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E-journals for letter C
C2M (Consulting to management)
CAA (Contemporary Asia arbitration journal)
CAA journal (Civil Aeronautics Administration journal)
CAA slides & photographs newsletter
CAD (Computer aided design)
Cadernos de tradução
[+] Caecilia
C&AFE (Culture, agriculture, food and environment)
Cag University Journal of Social Sciences
Le cahier
Cahiers archéologiques de Picardie
Cahiers canadiens de sociologie (Canadian journal of sociology)
Cahiers d'économétrie (Cahiers du Séminaire d'économétrie)
Cahiers d'économie politique
Les cahiers de droit
Cahiers de Genève (The Geneva papers on risk and insurance)
Cahiers de l'ADETEM (Revue française du marketing)
Les cahiers de l'année gérontologique
Les cahiers de la Shoah
Cahiers de l'Association internationale des études françaises
Cahiers de l'Identites, relations internationales, et civilisations de l'Europe (Les cahiers Irice)
Cahiers de linguistique, Asie orientale
Cahiers de musiques traditionnelles
Cahiers d'ethnomusicologie
Cahiers d'études africaines
Cahiers d'histoire de la guerre
Cahiers du Centre Gustave Glotz
Cahiers du genre
Cahiers du monde hispanique et luso-brésilien (Caravelle)
Cahiers du monde hispanique et luso-brésilien
Cahiers du monde hispanique et luso-brésilien (Caravelle (1963-1965))
Cahiers du monde russe
Cahiers du monde russe et soviétique
Cahiers du Séminaire d'économétrie
Cahiers Ferdinand de Saussure
Cahiers Georges Sorel
Cahiers internationaux de sociologie
Les cahiers Irice
Cahiers Jaurès
Cahiers Jean Jaurés (Jean Jaurés cahiers trimestriels)
Cahiers Victoriens and edouardiens
Cahiers Vilfredo Pareto
CAIR (Clinical and applied immunology reviews)
CAJ (College art journal)
Calcified tissue international
Calcified tissue research
Calcium binding proteins
[+] Calcium Signaling Protocols
Calculation of phase diagrams (CALPHAD)
Calculus of variations and partial differential equations
The Calcutta journal of politics and general literature
Calcutta review
Caledonian mercury (Edinburgh, Scotland : 1720)
Calendar of the Art Institute of Chicago
Calendar online (University of Durham calendar)
CALICO journal
California archaeology
California folklore quarterly
California historical quarterly
California Historical Society quarterly
California history
California journal of politics and policy
California journal of teacher education
California law review
California legal history
California management review
California politics & policy
California studies in classical antiquity
The California Supreme Court Historical Society yearbook
California Western international law journal
California Western law review
CALL (Computer assisted language learning)
Call for a conference, proceedings of conference, ... meeting of the association, officers, members, etc.
Calvin theological journal
The Cambrian and Caledonian quarterly magazine and Celtic repertory
The Cambrian law review
Cambridge anthropology
Cambridge archaeological journal
The Cambridge classical journal
The Cambridge historical journal
Cambridge journal of anthropology
Cambridge journal of economics
Cambridge journal of education
Cambridge journal of international and comparative law
Cambridge journal of mathematics
Cambridge journal of regions, economy and society
The Cambridge law journal
Cambridge opera journal
[+] The Cambridge quarterly
Cambridge quarterly of healthcare ethics
Cambridge review of international affairs
Cambridge student law review
The Cambridge University magazine
The Cambridge yearbook of European legal studies
The Cambro-Briton
Camden fifth series
Camden fourth series
Camden new series
Camden old series
Camden third series
Camera obscura
CAM journal
CAM newsletter
Campaigns & elections
Campbell law review
The Camping magazine
Campus law enforcement journal
Campus legal advisor
Campus life
Campus life's ignite your faith
Campus security report
[+] Campus-wide information systems
CAM, the cultural anthropology methods newsletter (CAM newsletter)
Canada (Country report.)
Canada and the world
The Canada law journal
Canada-United States law journal
[+] Canada year book historical collection
Canadian-American law journal
Canadian-American public policy
Canadian-American Slavic studies
Canadian and international education.
Canadian art review (RACAR)
Canadian Association of University Teachers bulletin (1974) (CAUT bulletin)
The Canadian bar review
Canadian benefits & compensation digest
The Canadian business law journal
Canadian criminal law review
Canadian dimension
Canadian economic observer
The Canadian entomologist
Canadian ethnic studies
Canadian foreign policy
The Canadian geographer
Canadian graduate journal of sociology and criminology
The Canadian historical review
Canadian human rights yearbook
The Canadian journal for the study of adult education
Canadian journal of administrative sciences
Canadian journal of African studies
[+] Canadian journal of agricultural economics
Canadian journal of anaesthesia
The Canadian journal of applied linguistics
Canadian journal of archaeology
Canadian journal of behavioural science
The Canadian journal of cardiology
The Canadian journal of chemical engineering
Canadian journal of chemistry
Canadian journal of communication
[+] Canadian Journal of Counselling
Canadian journal of criminology and criminal justice
Canadian journal of development studies (Revue canadienne d'études du développement)
Canadian journal of diabetes
Canadian journal of earth sciences
The Canadian journal of economics
[+] The Canadian journal of economics and political science
Canadian journal of education
Canadian journal of electrical and computer engineering
Canadian journal of experimental psychology
Canadian journal of family law
Canadian journal of film studies (Revue canadienne d'études cinématographiques)
Canadian journal of fisheries and aquatic sciences
Canadian journal of higher education̂
Canadian journal of history
Canadian journal of human sexuality
The Canadian journal of information and library science
The Canadian journal of Irish studies
Canadian journal of law and jurisprudence
Canadian journal of law and society
Canadian journal of linguistics
Canadian journal of native education
Canadian journal of nonprofit and social economy research
Canadian journal of occupational therapy
Canadian journal of operational research and information processing (INFOR)
Canadian journal of ophthalmology
Canadian journal of philosophy
Canadian journal of political science
The Canadian journal of program evaluation
Canadian journal of public health
Canadian journal of school psychology
Canadian journal of social work education
Canadian journal of sociology
The Canadian journal of statistics
Canadian journal of surgery
Canadian journal of urban research
Canadian journal of veterinary research
Canadian journal of women and the law
Canadian journal of zoology
Canadian journal on aging
The Canadian law review
[+] The Canadian law times
Canadian literature
Canadian Medical Association journal (CMAJ)
Canadian metallurgical quarterly
The Canadian mineralogist
The Canadian modern language review
Canadian parliamentary review
Canadian pharmacists journal
Canadian philosophical review (Dialogue)
Canadian psychology
Canadian public administration
Canadian public health journal
Canadian public policy
Canadian review of American studies
Canadian review of comparative literature
Canadian review of social policy
The Canadian review of sociology
The Canadian review of sociology and anthropology
Canadian Slavonic papers
Canadian social studies
Canadian social work review
Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education professional file (CSSHE professional file)
Canadian theatre review
The Canadian veterinary journal
Canadian woman studies
The Canadian yearbook of international law
Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi yönetim bilimleri dergisi
Canberra law review
Cancer (BMC cancer)
Cancer and metastasis reviews
Cancer biology (Seminars in cancer biology)
Cancer biology & therapy
Cancer causes & control
Cancer cell
Cancer cell international
Cancer chemotherapy and pharmacology
Cancer cytopathology
Cancer detection and prevention
Cancer epidemiology
Cancer epidemiology, biomarkers & prevention
Cancer gene therapy
Cancer genetics
Cancer genetics and cytogenetics
Cancer imaging
Cancer immunity
Cancer immunology, immunotherapy
Cancer informatics
Cancer journal for clinicians (CA)
Cancer letters
Cancer management and research
Cancer metastasis reviews. (Cancer and metastasis reviews)
Cancer microenvironment
Cancer nanotechnology
Cancer practice
Cancer radiothérapie
Cancer research
Cancer research and treatment
Cancer science
Cancer spectrum (JNCI cancer spectrum)
Cancer treatment reviews
Can. crim. l.r. (Canadian criminal law review)
Can J Vet Res (Canadian journal of veterinary research)
The Canterbury law review
CAOT (Complex analysis and operator theory)
CAP (Communication and the public)
Ça parle
The Cape law journal
Capital & class
Capital defense digest
Capital defense journal
Capitalism and society
[+] Capitalism, nature, socialism
Capital markets law journal
Capital University law review
CAPMH (Child and adolescent psychiatry and mental health)
CAPRA (Cave archaeology and palaeontology research archive)
The captain
Caravelle (Cahiers du monde hispanique et luso-brésilien)
Caravelle (1963-1965)
Carbohydrate polymers
Carbohydrate research
[+] Carbon
Carbonates and evaporites
Carbon balance and management
Cardiac electrophysiology review
Cardiff Corvey
[+] Cardiologie-angéiologie (EMC.)
Cardiology (Clinical medicine.)
Cardiology (Clinical Medicine Insights.)
Cardiology (The Canadian journal of cardiology)
Cardiology in the young
Cardiology research and practice
Cardiovascular and interventional radiology
Cardiovascular and thoracic open
Cardiovascular diabetology
Cardiovascular diseases
Cardiovascular disorders (BMC cardiovascular disorders)
Cardiovascular drug reviews
Cardiovascular drugs and therapy
Cardiovascular engineering
Cardiovascular imaging (JACC.)
Cardiovascular imaging (European heart journal.)
Cardiovascular intervention and therapeutics
Cardiovascular interventions (JACC.)
