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Institute of Advanced Study

Dr Bala Raju Nikku

COFUND Senior Research Fellow at Trevelyan College (January-March 2016)

Dr Nikku is a Senior Lecturer, Universiti Sains, Malaysia. Currently he is coordinating a Himalayan floods project supported by the International Association of Schools of Social Work

E-Learning Resources for Disaster Interventions in Social Work

The Fellowship will allow Dr Nikku to collaborate with academics in the School of Applied Social Sciences and the Institute of Hazard Risk and Resiliance. Dr Nikku proposes to use the Fellowship to prepare e-learning modules for disaster interventions in social work by undertaking an extensive literature review to assess the existing e-learning materials on disasters that are available for a wide variety of stakeholders. Additionally, with the help of International Association of Schools of Social Work he will conduct an online opinion survey among social work educators and practitioners about their use of e-learning with the help of the International Association of Schools of Social Work and the International Federation of Social Workers respectively.