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Institute of Advanced Study

Dr Dan Zhang

COFUND Senior Research Fellow at Trevelyan College, Durham University (October - December 2014)

Dr Dan Zhang is Associate Professor, School of Earth Science, Nanjing University, China. He is also the Deputy Director of the Center for Engineering Monitoring with Opto-Electronic Sensing in Nanjing University. Dr Zhang was probably the first in the world to apply data measuring soil deformation and landslide movements using distributed fiber optics sensing techniques in geotechnical centrifuge modelling.

Based on Distributed Optical Fiber Sensing, multi - fields information, including strain, deformation, force, temperature and seepage can be obtained for unstable slope. The project is attempting to standardize these data, to characterize the intrinsic link of them and to find out the quantified model which can indicate the alteration and the dynamic process of the controlling information against the safety factor of slope. Consequently, we can determine the evolutionary stage of slope and predict the landslide using this information. Meanwhile, according to the multi – fields information, it is expected to propose the parameters to determine the slope behaviour, disaster mode and mechanism of the landslide.

Some methods of information technology, such as data mining, artificial intelligence and knowledge - based systems would be applied, as well as numerical analysis, which is a powerful tool to understand the relationship between fields under different conditions.

“With the fellowship, I have the opportunity to visit the world famous university, Durham University and to meet some excellent researchers. We found common research interest and composed a funding proposal together. ”

Dr Dan Zhang, Nanjing University, PR China