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Durham University

Global Durham

Muneeb Chema

Course: Masters in Risk and Security

College: Ustinov

Why did you choose Durham?

I had two main reasons for choosing Durham. Firstly, as I'm doing risk and security, this course is more diverse and gives you an insight of differential aspects of risk and security. It changes your decision calculus on how to cater for insecurities and uncertainties. Secondly, the overall reputation and excellence of Durham University was the important factor in my decision to come to Durham.

How has your experience of being an international student here at Durham been so far?

My story is bit different one. I feel like home and love the north eastern culture and its people. Durham is the best place to be labelled as cosmopolitan in its true sense. Its geographical limits are smaller but its cultural limits are infinite. Durham is a phenomenon which binds all of us in a single fabric of multiculturalism.

What do you like to do in your free time (mention clubs socs etc here if applicable)?

If you’re in world class University, the presumption is you don’t have time for extracurricular activities. News Flash for all, Durham was ranked as the Sports University of the Year and it’s just not sports where you can make yourself count. There are complete range of societies whose interests are as diverse as from academics to entertainment. I play basketball from University and enjoy my time as being a member of Durham Union Society and Durham Political and International Relations Society.

What’s your favourite thing about Durham?

Durham is a small city but there are more pubs, clubs, cafes etc., and I just like the 'feel' of the place better. At times it’s hard to explain, but I fell in love with Durham when I visited Cathedral and Castle. The stunning grandeur of its architecture and its lively market place bustling with international and local students are something to cherish at all times.

What would you say to another international student thinking of applying to Durham?

Don’t miss the chance. It’s like you have to choose Durham where you are going to spent best time of your life. You’ll be able to interact with world-leading academics as well as researchers who share your passion.