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Durham University

Learning and Teaching Handbook

2.3: Health and Safety

1. Students who contravene health and safety regulations and/or are regarded by the responsible member of academic staff as a danger to themselves and/or others should be excluded from the activity in question. This includes classes of all types, practicals, field-trips and placements. It also includes students who may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

2. Extensive information regarding health and safety issues is available on the website of the University's Health and Safety Service, at .

3. Colleagues may also wish to refer in such cases to:

a. the Code of Practice on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (Calendar, Volume 1, Codes of Practice);

b. the Student Code of Practice on Illegal Drugs and Alcohol (Calendar, Volume 1, Codes of Practice);

c. the provision of the regulations regarding Suspension (Calendar, Volume 1, General Regulations VI), permitting a member of staff to require a student to leave a class for a particular teaching session.