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Durham University

Global Durham

Inhoo Jo

From: Korea

Age: 21

Course and Year: BA Hons Economics, Year 2

College: St. John’s

Why did you choose Durham?

One general reason that I choose Durham was that it is one of the most prestigious universities in UK. One specific reason was that it's possible to do a BA in Economics rather than a BSc. 

How has your experience of being an international student here at Durham been so far?

I was told that compared to other universities across UK, Durham has a relatively small percentage of international students. However, this isn't the case and international students really enjoy life in Durham. To make it clear, my experience here was nothing less than amazing. The university is academically rigorous, and provides student with ample opportunities to engage in various activities (sports, music, and cultural).

What do you like to do in your free time (mention clubs socs etc here if applicable)?

I am a keen guitar player and have been engaged in various music activities for several years. Being an active member of Malaysian, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan (and many other), during free time I love to take part and participate in many social activities held in those societies.

What’s your favourite thing about Durham?

Its small size. I have never actually been a large city person probably simply because I did not live in big cities before. Being able to get to everywhere by walk and having less vehicles on the roads are all attractive factors for me. Furthermore, St. John’s, where I am, is one of the smallest colleges in Durham.

Tell us one interesting fact about yourself:

I can speak multiple languages – Korean, English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and French; and I'm currently learning Cantonese.

Why did you want to become a student ambassador?

I did not really know what Durham was like until I got here, and I could not find someone I can talk to beforehand. I want other international students to have someone to talk to before they come so that they can be fully aware of Durham and get used to the surroundings well without difficulties.

What would you say to another international student thinking of applying to Durham?

(S)he should definitely visit Durham before applying. It was such a shame that I did not really know Durham before I arrive here. I can guarantee that the person will fall in love with the city. One more point that I would like to advise is to avoid putting open application. The person will spend next three or four years in the college he is allocated (or preferably applied) and each college has different characteristics. Hence it might be better for him to go for the college he really wants to.