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Learning and Teaching Handbook

8.5.3 Responsibilities of the Student

Throughout their studies, all students will:

1. be familiar with the University's Code of Practice for postgraduate research degrees, relevant University and Programme Regulations, and relevant departmental policies and procedures;

2. conduct their work at all times in accordance with these procedures, and with University and departmental requirements on health and safety, respect at work and study, and other relevant codes of conduct and practice;

3. take responsibility for their own personal and professional development;

4. make satisfactory academic progress in accordance with University regulations. Students will provide progress reports as required by the Board of Studies and the University, and grant awarding/sponsoring bodies, until the thesis is submitted, and will engage in research and /or advanced study to a standard satisfactory to their supervisor;

5. attend and participate fully in any training and development opportunities, research related and other, that have been identified when agreeing their training needs with the supervisor. They will contribute to the research environment of the department as appropriate by taking up opportunities to represent work at departmental seminars etc. and by engaging with other researchers;

6. commit to complete the research project and submit the thesis on the timescale agreed with the supervisory team. Where possible, this will be by the end of the period of supervised study.

In addition, all students are expected to:

7. attend relevant University and departmental induction events;

8. maintain contact with the supervisor and to attend regular meetings as agreed between the supervisor and the student in accordance with departmental policy, throughout the period of supervised study and any period of continuation;

9. be adequately prepared for meetings with supervisors, and keep agreed written records of progress and a projection of activity resulting from supervision;

10. present material in accordance with the agreed timetable, and in sufficient time to allow for comments and discussion before proceeding to the next stage of work;

11. take the initiative in raising problems or difficulties, informally with the supervisors in the first instance, however elementary they may seem;

12. inform their supervisor in good time, of any intention to take holiday and discuss the timing of the intended holiday in relation to academic holidays;

13. devote appropriate time and effort to their studies and inform their supervisor of any paid or unpaid work they are carrying out or wish to carry out in addition to their full-time study;

14. provide the supervisor with a complete draft of the thesis in an agreed reasonable time to provide comment and feedback;

15. decide when the final thesis should be submitted, within the constraints of the Regulations, taking due account of the supervisor's opinion, which is advisory only.