TOC Deep sea research. Part I, Oceanographic research papers
TOC DEF (Decisions in economics and finance)
    EBSCO: 1 May 2003 - (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1978-
TOC Defence and peace economics
Defence economics
Defence studies
Defense acquisition research journal
Defense analysis
Defense AR journal
Defense counsel journal
    EBSCO: 2000-
    HeinOnline: 1987-
Defense & foreign affairs strategic policy
Defense horizons
Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management journal of international security assistance management (The DISAM journal of international security assistance management)
Defense modeling and simulation (The journal of defense modeling and simulation)
Defense & security analysis
[+] Deforestation trends in the Congo Basin
Dehshi Tsūshin Gakkai ronbunshi. (Electronics and communications in Japan.)
The Delaware journal of corporate law
The Delius Society journal
The Delphick oracle
The Delta Kappa Gamma bulletin
Delta Pi Epsilon journal
    EBSCO: 1 Apr 2004 - 31 Dec 2012
    ProQuest: 2008-2012
Deltion hellenikēs allelographias (Bulletin de correspondance hellénique)
Deltion tēs Christianikēs Archaiologikēs Hetaireias
Dementia and geriatric cognitive disorders
Democracy and security
Democratic culture (Tarbut demoḳraṭit)
Democratic left
TOC Democratization
Democritus ridens or, Comus and momus
Demografía y economía
TOC [+] Demographic research
    Free E-Resources: 1 Jul 1999 -
    Jstor: 1998-
    ProQuest: 2007-
Demographische informationen
TOC Demography
    Duke University Press: 2016-
    EBSCO: 1 Jun 2000 - (excluding last year)
    Jstor: 1964-2017
    Project Muse: 2000-2010
    ProQuest: 1 Feb 2011 - (excluding last year)
    ProQuest: 1 Nov 1995 - 1 Nov 2010
    PubMed Central: 1 Feb 2008 - (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1997-2020
TOC Dendrochronologia
TOC Denki Gakkai ronbunshi (Electrical engineering in Japan)
Die Denkmalpflege
Die Denkmalpflege (1899)
Denkmalpflege und Heimatschutz
TOC DENM (Differential equations & nonlinear mechanics)
Denmark (Country report.)
TOC The Denning law journal
DEN open
[+] Denshi jōhō tsūshin (Electronics and communications in Japan.)
Denshi Jōhō Tsūshin Gakkai ronbunshi. (Electronics and communications in Japan.)
TOC Dental abstracts
TOC Dental materials
Dental research journal
TOC Dental traumatology
The Denver Bar Association record
Denver journal of international law and policy
Denver Law Center journal
Denver law journal (Denver, Co. : 1883 : Online)
Denver law journal (Denver, Co. : 1966: Online)
Denver University law review
TOC The department chair
The Department of State bulletin
[+] Department of State publication. Background notes series
    ProQuest: 11 Jun 2009 -
    ProQuest: 2 Nov 2003 - 1 Nov 2005
DePaul business & commercial law journal
    EBSCO: 2002-
    HeinOnline: 2002-
DePaul journal for social justice
DePaul journal of health care law
De Paul law review
DePaul-LCA journal of art and entertainment law (Journal of art & entertainment law)
TOC Dependable and secure computing (IEEE transactions on dependable and secure computing)
The depositional record
TOC Depression and anxiety
TOC Depression research and treatment
[+] De proverbio
Deputy and court officer
The Derbyshire archaeological journal
Derecho penal y criminología
Dergisi (İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi dergisi)
Derivatives use, trading & regulation
    PubMed Central: 2009- (excluding last year)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2009-
Dermatological reviews
TOC Dermatologica Sinica (Zhonghua pi fu ke yi xue za zhi)
TOC Dermatologic surgery
TOC Dermatologic therapy
[+] Dermatologie-cosmétologie (EMC.)
