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Maritime boundary conflict leads to calls for talks between Indonesia and Malaysia

(27 August 2010)

Recent events have led to Indonesia urging for renewed maritime boundary talks with Malaysia. Three Indonesian fisheries officers were arrested on August 13, after having detained 15 Malaysian fishermen who were believed to be fishing in Indonesian waters. Malaysian police had encountered the fishing vessels being led back to Indonesia. Later the three officers were exchanged for Malaysian fishermen being held by Indonesia. Indonesia shares its maritime boundaries with several countries, with many discussions still ongoing. Several negotiations regarding the maritime boundary with Malaysia have occurred since the 1970s, but remains in heavy contention. The main regions of contention comprise of the area between the Straits of Johor and Bintan Island, and between the South Natuna islands and the Strait of Sulawesi, where both nations have overlapping claims.Source: Indonesian minister urges quicker maritime boundary talks with Malaysia, BBC Monitoring Asia Pacific, 25 August 2010; Indonesia seeks release of officers detained by Malaysia, The Straits Times, 16 August, 2010