[+] Cardiovascular pathology
Cardiovascular psychiatry and neurology
Cardiovascular radiation medicine
Cardiovascular radiology
Cardiovascular research
Cardiovascular revascularization medicine
Cardiovascular surgery
Cardiovascular therapeutics
Cardiovascular toxicology
[+] Cardiovascular ultrasound
Cardozo arts & entertainment law journal
Cardozo journal of conflict resolution
Cardozo journal of international and comparative law
Cardozo journal of law & gender
Cardozo law review
Cardozo public law, policy, and ethics journal
Cardozo studies in law and literature
Cardozo women's law journal
Card technology today
Career development (Journal of career development)
Career development (Australian journal of career development)
Career development and transition for exceptional individuals
Career development for exceptional individuals
Career development international
The Career development quarterly
Career planning and adult development journal
Caribbean quarterly
Caribbean studies
The Carleton drama review.
Carlyle studies annual
[+] Carnegie-Rochester conference series on public policy
[+] Carnets de géologie
The Carolina law journal
Carolina quarterly
CARR review (Risk & regulation)
The Cartographic journal
Cartography and geographic information science
The case manager
Case reports (Clinical medicine insights.)
Case reports in medicine
Cases on Intellectual Property Law (Fleet street reports)
Case studies in engineering failure analysis
Case Western Reserve journal of international law
Case Western Reserve law review
Časopis pro pěstování matematiky
Časopis pro pěstování matematiky a fysiky
Časopis pro průmysl chemický (Chemické listy)
Časopis za kritiko znanosti
Casuistical mercury (The Athenian gazette, or Casuistical mercury)
[+] Catalysis (ChemCatChem)
Catalysis communications
Catalysis in industry
Catalysis letters
Catalysis science & technology
Catalysis surveys from Asia
Catalysis surveys from Japan
Catalysis today
The catalyst
Catalyst in depth
Catalyst Ohio
Catalysts (Focus on catalysts)
[+] Catena
Cathedra for the history of Eretz Israel and its yishuv
Catheterization and cardiovascular diagnosis
Catheterization and cardiovascular interventions
The Catholic answer
The Catholic Biblical quarterly
The Catholic historical review
Catholic Ireland (The Irish monthly magazine)
The Catholic lawyer
The Catholic layman
Catholic University law review
Catholic world
The Cato journal
Cato's letters, or, Essays on liberty, civil and religious, and other important subjects
Caucasian review of international affairs
CAUT bulletin
Cave archaeology and palaeontology research archive
CB (The Classical bulletin)
CBAC (Computational biology and chemistry)
CBE (Cell biology education)
CBMH (Criminal behaviour and mental health)
CBP : A, Physiology (Comparative biochemistry and physiology.)
CBP B, Biochemistry & molecular biology (Comparative biochemistry and physiology.)
CBP. Genomics & proteomics (Comparative biochemistry and physiology.)
CBP. Part A (Comparative biochemistry and physiology.)
CBP. Part C (Comparative biochemistry and physiology.)
CBP. Part C (Comparative biochemistry and physiology.)
CBRL Bulletin (Bulletin of the Council for British Research in the Levant)
CC (Computational complexity)
CC (Critical care)
CC (Journal of cognition and culture)
CCA (Clinica chimica acta)
CCC (Cancer causes & control)
CCC (College composition and communication)
CC&C (Communication, culture, & critique)
CCE (The community college enterprise)
CCH journal of employment discrimination law (The journal of employment discrimination law)
CCH journal of tax practice management (Journal of tax practice management)
CCJ (Criminology & criminal justice)
CCM (International journal of cross cultural management)
CCP (Comparative and continental philosophy)
CCR (Community college review)
CCS (Cell communication and signaling)
CCS (City, culture and society)
CCTCVM (Current controlled trials in cardiovascular medicine)
CDC surveillance summaries (Morbidity and mortality weekly report.)
CDD (Cell death and differentiation)
CDLI (Clinical and diagnostic laboratory immunology)
CDQ (Communication design quarterly review)
CDQ (Communication disorders quarterly)
CDT (IEE journal on computers and digital techniques)
C/E (Cost effectiveness and resource allocation)
CE (Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers.)
CEACCP (Continuing education in anaesthesia, critical care & pain)
CEA critic
CEAS aeronautical journal
CEAS space journal
CEC ERIC update. (Diagnostique)
CEH (Central European history)
CEJB (Central European journal of biology)
CEJC (Central European journal of chemistry)
CEJISS (Central European journal of international & security studies)
CEJMed (Central European journal of medicine)
CEJORE (Central European journal of operations research)
Celestial mechanics
Celestial mechanics and dynamical astronomy
Cell (Developmental cell)
Cell adhesion & migration
Cell and tissue banking
Cell and tissue biology
Cell and tissue research
Cell biochemistry and biophysics
Cell biochemistry and function
Cell biology (BMC cell biology)
Cell biology (The journal of cell biology)
Cell biology and toxicology
Cell biology education
Cell biology international
Cell biology international reports
Cell biophysics
[+] Cell & bioscience
Cell calcium
Cell chemical biology
Cell & chromosome
Cell communication and signaling
Cell cycle
[+] Cell Cycle Control
Cell death and differentiation
Cell differentiation
Cell differentiation and development
Cell division
Cell growth & differentiation
Cell host & microbe
Cell metabolism
[+] Cell Migration
Cell motility and the cytoskeleton
Cell physiology (American journal of physiology.)
Cell proliferation
Cell regulation
Cell reports
Cell research
Cell stem cell
[+] Cell stress & chaperones
Cellular and molecular bioengineering
Cellular and molecular life sciences
Cellular and molecular neurobiology
Cellular immunology
Cellular microbiology
Cellular & molecular biology letters
Cellular oncology
Cellular signalling
The Celtic magazine
The Celtic review
Cement and concrete research
Cement and concrete world. (Çimento ve beton dünyası)
Cement & concrete composites
Censor (London, England : 1715)
Censor (London, England : 1828)
Centennial review (CR)
The centennial review
The centennial review of arts & science
Center for Economic Studies info economic studies (CESifo economic studies)
Center for Educational Policy Studies journal (CEPS journal)
Center house bulletin
[+] The centinel
Central and Eastern Europe (Comparative economic research.)
Central Asian journal of global health
Central Asian survey
Central Asiatic journal
Central Bank of Bahrain annual report (Annual report [of the] Central Bank of Bahrain)
Central Bank of Bahrain economic indicators (Economic Indicators [of the] Central Bank of Bahrain)
Central Bank of Bahrain statistical bulletin (Statistical Bulletin [of the] Central Bank of Bahrain)
Central Bank of Cyprus monetary policy report (Monetary Policy Report [of the] Central Bank of Cyprus)
Central Bank of Egypt annual report (Annual report [of the] Central Bank of Egypt)
Central Bank of Egypt economic review (Economic review - Central Bank of Egypt)
Central Bank of Iraq annual bulletin (Annual Bulletin [of the] Central Bank of Iraq)
Central Bank of Libya annual report (Annual report [of the] Central Bank of Libya)
Central Bank of Malta quarterly review (Quarterly review [of the] Central Bank of Malta)
Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran economic report and balance sheet ... (Economic report and balance sheet)
Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran economic trends (Economic trends [of the] Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran)
Central Bank of the UAE annual report (Annual report [of the] Central Bank, United Arab Emirates)
Central Europe
Central European history
Central European journal of biology
Central European journal of chemistry
Central European journal of computer science
Central European journal of engineering
Central European journal of geosciences
Central European journal of international & security studies
Central European journal of mathematics
Central European journal of medicine
Central European journal of operations research
Central European journal of physics
Central issues in anthropology
[+] The Central law journal
Central nervous system drugs (CNS drugs)
Central nervous system neuroscience and therapeutics (CNS neuroscience & therapeutics)
Central States archaeological journal
Centre for European Studies working papers (CES working papers)
Centro de Estudos Estratégicos de África trabalho de pesquisa (Africa Center for Strategic Studies research paper)
The Century
CEO (Canadian economic observer)
[+] CEP (Comparative European politics)
CEPR (Cardiac electrophysiology review)
CEPS journal
CERA (Cost effectiveness and resource allocation)
Ceramics international
Ceramics (Prague, Czech Republic)
CercleS (Language learning in higher education)
Cereal science (Journal of cereal science)
The cerebellum
Cerebral cortex
Cerebrospinal fluid research
Cerebrovascular diseases and stroke (Seminars in cerebrovascular diseases and stroke)
Certified management accountant magazine (CMA magazine (1990))
Certified Management Accountants magazine (CMA magazine (2011))
CESifo economic studies
Česká literatura
Ceskoslovenska mikrobiologie
Ceský lid
CES working papers
CFC, Contemporary French civilization (Contemporary French civilization)
CG & D (Cell growth & differentiation)
Challenges of the knowledge society (International scientific session Challenges of the knowledge society ..)
Chamber of Commerce news (Business in Calgary, includes, Chamber of Commerce news)
Chambers' journal
The champion
Chancery Lane
Change in higher education
Change over time
Changing English
Changing role of English education (Selected addresses delivered at the Conference on English Education)
Changing UK Governance under devolution
Chaos, hydrodynamics, plasmas, and related topics (Physical review.)
Chaos, solitons & fractals
Chaplaincy Today:Journal of the Association of Professional Chaplains
Chapman law review
[+] Characteristic mirror of men and things (The attic miscellany)
The Charity law & practice review
Charleston law review
Charlotte law review
Chatham House review. (The world today)
[+] The Chaucer review
Chekoslovatskiĭ matematicheskiĭ zhurnal (Časopis pro pěstování matematiky)
[+] ChemCatChem
Chem comm (Chemical communications (1996 : Online))
Chemical (Sensors and actuators.)
