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Durham University

Islam, Law and Modernity


We welcome applications for membership to ILM. In particular, we encourage colleagues in other departments and Universities, with a shared research interest, to join us.


Professor Tom Allen

Special Advisor on Islamic Jurisprudence

Dr Mohammad Hedayati-Kakhki

Postgraduate Convener

Laurens de Rooij


External Members

Dr T Amatrudo (Middlesex University, criminology and political theory)
Prof J Rehman (Head of Brunel Law School)
Prof A Al-Khalaf (Sharjah Law College, UAE)
Prof A Sarhan (Dean, Sharjah Law College, UAE)
Prof M B Ambaras Khan (IIU, Malaysia)
Prof D Rothe (Old Dominion University, USA)
Prof M Haedrich (Faculty of Law, Jena University, Germany)
Prof. B Keulen (Faculty of Law, Groningen University)
Dr M E Badar (Northumbria Law School)
Dr T Wasti (Islamic College, London)
Dr C Jenkins (SOAS)
Ms R Al-Khatib (Jeddah)
Ms A Al-Abbasi (Jeddah)
Ms R Basri (Jeddah)
Ms O Aburashid (Jeddah)
Patrick Schneider (IRZ, Bonn, Germany)
Prof. Dr. Rainer Schackmar Schmalkalden University of Applied Sciences
Ms Asli Abbasi (Iran/Tehran)
Mr Nicholas Aroney (The University of Queensland)
Dr Hakeem Yusuf (Strathclyde University)
Dr Ali-Reza Bhojani (Al Mahdi Institute, Birmingham)