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Durham University

Learning and Teaching Handbook

6.3.11: Terms of Reference of Faculty Preliminary Honours

1) The Preliminary Examinations Board shall meet on the dates specified in appendices A6.01 and A6.02.

2) Membership and quoracy requirements are shown in Section 6.3.2

3) In case of query, departments offering modules at Level 1 are required to make available a member of academic staff to act as a contact during the meeting of the Faculty Board of Examiners.

4) All serious adverse circumstances evidence must be communicated to the Chair of the relevant Faculty Education Committee at least 24 hours before the meeting of the Board.

The Faculty Preliminary Examinations Board shall:

5) ratify and confirm the marks submitted by Subject Boards of Examiners in respect of all students, registered for degrees primarily assigned to the relevant faculty. This will include students who are sitting or resitting the Preliminary Honours Examination in Single, Joint or Combined Honours or Natural Sciences as appropriate;

6) provide a forum for agreeing progression decisions for each student including the programme(s) to which he/she might proceed and any retake requirements;

7) Consider and determine the outcome of concession requests in respect of “Deferred Examination (after the start of the Examination period), “Exemption from Examination/Resit Examination” or “Repeat a year” (See section 2.4.5)

8) authorise the publication of the Faculty Results List for the Preliminary Honours Examination.