Chemical and engineering data series (Industrial & engineering chemistry.)
Chemical and petroleum engineering
Chemical and physical (Environmental pollution.)
Chemical and physical meteorology (Tellus.)
Chemical biology (BMC chemical biology)
Chemical biology (Current opinion in chemical biology)
Chemical biology & drug design
[+] Chemical biology virtual journal
Chemical bulletin of the Politehnica University of Timișoara
[+] Chemical catalysis catalytical chemistry (ChemCatChem)
Chemical communications (Journal of the Chemical Society.)
Chemical communications (Journal of the Chemical Society.)
Chemical communications (1965 : Online)
Chemical communications (1996 : Online)
Chemical engineering and processing
Chemical engineering journal
Chemical engineering journal and the biochemical engineering journal
Chemical engineering research & design
Chemical engineering science
Chemical engineering & technology
[+] Chemical Genomics
Chemical geology
Chemical geology. Isotope geoscience section
Chemical health & safety
Chemical industry (Hemijska industrija)
Chemical industry & chemical engineering quarterly
Chemical monthly (Monatshefte für Chemie)
Chemical papers
Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin
Chemical physics
Chemical physics and physical chemistry (Chemphyschem)
Chemical physics letters
The chemical record
Chemical research in toxicology
Chemical reviews
Chemical Rubber Company critical reviews in oncology/hematology (Critical reviews in oncology/hematology)
Chemical science
Chemical sciences (Proceedings.)
Chemical sciences (Zeitschrift für Naturforschung.)
Chemical sciences (Journal of chemical sciences)
[+] Chemical sciences journal
Chemical senses
Chemical senses and flavor
Chemical Society reviews
Chemical technology
Chemical theory and computation (Journal of chemical theory and computation)
Chemical vapor deposition
Der Chemica Sinica
Chemické listy
Chemické zvesti (Chemical papers)
[+] Chemico-biological interactions
Chemie der Erde
Chemie ingenieur technik
Chemie in unserer Zeit
Chemie konkret (Chemkon)
Chemische Industrie (Hemijska industrija)
Chemistry (Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences.)
Chemistry (Journal of photochemistry and photobiology.)
Chemistry (Science in China.)
Chemistry (Science China.)
Chemistry and industry
Chemistry and physics of lipids
Chemistry and technology of fuels and oils
Chemistry & biodiversity
Chemistry & biology
Chemistry education research and practice
Chemistry in life sciences (Archiv der Pharmazie)
Chemistry international
Chemistry letters
Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds
Chemistry of materials
Chemistry of natural compounds
Chemistry of plant raw material (Himijâ rastitel'nogo syr'jâ)
Chemistry, physics (Polymer science.)
Chemistry world
Chemometrics (Journal of chemometrics)
Chemometrics and intelligent laboratory systems
[+] Chemosensitivity
[+] Chemosensitivity
Chemosensory perception
Chemosphere. Global change science
Chem. vap. deposition (Chemical vapor deposition)
Chesapeake science
Chicago journal of international law
Chicago-Kent journal of intellectual property (The journal of intellectual property)
Chicago-Kent law review
The Chicago Kent review
The Chicago law times
Chicago policy review
Chicago reporter
Chicago review
Chicana/Latina studies
Chicano-Latino law review
Chicano law review
Chi J Intl L (Chicago journal of international law)
Child abuse & neglect
Child abuse review
Child & adolescent social work journal
Child and adolescent mental health
Child and adolescent psychiatry and mental health
Child and adolescent psychopharmacology update (Brown University child and adolescent psychopharmacology update)
Child and family law quarterly
Child care, health and development
Child care quarterly
Child development
Child development perspectives
Child & family social work
Child health alert
Childhood education
Childhood in the past
Child indicators research
Child language teaching and therapy
Child maltreatment
Child neurology open
Child psychiatry and human development
Children and youth services review
Children Australia
Children & libraries
Children & schools
Children's environments
Children's environments quarterly
The children's friend
Children's geographies
Children's legal rights journal
Children's literature
Children's Literature Association quarterly
Children's literature in education
Children & society
Children's services (Journal of children's services)
Children's social and economics education
Children's technology and engineering
Children's treasury (Father William's stories)
Children's voice
Children today
Children & young people now
Children, youth and environments
The child's companion, or, Sunday scholar's reward
Child's nervous system
Child welfare
Child & youth care forum
Child & youth care quarterly
Chile (Country report.)
Chimie (Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences.)
Chimie (Comptes rendus.)
Chimie (Analele Universității București.)
[+] Chimie pure et appliquée (Pure and applied chemistry)
Chimija rastitel'nogo syr'ja (Himijâ rastitel'nogo syr'jâ)
China (Country report.)
The China business review
China economic journal
China economic review
China economic review
China-EU law journal
China information
The China journal
China journal of accounting research
China law reporter
The China nonprofit review
China ocean engineering
China offshore
China particuology
China perspectives
China population, resources and environment
The China quarterly
China report
China review
China review international
[+] China's pension system
China & world economy
Chinese annals of mathematics. Series B
Chinese astronomy
Chinese astronomy and astrophysics
Chinese chemical letters
The Chinese economy
Chinese geographical science
The Chinese-German journal of clinical oncology
Chinese herbal medicines
Chinese JIL (Chinese journal of international law)
Chinese journal of aeronautics
Chinese journal of analytical chemistry
Chinese journal of astronomy and astrophysics
Chinese journal of cancer
Chinese journal of cancer research
Chinese journal of catalysis
Chinese journal of chemical engineering
Chinese journal of chemical physics
Chinese journal of chemistry
Chinese journal of clinical oncology
The Chinese journal of comparative law
Chinese journal of digestive diseases
Chinese journal of geochemistry
Chinese journal of integrative medicine
Chinese journal of international law
The Chinese journal of international politics
Chinese journal of mechanics (Acta mechanica Sinica)
Chinese journal of natural medicines
Chinese journal of oceanology and limnology
Chinese journal of polymer science
Chinese journal of sociology
Chinese journal of traumatology
Chinese language and discourse
Chinese law and government
[+] Chinese law & policy review
Chinese librarianship
Chinese literature, essays, articles, reviews
Chinese Literature Today
Chinese medical sciences journal
Chinese medicine
Chinese Oral and Performing Literature papers (CHINOPERL papers)
Chinese physics
Chinese physics. B
Chinese physics. C
Chinese physics letters
The Chinese repository
Chinese Republican studies newsletter
Chinese science
Chinese science bulletin
Chinese (Taiwan) yearbook of international law and affairs
Chinese yearbook of international law and affairs
[+] Chiropractic & osteopathy
Chirurgia degli organi di movimento
Chirurgia plastica
[+] Chirurgie (EMC.)
Chirurgie de la main
ChNS (Child's nervous system)
The Choral journal
The chord
CHR (The Canadian historical review)
CHRC (Church history and religious culture)
Christian bioethics
The Christian century
Christian education
Christian education journal
Christian history
Christian history & biography
Christianity & literature
Christianity today
Christian literature & living
The Christian remembrancer
[+] The Christian's amusement
The Christian scholar
Chromosome research
Chronic illness
The chronicle for driver education professionals
The Chronicle of higher education
The chronicle of philanthropy
Chronic respiratory disease
Chronology of international events
Chronology of international events and documents
CHS (Chemical health & safety)
Chung hua wen che (Bulletin de sinologie)
Chung-kuo fa lu chi kʻan (China law reporter)
Chung-kuo i hsüeh kʻo hsüeh tsa chih (Chinese medical sciences journal)
Chung-kuo kʻo hsüeh chi chin.
Chung-kuo lin hsüeh (Ying wen pan) (Forestry studies in China)
Chung-kuo tung hsun (China report)
Chung-kuo wen hsüeh (Chinese literature, essays, articles, reviews)
Chung-kuo yen chiu (The China journal)
Chung-kuo yen chiu shu pʻing (China review international)
Chung-kuo yü yen hsüeh pao (Journal of Chinese linguistics)
Church and society
Church and state
Church history
Church history and religious culture
The church musician
The church times
Chʻing-shih wen-tʻi
Chʼŏnmun Hakhoe chi
CI (Cancer informatics)
CI&CEQ (Chemical industry & chemical engineering quarterly)
CIE (Current issues in education)
CIE (Computers in entertainment)
Ciencia política
Ciências da religião
Ciencias geológicas (Revista mexicana de ciencias geológicas)
Ciencias sociales (CS)
El Ciervo
Cieux africains (African skies)
C.I.F. (Cuadernos de investigación filológica)
CII (Cancer immunology, immunotherapy)
CIJ (Creative industries journal)
Ci ji yi xue za zhi (Tzu-chi medical journal)
CILT World
CIM (IEEE computational intelligence magazine)
Il Cimento
Çimento ve beton dünyası
Cinema journal
Cinémas d'Amérique latine
CIP (Computers in physics)
Circuits and devices magazine (IEEE circuits and devices magazine)
Circuits and systems (IEEE transactions on circuits and systems)
Circuits and systems for video technology (IEEE transactions on circuits and systems for video technology)
Circuits and systems. I, Fundamental theory and applications (IEEE transactions on circuits and systems.)
Circuits and systems. II, Analog and digital signal processing (IEEE transactions on circuits and systems.)
Circuits and systems. II, Express briefs (IEEE transactions on circuits and systems.)
Circuits and systems. I, Regular papers (IEEE transactions on circuits and systems.)
Circuits and systems magazine (IEEE circuits and systems magazine (New York, N.Y. : 2001 : Online))
Circuits, devices, and systems (IEE proceedings.)
