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Durham University

Learning and Teaching Handbook

6.3.8: Reporting requirements for boards of examiners

Marksheets and concessions

1. Annotated mark sheets recording the decisions of a board of examiners must be returned (Hard Copy) to Student Registry as within 48 hours of a meeting of the board being held. If minutes are required to explain any outcomes on mark sheets these should be sent to Student Registry with the mark sheets, within 48 hours of the meeting of the Board. Delays in sending mark sheet reports to the Student Registry will cause delays in the publication of results.

2. Details of all concessions considered and their outcomes must be entered in Banner within 14 days of the examiners meeting and the student notified as detailed in Section 2.4.5

Submission of reports from boards of examiners

3. All meetings of boards of examiners must be formally minuted, and the minutes must be approved by the chair of the board of examiners and subsequently confirmed by the next meeting of the board. Guidance on writing minutes of boards of examiners meetings is available in Section 6.3.9.

4. All meetings of boards of examiners where module marks and/or student progression/award/classification are considered must submit a formal written report to Student Registry. This report should include. A completed report form proforma (Appendix A6.08) showing the details of the Board of Examiners, the date and time the meeting was held and the titles and faculties of the programmes considered at the meeting.

5. The minutes of the meeting, clearly indicating the attendees and absentees, and noting the date on which the minutes were approved by the Chair of the Board of Examiners.

6. The minutes/notes of the meeting(s) of the scrutiny sub-committee of the board of examiners held prior to the meeting of the board of examiners being reported on.

7. A copy of the passport of the external examiner(s) (including the front cover, picture page, back page and any page with current valid visa/biometric residence permit.

8. The report form and minutes should be sent to Student Registry, accompanied by a declaration by the Secretary to the Board confirming the date that the Chair approved the minutes (see the guidance in Appendix A6.08).

9. The Chair of each Board of Examiners is responsible for ensuring that the report from a meeting of a Board of Examiners is forwarded to Student Registry within 14 days of the meeting.

10. Chairs of Boards of Examiners should ensure that a copy of the minutes of each meeting of the Board is sent to all members of the Board (including the external examiner), and that a copy is retained in departmental files.

Monitoring of Reports

11. Student Registry is responsible for monitoring the return ofall reports of Boards of Examiners, and for forwarding these to the Academic Support Office for consideration by the Chairs of the Faculty Education Committees and the University’s Chief External Examiner.

12. The Chairs of the relevant Faculty Education Committees are responsible for:

13. scrutinising the reports of boards of examiners within their faculty;

14. requesting a response from departments/schools where required;

15. providing an annual report to Quality and Standards Sub-Committee on any issues of concern raised by the reports, using the form in Appendix A6.09.

16. The University Chief Examiner shall submit anannual report for consideration by Quality and Standards Sub-Committee relating to undergraduate and integrated master’s Boards of Examiners, and to taught postgraduate Boards of Examiners.