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IBRU: Centre for Borders Research


Henry Bolton

Henry Bolton

Mr Henry Bolton, Director, International Border Management, Crime & Terrorism Agency (IBCTA), is one of the world’s leading experts on developing and implementing integrated border management strategies. After serving eleven years in the British army, Henry joined the UK police in 1990, developing criminal intelligence systems and major incident and crisis management procedures. In 1997 he joined at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, leading the OSCE Borders Team and its border security and management activities throughout its 56 state area. Henry formed the IBCTA in 2010 to assist international organisations and national authorities to strengthen their ability to identify transnational threats and related challenges and opportunities early, to understand their character and causes more clearly, and to establish the means to take appropriate action, rapidly, comprehensively, effectively and in concert with others.

Peter Burgess

Mr J. Peter Burgess, Research Professor, the International Peace Research Institute (PRIO), Oslo, leads the Security Programme at PRIO and edits the interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal Security Dialogue. In addition, he is Adjunct Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim (NTNU), Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for European Studies, Brussels, and Director of the Centre for Security Studies, Collegium Civitas, Warsaw. Born in Germany, he was trained in Mechanical Engineering, Comparative Literature, and Philosophy in the U.S., Germany and France. His research and publishing has covered fields such as philosophy, political science, gender, history and cultural studies. His current research focuses on the ethical implications of the changing nature of threat and insecurity, particularly in Europe.

Andrew Burridge

Dr. Andrew Burridge, Research Associate, International Boundaries Research Unit, Durham University, recently joined IBRU in 2010. He completed his PhD at the University of Southern California in 2009, and holds a BA in Urban Planning and Development from the University of Melbourne. He has conducted extensive research in the Mexico- U.S. borderlands, concerned specifically with impacts of border securitization practices upon undocumented migrants and local communities on both sides of the international boundary. This involved ethnographic research and practical engagement with border management officials, local communities, undocumented migrants, and humanitarian organizations, amongst other actors, over the space of several years. He has also been involved with anti-deportation campaigns and migrant rights organizing, particularly in California and Arizona.

Simon Derbyshire

Mr Simon Derbyshire, Head of Global Border Management practice and Vice President, Justice & Security UK, Capgemini,, leads Capgemini’s global capabilities in Border Management. He is a world leader in international Border Management solutions and a key figure in global thought leadership of this space. Simon has an in-depth knowledge of global best practice and particular experience with the United Kingdom, Netherlands, United States of America, India and Australia. His experience covers all areas of Border Management, including customs, immigration, technology, biometrics, business design, security and privacy. Recently, Simon has overseen the successful implementation of project IRIS, Project Semaphore, and the design of ‘e-Borders’ in the United Kingdom. His leadership on these projects has led to great advancements in the field of Border Management. Currently, Simon is responsible for developing the Global Border Management team across the world, delivering national projects across the world and driving thought leadership.

Olivier Djololian

Mr Olivier Djololian, Director, Global Border Management, Capgemini, is a leading member of Capgemini’s Global Border Management Centre of Expertise. Olivier has extensive Border Management experience and has designed Border Management solutions for air and sea ports across Europe. Olivier is particularly well versed in Indian and European Border Management systems, including entry/exit systems and processes, data capture, authentication and validation. Previously, Olivier was the lead of Capgemini’s Strategic Research Group, conducting a number of research studies into border technology and global best practice. Olivier designed the Dover to Calais sea crossing between England and France, has led the design of Project Semaphore in the United Kingdom and the business design for e-Borders in the UK. Currently, Olivier leads the Business Architecture engagement on the United Kingdom Government’s e-Borders programme, as well as supporting projects in a variety of European countries, India and the Middle East.

John Donaldson

Dr. John W. Donaldson, Senior Research Associate, International Boundaries Research Unit joined IBRU as a Research Associate in 2003. Since that time he has conducted archive research, and has written widely on a variety of boundary issues including river boundaries.  In 2006, he created the International River Boundaries Database and has collected information on over 1100 river boundary sections worldwide. He holds a PhD on local boundary demarcation in southern Africa, an MA in International Boundaries from Durham University and currently serves as an advisor to the African Union Border Programme.

Andrew Filmer

Mr Andrew Filmer, Head of Capacity Building Unit, EU Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine, has worked for the past two years managing development initiatives focused upon the key partner services of Customs and Border Guard. He had a long career with British Customs principally in operational anti smuggling management, including the establishment and management of customs controls for the Channel Tunnel between UK and France. For the past twelve years he has been engaged in managing border management development projects, primarily in the Western Balkans.

Michael Harrington

Mr Michael Harrington, Director, Capgemini Global Border Management, Capgemini, is a leading member of Capgemini’s Global Border Management Centre of Expertise. He has deep expertise in border management, having designed and implemented Border Management solutions for a variety of countries across rail, air and sea ports. His breadth of experience includes a strong background in airports, particularly within passenger flows and modelling operational requirements. Michael was involved in the design of the automated borer processes for the United Kingdom. He has acted as subject matter expert for KMAR and ICBAN in the development of Advanced Passenger Information programmes and for the design of the e-Borders operating model for the United Kingdom.

Nico Kaptein

Mr Nico Kaptein, Director, Police Operations and Border Management technology, Capgemini, is a public security expert, managing a number of consultants in the Global Public Security core team. He is a member of the Capgemini Global Border Management Centre of Expertise, leading its technology stream and European Union business development agenda. Nico is a member of the ESRIF Group 3, which advises the European Union on research and development with regard to border security. Currently he is overall quality manager and member of the executive board of the European Union STORK project. Nico is responsible for the delivery of process design for Advanced Passenger Information as part of the Netherlands API Pilot programme. His thought leadership in the public security area is currently focused on intelligence-led operations, information security and crisis management.

Wafula Okumu

Dr. Wafula Okumu Consulting Expert, African Union Border Programme (AUBP) is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Security Studies (ISS), where he manages projects on African boundaries and on armed non-state groups in Africa. After completing studies at the University of Nairobi and Atlanta, Wafula also has an International Diploma in Humanitarian Assistance from the City University of New York. He taught at McMaster University’s Centre for Peace Studies, Prescott College, Mississippi University for Women, and Chapman University and served as registration officer in Kenya, a conflict analyst at the African Union, and an Academic Programme Associate at the United Nations University in Tokyo. Wafula has published books, book chapters, and articles in Peace Review, African Security Review, Journal of Eastern African Affairs, International Peacekeeping, and Journal of International Affairs on topics ranging from boundaries and aviation security, to terrorism, African Union, peacekeeping and humanitarian assistance. His latest publications are “Purposes and functions of international boundaries” and “Resources and border disputes in Eastern Africa.” He has a forthcoming book on African boundaries.

Martin Pratt

Mr. Martin Pratt, Director of Research , International Boundaries Research Unit, joined IBRU in 1994 and is now the Unit's Director of Research. He has written extensively on land and maritime boundary issues around the world and has advised governments, commercial organisations and NGOs on a wide range of boundary and sovereignty disputes. Recent projects include providing technical advice on delimitation of a disputed section of river boundary between Guinea and Sierra Leone, and acting as advisor to the African Union Border programme. Martin coordinates IBRU's training workshop programme and consultancy activities; he also manages IBRU's website, the Unit's GIS resources and the int-boundaries email list.