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Online resources : databases

Use the links below to access online databases catalogued by the Library. To see a list of databases for your subject please use the subject information pages. An e-resources FAQ is also available.

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Databases for letter C
[+] The cabinet papers, 1915-1980
[+] CAJ (China academic journals)
[+] Calendar of fine rolls of Henry III (Henry III fine rolls project)
[+] Calendar of the Manuscripts of the Most Honourable The Marquess of Salisbury. (The Cecil papers)
[+] Cambridge Books Online
[+] Cambridge collections online
[+] The Cambridge edition of the works of Ben Jonson online
[+] Cambridge histories online
[+] Cambridge journals online
[+] Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists bulletin (AAPG/Datapages)
[+] Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology
[+] CAplus. (SciFinder Scholar)
[+] Caredata (Social care online)
[+] The Carlyle letters online
[+] Cartoons, the British Cartoon Archive (The British Cartoon Archive)
[+] CASREACT. (SciFinder Scholar)
Catalysts & catalysed reactions
[+] The Catholic encyclopedia
[+] Catholic Reformation (Digital library of the Catholic Reformation)
[+] CATNYP (New York Public Library online catalog)
[+] Caxton's Chaucer. (Treasures in full.)
[+] CCEd (Clergy of the Church of England database)
[+] CCEd Online Journal (Clergy of the Church of England database)
CCR--expanded (Current chemical reactions)
[+] CDSR (The Cochrane database of systematic reviews)
[+] Cecilia
[+] The Cecil papers
[+] Celt
[+] Census Geography Data Unit (UKBORDERS) (UKBORDERS)
[+] Central index of digitized imprints (Zentrales Verzeichnis digitalisierter Drucke)
[+] Central Intelligence Agency world factbook (CIA world factbook)
[+] Century of immigration. (Migration to new worlds)
[+] CERUK (Current Educational Research in the UK)
[+] CETEDOC (Library of Latin texts)
[+] CEWBJ (The Cambridge edition of the works of Ben Jonson online)
[+] Chemical abstracts (SciFinder Scholar)
[+] Chemical Abstracts Service registry. (SciFinder Scholar)
[+] Chemical hazards in industry online
[+] Chemical sciences repository
[+] Chemspider
[+] Child development and adolescent studies
[+] China academic journals
China, trade, politics & culture, 1793-1980
[+] China yearbook full-text database
[+] CHO (Cambridge histories online)
‘Chronic’ identities in mental illness
[+] Church dogmatics. (The digital Karl Barth library)
[+] CIA world factbook
[+] CINAHL (Cumulative index to nursing and allied health literature)
[+] CJN (China academic journals)
[+] CJO (Cambridge journals online)
[+] Claremont Coptic encyclopedia
[+] ClasePeriodica
[+] Classical music library
[+] Classical music library. (Music online)
[+] Classical scores library (Music online)
[+] Classical scores library. (Music online)
[+] The Classical String Quartet, 1770-1840
Classical World Online
[+] CLCLT (Library of Latin texts)
[+] Clergy of the Church of England database
[+] CLO (The Carlyle letters online)
[+] Coastal and marine resource atlas (MAGIC)
Cochrane central register of controlled trials. (Evidence based medicine reviews)
[+] The Cochrane database of systematic reviews
Cochrane handbook for systematic reviews of interventions
[+] The Cochrane library
Collected courses online
[+] The collected works of St. Thomas Aquinas
Coming to terms with the past
[+] The Communist Party of Great Britain archive
[+] Compact memory
[+] Companies legislation
A complete collection of the treaties and conventions, and reciprocal regulations, at present subsisting between Great Britain and foreign powers, and of the laws, decrees, and orders in council, concerning the same, so far as they relate to commerce and navigation, to the repression and abolition o
The complete review
[+] The complete work of Charles Darwin online
[+] The complete works of William Shakespeare
Comprehensive heterocyclic chemistry III
[+] Compustat North America. (WRDS)
[+] Computing dictionary (FOLDOC)
[+] Concordance of Greek inscriptions (CLAROS)
[+] Conference Proceedings Citation Index. (Web of Science)
Confronting the Coffee Crisis:
[+] Contemporary world music
[+] Contemporary world music. (Music online)
[+] ContentsFirst
The continental rationalists
Contingent Democrats
Cooperatives for "Fair Globalization"? Indigenous People, Cooperatives, and Corporate Social Responsibility in the Brazilian Amazon
[+] Copac
[+] Corpus Christianorum. Continuatio Mediaevalis. (Library of Latin texts)
[+] Corpus Christianorum. Series Latina. (Library of Latin texts)
[+] Corpus of electronic texts (Celt)
[+] Corpus of Middle English prose and verse. (Middle English compendium)
[+] Corvey Collection. (Nineteenth Century collections online.)
Cot death and prone sleeping position in the Netherlands
Country finance. (Economist Intelligence Unit)
[+] Country Information
Country profiles (Online) (Economist Intelligence Unit)
Country reports (Online) (Economist Intelligence Unit)
[+] Crain's New York business. (Regional business news)
[+] Credo reference
[+] CrossFire
[+] CRSP. (WRDS)
Cultural Scripts:
[+] Cumulative index to nursing and allied health literature
[+] Current chemical reactions (Web of Science)
Current chemical reactions
[+] Current contents connect
[+] Current Educational Research in the UK
Current papers (Aeronautical Research Council (Great Britain))
[+] Cylchgronau Cymru

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