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Learning and Teaching Handbook

6.4.3: Resits


1. Resit opportunities are available to students in line with the University’s core regulations; any University-approved variations from core regulations published in the relevant programme regulations; and in accordance with any properly granted concession.

2. The dates of the resit examination period are given in Appendices A6.02 and A6.04.

3. Students are not required to register to take assessments during the August examination period.

4. Individual marks for the resit period will not be available to students online. Students who require their marks should contact their department/school.

5. Dates and times for the publication of results will be made available to students on the Student Registry website Students will receive their individual result by logging into Banner Self Service via Duo

6. Where performance in resits leads to the requirement for a student to withdraw from the University, Student Registry will advise students of this.

Taking Assessments away from the University

7. Students who have a registered permanent address which is outside of the UK are eligible to request to take their August/September examinations at the British Council in their home country, if such a service is offered by them. In all other cases students will be required to return to Durham.

8. No other students are eligible for this provision.

9. Students are not eligible to request to resit examinations in any country other than their country of permanent residence.

10. Students who are eligible to request to resit assessments outside of the U.K. will receive an email with an ‘Overseas Examination Centre Form’. This form should be taken directly to the appropriate British Council..

11. An administrative charge of £50 is made when an application to resit assessments outside of the U.K. is granted.

12. The final approval for students to resit assessments outside of the U.K. will lie with the department/school and will usually be dependent upon the nature of the resit assessment.

Resits for Level 2 Undergraduate Students Failing 80 Credits

13. Departments/schools must offer advice to any student who has failed 80 credits at Level 2.

14. The student is permitted to resit 60 of the failed credits for progression to the Ordinary degree at Level 3 or the award of a Diploma in Higher Education.

15. Students are responsible for the decision relating to the modules to be resat but must be offered advice to assist them in making this decision (see regulations 45 and 46).

16. Departments/schools are therefore advised as follows:

a. A member of academic staff must be available to advise students in the period immediately after the May/June exams until the end of the Easter Term;

b. Advice shall available for Joint/Combined Honours/Natural Sciences students from the departments/schools in which they have taken modules and from the Combined Honours/Natural Sciences offices. These students are likely to have particularly complex situations;

c. There are likely to be very few students falling into exactly this category and it would be good practice for the department/school or Combined Honours/Natural Sciences office to contact the students concerned and encourage them to seek advice.

17. When advising a student, colleagues are recommended to discuss with him/her:

a. the implications of any choice for study at Level 3 of the Ordinary degree: pay detailed attention to the regulations and include reference to pre-requisites for progression to the Ordinary degree and to module choice at Level 3 in relation to the modules failed at Level 2 and the choice of resits;

b. the student's strengths and weaknesses: include consideration of the student's areas of strength and weakness and skills/abilities in relation to the Level 3 curriculum, the modules failed at Level 2 and the resit options;

c. the student's interests and preferences: include consideration of the student's interests and preferences for areas of study at Level 3 in relation to the modules failed at Level 2 and the resit options.

18. Departments/schools are strongly advised to make a detailed note of any meeting and to keep a copy of this plus any related emails on the student's file.

19. Although responsibility for the final decision rests with the student, appeals could be lodged on the grounds of procedural irregularity relating to the advice given and clear documentation of this process would help in such cases.