Circuits, devices, and systems (IEE proceedings.)
Circuits, devices & systems (IET circuits, devices & systems)
Circuits, systems, and signal processing
Circuit theory (Transactions of the IRE Professional Group on Circuit Theory)
Circuit theory (IRE transactions on circuit theory)
Circuit world
Circulatory, respiratory and pulmonary medicine (Clinical medicine insights.)
CIRP annals
CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology
Cirugia española
Cistercian studies quarterly
CIT (Chemie ingenieur technik)
[+] Cities
Citizenship, social and economics education
Citizenship studies
City & community
City, culture and society
The city-hall reporter, and, New-York general law magazine
City jackdaw
City & society
[+] City, territory and architecture
City University of Hong Kong law review
Civil Aeronautics Administration journal
Civil engineering
Civil engineering (Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers.)
Civil justice quarterly
Civil procedure news
Civil rights law journal (George Mason University civil rights law journal)
The Civil Service yearbook
Civil War history
CJASN (Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology)
CJC (Community/junior college)
CJCCJ (Canadian journal of criminology and criminal justice)
CJChE (The Canadian journal of chemical engineering)
CJCL (The Chinese journal of comparative law)
CJCP (Chinese journal of chemical physics)
CJCR (Cardozo journal of conflict resolution)
CJE/RCE (Canadian journal of education)
CJHS (Canadian journal of human sexuality)
CJIL (Chicago journal of international law)
CJILS/RCSIB (The Canadian journal of information and library science)
CJIM (Chinese journal of integrative medicine)
CJLS/RCDS (Canadian journal of law and society)
CJNM (Chinese journal of natural medicines)
CJOT (Canadian journal of occupational therapy)
CJP (Canadian journal of philosophy)
CJPR (Criminal justice policy review)
CJPS (Canadian journal of political science)
CJS (Canadian journal of surgery)
CJSP (Canadian journal of school psychology)
C.J.V.R.-R.C.R.V. (Canadian journal of veterinary research)
C.J.W.L. (Canadian journal of women and the law)
CLAR (Colonial Latin American review)
Clark Atlanta University review of race and culture (Phylon (1960 : Online).)
Classical and quantum gravity
Classical antiquity
The Classical bulletin
The classical journal
The classical museum
Classical philology
The classical quarterly
Classical receptions journal
The classical review
The classical weekly
The Classical world
Classics Ireland
Class. quantum grav (Classical and quantum gravity)
Classroom interaction newsletter
Clays and clay minerals
Cleaner production (Journal of cleaner production)
Clean products and processes
Clean technologies and environmental policy
CLEAR (Chinese literature, essays, articles, reviews)
[+] The Clearing house
Clearing house (Junior-senior high school clearing house)
Clearinghouse review
Cleave's London satirist and gazette of variety
[+] The clergy journal
Cleveland-Marshall law review
Cleveland State law review
Cleveland studies in the history of art
CLIEJ (Chinese librarianship)
Cli. exp metastasis (Clinical & experimental metastasis)
Clifford the big red dog
Climate change (Nature reports.)
Climate dynamics
Climate law
Climate policy
Climatic change
Climatology (International journal of climatology)
Clinica chimica acta
Clinical acupuncture and oriental medicine
Clinical anaesthesiology (Best practice & research.)
Clinical anaesthesiology (Baillière's clinical anaesthesiology)
Clinical anatomy
Clinical and applied immunology reviews
Clinical and applied thrombosis/hemostasis
Clinical and diagnostic laboratory immunology
Clinical and diagnostic virology
Clinical and experimental dermatology
Clinical and experimental gastroenterology
[+] Clinical and experimental hematology (Reviews in clinical and experimental hematology)
Clinical and experimental immunology
Clinical and experimental medicine
Clinical and experimental nephrology
Clinical and experimental pharmacology & physiology
Clinical and laboratory haematology
Clinical and molecular allergy
Clinical and molecular teratology (Birth defects research.)
Clinical and vaccine immunology
Clinical autonomic research
The Clinical biochemist. Reviews
Clinical biochemistry
Clinical biomechanics
Clinical breast cancer
Clinical cancer research
Clinical cardiology
Clinical case studies
Clinical chemistry
Clinical child and family psychology review
Clinical child psychology and psychiatry
Clinical colorectal cancer
Clinical cornerstone
Clinical, cosmetic and investigational dermatology
Clinical cytometry (Cytometry.)
Clinical cytometry (Cytometry.)
Clinical dermatology (American journal of clinical dermatology)
Clinical diabetes
Clinical drug investigation
Clinical EEG and neuroscience
Clinical effectiveness in nursing
Clinical electroencephalography
Clinical endocrinology
Clinical endocrinology and metabolism (Baillière's clinical endocrinology and metabolism)
Clinical endocrinology & metabolism (Best practice & research.)
Clinical epidemiology
Clinical epidemiology and global health
Clinical epigenetics
Clinical & experimental allergy
Clinical & experimental allergy reviews
Clinical & experimental metastasis
Clinical & experimental ophthalmology
Clinical & experimental optometry
Clinical eye and vision care
Clinical gastroenterology (Best practice & research.)
Clinical gastroenterology (Baillière's clinical gastroenterology)
Clinical genetics
Clinical genitourinary cancer
Clinical governance
Clinical haematology (Best practice & research.)
Clinical imaging
Clinical immunology
Clinical immunology and immunopathology
Clinical immunology newsletter
Clinical implant dentistry and related research
Clinical infectious diseases
Clinical interventions in aging
Clinical journal of gastroenterology
Clinical journal of the American Society of Nephrology
Clinical law review
Clinical legal education (International journal of clinical legal education)
Clinical leukemia
Clinical lung cancer
Clinical lymphoma
Clinical lymphoma & myeloma
Clinical lymphoma, myeloma and leukemia
Clinical medicine. Cardiology
[+] Clinical medicine & health research
Clinical medicine insights. Arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders
Clinical Medicine Insights. Cardiology
Clinical medicine insights. Case reports
Clinical medicine insights. Circulatory, respiratory and pulmonary medicine
Clinical Medicine Insights. Oncology
Clinical medicine insights. Pathology
Clinical medicine. Oncology
Clinical medicine research (Journal of clinical medicine research)
Clinical microbiology and infection
Clinical microbiology newsletter
Clinical microbiology reviews
Clinical molecular pathology
Clinical neurology and neurosurgery
Clinical neurophysiology
Clinical neurophysiology (Neurophysiologie clinique)
Clinical neuroradiology (Klinische Neuroradiologie)
Clinical neuroscience research
Clinical nursing research
Clinical nutrition
Clinical nutrition. Supplements
Clinical obstetrics and gynaecology (Baillière's clinical obstetrics and gynaecology)
Clinical obstetrics & gynaecology (Best practice & research.)
Clinical oncology
Clinical oncology and cancer research
Clinical oral implants research
Clinical oral investigations
Clinical orthodontics and research
Clinical orthopaedics and related research
Clinical otolaryngology and allied sciences
Clinical ovarian and other gynecologic cancer
Clinical ovarian cancer and other gynecologic malignancies
Clinical pathology (BMC clinical pathology)
Clinical pediatric emergency medicine
Clinical pediatrics
Clinical performance and quality health care
Clinical pharmacokinetics
Clinical pharmacology (BMC clinical pharmacology)
Clinical pharmacology & therapeutics' pharmacometrics and systems pharmacology (CPT: pharmacometrics & systems pharmacology)
Clinical physics and physiological measurement
Clinical physiology and functional imaging
Clinical plasma medicine
Clinical positron imaging
Clinical practice and epidemiology in mental health
Clinical proteomics
Clinical psychological science
Clinical psychologist
Clinical psychology
Clinical psychology & psychotherapy
Clinical psychology review
Clinical queries. Nephrology
Clinical radiology
Clinical radiology extra
Clinical rehabilitation
Clinical research in cardiology
The clinical respiratory journal
Clinical review (ACOG clinical review)
Clinical reviews in allergy
Clinical reviews in allergy & immunology
Clinical reviews in bone and mineral metabolism
Clinical rheumatology
Clinical rheumatology (Best practice & research.)
Clinical rheumatology (Baillière's clinical rheumatology)
Clinical science
Clinical simulation in nursing education
Clinical social work journal
The clinical teacher
Clinical techniques in equine practice
Clinical techniques in small animal practice
Clinical therapeutics
Clinical & translational oncology
Clinical transplantation
Clinical trials (PLoS clinical trials)
Clinical trials
Clinical ultrasound (Journal of clinical ultrasound)
Clinical update
Clinical vaccine immunology (Clinical and vaccine immunology)
Clinics and research in hepatology and gastroenterology
Clinics in colon and rectal surgery
Clinics in dermatology
[+] ClinMed netprints (Clinical medicine & health research)
Clio (Toulouse, France)
CL & J (Criminal law & justice weekly)
Clogher record
Clothing and textiles research journal
Clothing science and technology (International journal of clothing science and technology)
[+] CLPR (Chinese law & policy review)
CLS (Comparative literature studies)
Cluster computing
CM (The case manager)
CM (Chinese medicine)
CMA (Clinical and molecular allergy)
CMA magazine (1990)
CMA magazine (2011)
CMA Management
CMI (Clinical microbiology and infection)
CMIG Extra: Cases
C.M.L.R. (Common Market law reports)
CMLS (Cellular and molecular life sciences)
CMMI (Contrast media & molecular imaging)
CMR (California management review)
CMR (Clinical microbiology reviews)
CNA (Communicator)
CNME (Communications in numerical methods in engineering)
CNS drugs
CNS neuroscience & therapeutics
CNS spectrums
Coach and athletic director
Coal geology (International journal of coal geology)
COAP (Computational optimization and applications)
Coastal engineering
Coastal management
Coated fibrous materials (Journal of coated fibrous materials)
Cobbett's magazine, a monthly review of politics, history, science, literature and rural and domestic pursuits
Cobbett's political register
[+] Cobblestone
[+] Cognition
Cognition and emotion
Cognition and instruction
Cognition, technology & work
Cognitive, affective, & behavioral neuroscience
Cognitive and behavioral practice
[+] Cognitive brain research (Brain research.)
