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Durham University

Special Collections

Photocopying and photographic charges

Terms and Conditions for Copying

  1. We reserve the right to determine on technical grounds whether an item is suitable for any form of copying. The size but also the format and condition of an item will be relevant considerations.
  2. There are limits to the number of photocopies or photographs we can supply owing to limited staffing resources.
  3. All copying is subject to copyright restrictions.
  4. Higher charges may be made for any work involving special difficulties.
  5. Private photography is permitted under certain conditions.

How to order a photocopy, photograph or microfilm

  1. Please email your request for copies giving as precise a reference as possible to or telephone 0191 334 2972.
  2. Photocopies (material up to A3 in size) can be delivered as paper copies or digital scans (PDF). Our preferred delivery method is digital scans via online file transfer.
  3. Photographs (material up to A0 in size) are delivered as digital files rather than prints.
  4. You will be given an estimate of the total cost providing it is possible to make copies from the documents (see terms and conditions above).
  5. Payment must be made before the copies will be dispatched. Payment can be made by cheque or postal order payable to Durham University, or by credit card by calling 0191 334 2932. Payment from abroad can be made by sterling cheque or bank draft. Invoices can be generated upon request.
  6. If you wish to proceed with the order, please complete and sign the application form and return it to us (our address is on the top of the application form).

Application for copies (photocopies and photographs)

Application for microfilm (only for copies of existing microfilms - we no longer produce microfilms) We can usually supply copies of microfilms as microfilms or digital images, please specify which is required.


  1. These prices are a guideline only to services which may be available.
  2. Prices include VAT .
  3. Where applicable the cost of postage is added to the charges set out below.

50p per page (includes VAT but not postage).

Minimum charge £10


Items up to A0 in size: £24 per image or an hourly rate of £48 per hour. Costs are agreed before the work is carried out.

Existing digital images: £18 per 10

Minimum charge £18

Other formats

Copies of our own microfilms can be supplied either as copy microfilms or digitised. They need to be sent out to be processed so take several weeks. A guide price for this is £96 per microfilm.

There is a microfilm scanner available in the Palace Green Library searchroom for use by readers (please bring your own USB memory stick to store the images).

Film or video copies: price on application.

Last updated: September 2019

Please Note

Information on this page relates to the 2019-20 academic year