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Islam, Law and Modernity


ILM member to give lecture on rational morality in Shi'i legal theory

(29 November 2011)

ILM member Ali-reza Bhojani will give a lecture entitled 'The nature of morality, rationality and independent judgements of rational morality in Shi'i legal theory.' on the 25th January 12:30 AL-Qasimi room 102. 


A distinctive feature of ShiʿI usul al-fiqh (legal theory) is its apparent space for judgments of rational morality to act as an independent source of Shariʿa precepts. This jurisprudential role for rationality stems from a fundamental theological belief that basic moral values exist independent of God's command and can be understood by human reason. Due its implications for rational morality as a source of Shariʿa precepts this meta-ethical principle has led to extensive and sophisticated debates regarding the nature of morality within Shiʿi works of legal theory. In the context of a contemporary search for a rationally and morally informed reading of Shariʿa, this paper will compare two radically contrasting conceptions of morality which have developed through these debates and the resultant differences in how rational judgments of morality may be considered to correspond to Divine Legislation.