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REF2021 : decisions on staff and outputs

19-page report published in November 2017. Decisions include:

  • Which staff are to be returned for REF - 'all staff with significant responsibility for research'
  • Open access deadlines - 'deposit as soon after the point of acceptance as possible, and no later than three months after this date'
  • New Exception - 'outputs unable to meet the deposit timescale, remain compliant if deposited up to three months after the date of publication'
  • Non-portability - 'outputs may be submitted by both the institution employing the staff member on the census date and the originating institution where the staff member was previously employed as Category A eligible when the output was demonstrably generated'
Full report on Research England's website (formerly HEFCE).

Wellcome Trust announce review of their Open Access policy. 6-month review to be conducted internally, but there will be an online survey for researchers asking 'what has worked well and where the pain points are'.

See announcement on Wellcomes' website.

Overview of studies carried out by project OpCit investigating whether or not Open Access articles gain a citation advantage.

Total number of studies until 2015 70
Studies that found a citation advantage 46
Studies that found no citation advantage 17
Studies that were inconclusive, found non-significant data or measured other
things than citation advantage for articles