TOC Dermatology (BMC dermatology)
TOC Dermatology research and practice
TOC Derrida today
TOC Desalination
Desarrollo económico
Design and culture
Design and technology education
TOC Design automation for embedded systems
TOC Designed monomers and polymers
TOC Design history (Journal of design history)
    Jstor: 1988-2015
    Oxford University Press: 1988-
TOC Design issues
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1997 - (excluding last year)
    Jstor: 1984-2015
The design journal
TOC Design management journal
    EBSCO: 2008- (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1 Oct 2010 -
TOC Design management review
Design quarterly
Design science
TOC Designs, codes, and cryptography
TOC Design studies
TOC Design & test of computers (IEEE design & test of computers)
Detention and corrections caselaw quarterly
Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University entertainment & sports law journal
Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University law review
Detroit College of Law entertainment & sports law forum
Detroit College of Law international law and practice (Journal of international law and practice)
Detroit College of Law review
Detroit law journal (University of Detroit law journal)
Detroit law review
Deutsch-Amerikanische Juristen-Vereinigung newsletter (DAJV newsletter)
TOC Deutsche entomologische Zeitschrift
Deutsche hydrographische Zeitschrift
Deutsche Kunst und Denkmalpflege
Deutsche Rechts-Zeitschrift
    Digizeitschriften: 1946-1950
    Jstor: 1 Jul 1946 - 31 Dec 1950
Deutsches Archiv für Erforschung des Mittelalters
Deutsches Archiv für Geschichte des Mittelalters
Deutsches Ärzteblatt international
Die Deutsche Schule
    Digizeitschriften: 1956-2008
    ProQuest: 2012-
Deutsches Dante-Jahrbuch
Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung economic bulletin (DIW economic bulletin)
Deutsche Theologie
Deutsche Vierteljahrsschrift für Literaturwissenschaft und Geistesgeschichte
Deutsche vierteljahrsschrift für literaturwissenschaft und geistesgeschichte
Deutsche Zeitschrift für Akupunktur
Deutsche Zeitschrift für Chirurgie
Deutsche Zeitschrift für die gesamte gerichtliche Medizin
Deutsche Zeitschrift für Nervenheilkunde
Deutsche zeitschrift für philosophie
Deutsche Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Insolvenzrecht
TOC The Developing economies
TOC Developing world bioethics
TOC [+] Development
TOC Development
    ProQuest: 1 Jun 1999 - (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1999-
TOC Developmental and comparative immunology
Developmental and reproductive toxicology (Birth defects research.)
TOC Developmental biology (BMC developmental biology)
Developmental biology (Wiley interdisciplinary reviews.)
Developmental brain research
TOC Developmental cell
[+] Developmental child welfare
TOC Developmental cognitive neuroscience
Developmental disabilities bulletin
Developmental disabilities research reviews
Developmental Disabilities Special Interest Section quarterly
TOC Developmental dynamics
Developmental genetics
[+] Developmental Hematopoiesis
TOC Developmental medicine and child neurology
    ProQuest: 1 May 2001 - 1 Dec 2011
    Wiley: 1997-
Developmental neurobiology
Developmental neuropsychology
TOC Developmental psychobiology
TOC Developmental psychology
TOC Developmental review
TOC Developmental science
TOC Development and change
    EBSCO: 1998- (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1997-
TOC Development and learning in organizations
TOC Development and psychopathology
    Cambridge University Press: 1989-
    ProQuest: 2004- (excluding last year)
Development and society
TOC Development co-operation report. (OECD journal on development)
TOC Development genes and evolution
TOC Development, growth & differentiation
TOC Development in practice
    Jstor: 1991-2013
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1 Mar 1991 -
Development issues (International journal of development issues)
Development outreach
TOC Development policy review
Developments in mental health law
TOC Development southern Africa
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 1998 - (excluding last 548 days)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1984-
Development studies research
Déviance et société
TOC Deviant behavior
Device and materials reliability, IEEE transactions on (IEEE transactions on device and materials reliability)
The devil
[+] The devil
