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Institute of Advanced Study

Professor Karsten Engsig Sørensen

COFUND Senior Research Fellow at Collingwood College, Durham University (June - August 2015)

Prof Sørensen is the Director of the Centre for International Business Law, Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University. He has an international reputation for scholarship in the field of European Union law. Recent publications of note in English are his article entitled ‘Reconciling secondary legislation and the Treaty rights of free movement’ (2011) 36 European Law Review 339 and his chapter in Prohibition of Abuse of Law (Hart, 2011).

'Revitalizing the Internal Market’: The project focuses on a new development – namely the EU dictating more and more how the Member States should perform implementation, e.g. by formulating procedural rules, and requiring specific sanctions. This development is examined in three areas:

(1) New procedures for enforcing mutual recognition,

(2) Sanctions for violations of Internal Market law, and

(3) Dual application of primary and secondary EU law - across all three areas, this latest development will be examined in terms of implications for the question of vertical competences between the EU and Member States.

During his stay in Durham, Prof Sørensen would like to conduct research that is within the overall project but focussing on EU company law. This allows him to collaborate with Prof Mathias Siems and Dr Pierre Schammo from DELI who are also working within that area and have expressed willingness to collaborate. The research would most likely be either focussing on the interaction between secondary EU company law and the free movement rights or a project on national sanctions supporting directives and regulations in EU company and financial law.