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Durham University

Institute of Advanced Study

IAS Staff

Directorate: Professor Veronica Strang Executive Director 44684 CH003
Professor Robert A. Barton Director (Social Sciences) 44690 / 41603 CH007 Contact Robert A. Barton
Professor Nicholas Saul Director (Arts and Humanities) 44690 / 43457 CH007
Prof. Chris Greenwell Director (Science) 44690 / 42589 / 42324 CH007
Support Staff: Ms Linda Crowe Institute Manager 44686 CH006
Miss Chantelle Robson Administrative Assistant 42589 CH009 Contact Chantelle Robson
Fellows: Dr Elshan Abdullayev IAS Fellow 44691 G4 (Garden Stairs) Contact Elshan Abdullayev
Dr Hariclia Bryant IAS Fellow 44688 G3 (Garden Stairs) Contact Hariclia Bryant
Prof Hailiang Dong IAS Fellow 44689 G4 (Garden Stairs) Contact Hailiang Dong
Ms Irene Fellin IAS Fellow 44692 G2 (Garden Stairs) Contact Irene Fellin
Dr Andrea Halpern IAS Fellow 44695 G5 (Garden Stairs) Contact Andrea Halpern
Prof Janet Hoek IAS Fellow 44694 G6 (Garden Stairs) Contact Janet Hoek
Dr Sean Mcmahon IAS Fellow 44693 G4 (Garden Stairs) Contact Sean Mcmahon
Martine Miller IAS Fellow 44687 G7 (Garden Stairs) Contact Martine Miller
Prof Jingbao Nie IAS Fellow 44697 G1 (Garden Stairs) Contact Jingbao Nie
Ms Johanna Poutanen IAS Fellow 44698 ) G2 (Garden Stairs) Contact Johanna Poutanen