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Copyright Licensing

ERA Educational Recording License


Benefits, Coverage and Terms of License


The University holds an Education Recording Agency license which allows members of staff to record for educational purposes any radio or television broadcasts and cable output of ERA's members. The license does not cover recordings made of Open University programmes for which there is a separate licensing scheme.


Under the ERA license members of staff can:

  • record radio and television programmes (not Open University broadcasts) as a teaching aid
  • make recordings at home
  • copy recordings
  • keep any recordings made after 1990 indefinitely (Recordings made prior to 1990 are not covered by the ERA licence or the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988)
  • borrow and copy recordings belonging to other ERA licence holders
  • communicate recordings to students and teachers within the premises of licensed educational establishments, e.g. use of whiteboards/computers for presenting material in classrooms

The ERA license covers scheduled free to air broadcasts on:

  • BBC television and radio
  • ITV Network services (including ITV2 and ITV3)
  • Channel Four, E4, More 4 and Film 4
  • Five Television
  • S4C

It also applies to any other licensed broadcast services. These cover both radio and television services.


The terms of the ERA license require:

  • that all recordings or copies made are marked with the date and title of the recording
  • that all recordings or copies made are labelled in clear and bold lettering "this recording is to be used for educational purposes"
  • that the recordings are used with registered students
  • that for all recordings made and stored in digital form for access through a computer, the labelling must take the form of a written opening credit or webpage which must be viewed or listened to before access to the ERA recording is permitted

For more information about the ERA license or questions about recording broadcast media please contact Colin Theakston, the University's Copyright Officer.