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Durham University


Correct errors on your BRP

If you think your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) is incorrect in some way, you can apply to have it amended.

If you are not sure whether a error has been made or not, please contact the Student Immigration Office who can check for you.

Report errors online within 10 days

If you are sure an error has been made then you can report it UK Visas & Imigration (UKVI) online. Errors must be reported within 10 days of receiving your BRP or you may be asked to apply for a new one.

Reporting errors with your BRP online within 10 days

Correct errors with the length or conditions of your BRP

If you applied for your BRP in the UK, more than 10 days has passed since you received it and UK and you think there is an error in the length or the conditions of your leave (permission to stay), you can apply for an Administrative Review to have the error corrected. You will be asked to pay a fee for this but if an error has been made and you are given a corrected BRP, the fee may be refunded.

Apply for an Administrative Review

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