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Institute of Advanced Study

Professor Joe Goddard

COFUND Senior Research Fellow at Trevelyan College (October - December 2015)

Prof Goddard is a recipient of the 2012 G.I. Taylor Medal, Society for Engineering Science: “…awarded for outstanding research contributions in either theoretical or experimental Fluid Mechanics or both...” and was the Russel Sevarance Springer Visiting Professor in Mechanical Engineering in the University of California, Berkeley: “chosen for his/her experience, eminence and high level of expertise in his/her field.”

Rheology and Dynamics of Avalanche Flows

The research is aimed at developing improved mathematical models of granular and fluid-particle flows with the aim of prediction of geophysical processes such as avalanches and debris flows.

Geophysical flows typically involve complex materials that cannot be described by classical fluid or solid mechanics and rheology. Such materials exhibit complex elasto-viscoplastic behaviour that involves coexistent states of fluid-like and solid-like behaviour, with flowing and non-flowing regions. The situation is even more complicated in flows involving solid-fluid mixtures. Recently significant advances have been seen in the development of rheological models for the so-called dense-rapid flow regime. The proposed research concerns the rheological behaviour of granular fluid-solid mixtures. Over recent years there have been major advances in this area with the development of the μ(I)-rheology. However recent work has shown that it becomes ill-posed at high and low inertial numbers and a more complex description is required. Professor Goodard’s host at Durham University is Professor McElwaine, who has theoretical experience and practical knowhow from small scale experimental flows. In collaboration with together with Professor Goddard’s very wide-ranging knowledge of rheological laws it is how that this Fellowship will yield important new advances.