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Durham Law School


Academic staff: Professor Tom Allen Professor 46849 PCL136
Dr Mike Adcock Assistant Professor 46862 PCL139
Dr Orkun Akseli Associate Professor 42833 PCL115
Ms Lana Ashby Assistant Professor (Education) in Private Law 42839 PCL154
Dr Daniel Attenborough Associate Professor in Corporate Law 43186 PCL137
Mr Aaron Baker Associate Professor (Reader) 42821 PCL227
Professor Deryck Beyleveld Professor 46853 PCL225
Professor Michael Bohlander Chair in Comparative and International Criminal Law 42812 PCL120
Professor Thom Brooks Dean 44365 PCL211
Prof Liz Campbell Professor
Professor Emma Cave Professor of Healthcare Law 42829 PCL122
Dr Anca Chirita Assistant Professor in Competition Law 42860 PCL145
Mr Tufyal Choudhury Assistant Professor 46858 PCL138
Dr Catherine de Contreras Teaching Fellow
Dr Benedict Douglas Assistant Professor in Private Law 43174 PCL135
Professor Helen Fenwick Professor 42831 PCL121
Professor Richard Goldberg Professor 44364 PCL116
Mr Stuart Goosey Teaching Fellow PCL135
Ms Zoe Gounari Teaching Fellow PCL135
Dr Katarzyna Granat Junior Research Fellow PCL208
Dr Alan Greene Assistant Professor in Law 42798 PCL219
Dr Andy Hayward Assistant Professor 42808 PCL126
Dr Gleider I Hernández Associate Professor (Reader) in Public International Law 43703 PCL144
Mr Nicholas Hoggard Teaching Fellow 42823 PCL234
Dr Johanna Jacques Assistant Professor in Law 46856 PCL142
Ms Anna Jobe Teaching Fellow PCL135
Dr Giedre Jokubauskaite Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Annika Jones Assistant Professor in Law
Dr Henry Jones Assistant Professor in Law 42838 PCL117
Professor Ian Leigh Professor 42824 PCL119
Prof John Linarelli Professor 42835 PCL123
Professor William Lucy Professor 42868 PCL114
Professor Roger Masterman Professor 42799 PCL211
Professor Deirdre McCann Professor 42836 PCL128
Professor Clare McGlynn Professor 42837 PCL118
Dr Aisling McMahon Assistant Professor in Biolaw PCL232
Dr Jonathan Mukwiri Associate Professor 42814 PCL141
Mr Kyle Murray Teaching Fellow PCL135
Dr Matthew Nicholson Assistant Professor in International Law 42826 PCL233
Professor Aoife O'Donoghue Professor of International Law and Global Governance 42810 PCL125
Professor Shaun Pattinson Professor of Medical Law and Ethics 46863 PCL222
Dr Nicolas Perrone Assistant Professor in International Law
Professor Gavin Phillipson Professor 42805 PCL218
Dr Anashri Pillay Associate Professor in Law 42791 PCL143
Mr Chris Riley Associate Professor (Reader) 46852 PCL226
Professor Robert Schütze Professor 42802 PCL223
Dr Pierre Schammo Associate Professor (Reader) 42818 PCL113
Professor Mathias Siems Professor 42816 PCL220
Professor Eleanor Spaventa Professor 46857 PCL224
Dr Sean Thomas Associate Professor 46849 PCL225
Dr Catherine Turner Associate Professor 46864 PCL140
Dr Barend Van Leeuwen Assistant Professor in EU Law 46850 PCL129
Dr Fiona Vera-Gray Research Fellow
Dr Se-shauna Wheatle Assistant Professor 43186 PCL234
Dr Alain Zysset Assistant Professor in Public Law and Human Rights PCL129
Adminstrative staff : Miss Joanne Avery Postgraduate Programme Co-ordinator (Job Share: Wed pm/Thur/Fri) 46847 PCL210
Mr Matthew Barber Undergraduate Programme Officer 42861 PCL210
Miss Leanne Causer Programmes Administrator (Job Share: Wed/Thur/Fri am) 46861 PCL210
Mrs Louise Cruddace Receptionist/Assistant Secretary 46846 PCL049
Miss Joanne Emerson Undergraduate Programme Co-ordinator 42832 PCL210
Mrs Helen Ferguson School Manager (Maternity Leave) 42844 PCL210
Mrs Claire Graham Undergraduate Admissions Officer (Job Share: Mon/Tue/Wed AM) 42856 PCL210
Mrs Michelle Harrison Finance Administrator 46860 PCL210
Miss Rachel Luke Postgraduate Programme Co-ordinator (Job Share: Mon/Tue/Wed am) 46848 PCL210
Miss J A Platten Research Officer 42830 PCL210
Mr Michael Purvis Postgraduate and Research Support Officer 46848 PCL210
Mrs Lauren Robinson Undergraduate Admissions Officer (Job Share: Wed PM/Thur/Fri) 42856 PCL210
Mrs Marion Tait Postgraduate Admissions Officer 42878 PCL210
Ms Hayley Wharton Receptionist/Assistant Secretary 42800 PCL049
Mr Paul Zand Engagement Officer 42811 PCL210
Honorary staff: Miss Rachel Avery Honarary Fellow and Tutor
Dr Mohamed Badar Honorary Fellow
Dr Mohammad Hedayati-Kakhki Honorary Fellow and Tutor
Professor John Mcmullen Visiting Professor
Mr R A Roberts Honorary Fellow
Judge Wolfgang Schomburg Honorary Professor
Professor Roman Tomasic Visiting Professor 42839
Part time staff: Mr Mustafa Akgun Part-Time Tutor
Ms Tara Beattie Part-Time Tutor
Miss Jessica Birch Part-Time Tutor
Miss Fiona Brimblecombe Part-Time Tutor
Mr Alexander A D Brown Part-Time Tutor
Dr Edward Cole Part-Time Tutor
Mr Mark Conway Part-Time Tutor
Ms Sophie Doherty Part-Time Tutor
Mr Andreas Georgiou Part-Time Tutor
Ms Marianna Iliadou Part-Time Tutor
Mr Olatunji Jayeola Part-Time Tutor
Miss Anna Knight Part-Time Tutor
Ms Aikaterini Koula Part-Time Tutor
Dr Adeniyi Olayode Part-Time Tutor
Mr Kaushik Paul Part-Time Tutor
Ms Nicole Pierce Part-Time Tutor
Mr Richard Poole Part-Time Tutor
Dr Sadaf Shariat Part-Time Tutor
Mr Lukas Simkus Part-Time Tutor
Ms Judith Skillen Part-Time Tutor
Mrs Helena Stoop-koornhof Part-Time Tutor
Mr Marcus Wong Part-Time Tutor