    Adam Matthew Digital: 1 Jan 1786 - 30 Sep 1786
    Adam Matthew Digital: 1 Jan 1787 - 26 Feb 1787
De Voil indirect tax intelligence
DGDS (Differential geometry-dynamical systems)
DH Disciples history magazine (Disciples history magazine)
The D.H. Lawrence review
TOC Diabetes
    Free E-Resources: 2005- (excluding last year)
    Ovid SP: 1 Oct 2002 - 30 Nov 2007
Diabetes and vascular disease research (Diabetes & vascular disease research)
TOC The diabetes educator
Diabetes & metabolic syndrome
TOC Diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity
TOC Diabetes & metabolism
TOC Diabetes/metabolism research and reviews
Diabetes/metabolism reviews
TOC Diabetes, obesity & metabolism
TOC Diabetes research and clinical practice
TOC Diabetes spectrum
TOC Diabetes therapy
Diabetes & vascular disease research
Diabetic foot & ankle
TOC Diabetic medicine
TOC Der Diabetologe
TOC Diabetologia
TOC Diabetology International
TOC Diabetology & metabolic syndrome
    BioMed Central: 26 Aug 2009 -
    PubMed Central: 26 Aug 2009 -
TOC Diacritics
    Jstor: 1 Aug 1971 - 31 Dec 2015
    Literature Online: 1 Mar 1996 - (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 1996-
Diagnostic and interventional imaging
Diagnostic and prognostic research
TOC Diagnostic cytopathology
TOC Diagnostic histopathology
TOC Diagnostic microbiology and infectious disease
TOC Diagnostic pathology
TOC Dialectica
    Jstor: 1947-2015
    Wiley: 1997-2019
TOC Dialectical anthropology
    Jstor: 1 Nov 1975 - 31 Dec 2017
    ProQuest: 1 Dec 2012 - (excluding last year)
    SpringerLINK: 1975-
Dialectologia et geolinguistica
TOC Dialog
Dialogic pedagogy
Dialogue (1311-9206)
Dialogue & alliance
Dialogues d'histoire ancienne
    CAIRN: 2007-
    Persee: 1974-2019
Dialogues in human geography
TOC Dialysis & transplantation
TOC Diamond and related materials
TOC Diaspora
Diaspora, indigenous and minority education
Diaspora studies
    ProQuest: 2010-
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2007-
Dibdin's director (Director (London, England : 1807))
TOC DIBt Mitteilungen
Dickens quarterly
    Literature Online: 1 Jun 2004 - (excluding last year)
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1984-2000
    Project Muse: 2015-
Dickens studies annual
Dickens studies newsletter
Dickinson international law annual
Dickinson journal of international law
Dickinson law review
Diderot studies
Die Betriebswirtschaft
TOC Differences
    Duke University Press: 1999-
    Project Muse: 1998-2004
TOC Differential equations
TOC Differential equations and dynamical systems
TOC Differential equations & nonlinear mechanics
TOC Differential geometry and its applications
Differential geometry-dynamical systems
TOC Differentiation
    ScienceDirect: 1 Feb 1973 -
    Wiley: 1 Feb 1997 - 31 Dec 2008
[+] Different visions
Diffusion fundamentals
DiG (Dialectologia et geolinguistica)
TOC Digestive and liver disease
TOC Digestive and liver disease supplements
TOC Digestive diseases and sciences
TOC Digestive endoscopy
Digest of Chinese studies
TOC Digest of electronic commerce policy and regulation (I-ways)
TOC Digest of Middle East studies (Domes)
    ProQuest: 1 Mar 1994 - 1 Apr 2010
    Wiley: 1997-
Digest of social science research on China
Digest of United States practice in international law
Digital applications in archaeology and cultural heritage
Digital creativity
Digital culture & society
Digital directions (Education week's digital directions)
Digitale Welt
Digital experiences in mathematics education
Digital Finance
Digital health
[+] Digital Index of Middle English Verse (The DIMEV)
TOC Digital investigation
Digital journal of ophthalmology
Digital learning
TOC Digital libraries (International journal on digital libraries)
TOC [+] Digital library magazine (D-Lib magazine)
Digital library perspectives
[+] Digital medicine (NPJ digital medicine)
Digital medievalist
Digital philology
    Literature Online: 2012- (excluding last year)
    Project Muse: 1 Mar 2012 -
Digital psychiatry
Digital scholarship in the humanities
Digital signage magazine
TOC Digital signal processing
Dilemas contemporáneos
TOC Dili xuebao (Journal of geographical sciences)
Dil ve edebiyat egitimi Dergisi
DIM (Data and information management)
[+] The DIMEV
TOC Diogenes
    Ebscohost: 1 Mar 1994 - 31 Dec 2002
    Sage: 1953-
Diplomacy and statecraft
The diplomatic courier
TOC Diplomatic history
    Jstor: 1977-2015
    Oxford University Press: 1996-
    Wiley: 1977-2012
