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Information Security

Use of Non-University-Owned Devices

Why do you need to know about this?

If you are using your own device - whether it's a computer, a smartphone, or other mobile device - you are responsible for making sure that it meets the security standards set by the University. This is to reduce the risk of introducing viruses, malware or other security threats that could disrupt IT Services or result in unauthorised access to systems or information, and to prevent confidential information being stored or accessed insecurely.

What do you need to do?



  • Ensure your device has the latest service packs and security patches.
  • Ensure your device has up-to-date anti-virus protection.
  • Ensure your device has a current Operating System (i.e. still supported by the manufacturer).
  • Set a strong password or pin to access your device.

Employees, PGRs and others working with University Information:

  • Comply with the Mobile and Off-Campus Working Standard if you are using your own mobile device for work (including work email), or any personal equipment when working off-campus
  • Comply with the Encryption Standard, particuarly if you are using your device to access confidential University Information.
  • Erase any University Information from your device when it is no longer required
  • Clear any cached/temporary copies of attachments or other files containing confidential University Information which you have opened on your device.



  • Use your device to enable others to access University resources, e.g. by setting up a wireless “hotspot”, or allowing friends or family who aren’t members of the University to use your device while it is connected to the University network.
  • Make any changes to your device that could detrimentally affect its security (e.g. overriding the operating system, jailbreaking, or rooting).

Employees, PGRs and others working with University Information:

  • Store confidential University Information on your device without authorisation.

Where to next?

The Mobile and Off-Campus Working Standard provides important information about how you should handle University data when you're using a mobile device or working away from the office.

Refer to the Encryption Standard and related advice on how to encrypt your device.

See our tips and advice on keeping your devices safe.