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Durham University


Correct errors on your BRP or visa

If you think your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) or visa (if you have a vignette in your passport) is incorrect in some way, you must get it corrected as soon as possible to avoid having to pay for a replacement. Follow the instructions below.

Correcting errors on your BRP

If you applied inside the UK (leave to remain):

Apply online for administrative review within 14 days of receiving your BRP card if the length of leave (the expiry date) or the conditions (working entitlement etc) on your BRP card are incorrect. You will be charged a fee for an administrative review but this will refunded if UKVI agree there was an error.

If your BRP card shows any other errors (name, date of birth gender etc), you should report the error online within 10 days of receiving your BRP. Corrections are free if reported within 10 days. After this period, you will have to apply and pay for a replacement.

If you applied outside the UK:

Report any error online within 10 days of collecting your BRP. Corrections are free if reported within 10 days.

Correcting errors on a visa (vignette) in your passport

UKVI will correct any errors on the UK Entry Clearance visa (vignette) in your passport if it is incorrect.

This includes correcting the following errors:

If you are not sure whether an error has been made you can contact the Student Immigration Service for advice.

The University of Durham makes every effort to ensure that the information published on this page is accurate. However, the University cannot guarantee the information may not be altered owing to circumstances beyond the University’s reasonable control. Such circumstances include (but are not limited to) change in Government policy, or change of law. Any changes will be incorporated into the University’s website as early as possible.