Cognitive computation
Cognitive development
Cognitive linguistics
Cognitive neurodynamics
Cognitive neuropsychology
Cognitive processing
Cognitive psychology
[+] Cognitive science
Cognitive sciences (Trends in cognitive sciences)
Cognitive systems research
Cognitive therapy and research
Coke and chemistry
The Colby Library quarterly
Colby quarterly
Cold regions science and technology
Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology
Cold War International History Project bulletin
Cold war studies (Journal of cold war studies)
Colecao ensaios e monografias. (Ensaios e monografias)
The coleopterists bulletin
Coleopterists Society monographs Patricia Vaurie series
The Coleridge bulletin
COLING-ACL '98 (Annual meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics)
Collaborative anthropologies
Collectanea Hibernica
Collectanea mathematica
Collection building
Collections, historical & archaeological relating to Montgomeryshire
The collector
The collector and art critic
College and faculty bulletin. (Bulletin of the Royal College of Surgeons of England)
College and university
College Art Association slides & photographs newsletter (CAA slides & photographs newsletter)
College art journal
College athletics and the law
College composition and communication
College English
College English Association critic (CEA critic)
College literature
The college mathematics journal
College music symposium
The College student affairs journal
College student retention (Journal of college student retention)
College teaching
College teaching methods & styles journal
College & university (College and university)
Colloid and interface science (Current opinion in colloid & interface science)
Colloid and interface science (Journal of colloid and interface science)
Colloid and polymer science
Colloid journal
[+] Colloids and surfaces. A, Physicochemical and engineering aspects
Colloids and surfaces. B, Biointerfaces
Colloquia Germanica
Colombia (Country report.)
Colombia internacional
Colombian journal of anesthesiology
Colonial Latin American review
The colonial lawyer
Colonial waterbirds
Côlon & rectum
Color (Color research & application)
Colorado journal of international environmental law and policy
[+] The Colorado law reporter
Colorado review
Coloration technology
Colorectal cancer (Clinical colorectal cancer)
Colorectal cancer reports (Current colorectal cancer reports)
Colorectal disease
Colorectal disease (International journal of colorectal disease)
Color research & application
Co. Louth archaeological and historical journal (Journal of the County Louth Archaeological and Historical Society)
Co. Louth archaeological and historical journal (Journal of the County Louth Archaeological Society)
Columbia business law review
Columbia human rights law review
Columbia International Affairs Online: Akademik İncelemeler Dergisi (Journal of Academic Inquiries) (Akademik İncelemeler Dergisi)
Columbia journal of art and the law (Art & the law)
Columbia journal of art and the law (Columbia-VLA art & the law)
Columbia journal of Asian law
Columbia journal of East European law
Columbia journal of environmental law
The Columbia journal of European law
Columbia journal of gender and law
Columbia journal of international affairs
Columbia journal of law and social problems
The Columbia journal of law & the arts
The Columbia journal of transnational law
The Columbia journal of world business
The Columbia jurist
Columbia law review
Columbia law times
[+] The Columbia science and technology law review
Columbia survey of human rights law
Columbia VLA art & the law (Art & the law)
Columbia-VLA art & the law
Columbia-VLA journal of law & the arts
Colum. J.E. Eur. L. (Columbia journal of East European law)
Cómar (Comhar)
[+] Combinatorial chemistry
Combinatorial chemistry (Journal of combinatorial chemistry)
Combinatorial chemistry (Biotechnology and bioengineering)
Combinatorial science (ACS combinatorial science)
Combinatorics, probability & computing
Combustion and detonation waves (Symposium (International) on Combustion)
Combustion and flame
Combustion, explosion, and shock waves
Combustion theory and modelling
Com documents
[+] The comedian, or Philosophical enquirer
Commentarii mathematici Helvetici
Commerce retrieved (Mercator, or, Commerce retrieved)
Commercial biotechnology (Journal of commercial biotechnology)
Commercial history and review (Economist (London : Online).)
Commercial law bulletin
Commercial law journal
Commercial magazine (The tradesman; or, Commercial magazine)
Commercial review (De Bow's commercial review of the South & West)
Commission documents (Com documents)
Committee on Research in Dance news (CORD news)
Committee on Space Research information bulletin (COSPAR information bulletin)
Committee reports to be presented at the annual meeting to be held ... [by the] American Bar Association, Section of Patent, Trade Mark, and Copyright Law (American Bar Association Section of Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Law.)
CommLaw conspectus
Common knowledge
Common law world review
Common Market law reports
Common market law review
Commonwealth law bulletin
Commonwealth law journal (Oxford University commonwealth law journal)
The Commonwealth law review
Communication and the public
Communication, culture, & critique
Communication design quarterly review
Communication disorders quarterly
Communication disorders quarterly (Journal of childhood communication disorders)
Communication engineering (The journal of the Institution of Electrical Engineers.)
Communication quarterly
Communication reports
Communication research
Communication research trends
[+] Communications (Electronics and communications in Japan.)
Communications and entertainment (Comm/Ent)
Communications and the law
Communications engineer
Communications, IEEE transactions on (IEEE transactions on communications systems)
Communications, IEE Proceedings (IEE proceedings.)
Communications in analysis and geometry
Communications in clinical cytometry (Cytometry.)
Communications in computer algebra (ACM communications in computer algebra)
Communications in information and systems
Communications in mathematical analysis
Communications in mathematical physics
Communications in mathematical sciences
Communications in nonlinear science & numerical simulation
Communications in number theory and physics
Communications in numerical methods in engineering
Communications in statistics. Simulation and computation
Communications in statistics. theory and methods
Communications in theoretical physics
Communications law
Communications law conspectus (CommLaw conspectus)
Communications lawyer
Communications letters (IEEE communications letters)
Communications of the ACM
Communications on pure and applied mathematics
Communication & sport
Communications, radar, and signal processing (IEE proceedings.)
Communications society
Communications, speech, and vision (IEE proceedings.)
Communications systems. (Transactions of the IRE Professional Group on Communications Systems)
Communications systems (IRE transactions on communications systems)
Communications systems (IEEE transactions on communications systems)
Communication studies
Communication systems (International journal of communication systems)
Communication technology (IEEE transactions on communication technology)
Communication theory
Communication today
[+] Communicative business. Italian research review on business communication
Communicative & integrative biology
Communio viatorum
Communist affairs
Communist and post-communist studies
Communist economies
Communist economies and economic transformation
Community & applied social psychology (Journal of community & applied social psychology)
Community care
The community college enterprise
Community college journal
Community college journal of research and practice
Community college review
Community dentistry and oral epidemiology
Community development journal
Community/junior college
Community/junior college research quarterly
Community literacy journal
Community mental health journal
Community, work & family
The companion
Company law newsletter
The Company lawyer
Company secretary's review
The Comparatist
Comparative and continental philosophy
The comparative and international law journal of Southern Africa
Comparative biochemistry and physiology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part A, Molecular & integrative physiology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part A, Physiology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part B, Biochemistry & molecular biology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part B, Comparative biochemistry
Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part C, Pharmacology, toxicology and endocrinology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part C, Toxicology & pharmacology
Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part D, Genomics and proteomics
Comparative civilizations review
Comparative clinical pathology
Comparative connections
Comparative critical studies
Comparative drama
Comparative economic research. Central and Eastern Europe
Comparative economics (Journal of comparative economics)
Comparative economic studies
Comparative education
Comparative education review
[+] Comparative European politics
Comparative experimental biology (Journal of experimental zoology.)
Comparative group studies
Comparative haematology international
Comparative hepatology
Comparative immunology, microbiology, and infectious diseases
Comparative Islamic studies
Comparative labor law
Comparative labor law journal
Comparative labor law & policy journal
Comparative labour law and industrial relations (The International journal of comparative labour law and industrial relations)
Comparative literature
Comparative literature and culture (CLCWeb)
Comparative literature studies
Comparative political studies
Comparative politics
Comparative sociology
Comparative strategy
Comparative studies in society and history
Comparative studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East
Comparative technology transfer and society
Compass (Geography compass)
Compass (New York, N.Y.)
Comp. biochem. physiol. (Comparative biochemistry and physiology.)
Comp. biochem. physiol. (Comparative biochemistry and physiology.)
Compendium of entertaining knowledge (Walker's Hibernian magazine, or, Compendium of entertaining knowledge)
Compendium of religious, moral, & philosophical knowledge (The imperial magazine; or, Compendium of religious, moral, & philosophical knowledge)
Compensation & benefits management
Compensation & benefits review
Compensation review
Competition & change
Competition law and economics (Journal of competition law & economics)
Competition law checklist. (European law review)
Competition law international
Competition law review
Competitiveness review
The Compleat lawyer
The compleat library
The compleat linguist; or, An universal grammar of all the considerable tongues in being
Complementary and alternative medicine (BMC complementary and alternative medicine)
Complementary therapies in clinical practice
Complementary therapies in medicine
Complementary therapies in nursing & midwifery
Complete text of decisions of the Supreme Court of the United States (The United States weekly law journal)
Complex analysis and operator theory
Complexity (Journal of complexity)
Compliance officer bulletin
Compliance & risk
Component parts (IRE transactions on component parts)
Component parts (IEEE transactions on component parts)
Components, packaging, and manufacturing technology (IEEE transactions on components, packaging, and manufacturing technology.)
