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Durham University

IBRU: Centre for Borders Research


BTB cover

Boundary & Territory Briefings

The 24 volumes in the Boundary & Territory Briefings series include detailed case studies of specific regional territorial issues together with technical studies on the delimitation, demarcation and management of international boundaries.

Boundaries and territorial issues examined in the series include: Antarctica, Bolivia-Chile-Peru, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Croatia-Serbia, cross-border crime in the former Soviet Union, Denmark-Germany, East Timor, Ecuador-Peru, Egypt-Israel, Indochina, Indonesia-Malaysia, Indonesia-Singapore, Israel-Palestine, Kashmir, Morocco-Spain, Southern Africa, the Kurile Islands, the Senkaku Islands and the Liancourt Rocks. The Boundary & Territory Briefings also include studies on geographical information in boundary making, how to prove title to territory, and estoppel, acquiescence and recognition in territorial dispute settlement.

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Maritime Briefings

The Maritime Briefings series reflects developments in legal and technical approaches to questions of maritime sovereignty and boundary delimitation, and to provide a comprehensive assessment of the changing status of maritime boundaries.

Titles in the Maritime Briefings series cover the following: the Adriatic Sea, Bahrain-Qatar, the Baltic Sea, Brunei-Malaysia, China-Vietnam, the Falkland islands, the Red Sea, Singapore-Malaysia, the Spratly islands, undelimited maritime boundaries in the Pacific Ocean, piracy in the Singapore and Malacca Straits, transit passage in the Russian Arctic straits, developments in the technical determination of maritime space, island disputes and the law of the sea, the joint development of offshore oil and gas, the significance of tidal datums, and the definition of ‘insular formations in international law.


For a full list of Briefings and abstracts of their contents, use the online catalogue or download the PDF catalogue. The online catalogue can be browsed by region or theme, or searched by keyword and can be used to obtain free copies for download.