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Information Security

What do you need to know for your Research?

Without data you have no research

From survey responses and interview transcripts, photographs and films, to samples, large data sets and field notebooks information is vital to research. So the university expects all those undertaking research to protect these ‘information assets’ with a level of care appropriate to their sensitivity and value. This might mean extra technical security or simply locking it away, but most often it is just about taking extra care - asking ‘is this safe?’ before handling, disclosing or sharing information. After all, you don’t want to be the person that loses the data.

It is now common place for research funders to request detailed data management plans (including information security arrangements) and to audit these. Or where data comes from another organisation, for the contracts to include the right to audit and the ability to force you to delete all data. You don’t need to a data loss, not being able to evidence good practice is sufficient - this has happened in other universities.

Over the coming months we’ll provide further information on these pages on how to manage your research information securely, and how to get help and advice. The links below and the information the rest of this site, are the best place to start.