Composite interfaces
Composite materials (Journal of composite materials)
Composites business analyst
Composites engineering
Composites manufacturing
Composites. Part A, Applied science and manufacturing
Composites. Part B, Engineering
Composites science and technology
Composite structures
Compositio mathematica
Composition and communication (College composition and communication)
Composition studies
Comprehensive psychiatry
[+] Comprehensive reviews in food science and food safety
Comptabilité contrôle audit
Comptes nationaux trimestriels (Quarterly national accounts)
Comptes rendus. Biologies
Comptes rendus. Chimie
Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences. Mécanique (Comptes rendus.)
Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences. Série II. Fascicule B, Mécanique =Mechanics
Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences. Série II. Fascicule b, Mécanique, physique, astronomie
Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences. Série II. Fascicule c, Chimie
Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences. Série III, Sciences de la vie
Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences. Série II, Mécanique, physique, chimie, astronomie
Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences. Série II, Sciences de la terre et des planètes
Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences. Série I, Mathématique
Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences. Série IV, Physique, astrophysique
Comptes rendus des séances
Comptes rendus des séances mensuelles (Bulletin de la Société prehistorique française.)
Comptes rendus. Géoscience
Comptes rendus. Mathématique
Comptes rendus. Mécanique
Comptes rendus. Palévol
Comptes rendus. Physique
Computational and applied mathematics (The Korean journal of computational & applied mathematics)
Computational and mathematical methods in medicine
Computational and mathematical organization theory
Computational and theoretical chemistry
Computational and theoretical polymer science
Computational biology and bioinformatics (IEEE/ACM transactions on computational biology and bioinformatics)
Computational biology and chemistry
Computational complexity
Computational ecology and software
Computational economics
Computational engineering science (International journal of computational engineering science)
Computational geometry
Computational geometry & applications (International journal of computational geometry & applications)
Computational geosciences
Computational intelligence
Computational intelligence and applications (International journal of computational intelligence and applications)
Computational intelligence magazine (IEEE computational intelligence magazine)
Computational linguistics
Computational logic (ACM transactions on computational logic)
Computational management science
Computational materials science
Computational mathematics and cybernetics (Moscow University computational mathematics and cybernetics)
Computational mathematics and mathematical physics
Computational mathematics and modeling
Computational mechanics
Computational methods in social sciences
Computational neuroscience (Journal of computational neuroscience)
Computational optimization and applications
Computational science & discovery
Computational science & engineering (IEEE computational science & engineering)
Computational statistics
Computational statistics & data analysis
Comput. biol. med. (Computers in biology and medicine)
Computer-aided civil and infrastructure engineering
Computer aided design
Computer-aided design & applications
Computer-aided engineering journal
Computer aided geometric design
Computer Aided Language Learning & Instruction Consortium journal (CALICO journal)
Computer-aided molecular design (Journal of computer-aided molecular design)
Computer and telecommunications law review
Computer animation and virtual worlds
Computer applications in engineering education
Computer applications in power (IEEE computer applications in power)
Computer architecture letters (IEEE computer architecture letters)
Computer assisted language learning
Computer audit update
Computer communication review. (ACM SIGCOMM computer communication review)
Computer communications
Computer coupling of phase diagrams and thermochemistry (CALPHAD)
Computer fraud & security
Computer fraud & security bulletin
Computer graphics and applications (IEEE computer graphics and applications)
Computer graphics and image processing
Computer graphics forum
Computer integrated manufacturing (International journal of computer integrated manufacturing)
Computer-integrated manufacturing systems
Computerized medical imaging and graphics
The computer journal
Computer languages
Computer languages, systems & structures
Computer law review and technology journal
Computer law & security review
Computer methods and programs in biomedicine
Computer methods in applied mechanics and engineering
Computer music journal
Computer networks
Computer networks and ISDN systems
Computer networks journal (Optical switching and networking)
Computer personnel (ACM SIGCPR computer personnel)
Computer physics communications
Computer physics reports
Computers and biomedical research
Computers and composition
Computers and digital techniques (IEE proceedings.)
Computers and digital techniques (IET computers & digital techniques)
Computers and digital techniques (IEE journal on computers and digital techniques)
Computers and digital techniques (IEE proceedings.)
Computers and electronics in agriculture
Computers and geotechnics
Computers and society (ACM SIGCAS Computers & society)
Computers and the humanities
Computers and translation
Computers & chemical engineering
Computers & chemistry
Computer science
Computer science education
Computer science review
Computer security digest (Forensic accounting review and Computer security digest)
Computers & education
Computers & electrical engineering
Computers, environment and urban systems
Computers & fluids
Computers & geosciences
Computers & graphics
Computers in biology and medicine
Computers & industrial engineering
Computers in entertainment
Computers in human behavior
Computers in industry
Computers in libraries
Computers in physics
Computers in the schools
Computers & mathematics with applications
Computers & operations research
Computer speech and language
Computers & security
Computers & structures
Computer standards & interfaces
Computers & texts
Computer supported cooperative work
Computers & urban society
Computer vision (IET computer vision)
Computer vision and image understanding
Computer vision, graphics, and image processing
Computer vision, graphics, and image processing. Graphical models and image processing (CVGIP.)
Computer vision, graphics, and image processing. Image understanding (CVGIP.)
Comput. & graphics (Computers & graphics)
Computing and visualization in science
Computing & control engineering journal
Computing in science & engineering
Computing systems in engineering
Comput. intell. (Computational intelligence)
Comus and momus (Democritus ridens or, Comus and momus)
Concepts in magnetic resonance
Concepts in magnetic resonance. Part A, Bridging education and research
Concepts in magnetic resonance. Part B, Magnetic resonance engineering
Concise monetary policy report (Monetary Policy Report [of the] Central Bank of Cyprus)
Concordia journal
[+] Concordia theological monthly
Concordia theological monthly (CTM)
Concordia theological quarterly
The Concord saunterer
Concurrency (IEEE concurrency)
Concurrency and computation
Concurrency, practice and experience
Concurrent engineering, research and applications
Condensed matter (Zeitschrift für Physik.)
Condensed matter (Journal of physics.)
Condensed matter (Physica.)
Condensed matter (Physical review.)
Condensed matter and materials physics (Physical review.)
Condensed matter, materials, surfaces, interfaces & biophysical (The journal of physical chemistry.)
Condensed matter physics (The European physical journal.)
Condensed matter physics
Condensed matter physics, statistical physics, applied physics (International journal of modern physics.)
The Condor
Conference & common room
Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers yearbook (Yearbook (Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers))
Conference of Theological Librarians summary of proceedings (Summary of proceedings)
Conference proceedings (Proceedings of the Academic Forum ... conference)
Conference proceedings Northeast Business & Economics Association (Proceedings of the ... annual meeting)
Conferences (Physica status solidi.)
Conflict and communication online
Conflict and health
Conflict management and peace science
Conflict, politics, and human rights in Africa
Conflict resolution
Conflict resolution quarterly
Conflict trends
Conformal geometry and dynamics
Congenital anomalies
Congress & the presidency
Connecticut insurance law journal
Connecticut journal of international law
Connecticut law review
The Connecticut probate law journal
Connecticut public interest law journal
[+] Connecting the disconnected
Connection (TMEC MENC connection)
The connoisseur
Connoisseur (London, England : 1754)
Connoisseur (London, England : 1845)
Connotations : A Journal for Critical Debate
The Conrad Grebel review
The Conradian
Consciousness and cognition
Conservation and management of archaeological sites
Conservation and society
Conservation biology
Conservation ecology
Conservation genetics
Conservation genetics resources
Conservation in practice
Conservation physiology
Conservation & recycling
The Conservative defeat
Conservative Judaism
The Conservator
Constitutional commentary
Constitutional forum
Constitutionalism and Democracy
Constitutional political economy
The constitutional review
Construction & building materials
Construction engineering and management (Journal of construction engineering and management)
Construction history
Construction innovation
Construction law international
Construction law journal
The Construction lawyer
Construction management and economics
Construction newsletter
Constructive approximation
Constructivism in the human sciences
Consultation paper
Consulting psychology journal
Consulting-specifying engineer
Consulting to management
Consumer policy review
Consumer reports money adviser
Consumer research (The journal of consumer research)
Consumption, markets & culture
Contabilidade & finanças (Revista contabilidade & finanças)
Contact dermatitis
Contact lens & anterior eye
Contemporary accounting research
Contemporary African art (Nka)
Contemporary Arab affairs
Contemporary argumentation and debate
Contemporary Asia arbitration journal
Contemporary Asian studies (Maryland series in contemporary Asian studies)
Contemporary Asian studies series (Occasional papers/reprints series in contemporary Asian studies)
Contemporary British history
Contemporary church history (Kirchliche Zeitgeschichte)
Contemporary clinical trials
Contemporary criminal justice (Journal of contemporary criminal justice)
Contemporary crises
Contemporary drug problems
Contemporary economic policy
Contemporary economics
Contemporary education
Contemporary educational psychology
Contemporary education dialogue
Contemporary ethnography (Journal of contemporary ethnography)
Contemporary European history
Contemporary family therapy
Contemporary French and francophone studies
Contemporary French civilization
Contemporary Islam
Contemporary issues in early childhood
Contemporary issues in education research
Contemporary Jewry
Contemporary literature
Contemporary Marxism
[+] Contemporary music review
Contemporary organic synthesis
The Contemporary Pacific
Contemporary physics
Contemporary political theory
Contemporary politics
Contemporary problems of ecology
Contemporary readings in law and social justice
Contemporary record
Contemporary religions in Japan
The contemporary review
Contemporary review of the Middle East
Contemporary school psychology
Contemporary security policy
Contemporary sociology
Contemporary South Asia
Contemporary Southeast Asia
Contemporary theatre review
Contemporary Wales
Contemporary women's writing
Contents pages in education
Contexto internacional
Continental miscellany (The foreign review)
The Continental monthly
Continental philosophy review
Continental shelf research
Contingencies and crisis management (Journal of contingencies and crisis management)
Continuing education in anaesthesia, critical care & pain
Continuing education in the health professions (The journal of continuing education in the health professions)
Continuity and change
Continuum (The ... annual of hermeneutics & social concern)
Continuum mechanics and thermodynamics
Contract archaeology reports
A contrario
Contrast media & molecular imaging
Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnaté Pleso
Contributions of the Astronomical Observatory Skalnaté Pleso. Supplements
Contributions to algebra and geometry (Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie)
Contributions to Canadian economics
[+] Contributions to Canadian mineralogy. (The American mineralogist)
Contributions to conflict management, peace economics and development
Contributions to Indian sociology
Contributions to macroeconomics
Contributions to mineralogy and petrology
Contributions to music education
Contributions to plasma physics
Contributions to political economy
Contributions to the history of concepts
Control & automation
[+] Control engineering
Control engineering practice
Controlled clinical trials
[+] The controller
Controlling & management
Control systems (IEEE control systems)
Control theory and applications (IEE proceedings.)
