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Tipping Points

Public Engagement

The Tipping Points project is involved in a number of public engagement activities from film screenings that encourage interactive discussion with researchers, to working with local schools and developing events for science festivals.

2013 British Science Festival

The Tipping Points research team organised a unique multi-disciplinary event at the British Science Festival in Newcastle, UK, 'Tipping Points in Nature and Society', to share some of the findings from the research and discuss their implications for science and society. Researchers also organised two activities at the festival for young people engaging them with research methods from the social sciences and mathematics.

Climate Change Schools Project

In collaboration with Durham University's Science Learning Centre, Tipping Points researchers introduced young people to scientific research on past climate using sediment cores, pollen grains and midges, all valuable records for gaining insights into the climate of the past.

Flim Screening: 'Inside Job: Fuel for an intelligent debate'

One of the best films by far about the 2007-08 banking crisis. Inside Job investigates the cause(s) of the financial crisis interviewing key players in government and the financial sector both during and after the crash. Researchers from Tipping Points, including Prof Ranald Michie, Dr Alex Bentley, Dr Folarin Akinbami and Dr Paul Ormerod led a panel discussion after the screening in Durham city to debate about how the financial crisis came about and what could be done to prevent or prepare for similar crises in the future.

Film Screening: 'Beyond the Tipping Point?'

'Tipping point' means many different things, but one association that seems to stick in the media is with the apocalypse or 'end of the world', especially in reference to climate change. The film Beyond the Tipping Point? asks how 'tipping point' is used in society and the theological as well as scientific reflections it seems to invoke during a time of uncertain environmental change throughout the world. Discussion was led by Tipping Points researchers Prof Dave Petley, Prof Patricia Waugh, Prof Antony Long and Dr Pojanath Bhatanacharoen.

Film Screening: 'Chasing Ice'

A truly incredible film about the rapid melting of glaciers in the arctic caused by climate change. This sold out screening at the Star & Shadow Cinema in Newcastle led to a lively discussion about environmental tipping points and the relevance of researching past climate change to better understand what is in store for the planet next. Panel discussion was led by Tipping Points researchers Prof Sarah Curtis, Prof Antony Long, Dr Eleanor Maddison, along with Dr Sim Reaney.