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Institute of Advanced Study

Dr Monireh Kheirkhah

COFUND Senior Research Fellow at Van Mildert College (January – March 2016)

Dr Kheirkhah is Head of Research & Training and Associate Professor at the Geological Survey of Iran.

Volcano management in Iran: knowledge transfer and future research opportunities. Iran contains numerous Quaternary volcanoes. Although none is active, several are dormant (e.g. Damavand, ~80 km from Tehran), and have unknown potential for future eruption. Many more are Pleistocene in age, and dominate their local landscapes, affecting patterns of settlement, agriculture, industry and culture. Volcanic risk assessment and management is not well-studied in Iran. This Fellowship brings an Iranian geoscientist, Dr Monireh Kheirkhah, to Durham for to meet as many Durham and UK experts as possible, with a view to promoting future research collaboration on all aspects of Iran’s volcanoes. Although the main focus will be on hazards (not only eruptions, but landslides, water pollution and earthquakes), there will also be thought given to the positive aspects of these volcanoes, and how they have shaped the communities around them for the better, in terms of natural resources, microclimates and cultural influences.