TOC Di qiu hua xue (Chinese journal of geochemistry)
TOC Diqui kongjian xinxi kexue xuebao (Geo-spatial information science)
    SpringerLINK: 1 Dec 1999 -
    Taylor & Francis Online: 2016-
Dirāsāt fī tārīkh wa-āthār al-Urdun (Studies in the history and archaeology of Jordan)
TOC Direction et gestion (La Revue des sciences de gestion)
The director
Director (London, England : 1807)
Director's report
Directory of bank marketing services. (Bank marketing)
Directory of the Association of American Library Schools (Journal of education for librarianship)
Directory of the Association of American Library Schools
TOC Disability and health journal
TOC Disability compliance for higher education
Disability, handicap & society
Disability management research (International journal of disability management)
TOC Disability & society
    ProQuest: 1 Jun 1998 - 1 Oct 2000
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1986-
The DISAM journal of international security assistance management
Disarmament yearbook (The United Nations disarmament yearbook)
    Free E-Resources: 1976-
    HeinOnline: 1976-2010
Disaster management & response
Disaster medicine and public health preparedness
TOC Disaster prevention and management
TOC Disasters
Disciples history magazine
Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Science Education Research
    Jstor: 1 Sep 1979 - 31 Dec 2017
    Literature Online: 1 Sep 1995 -
    Periodicals Archive Online: 1979-1998
    Project Muse: 2000-
    ProQuest: 1 Oct 1995 -
TOC Discourse
Discourse analysis online
Discourse and communication for sustainable education
TOC Discourse & communication
Discourse, context & media
TOC Discourse & society
    Jstor: 1990-2017
    Sage: 1 Jul 1990 -
Discourse studies
    Jstor: 1999-2017
    Sage: 1 Feb 1999 -
Discovery and excavation in Scotland
    Archaeology Data Service: 1947-2009
    Free E-Resources: 1947-2016
TOC Discrete applied mathematics
TOC Discrete & computational geometry
    Digizeitschriften: 1986-1995
    SpringerLINK: 1986-
TOC Discrete event dynamic systems
Discrete mathematics
Discrete mathematics and applications
TOC Discrete optimization
TOC Discrimination and the law (International journal of discrimination and the law)
Discussion paper
Discussion papers
Discussion papers (BOFIT discussion papers)
Discussions of the Faraday Society
TOC Disease-a-month
TOC Disease mechanisms (Drug discovery today.)
TOC Disease models (Drug discovery today.)
TOC Disease models & mechanisms
Disease reports (New disease reports)
TOC Diseases of the esophagus
    Oxford University Press: 1996-
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1999 - 31 Dec 2016
Dispatch (US Department of State dispatch)
TOC Displays
Dispute resolution journal
Dispute resolution law journal. (Pepperdine dispute resolution law journal)
Dispute resolution magazine
TOC Dissent
    Project Muse: 2005-
    ProQuest: 9 Oct 1996 - (excluding last year)
Distance education
    ProQuest: 1 Jan 1996 - 1 Nov 2012
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1980-
Distance learning
TOC Distributed and parallel databases
TOC Distributed computing
Distributed systems engineering
TOC Distributed systems online (IEEE distributed systems online)
The District of Columbia law review
DIT (Drug invention today)
Diverse issues in higher education
TOC Diversity (Molecular diversity)
TOC Diversity & distributions
    Jstor: 1998-
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1998 -
The diverting post
Division of labour & transaction costs
DIW economic bulletin
DIW weekly report
Dix-huit cents-quatre-vingt-quinze (1895)
Dix-huitième siècle
Dix-septième siècle (XVIIe siècle)
TOC Di xue qian yuan (Earth science frontiers)
TOC Di zhen xue bao (Acta seismologica sinica)
DJO (Digital journal of ophthalmology)
TOC DKE (Data & knowledge engineering)
TOC [+] D-Lib magazine
DLS (Doris Lessing studies)
DLSU business & economics review
DLTR (Duke law & technology review)
TOC DM (Dynamic medicine)
TOC DM (Disease-a-month)
DM (Digital medievalist)
TOC DMCN (Developmental medicine and child neurology)
    ProQuest: 1 May 2001 - 1 Dec 2011
    Wiley: 1997-
TOC dmi review (Design management review)
TOC DMJ (Duke mathematical journal)
TOC DMM (Disease models & mechanisms)
DMPK (Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics)
DMR (Disaster management & response)
DM review
DMV Mitteilungen (Mitteilungen der Deutschen Mathematiker-Vereinigung)
DNA aging (Mutation research.)
