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'According to the Sex and power report 2011 (EHRC, 2011), more than 5400 women are missing from Britain's 26,000 most powerful posts and advancement to women's equality in the workforce is 'tortuously slow'.

Higher education mirrors this pattern and women remain underrepresented in senior roles.' So what can we do about it?

At our Inspiring Women' Lunches, join us to hear a range of guest speakers' discuss their background, experiences and achievements to date and what they have learnt from this. There will also be participation and activity dependant on the speaker's agenda where there is often opportunity to discuss points raised as well as debating relative action points for future support across the institution.

Previous lunches are highlighted as follows:

April 2013: Dr Christine Merrell (Director of CEM) and Mrs Avril Brown (Campus Manager - Queen's Campus). Christine and Avril outlined how they manage large teams of highly skilled staff, as well as liaising face to face with national and international clients whilst continuing to pursue research and balancing the demands of family life.

June 2013: Lynn Leahy hosted the lunch, ‘Embracing Life in Asia, the challenges and the joys’. In April 2010 Lynn moved from Cheshire with her husband, to live in Malaysia. (He went to conduct research in malaria and dengue fever). During the next three years Lynn “had an adventure”. She developed a business as a speaker and business coach, initially in Malaysia but now all over the world. In this talk she shared the challenges and the joys she experienced.

October 2013: Dr Jennifer de Vries led a session on Mentoring ‘What’s in it for Me?’. Jen is an independent researcher and development consultant, based in Perth, Western Australia. She is a gender and organisational change scholar with a passionate commitment to contributing to both scholarship and practice. She then returned to Durham University to lead further sessions in March 2014 on the 'Cultural Change Agenda' and 'Building Enabling Cultures'.

November 2013 Professor Jo Phoenix, formerly of Durham University, now at Professor in Criminology at Leicester University gave a talk focussing on some of the challenges faced by women working in Universities, surviving and progressing. The aim of the session was to take a step back from a discussion of the institutional, social and cultural barriers to women's career progression in Universities and focus on day-to-day survival strategies and tactics.

The 'Inspiring Women' Lunches are limited in terms of numbers so please book early via the Training Course Booking System