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Online resources : databases

Use the links below to access online databases catalogued by the Library. To see a list of databases for your subject please use the subject information pages. An e-resources FAQ is also available.

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All online resources are listed in the library catalogue:

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Databases for letter A
[+] AAPG/Datapages
[+] AATA online
[+] ABELL (Annual bibliography of English language and literature)
[+] Abstracts of musical literature (RILM abstracts of musical literature)
[+] AccessScience
[+] Accounting standards
[+] ACLL (Archive of Celtic-Latin literature)
[+] ACLS Humanities E-Books
[+] ACM digital library
ACP journal club. (Evidence based medicine reviews)
[+] Action without borders (
[+] ADB (Deutsche Biographie)
[+] ADB online (Australian dictionary of biography)
[+] ADI online (African development indicators online)
[+] ADS (The NASA astrophysics data system)
[+] ADS (Archaeology data service)
[+] Advantage (Marketline advantage)
[+] AEB (Online Egyptological Bibliography)
Aeronautical Research Council current papers. (Current papers (Aeronautical Research Council (Great Britain)))
[+] African American music. (Music online)
[+] African-American poetry (Online) (Literature online)
[+] African American women writers of the 19th century
[+] African blue books, 1821-1953
[+] African development indicators online
Agricultural deskilling and the spread of genetically modified cotton in Warangal
[+] AHDS Visual Arts
[+] ALD (Aristoteles Latinus)
[+] Alex catalogue of electronic texts
[+] Allegro catalogue of ballads (Bodleian Library broadside ballads)
[+] Allen brain atlas
[+] Allgemeine deutsche Biographie. (Deutsche Biographie)
[+] All's well that ends well (The complete works of William Shakespeare)
[+] All the world's primates
[+] Also known as: (The listener historical archive, 1929-1991)
Alternatives to Neoliberalism in Latin America
[+] Amadeus (WRDS)
[+] American Association of Petroleum Geologists datapages (AAPG/Datapages)
[+] American doctoral dissertations
[+] American poetry database. (Literature online)
[+] American poetry (Online) (Literature online)
[+] The American Presidency Project
[+] American Theological Library Association religion database (ATLA religion database with ATLASerials)
[+] Amicus. (Theses Canada portal)
[+] Analytical abstracts
Anatomy of the human body
[+] The Anglo-Norman dictionary
L'année philologique
[+] Annual bibliography of English language and literature
[+] Annual bibliography of English language and literature (Literature online)
[+] Annual reviews
Anthropological Engagements with Modern Psychotropy
Anthropologists only Need Apply
Anthropology and the development encounter
[+] Anthropology plus
[+] AnthroSource
Antisemitism and Weltpolitik
[+] Antony and Cleopatra (The complete works of William Shakespeare)
APh (L'année philologique)
[+] Applied social sciences index and abstracts
[+] AR (Annual reviews)
[+] Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers Collection (Kotobarabia Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers Collection)
Archaeologia Scotica (The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland scanning project)
Archaeology (Oxford handbooks online.)
[+] Archaeology data service
Architects, advisers and design at Edward I's castles in Wales
[+] Archival sound recordings
[+] ArchiveGrid
[+] Archive of Celtic-Latin literature. (Brepolis Latin)
[+] Archive of Celtic-Latin literature
[+] Archive of life science journals (PubMed central)
[+] Archives hub
ArchSearch Library : Society of Antiquaries of Scotland scanning project (The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland scanning project)
[+] [ARCHway]
[+] Aristoteles Latinus
[+] Arizona business. (Regional business news)
Aromatic chemistry
[+] Artemis primary sources (Gale Artemis)
[+] ArticleFirst
[+] Articles on North-East history (North East bibliography)
[+] Art Museum Image Consortium (CAMIO)
[+] Arts & humanities citation index (Web of Science)
[+] Arts & humanities citation index
[+] Arts:search
[+] ARTstor
[+] e-Print archive
[+] AS anthrosource (AnthroSource)
[+] Asia and the West (Nineteenth Century collections online.)
[+] The Assayer
Assessing foreign exchange exposures
[+] ASSIA (Applied social sciences index and abstracts)
[+] Association for Computing Machinery digital library (ACM digital library)
[+] Astrophysics data system (The NASA astrophysics data system)
[+] As you like it (The complete works of William Shakespeare)
[+] ATLA religion database with ATLASerials
[+] Auditing standards
[+] Australian dictionary of biography
[+] Australian education research theses
The Australian legend
Australian literature (The Cambridge companion to Australian literature)
[+] Australian newspapers beta (Historic Australian newspapers 1803-1954)
Authoritarian persistence, democratization theory and the Middle East
[+] The Avalon Project at the Yale Law School
[+] AWP (All the world's primates)

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