Control theory and applications (IEE proceedings.)
Control theory & applications (IET control theory & applications)
Convergence (London : 1995 : Online)
Convergence (London : 2005 : Online)
Conversations in religion and theology
The conveyancer and property lawyer
Cooley law review
Cooperation and conflict
Coordination chemistry reviews
The coordinator
COPD update (Respiratory medicine.)
The Copenhagen journal of Asian studies
Copyright law symposium
Coral reefs
CORD news
Cor et vasa
The Cork review
The Cormac McCarthy Journal
Cornell hospitality quarterly
The Cornell hotel and restaurant administration quarterly
Cornell international law journal
Cornell journal of law and public policy
Cornell law journal
The Cornell law quarterly
Cornell law review
Cornhill magazine
Coronary health care
La Corónica
Corporate accounting & finance (The journal of corporate accounting & finance)
Corporate business taxation monthly
Corporate communications
Corporate environmental strategy
Corporate governance
Corporate governance
The corporate governance law review
Corporate knights
Corporate philanthropy report
Corporate reputation review
Corporate rescue and insolvency
Corporate social responsibility and environmental management
Corrections compendium
Corrections digest
Corrections forum
Corrections management quarterly
Corrections today
Corrosion science
Corrosion technology
CORS journal
COS (Contemporary organic synthesis)
Cosmetic dermatology (Journal of cosmetic dermatology)
Cosmic research
The cosmopolitan art journal
COSPAR information bulletin
COSPAR's information bulletin, space research today (Space research today)
Cost effectiveness and resource allocation
Cost engineering
Costs law reports
Council for British Research in the Levant Bulletin (Bulletin of the Council for British Research in the Levant)
Council of European Aerospace Societies space journal (CEAS space journal)
Council on Anthropology and Education newsletter
Council on Anthropology and Education quarterly
Counseling and human development
Counseling and values
Counseling outcome research and evaluation
The Counseling psychologist
Counselling psychology quarterly
The Counsellor
Counselor education and supervision
Country gazette (The national journal, or, The country gazette)
[+] Country gentleman (Misellaneous [sic] works consisting of essays political and moral)
The country journal; or, the Craftsman
Country life illustrated (Racing illustrated)
Country report. Afghanistan
Country report. Argentina
Country report. Australia
Country report. Austria
Country report. Belgium
Country report. Bolivia
Country report. Bosnia and Hercegovina
Country report. Brazil
[+] Country report. Bulgaria
Country report. Canada
Country report. Chile
Country report. China
Country report. Colombia
Country report. Croatia
Country report. Czech Republic
Country report. Denmark
Country report. Egypt
Country report. Estonia
Country report. Fiji
Country report. Finland
Country report. France
[+] Country report. Germany
Country report. Greece
Country report. Hong Kong
[+] Country report. Hungary
Country report. India
Country report. Indonesia
Country report. Iran
Country report. Iraq
Country report. Ireland
Country report. Israel
Country report. Italy
Country report. Japan
Country report. Kuwait
Country report. Latvia
Country report. Lebanon
Country report. Libya
Country report. Lithuania
Country report. Malaysia
Country report. Mexico
Country report. Montenegro
Country report. Morocco
Country report. Netherlands
Country report. New Caledonia
Country report. New Zealand
Country report. Nigeria
[+] Country report. North Korea
Country report. Norway
Country report. Oman
Country report. Pakistan
Country report. Palestinian Territories
Country report. Philippines
Country report. Poland
Country report. Portugal
Country report: Puerto Rico
Country report. Romania
Country report. Russia
Country report. Samoa
Country report. Saudi Arabia
Country report. Serbia
Country report. Singapore
Country report. Slovakia
Country report. Slovenia
Country report. Solomon Islands
Country report. South Africa
Country report. South Korea
Country report. Spain
Country report. Sweden
Country report. Switzerland
Country report. Taiwan
Country report. Tajikistan
Country report. Thailand
Country report. Tonga
[+] Country report. Turkey
[+] Country report. United Kingdom
Country report. United States of America
Country report. Vanuatu
Country report. Venezuela
Country report. Yemen
The country spectator
County gentleman (The sporting gazette)
County Louth archaeological journal (Journal of the County Louth Archaeological Society)
[+] County miscellany (The genius of Kent, or, County miscellany)
Cour Permanente de Justice Internationale. Série C, Plaidoiries, exposés oraux et documents. (Publications of the Permanent Court of International Justice.)
The course of study
Court and fashionable magazine (La Belle assemblée, or, Court and fashionable magazine)
The court, city and country magazine
The court historian
Court magazine and Belle assemblée (La belle assemblée, or, Bell's court and fashionable magazine addressed particularly to the ladies)
The court magazine & monthly critic and lady's magazine, & museum of the belles lettres, music, fine arts, drama, fashions, &c.
Courts Today
[+] The Covent Garden chronicle
[+] The Covent-Garden journal
Coventry law journal
[+] Cowen tracts
CP (Cognitive processing)
CP (The international journal of cultural policy)
CPA journal
The CPA technology advisor
CPC (Combinatorics, probability & computing)
CPE (Constitutional political economy)
CPEM (Clinical pediatric emergency medicine)
CP & EMH (Clinical practice and epidemiology in mental health)
CPH (Critical public health)
CPILJ (Connecticut public interest law journal)
CP-IQCS (Cognitive processing)
CPJ (Canadian pharmacists journal)
CPL (Chemistry and physics of lipids)
CPL (Chinese physics letters)
CPQ (Counselling psychology quarterly)
CPS (Comparative political studies)
CPT (Contemporary political theory)
CPT: pharmacometrics & systems pharmacology
CQ (The Critical quarterly)
CQ (Caribbean quarterly)
CQ (Cambridge quarterly of healthcare ethics)
CR (Competitiveness review)
C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris, Sciences de la vie/Life sciences (Comptes rendus de l'Académie des sciences.)
The craftsman
Craftsman (The country journal; or, the Craftsman)
CRAIBL (Comptes rendus des séances)
The Crane bag
Cr.App.R. (The criminal appeal reports)
The crayon
C.R. biologies (Comptes rendus.)
CRC critical reviews in oncology/hematology (Critical reviews in oncology/hematology)
CR-CL (Harvard civil rights-civil liberties law review)
CRCL/RCLC (Canadian review of comparative literature)
Cream city review
Creative communications (Journal of creative communications)
Creative education
Creative industries journal
Creative kids
Creative review
Creative teaching & learning
Creativity and innovation management
Creativity research journal
Credit control
Creighton law review
Crelle's journal (Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik)
The cremona
Cretaceous research
C.R. géoscience (Comptes rendus.)
Crime and delinquency
Crime and justice
Crime and justice bulletin
Crime and social justice
Crime control digest
Crime, histoire & sociétés
Crime, law, and social change
Crime, media, culture
Crime prevention and community safety
Crime science
The criminal appeal reports
The criminal appeal reports. Sentencing
Criminal behaviour and mental health
Criminal justice and behavior
Criminal justice (Chicago, Ill. : 1986)
Criminal justice ethics
Criminal justice journal
Criminal justice matters (CJM)
Criminal justice policy review
The Criminal justice quarterly
Criminal justice review
Criminal law and philosophy
Criminal law brief
Criminal law forum
Criminal law & justice weekly
The criminal law magazine
The criminal law magazine and reporter
The criminal law quarterly
Criminal law review
The Criminal lawyer
Criminal science monograph
Criminology & criminal justice
Criminology & public policy
The crisis
[+] The crisis
The crisis
The crisis
[+] Crisis watch. (Crisis watch database)
[+] Crisis watch database
[+] CRISP (Current research in social psychology)
Criswell theological review
The crit
The critic
Critical Asian studies
Critical care
Critical care medicine (Indian journal of critical care medicine)
Critical care research and practice
Critical criminology
Critical horizons
Critical inquiry
Crítica literaria (Revista de crítica literaria latinoamericana)
Critical matrix
Critical Middle Eastern studies (Critique)
Critical observer (The Scots spy, or, Critical observer)
Critical perspectives on accounting
Critical perspectives on international business
Critical philosophy of race
Critical public health
The Critical quarterly
Critical quarterly for legislation and law (KritV, CritQ, RCrit)
Critical research on religion
Critical review (Online)
The critical review, or, Annals of literature
Critical reviews in oncology/hematology
Critical Reviews in Oral Biology and Medicine
Critical social policy
Critical social work
Critical sociology
Critical studies
Critical studies in education
Critical studies journal (The crit)
Critical studies on terrorism
Critical survey
Critical ultrasound journal
The critick
The criticks
Critic of books, engravings music and decorative art, (The critic)
Critique internationale
Critique of anthropology
Critique : studies in contemporary fiction
CRJ (Classical receptions journal)
C.R. mécanique (Comptes rendus.)
