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Information Security

Monitoring & Interception

Why do you need to know about this?

The University respects the privacy and freedom of expression of individuals who use the IT Facilities, and those whom they correspond with or about. However, there are circumstances where there is a legal requirement or demonstrable business need to review, monitor or intercept individuals’ electronic information or online activity. When you use the IT Facilities you give consent that your activity may be logged and / or monitored, and that information in your account may be accessed and processed in accordance with this policy.

What do you need to do?


  • Be aware that your use of IT Facilities, including internet and email use, may be logged and monitored, and that the University may access electronic information stored on any University IT Facilities or passing across its network.
  • Be aware that you are responsible for ensuring that your use of the internet complies with University IT Regulations and the law.
  • If you use University IT Facilities for personal activities:
    • Be aware that if you use University email for private purposes, or store private information in your University account, this may result in personal information becoming visible to IT Staff or other authorised individuals in the course of activity carried out under this policy.
    • If you browse the internet for private purposes, be aware that system logs may identify websites that you have viewed and the time spent browsing. If your online activity is monitored, this may have the potential to indicate sensitive personal information based on your use of online sites.
    • The University will only monitor activity or access information for the purposes identified in this policy. However, if you do not consent to such personal information being viewed and / or processed under these circumstances, you should refrain from using University IT Facilities for such personal activities.


  • Attempt to monitor use of University IT facilities or access information in another individual’s account without explicit authorisation in line with this policy.

Where to next?

All use of University IT Facilities must comply with the IT Regulations.