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Learning and Teaching Handbook

3.3.5 Changes to Exisiting Programmes

Process for Approval

1. Where departments/schools wish to make changes to existing programmes, they should submit proposed revised programme regulations (word processed; copies of the original regulations are available from the Academic Support Office) to the relevant Faculty Support Officer within the Academic Support Office

2. The responsibility for amending programme regulations is a shared one between the proposing department/school and the Academic Support Office. The proposing department/school is responsible for drafting and submitting proposed changes to programme regulations; the Academic Support Office will, on request, provide advice to departments/schools on drafting proposed amendments to programme regulations.

3. All changes to programme regulations to programme regulations must be approved by the relevant Chair of the Faculty Education Committee. Normally these changes will be considered for approval under Chair's action, unless the proposed change raises an issue of principle on which guidelines do not exist or raises a matter of contention between departments/schools. In such cases, the Chair will refer proposals either to the relevant Faculty Education Committee, or to Quality and Standards and Sub-Committee.

Consultation for Programme Changes

4. Departments are encouraged to consult with students on all changes, particularly those which will affect the current student body directly, either via SSCCs or by other means. In addition, Departments should consult with any other departments affected by programme changes (for instance, where programmes involve modules from more than one Board of Studies) and, for undergraduate programmes, with the Foundation Centre (to ensure that Foundation Centre provision continues to support student transition to their main academic department.

Significant Programme Changes

5. Where the proposed changes to an existing programme are considered to alter the nature, content, outcomes or structure of a programme sufficiently that it is considered to be a new programme, the department/school will be required to submit a new programme proposal in accordance with the University's procedure for new programmes. The responsibility for deciding whether proposed changes to an existing programme require the new programme approval process to be invoked shall be taken by the Chair of the relevant Faculty Education Committee (consulting with the Academic Support Office and the Chair of Quality and Standards Sub-Committee if appropriate).

6. Changes which are not considered to be new programmes may include amendments such as minor changes in nomenclature (which might, for instance, require a new UCAS code and award name, but otherwise not change the substance of a degree programme), and the development of additional streams or adaptations of existing programmes (such as the inclusion of an additional placement year). Chairs of Faculty Education Committee are free to request additional information from academic departments to support the consideration of amendments to programmes, and to inform any decision as to whether a programme change should be subject to the new programme approval process in particular.