Croatia (Country report.)
Croatian annual of criminal law and practice (Hrvatski ljetopis za kazneno pravo i praksu)
Croatian yearbook of European law & policy
Croatica chemica acta
Crónicas urbanas
Crop protection
Cross accent
Cross cultural management
Cross-cultural research
Cross currents
C. r. physique (Comptes rendus.)
CRQ (Conflict resolution quarterly)
CRS RCS (The Canadian review of sociology)
CRT (Conversations in religion and theology)
Crustaceana. Supplement
The cryosphere
Cryptogamie. Algologie
Cryptogamie. Bryologie
Cryptogamie. Mycologie
Cryptography and communications
Crystal and molecular structure (Journal of crystal and molecular structure)
Crystal engineering
Crystal growth & design
Crystallography reports
Crystal research and technology
Crystal structure communications (Acta crystallographica.)
[+] CrystEngComm
CSAS bulletin (Bulletin Central States Anthropological Society)
CSCW (Computer supported cooperative work)
CSH perspectives (Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in biology)
CSI transactions on ICT
[+] CSJ (Chemical sciences journal)
CSP (Critical social policy)
CSQ (Cultural survival quarterly)
CSSAAME (Comparative studies of South Asia, Africa and the Middle East)
CSSHE professional file
CSSP (Online) (Circuits, systems, and signal processing)
CTLR (Computer and telecommunications law review)
CTQ (Concordia theological quarterly)
CTR (Canadian theatre review)
CTR (Criswell theological review)
CTRJ (Clothing and textiles research journal)
CTTS (Comparative technology transfer and society)
CTW (Cognition, technology & work)
[+] CU (Cardiovascular ultrasound)
C & U (College and university)
Cuadernos de administración
Cuadernos de anuario filosófico. Serie Universitaria
Cuadernos de debate internacional (Ecología política)
Cuadernos de derecho y comercio
Cuadernos de economía
Cuadernos de gestión
Cuadernos de investigación filológica
Cuadernos de música, artes visuales y artes escénicas
Cuadernos de pensamiento político
Cuadernos de relaciones laborales
Cuadernos de teología
Cuadernos de trabajos
Cuadernos de trabajo social
Cuban studies
Çukurova University Faculty of Education journal
Cultural and social history
Cultural anthropology
Cultural anthropology methods (CAM)
Cultural anthropology methods journal (CAM journal)
Cultural anthropology methods newsletter (CAM newsletter)
Cultural critique
Cultural diversity & ethnic minority psychology
Cultural dynamics
Cultural geographies
Cultural hermeneutics
Cultural policy (The international journal of cultural policy)
Cultural politics
Cultural studies
Cultural studies (Iowa journal of cultural studies)
Cultural studies, critical methodologies
Cultural studies of science education
Cultural studies review
Cultural survival quarterly
Cultural trends
Culturas y conflictos (Cultures & conflits)
Culture & agriculture
Culture, agriculture, food and environment
Culture and organization
Culture and religion
Culture, health & sexuality
Culture & history digital journal
Culture machine
Culture, medicine and psychiatry
Culture & psychology
Cultures & conflits
Culture, sport, society
Culture, theory and critique
Cumberland law review
Cumberland-Samford law review
Cumhuriyet tarihi arastirmalari Dergisi
Cumulative digest of United States practice in international law
CURIE Journal
Curious amusements for the ingenious (The British apollo; or, Curious amusements for the ingenious)
Current allergy and asthma reports
Current anaesthesia and critical care
Current anthropology
Current applied physics
Current atherosclerosis reports
Current bibliography on African affairs
Current biology
Current bladder dysfunction reports
Current breast cancer reports
Current cardiology reports
Current cardiology reviews
Current cardiovascular imaging reports
Current cardiovascular risk reports
Current chemical genomics
[+] Current climate change reports
Current colorectal cancer reports
Current comment and legal miscellany
Current controlled trials in cardiovascular medicine
Current data of interest to antitrust lawyers (Section of Antitrust Law)
Current developments in mathematics
Current diabetes reports
Current diagnostic pathology
Current directions in psychological science
Current events
Current fungal infection reports
Current gastroenterology reports
Current genetics
Current gerontology and geriatrics research
Current health kids
[+] Current health teens
Current heart failure reports
Current hematologic malignancy reports
Current hepatitis reports
Current history (1916 : Online)
Current history (1941 : Online)
Current history & forum
Current history of the European war (The New York times current history of the European war)
Current HIV/AIDS reports
Current hypertension reports
Current infectious disease reports
Current issues and research in advertising
Current issues in auditing
Current issues in criminal justice
Current issues in education
Current Issues of Business & Law
Current journal review (ACC current journal review)
Current legal problems
Current microbiology
Current molecular biology reports
Current neurology and neuroscience reports
Current obstetrics and gynaecology
Current oncology reports
Current opinion in biotechnology
Current opinion in cell biology
Current opinion in chemical biology
Current opinion in chemical engineering
Current opinion in colloid & interface science
Current opinion in environmental sustainability
Current opinion in genetics & development
Current opinion in immunology
Current opinion in microbiology
Current opinion in neurobiology
Current opinion in pharmacology
Current opinion in plant biology
Current opinion in solid state & materials science
Current opinion in structural biology
Current opinion in virology
Current orthopaedics
Current osteoporosis reports
Current paediatrics
Current pain and headache reports
Current pharmacology reports
Current politics and economics of Africa
Current politics and economics of Europe
Current politics and economics of Northern and Western Asia
Current politics and economics of Russia, Eastern and Central Europe
Current politics and economics of South and Central America
Current politics and economics of South, Southeastern, and Central Asia
Current politics and economics of the Middle East
Current politics and economics of the United States, Canada and Mexico
Current pollution reports
Current problems in cancer
Current problems in cardiology
Current problems in dermatology
Current problems in diagnostic radiology
Current problems in pediatric and adolescent health care
Current problems in pediatrics
Current problems in surgery
Current Problems of Social Policy : Theory and Practice (Aktuální otázky sociální politiky)
Current prostate reports
Current psychiatry reports
Current psychological research
Current psychological research & reviews
[+] Current research in social psychology
Current research on peace and violence
Current review of pain
Current reviews in musculoskeletal medicine
Current rheumatology reports
Current science
Current science
Currents in biblical research
Currents in pharmacy teaching and learning
Currents in research
Currents in theology and mission
Current sociology
Current stem cell reports
Current surgery
Current therapeutic research
Current topics in nutraceuticals research
Current topics in solid state physics (Physica status solidi.)
Current translational geriatrics and experimental gerontology reports
Current trauma reports
Current treatment options in cardiovascular medicine
Current treatment options in neurology
Current treatment options in oncology
Current treatment options in pediatrics
Current treatment options in rheumatology
Current trends in Islamist ideology
Current urology reports
Current writing
Curriculum and teaching dialogue
Curriculum inquiry
The Curriculum journal
Curriculum review
Curriculum studies
Curriculum Theory Network
Curtis's botanical magazine
Customer behaviour (Journal of customer behaviour)
CVD (Chemical vapor deposition)
CVD prevention and control
CVGIP. Graphical models and image processing
CVGIP. Image understanding
CVI (Clinical and vaccine immunology)
CVR (Cardiovascular research)
CWIHP bulletin (Cold War International History Project bulletin)
Cybernetics (IEEE transactions on systems, man, and cybernetics.)
Cybernetics and systems analysis
Cyberpsychology & behavior
Cybersecurity policy report
[+] CYB historical collection (Canada year book historical collection)
CYE (Children, youth and environments)
Cylchgrawn Cymdeithas Hanes Pobl Cymru (Llafur)
Cylchgrawn Cymdeithas Hanesyddol Sir Benfro (The journal of the Pembrokeshire Historical Society)
Cylchgrawn Cymdeithas Hynafiaethwyr Sir Aberteifi (Ceredigion)
Cylchgrawn daearyddol Cymreig (Cambria)
[+] Cylchgrawn hanes cymru (The Welsh history review)
Cylchgrawn hanes yr Eglwys Fethodistaidd yng Nghymru (Bathafarn)
Cylchgrawn Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru
Y Cymmrodor
Cymmrodorion Society Transactions. (The transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion)
Cyprus review
Cytokine & growth factor reviews
Cytology and genetics
Cytometry. Clinical cytometry
Cytometry. Communications in clinical cytometry
Cytometry. Part A
Cytometry. Part B, Clinical cytometry
Cytopathology (Cancer cytopathology)
Czech journal of economics and finance (Finance a úvěr)
Czechoslovak journal of physics
Czechoslovak mathematical journal
Czechoslovak mathematical journal (Časopis pro pěstování matematiky)
Czechoslovak sociological review
Czech Republic (Country report.)
Czech sociological review (Sociologický časopis)
Czech sociological review

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