DNAging, genetic instability and aging. (Mutation research.)
DNA repair
DNA repair (Mutation research.)
DNA research
[+] DNA Viruses
Docket call
The doctor
TOC DoctorConsult
Documenta mathematica
TOC Document analysis and recognition (International journal on document analysis and recognition)
TOC Documenta ophthalmologica
Documenta praehistorica
Documentation politique internationale (International political science abstracts)
Document news
Documentos de trabajo de sociología aplicada
Documents from the Sutro Collection (Publications of the Historical Society of Southern California)
Documents of international organizations
[+] Documents & reports
TOC Doklady. Biochemistry and biophysics
TOC Doklady. Biological sciences
TOC Doklady. Chemistry
TOC Doklady earth sciences
TOC Doklady. Mathematics
TOC Doklady. Physical chemistry
TOC Doklady. Physics
Dokumente und Informationen zur Schweizerischen Orts-, Regional-und Landesplanung (disP)
The dome
Dome (London, England : 1897)
TOC Domes
    ProQuest: 1 Mar 1994 - 1 Apr 2010
    Wiley: 1997-
TOC Domestic animal endocrinology
Dong xi (Historiography east & west)
Dong Ya yu yan xue bao (Cahiers de linguistique, Asie orientale)
    Brill: 2000-
    Persee: 1977-2012
Doris Lessing studies
Dor leDor (The Jewish Bible quarterly)
Dossier Centre d'Informació i Documentació Internacionals a Barcelona (DCIDOB)
Dossiers de la SCÉES (CSSHE professional file)
The Dostoevsky journal
TOC Douleur et analgésie
The Downside review
DQR studies in literature
TOC DR (Developmental review)
DR (Družboslovne razprave)
Drake journal of agricultural law
Drake law review
Drama (Las puertas del drama)
The Drama
Drama Australia journal (NJ)
The drama review
    Sage: 1999-
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-2018
Dramatic and literary mirror (The theatre; or, Dramatic and literary mirror)
Dramatic censor
The dramatic magazine
Dramatic notes
Drexel law review
TOC DRJ (Dance research journal)
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Aug 1969 -
    Jstor: 1 Aug 1974 - 31 Dec 2015
    Project Muse: 2008-
DRJ (Dental research journal)
Drogues, santé et société
TOC Droit et société (Canadian journal of law and society)
    Cambridge University Press: 1986-
    HeinOnline: 1986-
    Project Muse: 2005-
    ProQuest: 1 Apr 2014 - (excluding last year)
Dr. R. Steele's account of the fish pool (An account of the fish-pool)
TOC Drug and alcohol dependence
The Drug and alcohol professional
Drug and alcohol review
    ProQuest: 1 Mar 1998 - 1 Sep 2000
    Wiley: 1 Mar 1997 -
Drug delivery
TOC Drug delivery and translational research
TOC Drug development and industrial pharmacy
TOC Drug development research
Drug discovery and development. (International journal of pharmacognosy)
TOC Drug discovery today
Drug discovery today. Biosilico
TOC Drug discovery today. Disease mechanisms
TOC Drug discovery today. Disease models
Drug discovery today. Targets
TOC Drug discovery today. Technologies
TOC Drug discovery today. Therapeutic strategies
Drug education (Journal of drug education)
Drug, healthcare and patient safety
Drug information (Archives of drug information)
Drug information bulletin
Drug information journal
Drug intelligence & clinical pharmacy
Drug interaction and clinical pharmacy (DICP)
Drug invention today
Drug metabolism and drug interactions
Drug metabolism and personalized therapy
Drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics
[+] Drug Metabolism and Transport
Drug resistance updates
    ProQuest: 1 Jul 1998 - 1 Nov 2000
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1997-
Drug safety.
