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Learning and Teaching Handbook

3.3.4 Programme Approval Advertising

Please refer to the New Programme Approval Flowchart for a summary of this process.

1. Normally no advertising of the proposed programme should take place prior to the approval of the final recommendation on the proposal to QSSC.

Exception 1: Advertising Prior to QSSC

2. With the permission of the Chair of QSSC, once a Programme Approval Panel has recommended a proposed new programme to QSSC (i.e. once any revisions arising from the deliberations of the Panel have been made by the proposing department, and these have been 'signed off' by the Panel), departments may advertise the programme with a 'subject to approval' flag. This flag must remain on all advertising until QSSC has approved the new programme.

Exception 2: Advertising Prior to the Programme Approval Panel

3. If the proposing department feels that there is a case for permission to be granted to allow a proposed new programme to be advertised prior to this point, they should seek permission to do this in writing setting out the rationale for the request. Such requests can only be made once an initial proposal has been approved by UEC.

4. A request for permission to advertise a programme early should be submitted to CLA, for consideration by the chair of Education Committee. The decision on whether to approve such a request rests entirely with the chair of Education Committee.

5. If permission to advertise is granted, this on the condition that:

a. all advertising (in electronic or hard copy) includes a clear 'subject to approval' flag until such time as QSSC approves the introduction of the programme;

b. the Stage 2 Programme Approval Panel is held within three months of the date on which the chair of Education Committee grants permission to advertise with a 'subject to approval' flag.