Drugs & aging
Drugs and alcohol today
    Emerald: 2001-
    ProQuest: 1 Dec 2003 - (excluding last year)
Drug science, policy and law
Drugs & therapy perspectives
Drug target insights
Drug testing and analysis
Društvena istraživanja
Družboslovne razprave
DSCS (Dynamics and statistics of the climate system)
DSE (Data science and engineering)
TOC DSJIE (Decision sciences journal of innovative education)
    EBSCO: 1 Mar 2003 - (excluding last year)
    Wiley: 1 Feb 2003 -
TOC DS online (IEEE distributed systems online)
DSR (Development studies research)
Dublin and London magazine
Dublin historical record
Dublin James Joyce journal
The Dublin journal of medical and chemical science
Dublin journal of medical science (1836)
Dublin journal of medical science (1872)
The Dublin literary gazette
Dublin literary gazette and National magazine (The national magazine)
Dublin literary repertory of arts, science, literature and miscellaneous information (Monthly museum; or, Dublin literary repertory of arts, science, literature and miscellaneous information)
The Dublin penny journal
The Dublin quarterly journal of medical science
The Dublin review
The Dublin Saturday magazine
Dublin University law journal
Du Bois review
    Cambridge University Press: 1 Mar 2004 -
    ProQuest: 1 Mar 2004 - (excluding last year)
Duffy's Hibernian magazine
Duke bar journal
    HeinOnline: 1 Mar 1951 - 31 Mar 1957
    Jstor: 1 Mar 1951 - 31 Mar 1957
The Duke Divinity School bulletin
The Duke Divinity School review
Duke environmental law & policy forum
    Free E-Resources:
    HeinOnline: 1991-
Duke forum for law & social change
Duke journal of comparative & international law
    Free E-Resources:
    HeinOnline: 1991-
Duke journal of constitutional law & public policy
Duke journal of gender law & policy
    Free E-Resources:
    HeinOnline: 1994-
Duke law journal
    Free E-Resources:
    HeinOnline: 1 Apr 1957 -
    Jstor: 1 Apr 1957 - 31 Dec 2015
Duke law & technology review
TOC Duke mathematical journal
The Dukeminier awards
Dumbarton Oaks papers
Dundee law chronicle (The Law Chronicle)
The Dundee wasp
Dunton's oracle (Athenian news, or, Dunton's oracle)
Duquesne business law journal
Duquesne law review
Duquesne University law review
Durham English review
Durham law review
Durham University calendar (University of Durham calendar)
Durkheimian studies
    Jstor: 1995-2017
    ProQuest: 2003- (excluding last 32 months)
Dutch crossing
Dutch review of church history (Nederlandsch archief voor kerkgeschiedenis)
    ATLA Serials: 1993-2005
    Brill: 1908-2005
    Ebscohost: 1999-2005
    Jstor: 1900-2005
TOC Dyes and pigments
TOC Dynamical systems
TOC Dynamic games and applications
TOC Dynamic medicine
TOC Dynamic meteorology and oceanography (Tellus.)
    Taylor & Francis Online: 1983-
    Wiley: 1983-2011
Dynamics and control
Dynamics and stability of systems
Dynamics and statistics of the climate system
Dynamics of asymmetric conflict
TOC Dynamics of atmospheres and oceans
Dynamics of partial differential equations
TOC Dyslexia
TOC Dysphagia
DZWIR (Deutsche Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Insolvenzrecht)

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